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Rodan: The battle across time

Rodan: The battle across time

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RodanMember1789 XPSep-20-2019 5:56 PM

This is my longest battle ever. I worked EXTRA hard to make this. Also, it is even more WACK than Jungle Predator vs Houtua twins. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy.


Present day

As Rodan crawled out of his volcano in Isla de Mara, he was unaware of the technological device aimed at him. “3...2….1… fire.” A beam of energy flew from the device, enveloping Rodan in a bright light… and then he was gone.



With a roar, Gigantis the fire monster slammed his tail into Anguirus, knocking the Ankylosaurid into the surrounding ocean. Before he could smite him with his fire breath, Gigantis turned to see a bright light flash before his eyes. The light disappeared to reveal none other than Rodan! Both monsters were extraordinarily confused, Gigantis at the sudden appearance of this strange creature, Rodan as to how he got here. As both monsters didn’t move a muscle, Anguirus took this time to attack Gigantis, knocking the beast over. Anguirus attacked with a vengeance, ripping into Gigantis. Rodan then made his move. He grabbed Anguirus by the tail and flew up, up, up… then dropped the flailing monster from the sky. Anguirus fell, roaring in shock as he finally hit the ground with a crunch. Anguirus groaned as he attempted to get up, but he couldn’t, as his legs, arms, and ribs were all broken. Gigantis took the opportunity the stomp onto Anguirus’s head, killing the Ankylosaur. Gigantis roared in victory, only to see Rodan slam his wings into him, knocking him to the ground. Rodan grabbed Gigantis’s head, tearing his eyes out. As Gigantis screamed in unimaginable pain, Rodan finally tore through Gigantis’s skull, killing him. As Rodan let go of Gigantis’s carcass, He roared in victory, only for himself to get enveloped in that bright light again…



Godzilla and Ebirah dueled in the ocean, the two titanic monsters exchanging blows from one another. With a flash, Rodan appeared once more, roaring his battle cry! Godzilla and Ebirah, confused at the sudden appearance of Rodan, ceased their battle. However, Rodan dived at the two slamming their heads together. Ripping off Ebirah’s larger claw, Rodan smacked Godzilla over the head with it, stunning him. Ebirah screeched, aiming to stab Rodan with his other claw, but only grazing Rodan’s leg. Rodan then grabbed Ebirah’s tail and ripped it apart. the Lobster thrashed and struggled, but Rodan wrapped his wings around Ebirah cooking him alive. Finally, Ebirah stopped struggling, his outer shell smoking. Rodan dropped the cooked Ebirah on top of Godzilla, hitting Godzilla’s head. Godzilla grunted, shoved Ebirah out of the way, then looked up to see Rodan’s wings slam into his face. Rodan kept his wings slapped onto Godzilla’s head, the latter howling in pain. After a few more seconds, Godzilla’s struggles ceased. Removing his wings, Rodan saw that what once was Godzilla’s head was now a charred mess of burnt flesh. As Godzilla’s body sank into the ocean, Rodan was enveloped in that white light once again…



The three-headed golden dragon King Ghidorah flew over Tokyo, decimating the city with his Gravity beams. Suddenly, Rodan appeared out of nowhere, and flew towards Ghidorah! The hydra roared at the approaching Pteranodon, who roared back. Rodan and Ghidorah slammed into each other full force, tearing into each other. Ghidorah bit Rodan’s shoulders, but quickly let go when Rodan’s lava blood burned his mouths. Ghidorah backed up and spat Gravity beams at Rodan, the electricity sizzling over Rodan’s rocky exterior. Rodan swooped down, then rocketed upwards, slamming into Ghidorah’s underside. Ghidorah cried furiously, before attempting to wrap it’s necks around Rodan. This was a HUGE mistake. The moment that Ghidorah touched Rodan’s blazing hot wing, His heads caught on fire. Ghidorah screeched in pain as the fire burned at his scales. Rodan tore holes in Ghidorah’s wings, causing the golden dragon to lose flight. As Ghidorah plummeted to the ground, Rodan dived after him, slamming into him with such force a massive explosion erupted from the impact point. After the smoke cleared, Rodan stood over what was left of Ghidorah, who was nothing more than a mangled corpse. Cackling, Rodan roared his victory once more, only to have the white light absorb him once more…



