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I see two possible sequels. Here’s my two. What’s yours?

I see two possible sequels. Here’s my two. What’s yours?

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Mothra LarvaeMember71 XPSep-03-2021 9:23 AMTeam Godzilla

Let’s first break it down on who actually might be Godzilla’ formidable worthy opponents for the next good movie monster brawl. Of all the Monsters Godzilla has encountered, here are my personal favorites that might be a good match.  Gigan, Megalon, Biollante, Gamera,  Hedorah, Rodan, Megaguirus, and of course the one who is the bad ass of the bunch, Destroyah!  Now I’m personally not a supporter of a re-match type movie between Godzilla and Kong. They already had their brawl. I wouldn’t mind seeing them team up again either to battle another, but not just yet. I see two movies that could be made that would prolong the Monsterverse saga for a bit longer, only if the writers, producers and directors get it right. First movie idea for me would be twofold. For Kong’s side of the storyline Kong is seeking and finally finds his own kind in Hollow Earth. He finds a creed just like him consisting of smaller ones, juveniles, and some adults.  Kong has to realize he has to be accepted but there’s an adult that wants to challenge him for alpha status. This is Kong’s side of the storyline. Godzilla on the other side of the storyline has to battle another one of his nemesis in his domain top side earth, but  not Destroyah. That would be movie #2!  Godzilla is awakened by a disturbance and has to investigate. It’s Megalon and or Gigan! That’s Godzilla’s side of the storyline.  Both Godzilla and Kong do not cross paths in movie#1, however towards the end of movie#1 when Kong makes peace with the creed he found, and is accepted…ohh and yes he did have that battle with the one adult where Kong did give him an ass wippin, but didn’t kill him! This is when Destroyah appears on the other side of hollow earth and starts to reign havoc in Kong's domain. Destroyah kills some of the ones Kong learned to connect with and this is where Kong summons Godzilla for help! That would be Movie#2! Hollywood can fill in the rest of the story, but this is what I would love to see for movie 2, both Kong and Godzilla take on Destroyah. What’s your two sequel ideas?

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2 Responses to I see two possible sequels. Here’s my two. What’s yours?


GiganMember3193 XPSep-03-2021 10:02 AMTeam Ghidorah

It all depends if Warner Bros got Godzilla’s rights again…

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


GiganMember2135 XPSep-03-2021 10:21 AMTeam Godzilla

I would do a Godzilla Vs. Destroyah and a Kong: Hollow Earth

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