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Them! Is Getting A Remake.
Feb-04-2023 9:57 AM11 replies
What Made You a Godzilla Fan?
Mar-05-2013 3:21 PM474 repliesPINNED
its fan art time!
Oct-11-2022 5:35 PM28 replies
Godzilla Memes
Jun-10-2022 8:37 AM59 replies
What is your favorite Godzilla Era
Dec-04-2023 10:57 AM15 replies
The Tragedy of Shin Godzilla
Mar-09-2021 4:55 PM37 replies
The Re-Rewrite of Godzilla Vs. Kong
May-20-2022 10:51 AM11 replies
Predictions for Godzilla 3?
Jan-06-2023 12:26 PM20 replies
Godzilla Series Tier List
Jan-31-2023 5:02 PM116 replies
Cool Godzilla Images/Food for Thought
Mar-14-2019 11:07 AM159 replies
Themes of the MonsterVerse Titans: An Essay
Apr-21-2021 10:21 PM41 replies
Godzilla Series Quote Thread
Mar-02-2023 12:03 PM81 replies
Godzilla: King of the Monsters GIF thread
Jul-23-2018 7:41 AM22 repliesPINNED
why is zilla 1998 so bad?
Nov-22-2013 4:16 PM69 replies
the team's members are growing!
Aug-18-2022 2:32 AM147 replies
Are godzillas thigh fat
Dec-15-2022 7:06 AM12 replies
Aliens In The MonsterVerse?
Jul-22-2021 7:08 PM13 replies
Various tokusatsu what if's.
Jan-27-2023 11:02 AM10 replies
godzilla vs scp-682
Aug-08-2021 9:11 AM10 replies
a youtube chanel i think you might like
Dec-07-2022 12:03 AM11 replies
Aug-29-2018 1:50 PM159 replies
Is this real?
Jan-18-2023 8:02 AM10 replies
Is Shin the creepiest looking godzilla
Dec-08-2022 6:52 AM25 replies
Gigan= fat?
Dec-02-2022 8:45 PM14 replies
who would win minya or kiko
Dec-01-2022 8:33 AM10 replies
Godzilla or Kong?
Jul-03-2020 10:05 PM15 replies
Should I leave?
Apr-22-2022 7:06 AM13 replies
The truth about my responses and my postings
Dec-06-2022 12:27 PM13 replies
Is biollante going to be in GVK 2
Dec-06-2022 10:24 AM9 replies
Gamera Returns!
Nov-16-2022 6:24 PM16 replies
do you like minya
Nov-29-2022 7:30 AM17 replies
Godzilla Singular Point End Credits Easter Eggs
Apr-18-2021 5:01 PM56 repliesPINNED
I finally watched the Kiryu Saga
Nov-14-2022 6:31 AM10 replies
The Dual Dubbing of some Godzilla movies
Nov-17-2014 5:41 AM37 repliesPINNED
my problem with the ¨new¨ godzilla fans.
Nov-01-2022 3:01 PM38 replies
Different versions and looks of Godzilla
Jan-22-2013 9:18 AM122 repliesPINNED
Before this gets out of hand, it's fake
Nov-07-2022 3:59 PM13 replies
Could The 2023 Film Be A Prequel?
Nov-04-2022 2:00 PM15 replies
Gigan Rex vs Gigan's Attack.
Nov-03-2022 6:07 AM11 replies
MonsterVerse Book Recommendations
Mar-07-2020 3:16 PM10 replies
We Need A New Godzilla Fighting Game.
Oct-15-2022 8:09 AM22 replies
My LEGO Kiryu was featured in a magazine!
Sep-30-2022 11:49 AM23 replies
Shin Godzilla One Year Anniversary
Jul-28-2017 6:45 PM31 replies
Could this be another movie?
Aug-11-2022 2:29 AM10 replies
Please support my LEGO Kiryu submission!
May-25-2022 6:05 AM52 replies
What is your favorite godzilla?
