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Gigan Solo Film Idea (monsterverse)

Gigan Solo Film Idea (monsterverse)

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UnknownMember100 XPApr-14-2018 3:03 PM

This is my idea for what a Solo Gigan film in the monsterverse could be like (assuming legendary could get the rights): Stock footage from when Godzilla killed the Male Muto plays. Cut to 10 years later where it shows Monarch examining the body. Monarch finds out by listening to its heartbeat that the Muto is still alive, but barely and is comatose. Monarch starts making some modifications to turn it into an anti kaiju weapon. they code name the project "Project: Gigan." cut to 5 years later and they have pretty much finished modifying the Muto. A new kaiju emerges from Loch ness known as Titanosaurus. Monarch sees this as an opportunity to test their new weapon. They bring Gigan to the area and the two monsters battle it out. but something happens during the fight... Titanosaurus breaks the device Monarch used to control Gigan and he goes haywire. he fires a laser beam at Titanosaurus and lets out a blood curdling roar.  Gigan cuts Titanosaurus' head off with his Claw and starts rampaging through Ireland. He cuts a building in half and fires his laser beam at another. Monarch end up deciding that they need to fight fire with fire and start working on a super weapon to destroy him. They dub this weapon "the Oxygen Destroyer" and plan to lure Gigan to sea faraway and detonate it. they end up luring him by having the navy provoke him. the plan works and Gigan ends up following the ships only to destroy nearly all of them. the last ship is barely dodging Gigan's laser beam or his hook hands until finally they lure him far enough away and detonate the Bomb decaying all life currently in close proximity into skeletons. Gigan was finally killed, but at the cost of nearly half a city, several military ships, and millions of lifeforms in the ocean depths. Destroyah also makes an appearance after the end credits.

"And now I Have become death....the destroyer of worlds"

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