Rodan the mutant Pterosaur roared as he terrorized the scientists on his island. Rodan was about to swoop down on them, but with a flash, the Rodan of 2019 appeared! Both Rodan’s roared at each other, snarling and growling. Finally, 2019 Rodan attacked, his enormous wings slamming into the 1993 Rodan. 1993 Rodan screeched in pain, before being drop kicked by 2019 Rodan. As 1993 Rodan fell from the sky, 2019 Rodan  wrapped his wings around 1993 Rodan, the flames licking hungrily at 1993 Rodan’s skin. As 1993 Rodan tried to escape the clutches of his superior cousin, 2019 Rodan only squeezed tighter. As 1993 Rodan howled in agony and pain, 2019 pecked at 1993 Rodan’s neck, tearing a hole in his throat. As 1993 Rodan groaned in his dying breath, 2019 Rodan tossed the flaming carcass to the ground. Rodan screeched, having defeated his inferior cousin. The white light then absorbed Rodan as he prepared to be catapulted somewhere else…



The meganulon queen, Megagurius, screeched as her Meganulon minions flooded the city. Out of nowhere though, Rodan appeared, challenging Megagurius. The queen of the meganulon ordered her minions to attack, but the meganulon all burned to a crisp attempting to get close to the fire demon himself. Rodan attacked Megaguruis, but the insect drove her stinger into Rodan’s underside. Rodan grunted in pain, but grinned evilly. Megaguruis withdrew her stinger only to see that it was nothing but a burned-up crisp. Megaguirius screamed in pain, allowing Rodan the wrap his claws around Megaguirus’s head, ripping it off. Rodan roared victoriously, bracing himself for the white light to envelop him once again.



Gigan screeched, using his eye lasers to destroy a building. He was free, after so long, he was FREE! But not for long. Rodan appeared, slamming into the cyborg, knocking him off his feet. Gigan screeched in surprise, turning and slashing his scythe through the air. Rodan flew up, avoiding the scythe, and slapped Gigan’s head with his wing. Gigan screamed in anger and pain, his head on fire. Gigan shot his grappling hooks at Rodan, but the metal melted at the heat of Rodan’s body. Rodan screeched in fury, then dived at Gigan’s head, his beak slamming into the cyborg space-chickens visor. Gigan’s head exploded into pieces as the cyborg monsters body crashed to the ground. Rodan howled into the sky, victorious once again. He waited for the white light to cover him once more, but the light that enveloped him was a bloody red color. Rodan was absorbed by the red light as he was transported to his next destination….



The Earth was a desolate place. All had been destroyed by the evil entity known as…Bagan. Bagan walked through the desert that once was a beautiful forest known as the amazon. Bagan looked up to see a blood-red light unleash Rodan. Bagan smirked. His enemy was here. Rodan roared furiously, diving to attack Bagan. Bagan simply grabbed Rodan’s beak, stopping him mid-air. Then, Bagan proceeded to flip Rodan over his head. Rodan hit the sand with a thud and looked up to see Bagan’s fist slam into his face. Rodan screeched in pain, then clapped his wings onto Bagan’s face. Bagan roared in anger, then discharged a plasma beam at Rodan’s chest. Rodan roared in agony as the beam punched through his rock armor and out his back. Rodan coughed up lava blood, looking at the skyline one last time… wait… is that a flying gorilla? Rodan observed the gorilla, only for it’s form to turn into a… wait, that's Scylla! What is happening? Rodan looked back to Bagan, who proceeded to do the killing blow. Rodan closed his eyes as the inevitable happened. Then all went black.


Rodan opened his eyes, seeing only a white landscape before him. He opened his beak to find that… He could talk! “Where am I?” 