Aug-20-2022 7:05 PM22 replies
Aug-25-2022 9:27 AM35 replies
Rating Godzilla Vs. Kong
May-02-2022 11:51 AM19 replies
Kiryu, My Favorite Mechagodzilla
Jul-31-2022 8:12 PM10 replies
Rate Godzilla King of the Monsters
Apr-29-2022 11:46 AM15 replies
Ganimes vs Kamoebas
May-22-2022 8:19 PM19 replies
Whats the ugliest Godzilla?
Jun-11-2022 7:25 AM14 replies
Your first Godzilla movie.
May-19-2022 3:17 PM11 replies
What is the best godzilla fighting game?
Apr-21-2022 2:44 PM10 replies
Unmade Godzilla Movies
May-29-2022 8:41 AM12 replies
Favorite MechaGodzilla pilot
May-08-2022 8:48 PM13 replies
Godzilla 2014's 8th Anniversary!
May-16-2022 10:51 AM25 replies
New Godzilla Vs. Kong Prediction!
Mar-11-2021 3:12 PM15 replies
Godzilla movies worst than 98.
May-14-2022 5:59 PM25 replies
Gojiverse Phase II
Nov-06-2019 4:43 PM30 replies
Fave Shin Gojira form
Jan-21-2022 12:25 PM47 replies
New Titan Teased?
May-06-2022 7:20 PM11 replies
Apr-29-2022 12:14 PM1 replies
Godzilla 1998 Is The Best Godzilla.
Apr-01-2022 5:26 AM25 replies
The Godzilla we forgot about.
Mar-31-2022 8:01 PM17 replies
Monarch Timeline
Jul-05-2017 11:34 AM84 repliesPINNED
What is your favorite godzilla movie.
Apr-15-2022 2:32 PM15 replies
Which City Should Godzilla Go To?
Mar-23-2022 1:43 PM14 replies
oh boy....
Apr-11-2022 10:02 PM16 replies
Favorite Titan New
Mar-25-2022 6:21 AM15 replies
Who Else Remembers These?
Mar-29-2022 8:25 AM20 replies
What is Monster 0
Mar-30-2022 7:40 AM12 replies
Shin 2
Mar-28-2022 5:38 AM20 replies
Godzilla 3 Possibilites
Jan-07-2019 9:43 AM11 replies
Idea For The New Godzilla Series
Feb-01-2022 5:35 PM15 replies
Heisei vs Showa
May-15-2021 4:03 PM19 replies
The Destroyer. Part 1 Teaser
Feb-03-2022 11:20 AM13 replies
Underrated Godzilla tracks
Jan-13-2022 1:04 PM10 replies
Godzilla vs Wolfman: Real or Fake?
May-07-2021 12:33 PM30 replies
More Toho Kaiju In The MonsterVerse?
Jan-21-2022 11:16 AM22 replies
The Fate Of The Reiwa Series?
Jan-21-2022 11:41 AM13 replies
What Kaiju Are You?
Sep-12-2019 9:22 PM11 replies
Who's your favorite human character?
Mar-24-2021 3:38 PM15 replies
Kong vs Godzilla Earth
Jan-11-2022 11:58 AM15 replies
You think Son of Kong will be the next film?
Dec-02-2021 11:33 AM27 replies
Godzilla Comedic Meme Thread
Mar-13-2019 7:32 PM146 replies
A Mystery Titan from the GVK Art Book
Nov-26-2021 11:25 AM15 replies
Why did Jet Jaguar Grow in Size
Sep-03-2021 11:10 AM9 replies
Which Ghidorah is the best.
Nov-18-2021 6:39 AM11 replies
What Godzilla roar do you think is best?
May-20-2021 10:50 AM42 replies
Mythical Creatures In The MonsterVerse.
Oct-16-2021 10:24 AM13 replies
Are The Monsters Getting Too Big?
Nov-08-2021 10:43 AM20 replies
Happy Birthday Godzilla!
Nov-03-2021 5:11 AM21 replies
Godzilla vs. Kong Soundtrack Discussion
Mar-26-2021 4:17 PM17 replies
Theory: Is "Titanus Doug" A Baby Godzilla?
Oct-28-2021 12:47 PM14 replies
Funny Godzilla vs Kong YouTube video idea
Nov-14-2019 2:26 PM10 replies
Muto Prime vs Kong, who would win?
