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Was there really a "Team Godzilla"[spoilers]

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G theorist

MemberBaragonApr-03-2021 10:15 PM

I noticed that prior to the release of GvK, alot of people were mentioning that 2(or 3, depending on who you ask) "teams" would be present in the movie

The teams were supposed to be as such


Team kong: Illene, Jia, and (maybe?) Nathan.

Team Godzilla: Madison, Bernie, and 


Team Mechagodzilla(arguably): Ren, Walter, and Maya.



However, while I did clearly notice team kong and team MechaG, I didn't at all realize that there was a team Godzilla until the last 30 min. It seemed that while team Kong and MechaG both did things that benefited their respective mascot, "team Godzilla" were mostly just vessels for revealing/stopping MechaG.

It was just kinda disappointing, considering the hype team kong and team Godzilla got, I was kinda excited for a major conflict between the humans of the 2 groups and it would've been interesting seeing their different points of view. It could've even been a good nod to the divide among the real life Fandom. :(

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11 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeApr-03-2021 10:30 PM

fost comet


MemberGiganApr-03-2021 11:17 PM

The arcs are incomplete. I say this because I do recognize the beginning and endings of arcs in GvK. I say beginnings and ending because theRe was no middle. Which should be the most interesting parts of the human story. 

One example is the Guy on Team Kong. He wanted to use Kong to get in the hollow earth. Why he developed compassion to save Kong is beyond me. Maybe he was grateful or something but it’s never explained. 
GVK had worse human characters than KOtm in my opinion. They could have done scenes between Madison and Mark having a strained relationship and him juggling his job and raising his daughter by himself and they become alienated and there’s a resolution to the film. But it’s left to the imagination. Josh felt like a useless character the entire film. The pouring a drink on the panel to stop MechaGodzilla was just bad writing and shows the movie wasn’t taking itself seriously. One critic describes the Movie as, “In a patchwork production full of bad ideas poorly executed, Jia also embodies the story’s only good idea.” I agree and disagree with this. While the ideas were poorly executed I don’t think they were bad. 

Back to the Characters.... It’s just Ren Serizawa is a mess. I get the Dad and Daughter working together but why does Ren Exist? No backstory, just exists.

The movie had interesting ideas and implications for human stories that could have been done well but weren’t bothered with.


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MemberGiganApr-04-2021 6:50 AM

yeah Ren Serizawa was just like:

Ren Serizawa: hey I pilot Mecha-Godzilla

King Ghidorah's Brain: Nope, I pilot Mecha-Godzilla mortal!


Ren Serizawa: dead...

MechaGodzilla: laughs in mechanized Ghidorah cackles


G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaApr-04-2021 11:34 AM

Team Godzilla, particularly Madison, played the parts of sleuths. They were the mystery solvers, the characters we follow to figure out what APEX is doing.

Did their actions actually have much impact on the story as a whole. Well, no... But at least the film followed a procedure to show us what APEX was doing through those characters instead of explain it to us through dialog.

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G theorist

MemberBaragonApr-04-2021 3:35 PM

True, but I feel like a good opportunity was missed out on. Madison and Josh could've argued or even tried to undermine Illene and Nathan while Bernie went solo to figure out what APEX what doing. I think it would've given us a good human arc that was resolved once mecha G/the plans for Mecha G were revealed.

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MemberGiganApr-04-2021 5:18 PM

Team Godzilla was just a PG-13 version of Scooby-Doo.

With no dog

and everyone besides Maddie being stupid

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MemberGiganApr-05-2021 9:19 AM


Josh was a pointless character. He didn’t do anything and was supposed to be there for comedic effect. That would be fine if they actually had more screen time.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberGiganApr-05-2021 3:22 PM


Josh and Bernie just undermined Madison's story arc.

and therefore undermined all 3 actors' talents (Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison, Brian Tyree Henry).

“Calling yourself a hero make you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!”


MemberBaragonApr-07-2021 11:47 AM

Let’s be honest, Team Godzilla was just stupid. Why are they mad that Apex is making a Mecha Titan? Titans are animals and just because Godzilla saved the world doesn’t mean he cares about humans are won’t they to attack them. Hell even Kong doesn’t entirely care. He only cares about Jia and would have destroyed Monarch if she wasn’t there. Honestly Apex was absolutely right to build the mech because humans are defenseless and the military is useless. Team Godzilla was so mad for no real reason. Only thing Apex did wrong was use the Skull of Ghidora which somehow possessed Mecha G. 


MemberGiganApr-07-2021 1:44 PM


I see ur point but I disagree. Unlike Apex, they understood the balance the Goji brings. And based on the history of humans we’re not good at balancing things. Most of the times when we try to fix something we did wrong we make it worse.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


MemberGiganApr-07-2021 6:57 PM


Thank You. Apex would have caused imbalance since their interests is to put Humans above all else: Plants, animals, the environment, and the kaiju. Godzilla has selfless goals in making sure all things are in perfect balance and harmony on the earth, I think the Kongs were once like humanity and so Godzilla had to put a stop to their reign because they were causing imbalance.

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