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non-godzilla movies quote thread

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MemberAnguirusMar-09-2023 9:51 PM

inspired by gman´s Godzilla Series Quote Thread.

leave any quotes from non-godzilla kaiju movies (gamera, guilala, daijmajin, yonggary ect.)

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"
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MemberAnguirusMar-09-2023 10:04 PM

"I have a great idea! In the name of great britian, we will send guilala to hell!... where he belongs!"

-British Prime Minister Master Pie Brightman, monster x strikes back: attack the g8 summit (2008)

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"


MemberBaragonMar-11-2023 5:28 AM

"Today we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them! Today we're cancelling the apocalypse"

-Pacific Rim (2013) Stacker Pentecost

HELLO THERE, i am a person


MemberAnguirusMar-11-2023 9:26 AM

"Well anyway, neither Beast nor man. Something monstrous. All powerful. Still living. Still holding that island in a grip of deadly fear."

-Carl Denham, King Kong (1933)


"We're millionaires, boys. I'll share it with all of you. Why, in a few months, it'll be up in lights on Broadway: Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World."

-Carl Denham, King Kong (1933)


"Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast."

-Carl Denham, King Kong (1933)


"His ship had run aground on an island way west of Sumatra. An island hidden in fog. He spoke of a huge wall... built so long ago... no one knew who'd made it. A wall 100 foot high... as strong today as it was ages ago."

-Lumpy, King Kong (2005)


"Kong's a pretty good king. Keeps to himself, mostly. This is his home, we're just guests. But you don't go into someone's house and start dropping bombs, unless you're picking a fight."

-Hank Marlow, Kong: Skull Island 


"Kong's god on the island, but the devils live below us."

-Hank Marlow, Kong: Skull Island 

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-11-2023 8:18 PM

 "And He asked him, 'What is thy name?' And he answered, saying, 'My name is Legion, for we are many."


Gamera 2: Attack of Legion 



MemberBaragonMar-15-2023 5:19 AM


-Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

HELLO THERE, i am a person


MemberAnguirusMar-15-2023 8:53 AM

ay mate, guardians of the galaxy is not a kaiju movie.

"Do you love it that much? That... monster graveyard?"
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