Sep-14-2021 9:51 PM9 replies
Ideas for battles
Oct-23-2019 6:18 AM69 replies
The Human Characters of Monsterverse
Apr-02-2021 12:11 PM26 replies
Best Kaiju of the Showa Era
Sep-08-2021 8:25 PM9 replies
Favorite Reiwa Series Godzilla (So far)
May-25-2021 7:43 PM56 replies
The MonsterVerse Will Continue!
Aug-05-2021 6:46 AM10 replies
I’m Leaving, I don’t know how long..
Apr-28-2021 12:34 AM15 replies
Shin Godzilla vs Godzilla (Legendary)
May-02-2021 9:29 AM13 replies
Gigan or Megalon who you like more?
Feb-17-2014 5:17 AM17 replies
Your Favorite Classic Godzilla Movie
Feb-06-2013 2:47 PM133 replies
Flat Head Godzilla
Jul-16-2021 4:16 PM17 replies
Singular Point Spoiler Discussion
Jun-16-2021 11:01 AM50 replies
Godzilla fanfiction crossovers
Oct-19-2019 4:22 PM31 replies
Your DEFINING Godzilla moment
May-22-2021 8:41 AM48 replies
Godzilla’s Origin in Singular Point?
May-27-2021 12:58 PM77 replies
Your own godzilla?
Jun-26-2021 11:56 PM11 replies
Godzilla 2019 vs Shin Godzilla
Oct-21-2019 4:30 PM12 replies
Jun-05-2021 1:54 PM12 replies
sh monsterarts godzilla singular point
Jun-02-2021 8:13 AM24 replies
Godzilla Memorabilia
May-10-2021 8:52 PM62 replies
Thoughts On The Lemur Titans?
May-28-2021 7:52 PM48 replies
How Strong Will Godzilla Ultima Be?
May-24-2021 8:58 AM37 replies
King Ghidora vs Shin Gojira (final form)
May-23-2021 4:49 PM20 replies
Best Part of the Showa Era
May-24-2021 11:31 AM13 replies
A Godzilla universe made by you.
May-18-2021 10:19 AM76 replies
Which Godzilla spine design do you prefer?
May-18-2021 8:32 AM20 replies
Godzilla 2000 vs. Godzilla 2001 (GMK)
May-14-2021 7:11 PM18 replies
May-21-2021 1:38 PM29 replies
Brush of the God
Mar-16-2021 1:39 AM13 replies
Godzilla Franchise Continuities
Dec-17-2019 10:31 AM20 replies
Ape vs Monster: a Godzilla vs Kong knockoff
May-11-2021 1:18 PM68 replies
Poll: Favorite Godzilla Origin
May-18-2021 8:36 AM11 replies
Custom Godzilla Song
May-08-2021 9:35 PM31 replies
Godzilla 2021 Ride Bandai Figure Revealed!
May-14-2021 5:50 PM10 replies
What is your favourite kaiju?
May-13-2021 12:43 PM22 replies
What do you think about Mothra?
May-13-2021 12:27 PM15 replies
random godzilla 3d model I made
May-11-2021 2:31 PM11 replies
Dual Titles of Godzilla Movies
May-05-2021 3:31 PM35 replies
The future of Godzilla in Toho
May-11-2021 10:59 AM16 replies
Kaiju for a Week (revamped)
Apr-29-2021 3:30 PM31 replies
What is Your favorite Godzilla Continuity?
May-07-2021 12:08 PM51 replies
Who are these new Godzilla fans?
May-07-2021 9:49 AM55 replies
New Godzilla Forum Ranks!
May-05-2021 12:31 PM17 replies
Titan War
May-01-2021 1:53 AM37 replies
godzilla wikipedia page...parody....thing
May-05-2021 9:48 AM16 replies
Cutest Actress
Apr-30-2021 12:38 PM29 replies
Who's the Greatest?
Apr-20-2021 4:51 PM15 replies
What is Your Favorite MonsterVerse Scene?
