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My King of the Monster drawings

My King of the Monster drawings

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BaragonMember390 XPJan-12-2019 5:09 PM

 So lately I have been hard at work drawing and I just wanted to share them! I hope you all like and enjoy them!

 King and Queen of The Skies.........

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11 Responses to My King of the Monster drawings

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPJan-12-2019 6:12 PM

They look great.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


BaragonMember154 XPJan-13-2019 6:29 AMTeam Godzilla

Pretty good! I'm writing my own comic that is the story of Ghidorah and Godzilla's rivalry, and tells the history of Ghidorah from when he arrived on earth to the moment he gets frozen in ice.

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."


BaragonMember390 XPJan-13-2019 6:39 AMThanks Cecegames02 and Sci-fi King25

 King and Queen of The Skies.........


BaragonMember390 XPJan-13-2019 1:11 PM

Here another one of my drawings

 King and Queen of The Skies.........


BaragonMember390 XPJan-13-2019 1:18 PM

Oops kind of accidentally did a face reveal XD

 King and Queen of The Skies.........


BaragonMember157 XPJan-13-2019 3:59 PM

Nice drawings. Keep it up.

Host of the podcast Giant Monster Messages where we watch EVERY giant monster film and look for the messages.


BaragonMember307 XPJan-13-2019 4:40 PM

Hey kid, you draw better than me! ;)


Mothra LarvaeMember60 XPJan-14-2019 3:58 AM

"ZillaDude345" You also commented on my son's paintings. Thanks again

good job
Especially Mothra and Rodan very beautifully painted

Some suggestions:

1 - Pay more attention to the size (Godzilla's head is bigger than his body)

2. Draw the volume of the different organs with more precision (see Rodan's hands and Ghidorah's neck)

3. Make your drawing in Paper that is without lines


Mothra LarvaeMember60 XPJan-14-2019 3:59 AM


My suggestions do not mean that your drawing is bad
You design very well and with the details
My suggestions are to make your work better


BaragonMember390 XPJan-14-2019 4:36 AM

Thank you for your suggestions Reza-D I get it :)

 King and Queen of The Skies.........


BaragonMember390 XPFeb-03-2019 4:15 PM

Thanks to everyon who replied and gave suggestions I really appreciate it :

 King and Queen of The Skies.........

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