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My take on a MechaGodzilla story (Monsterverse)

My take on a MechaGodzilla story (Monsterverse)

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TitanosaurusMember567 XPJul-01-2021 7:04 AMTeam Mothra

To give a bit of context to this post, back in February 2019, I wrote a post which was part of my "How to include" series about a potential story featuring MechaGodzilla, its origins and a potential storyline for the Monsterverse. Unfortunately, this post got very little attention as a lot of fans didn't think MechaGodzilla fitted in this more grounded take of the Kaiju genre. Flash-forward to GvK and SPOILERS MechaGodzilla is (or was) now part of the Monsterverse. However, whilst did like some elements, I felt like both the character and concept were wasted to make MechaGodzilla a generic surprise villain with very little build-up and explanation behind it as to why it was created or why it looked like Godzilla to begin with. Seeing I'm still very proud of the original story I wrote along with the movie being generally a hot topic for discussion, I thought I would try again and see if people's opinions have changed since then.

A quick note before we begin, I was considering making some adjustments and remove certain details so that the story could fit in any continuity outside of the Monsterverse, I think this could be a fun experiment to see which story you guys prefer between this and the one we got in GvK. I HAVE however made a couple of changes to make the story connect to the events of KotM better along with some elements from GvK. With that out of the way, let's get started.


The story takes place at a point (Let's say 2021) where the human race has had very little success at defending themselves against the Titans which have since started to roam the earth again. They have had multiple weapons created for this specific purpose, but most of these weapons have been ineffective or have had glaring weaknesses in their design. Because of these past failures, Monarch chose to collaborate with a company called Apex Cybernetics to construct a Research and Weapon Development Facility, designed to research, design and produce new advanced technology to use against the Titans. For this facility, a special Artificial Intelligence called System-X was created by Apex to increase production and research.

Cut to whenever this movie takes place (Around 2025). The Research and Weapon Development Facility has recently received a Prehistoric Skeleton, found in the Philippines in 1999 of a second Godzilla. To preserve its condition, the Skeleton gets placed in a secure submerged tank to collect data and learn more about Titanus Gojira and how to potentially design new weapons strong enough to fight the King of the Monsters if they ever had to. Due to the exclusivity of such an artifact along with it being submerged, the skeleton can only be accessed by System-X and a man named Walter Simmons, owner of Apex Cybernetics and primary funder of the facility, although the skeleton can be viewed through a couple of security cameras. The data collected from the Skeleton reveals a lot of new information about Godzilla's biology, specifically the material of the bones themselves having evolved over millions of years to become sturdier and able to support Titans up to 120.000 tons.

A year has gone by and the facility has since produced several new highly advanced weaponry like Maser Cannons and battleships like the Gotengo which seems to have at least been able to keep the weaker Titans at bay. However, the production of these weapons has gone down significantly as at least 10% of all resources seem to go unused or just disappear. The recent data from the Skeleton is also showing some unusual results like the chest having enough space for a nuclear reactor inside. Because of these strange occurrences, Both Apex themselves and Monarch start to ask questions and demand an investigation. After having emptied the submerged tank, a small group of employees including Walter Simmons enter to find what looks like a giant 100M tall robotic Godzilla that was built around the skeleton. As it seems that System-X was the one who constructed and oversaw this project, the system gets shut down immediately although the damage was already done as the mecha has been mostly completed by this point.

After a lot of pointing thingers and discussing why and how System-X was able to create this mechanical giant, an alarm goes off. A Titan (let's make it Anguirus seeing as it would be a cool call back to GvMG and we all want him in this universe anyway) starts to approach the facility at a rapid speed. It seems like Anguirus felt/recognized the presence from the skeleton after the program got shut down. The weapons that were created by the system send out the make the Titan retried. Unfortunately, because of the construction of MechaGodzilla, these weapons were underdeveloped and underperformed badly. Scans also seem to locate another Titan in the ocean heading for the mainland. Back at the base, the staff is still evacuating the facility, but there is very little time left. The 2nd Titan rises from the ocean and revealing it to be Godzilla himself. Now Godzilla and Anguirus are coming closer and closer to the facility. Due to his panicking and the general chaos around, Walter Simmons demands System-X to be put back only and order it to launch this "Mecha Godzilla". Mechagodzilla gets transported to the launching bay, gets activated and released with the System-X piloting it.