Apr-26-2021 6:21 AM59 replies
Toho Godzilla Universe Timeline
Apr-21-2021 10:00 AM11 replies
Kaiju for a week
May-27-2020 9:02 PM11 replies
Singular Point is off to a great start
Apr-02-2021 7:01 AM30 replies
My Godzilla Design
Feb-08-2021 1:38 PM11 replies
Theme Song
Apr-22-2021 10:39 PM20 replies
The Godzilla Theme
Apr-15-2021 8:57 AM48 replies
What's your perfect monsterverse movie?
Apr-14-2021 7:57 AM41 replies
Monsterverse Titan List.
Apr-11-2021 8:45 AM31 replies
Kaiju Biology
Jun-16-2020 10:29 PM18 replies
Ghidorah Can Come Back
Apr-09-2021 9:22 PM17 replies
Why MechaGodzilla looks like a robot Godzilla
Apr-03-2021 11:39 PM17 replies
Godzilla vs Kong is a Box Office Success!!!
Apr-11-2021 11:42 AM11 replies
Did anyone else notice this?
Apr-11-2021 9:12 AM14 replies
Was there really a "Team Godzilla"[spoilers]
Apr-03-2021 10:15 PM11 replies
The Monsterverse did Kong wrong.
Apr-03-2021 7:07 PM18 replies
whats your favorite kaijin
Mar-24-2021 3:08 PM10 replies
King Kong Vs Giant Snakes
Jul-23-2019 1:52 PM12 replies
Tell me about your fanmade Kaiju!
Mar-31-2021 2:33 PM22 replies
Rumors that Kong will defeat Godzilla?
May-21-2020 4:31 PM58 replies
Godzilla's Theme (B Motif)
Mar-28-2021 1:41 PM15 replies
Hi i´m new here.
Mar-27-2021 5:40 PM14 replies
KOTM not a flop?
Jun-14-2019 7:39 PM19 replies
Monsterverse Keiser Ghidorah?
Mar-28-2021 1:16 PM15 replies
gvk is coming out in 1 DAY
Mar-29-2021 8:57 AM15 replies
Got more GvK fan-art for y'all!
Mar-29-2021 1:50 PM12 replies
Does this happen every new Godzilla movie?
Mar-26-2021 9:14 AM23 replies
The one thing Godzilla 2014 mastered.
Mar-25-2021 7:00 PM14 replies
Stop Spoiling!
Mar-25-2021 11:48 AM18 replies
Godzilla vs Kong release date confusion.
Mar-24-2021 1:12 PM10 replies
My Godzilla Movie Reccomendations
Mar-23-2021 10:32 AM25 replies
New Godzilla Vs. Kong poster looks great!
Mar-22-2021 3:01 PM22 replies
days until godzilla vs kong:6
Mar-22-2021 9:53 AM10 replies
whats the best version of godzilla?
Mar-18-2021 6:09 AM38 replies
Big Godzilla Vs. Kong stuff coming next week!
Mar-18-2021 11:22 AM12 replies
Something seems......off
Mar-18-2021 7:13 PM10 replies
The red spined skullcrawler
Mar-17-2021 2:11 PM10 replies
Calling a truce on bad vibes
Mar-13-2021 2:31 PM13 replies
What type of stories do you all like?
Mar-08-2021 3:03 PM62 replies
Why Kong will triumph.
Mar-05-2021 6:23 PM15 replies
Godzilla Vs. Kong: Who Ya Got?
Mar-09-2021 12:32 PM15 replies
The future of Toho done righto
Jan-31-2021 6:59 PM54 replies
A Mildly Long MonsterVerse retrospective...
Feb-26-2021 3:28 PM27 replies
GvK Prelude Preview
Mar-02-2021 1:54 PM19 replies
looking back on the kong netflix show
Feb-23-2021 9:55 AM11 replies
if they re-did the showa series ?.
Feb-14-2021 12:39 AM22 replies
What is Titanus Camazotz?
