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How is Kong even alive?

How is Kong even alive?

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Mothra LarvaeMember64 XPMar-10-2020 8:09 PMTeam Godzilla

 when you stop to think about it In the comic The birth of kong, the skull crawlers won, killing kongs father and mother, but what saved kong why was he not devoured. cause the skull crawlers can dig.

I think the answer lies in the Godzilla King of the monster's novelization. The book has a small chapter dealing with kong were he mentions an unknown titan made its home in the waters outside skull island for a time.

Well, there was really only one titan active at this time that was also aquatic. I feel Godzilla may not have made it in time to save kongs parents but he arrived there in time to save kong.

The skull crawlers may have a ravenous appetite but they stand no chance against the king of the monsters. his mear presence outside the island would likely be enough to send them into hiding.

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BaragonMember159 XPMar-11-2020 7:39 AM

Godzilla wouldn’t care or bother. The skullcrawlers were probably pushed back by Kong’s parents and they retreated after the heavy losses. Also I read the part in the book and they Kong’s would have seen Godzilla through the rocks because he actually witnessed his parents death and watched the skullcrawlers walk away when they won. I’m sure the comic would have mentioned him hearing Godzilla or sensing him.


Mothra LarvaeMember64 XPMar-12-2020 1:13 PMTeam Godzilla

YeOldFossil: never said Godzilla went to shore, just that he made his home in the waters for a time. also, Godzilla would likely have acted to kill the skull crawlers should they have not been kept in check as they would have propagated and left the island which would have destroyed the order of nature.

also from the novelization kong would does not seem to know how long the other titan/Godzilla was in the waters around the island, just that he was there for a time, then left. given the skull, crawlers would have recognized the presence of an alpha and high tailed it out of there.

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