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What do you Godzilla will be rated /10?

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Deadite Kaiju

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 4:39 PM

By the looks of the trailer, the movie looks amazing and I'm sure that when all us G fans go to see it at the cinema, we will like it. But what about the critics and their harsh ratings? So my question is, what do you think Godzilla will get /10 by IMDB and rotten tomatoes and all those other movie sites. My worry is, what if the critics give it a bad rating, but it is actually good and then it turns people off. IMDB has given some bad ratings to some really good films and some good ratings to the worst films. I think Godzilla will get a 7.0 - 7.5. What are your thoughts??

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17 Responses to What do you Godzilla will be rated /10?


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 4:43 PM

We shouldn't start judging the movie this early, especially if we're using the teaser to base our opinions. Putting the concern aside, I think the Godzilla movie will at least get a 5.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 4:47 PM

can we not wait till the movie is released or when an offical 'trailer' comes out. but i'd say between 4.5-8

Deadite Kaiju

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 4:51 PM

Yes yes I know. It is too early to judge it and we haven't seen enough footage from the movie, but "as for now" I am just asking what your guys thoughts are and what you believe the movie will be rated /10.

Dragonlord Tevin

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 4:57 PM

Limme predict:

Rotten Tomatoes - 84%

IMDB - 8.8 stars

But for my very own rating, I'll predict that ill give it a 9.8/10

Cuz you know, I LOVE watching serious movies with great characters and story, but combining it with GODZILLA and more giant monsters will make it the BEST MOVIE EVER.

Dragonlord Tevin

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 5:00 PM

GODZILLAFAN1995 dude does it matter if its too early to talk about this, we're PREDICTING here, we're not rating the movie already, the movie hasnt even come out yet? So no? We're not rating the movie, we're PREDICTING our ratings, is something wrong with that? Its like asking "Do you think its gonna rain tomorrow?", it's predicting, not assuming for the future.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 5:05 PM

ok ok ok, sorry if i sounded like a smart ass, i don't want to be like the smart asses in this forum (you know who they are)


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 5:07 PM

ok i changed my mind i'd say 55-90% on RT and 70-99 on IMDB and i hope it is worth a 9/10 for my rating


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 5:11 PM

I'll throw my hat in for a prediction:
IMDB 7.9

Rotten Tomatoes: 73%

^ these are not based on anything, and no time travel was used in the gathering of these numbers. It is simply a prediction based on a teaser trailer and 0% knowledge of overall plot.

I think I've got myself covered :)


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 5:30 PM

I think the IMDB rating will eventually settle down to be about a 7.4 or so. Not bad, but not on IMDB's Top 200 list or anything. From Rotten Tomatoes, how about a 75%

Dragonlord Tevin

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 5:56 PM

GODZILLAFAN1995 hahaha yes i do know them, and dont worry about what you said.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 6:22 PM

IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes are tricky, because even the best movies can get a very low rating, and very bad movies can get a pretty big rating.

But for IMDb, id say 6/10 +/- is a plausible number.

for Rotten Tomatoes 5/10 sounds right.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 6:30 PM

really with IMDb good movies can get low ratings because the rating are based on users who can spam a good movie to bad ratings because of trolling and bad movies like V.A can be rated good becuase of the fan girls who are users, R.T is mostly based on reviewers which is more reliable.

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 6:32 PM

i would rate it 7.5 out of 10 seems fair to me


Mothra LarvaeMember16 XPFeb-08-2014 6:54 PM

I cant really tell.

But Here's my hope what the rating could possibly be.

IMDB: 7.8 or 8.1

Rotten tomattos: 76%


Meta Critic:66/100


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 6:58 PM

im gonna 7 or 8


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-08-2014 11:13 PM



Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPFeb-09-2014 9:39 AMProbably in the Pacific Rim range
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