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Godzilla is everywhere and know were (tin foil hat territory rant of madness ahead)

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Mothra LarvaeMember64 XPAug-08-2020 1:12 PMTeam Godzilla

This post started as a simple posting about Godzilla's comic/manga publication ties and over the last 2 hours ended as something that I hope both blows your mind and entertains you.

well, Toho ultimately owns the license to Godzilla rights with a grip of tamahagan. according to Toho kingdoms website Godzilla's publication history in comics starts with a small promotional 4-page book...in the USA, his first big book does not start in Japan as a manga eather it starts with Marvel in the US in 1977 and marvel had a 'Godzilla' till he appeared to die 2009, however, a dark horse in 1987 to 1999.

next, we get to 2011 Godzilla's rights were is picked up by IDW for the classic Japanese Godzilla well the Godzilla of legendary rights was granted to Legendary comics.

however, legendary also produced the last 2 solo superman movies and the 3 greatest live-action Batman films of all time.  given DC is owned by Warner brothers...and At&T which has distribution rights to the Legendary Godzilla....godzilla...wait HBO which produced The 1997 spawn cartoon which is part of w, and new line cinema which produced the 1997 spawn film which is now owned by WarnerMedia the parent company of Warner brothers...in massively complex bordering tin foil hat territory way Godzilla has ties be it directly or indirectly to literally all of the top 5 comic book companies in the USA...wtf Bandai has the rights to produce the Godzilla toys...thus connecting Godzilla to...power rangers via the toy line to tekkaman via Saban thus explaining the dragonlords form...x_X ok Godzilla is also connected via toylines to sunrise and mobile suit Gundam...Godzilla in an extremely complex way is linked to almost all of my fandoms as Funimation has some the old central park media and several Bandai properties...IN THIS COMPLEX WAY HE IS EVEN LINKED TO VOLTRON THREW GOLIN TOYS...AND THREW DREAM WORKS TO SHE-RA PRINCESS OF POWER AND THREW THAT AND CARTOON NETWORK MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE...THRE DULPH LUNGREN TO ROCKY FILMS... THREW NEW LINE CINEMA NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET AND A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET...MARK  HAMILL VOICE OF OZAI OF AVATAR: THA AND JOKER IN BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES LINKS HIM TO HISTORY CHANNEL THREW KNIGHTFALL...DARKHORSE COMICS LINKS HIM TO CONAN MARVEL TO SOLOMON CAIN AND KULL...MARVEL LINKS HIM TO JETFIRE OF TRANSFORMERS WHO WAS INSPIRED BY A MACROSS TOY... KING KONG CONNECTS HIM TO UNIVERSAL, MARVEL TO LIONSGATE AND DISNEY...Disney to square Enix to final fantasy and dragons quest from universal to capcom via street fighter(1994 live-action movie).! THE END TIMES ARE HERE REPENT NOW...REPENT!!!!!!!!!!!! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! (the posters soul has temporarily left there body)


ya Godzilla is everywhere yet nowhere. Godzilla is truly a fitting name for the King of the monsters.


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4 Responses to Godzilla is everywhere and know were (tin foil hat territory rant of madness ahead)


Mothra LarvaeMember64 XPAug-08-2020 1:30 PMTeam Godzilla

(honestly well I am shocked with what I could connect Godzilla to I hope I also made ya laugh and you had fun reading this because I had some fun writing this post. I would love to see what all are little community can connect Godzilla to using the foundation I just laid.


Trash panda

AnguirusMember1265 XPOct-20-2020 9:15 PMTeam Godzilla

Well spoken, my friend. Though now I have no brain.

Ah **** I’m using my wrong eye again. Sorry that was meant to be behind your back


GiganMember3193 XPMar-23-2021 8:39 PMTeam Ghidorah

I guess it’s kind of Ironic

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


Mothra LarvaeMember15 XPMay-25-2021 11:44 AM

I found it really interesting, thanks for sharing.

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