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Mike Dougherty explains Fire Godzilla in King of the Monsters!

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Now that Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters has begun its theatrical run, director Mike Dougherty has taken to Twitter to answer questions by fans who have already seen the film. Obviously, this article contains spoilers if you have not yet seen Godzilla 2, so check back once you have to avoid ruining any surprises!

Fire Godzilla

Mike Dougherty confirmed that Fire Godzilla is the result of Godzilla and Mothra's unique symbiotic bond and that only in the most specific of circumstances does this bond allow for such a result. Dougherty also explains that the Fire / Burning power-up is a temporary ability and not something Godzilla can call upon at random.

Her energy transferred into Godzilla in order to power Godzilla up with, emitting bursts of super-heated radiation and fire. The ability proved to be exactly what Godzilla needed in order to defeat Ghidorah.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-06-05 06:29:07

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BaragonMember161 XPJun-05-2019 6:35 AM

Sadly, In order for Godzilla to defeat King Ghidorah is his Burning Godzilla form because King Ghidorah is freaking OP!


BaragonMember124 XPJun-05-2019 6:43 AM

Huh, I thought that Mothra only made it stronger, because the Monarch scientists were counting down to his thermonuclear blast throughout the end of the movie before Mothra sacrificed herself. 

I guess this is the best way to describe why he wont have this power against Kong.

Gomi: Ninja Monster

BaragonMember251 XPJun-05-2019 7:00 AM

I'd assumed Mothra's energy was what kept Godzilla from going nuclear and obliterating Boston by giving him a way to direct the energy instead of releasing it all at once.


BaragonMember124 XPJun-05-2019 7:06 AM

Ohhhh, that does make a lot of sense.


TitanosaurusMember926 XPJun-05-2019 8:18 AM

Reminds me of how Godzilla killed Orga, only far more awesome. Temporary or not, it was still amazing. Those Thermonuclear pulses were so cool. Though I wanted to see the Spiral Red Atomic Breath.


BaragonMember339 XPJun-05-2019 8:21 AM

The movie is awesome and I just ordered my first shirt on amazon. Here's a link to it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RXP88KR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


RodanMember1789 XPJun-05-2019 8:54 AM

This power-up was awesome


BaragonMember159 XPJun-05-2019 10:24 AM

RIP Mothra, you stole the scene every time you big beautiful bug. 


BaragonMember307 XPJun-06-2019 12:19 AM

I had chills when I saw the fire Godzilla in cinemas. And with everything melting around him, it was an incredible experience.


Mothra LarvaeMember23 XPJun-06-2019 2:30 AM

I thought Fire Godzilla was just the result of Godzilla’s nuclear overload at the end of the movie. I thought Mothra simply healed Godzilla’s wounds.


Mothra LarvaeMember23 XPJun-06-2019 2:31 AM

I thought Fire Godzilla was just the result of Godzilla’s nuclear overload at the end of the movie. I thought Mothra simply healed Godzilla’s wounds.

Godzilla fan#1

Mothra LarvaeMember81 XPJun-06-2019 5:54 AM

Sadly mother died. She sacrificed herself for Godzilla but wait remember Morgan is immortal and she had an egg so her life is in that her memory and everything and they said she might come back the the 3rd godzilla which means she might comeback in Godzilla VS Kong. Hopefully.

Godzilla fan#1

Mothra LarvaeMember81 XPJun-06-2019 5:55 AM

 Sorry autocorrect its mothra  not Morgan.

Godzilla fan#1

Mothra LarvaeMember81 XPJun-06-2019 5:59 AM

Burning Godzilla in KOTM was more powerful than in 1995 when he fought destroyah. But sad we didn't get to see the hiper spiral atomic breath that would've been so awsom

Godzilla fan#1

Mothra LarvaeMember81 XPJun-06-2019 5:59 AM

Burning Godzilla in KOTM was more powerful than in 1995 when he fought destroyah. But sad we didn't get to see the hiper spiral atomic breath that would've been awesome.

J. Robert

Mothra LarvaeMember99 XPJun-06-2019 12:43 PM

Although the burning or fire state was impressive, it still has the error of turning red, when we all know that aul is the hottest point of fire or plasma.
In that way, the brightness of his ordinarian atomic spikes and breath should be red and the burning/fire state or at least the spiral atomic breath should be blue.

By the way, I knew from the beginning that Godzilla reached that temporary state thanks to Mothra, but in the commentaries there are quite credible interpretations (it sounds credible that Mothra only cured him or directed his energy not to explode, while his thermonuclear energy turned him into a state burning).
But the truth is that by spending all that energy in large quantities, G. would flow to his original state, which isn't a skill he can activate at will, but was only temporary.


Mothra LarvaeMember12 XPJun-07-2019 3:29 AM


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BaragonMember343 XPJun-10-2019 6:01 AM

I watch it last night and it was amazing. By far, it's the best Godzilla movie and probably the best Monster universe movie of all time. Go to the closest cinema of your home and you won't waste your money. The visual effects are from other world, they are spectacular.


Mothra LarvaeMember61 XPJun-14-2019 6:55 PM

While this was awesome, it's not nearly as strong as Burning Godzilla is. That's the strongest Godzilla in the entirety of the movies and always will be.

I will always call it Nova Godzilla, because Godzilla is basically a walking star in that form. Melting everything, and at the end, he goes Supernova.

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