Jan-26-2021 6:22 AM4 replies
How to include Gamera into the monsterverse
May-14-2018 6:04 AM35 replies
Petition to bring back the Godzilla Games
Dec-24-2018 5:05 PM25 replies
Ranking the Monsterverse Movies
Oct-11-2019 10:10 AM19 replies
Godzilla movies I love that everyone hates
Nov-13-2020 9:07 PM11 replies
Talkback #8: Son of Godzilla
Oct-13-2015 8:47 PM1 replies
Jun-12-2020 7:45 PM11 replies
King Ghidorah VS Godzilla Earth
Nov-06-2019 6:08 AM59 replies
Strongest Incarnation of Ghidorah (SPOILERS)
Jun-06-2019 11:15 PM23 replies
What happened to the new Gamera movie?
Nov-28-2016 4:47 PM10 replies
Orga vs. Biollante - Who Would Win?
Mar-28-2013 4:07 PM24 replies
Monarch Creature Profile
Apr-15-2020 9:30 AM13 replies
GvK Kongs height confirmed
Jan-14-2020 12:35 PM13 replies
how to include Gigan into the monsterverse
Apr-05-2018 10:40 PM74 replies
monsterverse predictions/speculation
Oct-04-2017 8:08 AM17 replies
coming soon!
Mar-18-2020 6:34 AM14 replies
How is Kong even alive?
Mar-10-2020 8:09 PM2 replies
One Will Fall.
Feb-25-2020 1:26 PM12 replies
Your Godzilla hot takes
Feb-19-2020 8:00 PM35 replies
Monsterverse fan theories/Headcannons
Nov-06-2019 12:03 PM34 replies
KOTM has been nominated for a Razzie
Feb-09-2020 10:24 AM14 replies
We Need to Chill Out Over the MonsterVerse
Feb-05-2020 1:33 PM12 replies
Godzilla's screentime through out the years
Sep-17-2014 7:22 PM38 repliesPINNED
KOTM Rewatch Notes - Part 1
Jan-19-2020 7:30 PM24 replies
I hate spoilers... do you ?
Jan-09-2020 9:27 AM24 replies
Favorite Godzilla Soundtracks?
Jan-08-2020 3:31 PM32 replies
1954-2004: Animations for a new generation
Jan-10-2020 7:56 AM13 replies
What If.....
Dec-05-2019 8:15 AM18 replies
Merry Christmas! Now what was your haul?
Dec-25-2019 9:48 PM37 replies
Gmkgoji's art showcase
Dec-23-2019 12:02 PM12 replies
Welcome to 2020
Jan-01-2020 11:17 AM10 replies
Godzilla vs Gamera, who would actually win!
Jun-04-2014 3:23 PM31 replies
Mr Shin
Dec-20-2019 3:24 PM24 replies
Did we cause the Rise of the Titans?
Dec-17-2019 8:31 AM17 replies
Why are all the titans going to Skull Island
Dec-16-2019 10:04 AM13 replies
Which Mechagodzilla would be better?
Dec-11-2019 8:39 AM13 replies
Happy Anniversary to the Kiryu Saga
Dec-13-2019 11:57 PM10 replies
Building that killed Male!MUTO?
Dec-10-2019 6:00 PM10 replies
G vs KK question
Dec-11-2019 7:42 PM16 replies
Titan X-rays
Dec-08-2019 5:04 PM14 replies
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah 24th Anniversary
Dec-09-2019 9:19 AM12 replies
Godzilla: Final Wars 15th Anniversary
Dec-03-2019 11:46 PM27 replies
What could have happened to Godzilla Jr.?
Dec-04-2019 11:58 PM17 replies
Godzilla for Smash
Dec-03-2019 1:42 AM33 replies
Gomi's Kaiju Art Showcase
Nov-22-2019 7:40 AM22 replies
Yin and Yan
Dec-01-2019 8:28 AM19 replies
Musings on MUTOs: A Pseudo-Essay
Nov-22-2019 6:45 AM32 replies
King of the Monsters (2019) Rant.
Nov-15-2019 9:20 PM13 replies
Godzilla vs Kong POSSIBLY DELAYED?
Nov-07-2019 10:09 AM14 replies
Who Would Win: Kong vs King Ghidorah
Nov-04-2019 5:43 PM30 replies
What is your least favorite Godzilla movie?