“Hello, Rodan.” Rodan spun around to see… a being, his form flickering between several kaiju. One moment he was Godzilla. The next he was Ghidorah. The next he was a strange insect with drill hands. The next a red beast with large ears. The beings form flickered with kaiju both familiar and new. “Who are you?” asked Rodan. “I am the kaiju God.” “What? I’ve never heard of such a thing like you” said Rodan. “No. you have not. But I am the one who made you.” “Really?” “Yes. I am your creator.” “That's… incredible!” Rodan was awed at this being’s very existence. This was beyond science. “Am I...dead?” “Well yes, but actually no. You are in limbo right now.” Rodan looked around. The landscape was exclusively white, nothing could be seen as far as the eye could see. “I guess I am dead. So, is this the afterlife?” “Not quite. I brang you here for a special reason.” “And what is that?” “Rodan, all kaiju of all universes are my children. You, Rodan are my child. And I love you.” Rodan’s eyes widened in shock. “You...do?” “Yes, Rodan. I created you, and you are my child. As with Godzilla, Ghidorah, Behemoth, and all of the others.” “But… why have you brought me here?” Because I want to tell you something. Your travel through time was orchestrated by the humans with their time travel device. They sent you hurtling through time, where you fought again the kaiju of those time periods. They too, are my children.” “I’m sorry-” “Hush. I resurrected them all so that the time periods they were in could function properly.” “Oh… but I was killed by one of them.” “Yes. You were killed by a creature that I did not make. You were killed by Bagan, a demonic creature.” “What am I supposed to do?” “Look at me, Rodan. I brought you here not just because I wanted to explain the time travel, but because you are unique.” “In what way?” “Rodan, you are a fiery spirit. You are full of determination, fire, and will. But many other kaiju have those traits as well. Rodan, Mothra is a unique spirit like you. She has traits that other kaiju have. She is kind, loving, and noble. But what makes her stand out is that she is selfless. She will sacrifice her life for the greater good. And that is why she can be reborn. I gave her that ability.” “But what makes me unique?” “Rodan, you are unique because you can love. I’m sure you remember azalea?” Rodan hung his head. “I do.” “you remember that she gave her life… so you could have yours?” Rodan looked up at the kaiju God with tears in his eyes. “I would give all I have to spend one more moment with her.” The kaiju God nodded approvingly. “You are my child. I hereby resurrect you. You shall defeat Bagan. And you will be rewarded.” Rodan nodded. I will do as you ask.”

“Good. Remember, Rodan. I am always with you.” “And with that, everything in Rodan’s vision went white.



Rodan opened his eyes to see Bagan standing over him. The only difference was… all of his wounds were healed! Rodan roared at Bagan flying up and slamming into Bagan. Bagan roared in shock as he was knocked to the ground. Rodan flew up into the sky, the dive-bombed Bagan. Rodan roared furiously as he closed in on Bagan. Bagan roared in surprise as Rodan hit him in the chest creating a MASSIVE explosion. The sand around the two titans turned to glass as the area was engulfed in fire. As the smoke and ash cleared, it revealed Rodan standing over the charred husk of what once was the great and powerful Bagan. Rodan roared, letting what was left of the world to hear that he, Rodan, was victorious! As Bagan’s husk blew away in the wind, Rodan looked up to see a swirling portal in the sky. “Go in, and you will find a surprise…” Rodan smiled as he heard the kaiju God’s voice. Flying into the portal, Rodan was transported back to the  present day…


Present day

Rodan flew out of the portal, seeing a chain of islands. He scanned the islands for something, anything… but then he saw her. Rodan cried out in joy, as dived down to the lone figure on one of the islands. Rodan touched down and ran to his resurrected mate, who ran over to him as well. Rodan and Azalea hugged each other, showing their affection for one another. Rodan smiled at Azalea, who smiled back. They were together once again. As the two looked up into the night sky, Rodan saw that a particular star winked momentarily. Rodan chuckled as the wind blew past him and Azalea. But what was incredible was that the wind sounded remarkably like the kaiju God laughing.


“I will always be with you…”

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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7 Responses to Rodan: The battle across time


AnguirusMember1447 XPSep-20-2019 6:07 PMTeam Mothra

Oof rodan killed everybody

but still cool



RodanMember1630 XPSep-20-2019 8:19 PM

Great fight! Or fights... I guess. But one question:

Is Azalea from Alteori's Rodan POV?

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Kamoebas V.6

TitanosaurusMember765 XPSep-21-2019 12:02 AM



AnguirusMember1447 XPSep-21-2019 6:10 AMTeam Mothra

Yeah, he told us too.



RodanMember1789 XPSep-21-2019 9:50 AM


But I didn't tell you everything...

I told Kamoebas more because... well...

(it's a secret)

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Kamoebas V.6

TitanosaurusMember765 XPSep-23-2019 6:50 AM

Look at GmkGojis profile banner,which person do you think made that banner.


TitanosaurusMember968 XPSep-23-2019 7:59 AM

Nice fight(s). This was awesome.

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