Anguirus arrives at the facility first and a battle between Anguirus and MechaGodzilla follows. MechaGodzilla beats Anguirus in a matter of minutes taking very little to no damage in the progress. MechaGodzilla moves and fights in an elegantly and calculated way to a point that even its tail moves fluently around the nearby facility without causing any collateral damage. This eventually causes Anguirus to retreat after his jaw almost get's broken. Then Godzilla himself arrives at the battlefield where another fight takes place with ones again having MechaGodzilla getting the upper hand even managing to get Godzilla to draw blood from its neck after getting hit at the gills. After some more fighting, the facility gets a call from the US government demanding the unauthorized weapon to be shut down! MechaGodzilla gets shut down and Godzilla gets the opportunity the retreat into the ocean whilst leaving a trail of its blood.

The news has gone wild with the reveal of the giant robot they call 'MechaGodzilla'. People around the world start to feel like they finally have a chance to fight against these Titans which have been terrorizing many cities for over 10 years now. Walter Simmons, on the other hand, goes to court for a trial. This will not only discuss their punishment for letting out a secret weapon without permission from the government/military but also talk about what is going to happen to MechaGodzilla. Some say that it should be deconstructed seeing as it was made without permission, wasted resources and was using an important prehistoric artifact whilst other's say that MechaGodzilla should stay seeing as it has already been made, has been the only weapon thus far that was strong enough to fight against Godzilla and win with the extra of not even taking any damage (including the skeleton itself) and has given hope to people around the world. After a lot of discussions with the government, Monarch, Apex and the military, the weapon is allowed to be kept in service. As to not break any military laws, some changes are made to the design including making the Mecha piloted by trained professionals with System-X playing a supporting role in the Mecha's control.

Of course, an actual movie would take place based around this story with Anguirus and Godzilla having more explanation to what they are doing and why. This is about MechaGodzilla after all and not about a full Godzilla sequel. I am saying this because after some tests with MechaGodzilla, potentially even fighting and killing some other Titans in the process, we go right into the final battle of the movie with Godzilla and Anguirus fighting alongside each other against the improved MechaGodzilla. The weird thing is though that all of the smooth and calculated fighting styles have disappeared for some reason. Mechagodzilla's eyes turn red and now doesn't care about preventing collateral damage. It's like someone else has taken control seeing as the system at the military base has lost its connection. An epic battle between a Godzilla, Anguirus and Mechagodzilla takes place. Because of Godzilla and Anguirus fighting together, they are on equal footing with MechaGodzilla. The battle continues until what seems like the pilot losing control of the Mecha for unknown reasons, causing Godzilla and Anguirus to get the upper hand with Godzilla pulling MechaGodzilla's head off, destroying it and leaving it standing in the middle of the battlefield with the only thing holding the head together being the spine of the Godzilla skeleton inside.

And that's the end of the story! So which story do you prefer, this story the one we got in the movie? If there are things that you would have done differently or just disagree with something, please let me know in the comments and let's discuss!

Long live the king...

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4 Responses to My take on a MechaGodzilla story (Monsterverse)

g-man fan

BaragonMember185 XPJul-01-2021 2:08 PMTeam Godzilla

i like the movie better


GiganMember3193 XPJul-01-2021 2:58 PMTeam Ghidorah


I love this, not just having Mechagodzilla being possesed. I dont know if thats what you were going for, but I thought rather than being possessed it was hacked which I thought was interesting. 

Its great and I loved the how to series, keep up the good work!

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


GiganMember3193 XPJul-01-2021 3:13 PMTeam Ghidorah

i realize the godzilla ghost posessed it after rereading but, I still like this better

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


TitanosaurusMember567 XPJul-01-2021 9:01 PMTeam Mothra

Thanks, I actually purposely left that a bit open-ended in case I ever want to follow up on it. Fun fact: The intent of my original post was that the cause of MechaGodzilla's malfunction is due to Aliens trying to take control (As they were actually the ones who orchestrated the construction of MechaGodzilla and System-X)

Long live the king...

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