Nov-02-2019 12:25 PM30 replies
Kiryu Vs. Solomon (KBZ Part.1)
Nov-03-2019 1:02 AM14 replies
Some ideas for some battles
Nov-01-2019 10:28 AM11 replies
Godzilla quiz
Oct-31-2019 1:40 PM13 replies
Desghidorah V.S. Destoroyah
Oct-28-2019 6:07 AM17 replies
Starting development on a new kaiju game!
Oct-27-2019 8:39 PM19 replies
Xenomorph Queen V.S. Godzilla 1954
Oct-25-2019 7:09 AM19 replies
Gojiverse: OC Kaiju ideas
Sep-26-2019 4:39 PM28 replies
Titan Teams
Oct-23-2019 4:22 PM34 replies
Legendary V.S. Shin
Oct-21-2019 1:26 PM11 replies
Zilla vs Titanosaurus vs Anguirus
Oct-18-2019 3:55 PM21 replies
Topic for Discussions
Oct-16-2019 12:44 PM31 replies
Should i start a Gamera series?
Oct-18-2019 6:24 AM14 replies
Godzilla vs Kong debate pt 2
Oct-16-2019 8:34 AM11 replies
The one Titan that beat you
Oct-14-2019 7:34 PM12 replies
What team did you pick and why?
Oct-09-2019 4:07 PM19 replies
Zilla V.S. Rodan Chapter 6: Snacks
Oct-09-2019 7:08 PM14 replies
Iris(gamera) vs king ghidorah
Oct-08-2019 4:12 PM12 replies
Battra and More Easter Eggs in Pacific Rim 2
Mar-22-2018 10:56 PM12 replies
Zilla V.S. Rodan Chapter 5: Elevator
Oct-08-2019 1:12 PM10 replies
New Godzilla Ability: RUNNING
Jan-13-2019 5:53 AM11 replies
Gamera Vs. King Ghidorah
Oct-05-2019 7:54 AM12 replies
Goku vs Godzlla
Oct-02-2019 9:11 AM13 replies
Zilla junior vs Kong
Oct-01-2019 11:11 AM19 replies
Zilla V.S. Rodan Chapter 2: Work
Sep-27-2019 9:17 AM15 replies
Zilla V.S. Rodan Chapter 1: Max
Sep-24-2019 1:47 PM19 replies
Godzilla Master Exam
Oct-23-2018 12:39 AM11 replies
What does KOTM want us to do?
Aug-24-2019 3:57 PM10 replies
Which Godzilla movie you hated the most?
Aug-08-2019 12:12 PM37 replies
The Official Ultraman Resource Thread
Dec-20-2014 7:55 PM19 repliesPINNED
What is your favorite thing about Godzilla?
Jun-04-2019 12:38 PM13 replies
Explain your Avatar
Jul-20-2019 4:30 PM14 replies
How To Make A Good Godzilla Game
Jul-27-2018 8:13 AM22 replies
Godzilla Series Rewatch
Mar-26-2019 10:09 PM17 replies
Ghidorah's Tails: What Are They Used For?
May-03-2019 10:22 AM23 replies
MonsterVerse Monsters: Who do you want?
Jan-07-2018 10:37 PM72 replies
What if Gareth Edwards hadn’t left?
Jun-17-2019 9:49 AM10 replies
Spoiler Question for you all
Jun-15-2019 6:26 PM10 replies
Why Godzillas Spines changed
Jun-10-2019 5:12 PM11 replies
What Godzilla films should I buy?
Jun-05-2019 10:28 PM26 replies
(SPOILERS) 5 things in Godzilla vs Kong.
Jun-04-2019 7:46 PM30 replies
Titan power levels
Jun-06-2019 9:13 AM12 replies
Let's hear it for Mothra!
May-31-2019 7:32 AM17 replies
Thoughts on a "Phase 2" for Monsterverse?
