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Let's talk about Mecha Godzilla and other Mechas

Let's talk about Mecha Godzilla and other Mechas

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BaragonMember115 XPApr-30-2017 6:29 PM

So...the mechas...how likely are they really to appear in the MonsterVerse? I mean they're popular, and I see that people want them in (including myself), but would they really make that much sense? I mean, the MonsterVerse seems to be going the route of a more realistic tone in their movies, so can giant robots really be that realistic? 

As I have said in a few previous topics - what happens really depends on Ghidorah in King of the Monsters. If Ghidorah is an Earth monster, that would imply that Legendary will intend to keep the realistic tone, but if he's an alien, then it gets more unpredictable. If he's extraterrestrial and space invaders come into this, then I can totally see creatures like Mecha Godzilla and Gigan working out for sure. But honestly, the MonsterVerse really isn't giving the impressions that that's going to happen.

And it's not really like we as a species are able to make things like giant robot monsters. I mean, we are still trying to build human-sized robots and we're struggling with that! So, unless Legendary decides to really loosen their grip on realism, then I don't see us creating metal monsters in the upcoming films.

The only concept I can see possibly working without losing the realism too much is involving Jet Jaguar. I'm thinking - maybe, just maybe, instead of robot, he could actually be a human in a robot suit, similar to Iron Man? Maybe the suit was a secret government weapon created in order to fight against MUTO in the case they attack humanity? And possibly for the final battle, a new, giant Jet Jaguar mech is unleashed to fight the main bad monster. But then again, that goes back to what I said before - just not realistic. Still, I actually like the concept quite a bit, and I feel like it's the only idea that still fits the genre. 

So, what do you guys think? Can the mechas really work in this series? And if so, how do you think they would be best portrayed? Let me know in the comments.

Also, I'd really appreciate feedback on the Jet Jaguar idea, as I'm gonna be using it in my fan MonsterVerse timeline.

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5 Responses to Let's talk about Mecha Godzilla and other Mechas

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPApr-30-2017 6:31 PM

The only two I know are MechaGodzilla and Mecha Ghidorah

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The Hooded Figure

TitanosaurusMember854 XPApr-30-2017 6:37 PM



BaragonMember115 XPApr-30-2017 6:40 PM

@Linkin Park-ified Draconus Tyrannus

The mechs I am referring to are Mecha Godzilla, Mecha King Ghidorah, Mechani Kong, Moguera and Jet Jaguar. 

"Is that a monkey?"


Mothra LarvaeMember20 XPApr-30-2017 9:22 PM

I think it could be a little more realistic to having mecha if the timeframe were at least 100 years in the future. It seems to always be modern day because we don't have the proper resources to take on Godzilla or the other monsters with an equal. I thought Gareth Edward's Godzilla movie did a good job of that, where the armed forces were pretty well out matched. Of course, having MUTO's that spread an EMP pulse around them does not help. If it were in the future, we could have progressed to larger mechs, maybe not quite as large as in Pacific Rim, but numerous enough to maybe put up a good fight against a monster or two.

Im Durp

BaragonMember478 XPMay-01-2017 3:27 AM


Well I'm going to go on popularity and name recognition because that's what makes people come to see the movie, and would probably override the stretched "realism" the mosterverse has at the moment.


So with 4 of toho's big 5 being used pretty likely at 1 point the 5th shows up.

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