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[WATCH] WonderCon Monarch Intel Leak Footage (SPOILERS)

Scified2019-04-06 05:54:43https://www.scified.com/articles/watch-wondercon-monarch-intel-leak-footage-spoilers-20.jpg
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Creatures we don't even have names for yet... Their behavior has become erratic. We are running out of options... and time.

WonderCon and CinemaCon were privy to an exclusive 5 minute reel from Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. This footage was also shown before Shazam at the cinemastarting last night. But for those unable to attend either, the footage remains unreleased officially by Warner Brothers online.

Operatives working within MONARCH have leaked the following case file to us. It contains the footage shown at WonderCon, CinemaCon and the Shazam preview.



Click HERE to view it locally here on Godzilla-Movies, but be warned, it does contain spoilers.


If and when an official, higher quality upload becomes available, we will be sure to share it with you on the homage. In the meantime, enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-04-06 05:54:43


MemberTitanosaurusApr-06-2019 6:01 AM

I found a better version here, with possibly the best angle, sound, and overall visual quality.

From reddit.

Just make sure to turn the audio on manually, since it comes automatically muted.


MemberBaragonApr-06-2019 7:00 AM

Wow...words fail to describe the emotions I felt watching it. And everyone was speculating about what....um.....condition the big G will be in...the very end of the trailer seem to offer an answer.


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-06-2019 8:17 AM

I’m going to use all the strength within me to not watch so wish me luck.

I feel a little better about a certain plot with Godzilla being spoiled for me since they’re putting it in a fairly public trailer where word could spread. I’m excited to see what all surprises are in this movie!


AdminSpaceGodzillaApr-06-2019 8:29 AM

You have more self control than I did TarrellZilla lol


MemberTitanosaurusApr-06-2019 10:38 AM

I regret nothing. This was just to get us pumped up. I'm even more excited now.


MemberRodanApr-08-2019 1:50 PM

Heres some nice screenshots of Ghidorah


MemberRodanApr-08-2019 2:02 PM

some more images and a re crop


The OG Goji

MemberMothra LarvaeApr-08-2019 8:37 PM

I honestly didn't think I could possibly get more hyped than I am now...


Boy was I wrong


MemberBaragonApr-09-2019 9:17 AM

Who ever recorded this, Thank you! You are a God or Goddess if you're a girl. Best...trailer...EVER!!!


MemberBaragonApr-09-2019 9:20 AM

@KingKaijuGojira Same

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