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Godzilla Vs Thor and Loki

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MemberMothra LarvaeNov-11-2014 1:07 PM

Hello everyone!

Well, lately I've been thinking about a match between Godzilla and one of my favorite super heroes, Thor.

Now, let's say Thor and Loki were to team up against Godzilla. How do you think the battle would go and who do you think would win?

I'm open to either side, so don't be afraid to give your honest opinion. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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ModeratorGiganNov-11-2014 1:27 PM

Easily Godzilla, in the marvel comic with Godzilla against the Avengers Thors hammer didnt make Godzilla even flinch.

And Loki was beaten by the Hulk in The Avengers film, and in the same comic Godzilla matched the Hulk in strength, so if Loki was beaten by the hulk who is techincally weaker then Godzilla what could he do to the King?


Good grief.


MemberTitanosaurusNov-11-2014 1:32 PM

Depends on which iterations we're talking about. Some of the comic versions of Thor and Loki are too comic-book powerful for contemporary Godzillas aside from that one Marvel one during a time when the Marvel universe wasn't filled with planet-busters.

However, the film versions are a completely different story. Even the Showa Godzillas have a good chance against some of the film Avengers, with newer ones DEFINITELY able to take them down. In fact, I could easily see the Legendary Godzilla being able to take down all the Avengers and several other villains, since the MCU isn't filled with planet-busters.


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-11-2014 1:43 PM


You give Godzilla too much credit.  Thor's hammer did a lot more damage than you're saying.  According to this scan, it was the most painful thing Marvel Godzilla had experienced up to this point.


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-11-2014 1:49 PM

I don't think Godzilla fought the Hulk, either. All I'm finding is Hercules, who's weaker than the Hulk, successfully toppling Godzilla when the ol' dinosaur tries to stomp on the Son of Zeus.


MemberTitanosaurusNov-11-2014 3:15 PM

Though we're all in agreement that the Cinematic Marvel characters have no chance against Godzilla, right? omo


MemberMothra LarvaeNov-11-2014 5:29 PM

Interesting answers, everyone.

I must point out one thing, though. Does anyone remember the scene in Thor (2011) where Thor, Loki, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun and Sif fight the Frost Giants? Now obviously individual Frost Giants aren't as powerful as Godzilla, but Thor took out tons of them with Mjolnir.

Not saying I think the cinematic Thor could defeat Godzilla, but are you sure we can say that the cinematic Thor is COMPLETELY out of the question? Thor seems to be pretty good with Mjolnir in the movies.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaNov-11-2014 5:59 PM

But both Iron Man and Capt. America seemed to hold their own against a fairly ticked off Thor in The Avengers as well. I think the cinematic Thor has a lot less going for him than the comic version. Although, admittedly, I'm not that well versed in Marvel comics-- I simply enjoy the films.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberAnguirusNov-11-2014 8:18 PM

↑ Agreed. I dont think any MCU character can beat Godzilla, but if you go with the comics, certain Godzilla incarnations can beat certain Thors.

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said, "Why did you go up there to die?" He said, "I didn't, I went up there to live."

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaNov-11-2014 9:19 PM

That always seems to be the defining factor: Which versions of Godzilla and which versions of Thor would blow each other out? There's no definite answer with so many incarnations of so many characters running amok.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


MemberMothra LarvaeJan-06-2015 3:18 PM

Godzilla can absobr electricity and I think he's immune to magical attacks, so they can¡t do anything to hurt him aside from punching him.

Thor's punches might do something, but overall, Godzilla's durability makes him impossible to lose here.

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