Jun-04-2019 9:23 PM26 replies
*Spoilers* GvK main villain
Jun-02-2019 11:50 AM19 replies
My Godzilla Marathon
Mar-28-2019 3:05 PM88 replies
Ignore most of the reviews
May-29-2019 8:39 AM42 replies
Mothra POV
May-23-2019 1:39 PM84 replies
Ghidorah POV
May-20-2019 3:57 PM13 replies
New Titan names
May-21-2019 10:09 AM12 replies
Rodan's Point of View(SO Far)
May-19-2019 11:38 AM28 replies
Spider or Scorpion In King of the Monsters
Apr-24-2019 5:47 PM11 replies
What is your favorite showa era movie?
Apr-18-2019 7:04 PM12 replies
Apr-10-2019 5:24 PM33 replies
MONARCH Clips: Mothra Takes On Rodan!
Apr-16-2019 3:11 PM11 replies
}{ Mothra Spoilers }{
Jun-22-2017 4:39 PM190 replies
What did destroy the ship Randa was on?
Apr-09-2019 6:58 AM13 replies
Confessions of a Godzilla Fan
Apr-06-2019 3:34 PM10 replies
Apr-05-2019 8:24 AM14 replies
Apr-04-2019 4:58 PM13 replies
How Strong is the New Ghidorah?
Apr-01-2019 5:30 AM10 replies
Is King Ghidorah a mutation?
Mar-15-2019 7:46 PM54 replies
How much camp can you take?
Mar-12-2019 5:51 PM10 replies
Can Ghidorah fly in the monsterverse?
Mar-14-2019 10:51 AM17 replies
SPOILERS-The former king of the monsters
Mar-13-2019 3:04 PM12 replies
Favorite Kaiju
Mar-01-2019 8:23 PM13 replies
SPOILERS-Unknown Titan names revealed?
Mar-12-2019 10:22 AM12 replies
My Updated Godzilla figure display
Mar-09-2019 11:34 AM33 replies
What's Ghidorah Doing?
Mar-06-2019 9:45 AM19 replies
Realistic King Kong by Mark Witton
Nov-10-2018 11:33 AM18 replies
Where is this arthropod M.U.T.O. located
Feb-20-2019 11:51 AM24 replies
Our King of the Monsters Print (Tokuarts)
Feb-23-2019 9:15 PM11 replies
Rodan vs Ghidorah: Who Will Win?
Feb-25-2019 10:10 AM14 replies
Your top 10 favourite Godzilla monsters
Sep-29-2016 5:15 AM16 replies
Spoilers ahead-viewer discretion advised
Feb-02-2019 8:58 AM40 replies
My King of the Monster drawings
Jan-12-2019 5:09 PM11 replies
Could Godzilla Potentially Die?
Jan-12-2019 5:10 PM10 replies
Do you like Godzilla's new design?
Jan-02-2019 11:09 AM27 replies
My eyes have been opened to Toho!
Jan-09-2019 3:12 PM12 replies
Godzilla Vs Kong Winner
Jan-08-2019 5:05 AM10 replies
Kongs Size In 2020
Jan-08-2019 4:03 PM11 replies
Godzilla Fest, the place where G-Fans unite
Jan-06-2019 4:42 PM10 replies
How do you want Ghidorah to die?
Jan-05-2019 10:14 AM24 replies
Your thoughts on the godzilla anime?
Dec-18-2018 9:33 AM10 replies
There is a "G Team" in Godzilla 2?
Jun-06-2018 12:57 PM12 replies
Apr-13-2018 5:05 PM16 replies
Question about Final Wars?
Dec-11-2018 1:49 PM12 replies
Godzilla: Final Wars Questions.
Oct-10-2018 10:05 AM18 replies
Burning Godzilla in New Trailer!!!
Dec-10-2018 5:44 PM13 replies
Why G vs. Kong will SUCK
Oct-28-2018 1:32 PM17 replies
When is change good and when is it bad?
Oct-02-2018 7:49 AM13 replies
Your Favorite Godzilla Movie by Decade
Aug-07-2018 5:24 PM23 replies
Monster-verse after Godzilla vs. Kong
Jul-20-2017 9:18 AM80 replies
Not available
Apr-11-2017 3:04 PM24 replies
Godzilla has disappeared again
Aug-09-2018 12:42 PM11 replies
What would Ghidorah look like?
Jun-29-2017 8:08 AM94 replies
Continuity of the Godzilla series
Aug-23-2017 10:06 AM36 replies
Ready Player One Kaiju Spoilers
Mar-29-2018 11:45 PM78 replies
Why they took the King out of King Kong?
Mar-04-2018 3:33 PM20 replies
MUTO vs. Skullcrawler - Who wins?
Feb-11-2018 12:35 PM11 replies
Godzilla vs Kong. Why I root for Godzilla
Oct-09-2017 11:31 PM12 replies
Godzilla Awards Project Questionaire
Jan-17-2018 2:00 PM11 replies
Godzilla's a Plant: How do the G-Fans Feel?
Oct-25-2017 10:19 AM32 replies
Double Feature Creature Features!!!!
Nov-01-2017 6:19 PM28 replies
Ebirah is REAL!
Nov-15-2017 4:28 PM10 replies
Hulu Godzilla
Oct-27-2017 12:22 AM24 replies
Oct-05-2017 6:13 PM25 replies
What Is Your Top 10 Godzilla Films
Oct-04-2017 6:04 AM10 replies
Happy Birthday Teruyoshi Nakano!
Oct-05-2017 10:17 PM13 replies
MonsterVerse Godzilla's Origins
Oct-06-2017 5:39 AM2 replies
Sep-06-2017 9:14 AM19 replies
Godzilla Directors
Sep-09-2017 5:30 PM17 replies
Sep-11-2017 9:06 AM15 replies
Your Unpopular Godzilla Opinions
Jun-09-2017 10:51 AM69 replies
Godzilla vs. Kong: A Common Threat
Aug-18-2017 5:43 AM10 replies
Godzilla: KotM and Gvs.K Prediction Time
Aug-14-2017 5:44 PM10 replies
Anime Godzilla 2 meter tall statue.
Aug-11-2017 3:47 PM11 replies
SDCC 2017
Jul-18-2017 4:30 PM30 replies
Aug-03-2017 8:23 AM16 replies
When will we see our 1st Godzilla 2 teaser?
Aug-06-2017 4:59 AM10 replies
When will Godzilla 2 end filming?
Jul-30-2017 5:41 AM10 replies
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Apr-14-2017 4:26 PM11 replies
Godzilla '14 Retrospect - Three Years Later
Jul-04-2017 12:22 PM23 replies
Not available
Jul-05-2017 3:12 PM14 replies
Godzilla vs Ghidorah 1 on 1
Jul-02-2017 2:15 PM15 replies
*Rodan Spoilers*
Jun-27-2017 10:03 AM141 replies
News from Micheal Dougherty!
Jul-01-2017 3:24 PM31 replies
Kaijuly 2017 Questionnaire
Jul-04-2017 11:00 AM13 replies
Godzilla's Original (Showa) Origin
Jun-30-2017 2:38 PM19 replies
Not available
Jun-15-2017 4:29 PM18 replies
Things to discuss...
Jun-23-2017 3:33 PM11 replies
Not available
Jun-13-2017 9:29 AM18 replies
Your Top 5 Favorite Kaiju Of All Time
Apr-13-2017 6:48 PM12 replies
Not available
Jun-11-2017 4:57 PM25 replies
Not available
Apr-25-2017 11:04 PM12 replies
Not available
May-11-2017 12:12 PM10 replies
Not available
May-06-2017 8:27 AM20 replies
Not available
Apr-21-2017 12:38 PM14 replies
Favorite Ghidorah?
Apr-03-2017 3:41 AM15 replies
Shin Godzilla Sequel - My Idea
Apr-12-2017 6:54 PM39 replies
Not available
Apr-06-2017 11:43 PM11 replies
What if Kong wins the fight in GxK?
Apr-11-2017 2:09 AM11 replies
Godzilla Fan Comics by Kaijukid
Apr-13-2017 10:47 AM14 replies
Is the Millennium Series Underrated?
Apr-05-2017 2:20 AM11 replies
Talkback #18: Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Oct-13-2015 8:01 PM7 replies
Monsterverse Idea
Mar-17-2017 5:42 AM13 replies
Nov-02-2016 9:50 PM19 replies
Gidorah, Mothra and Rodan
Oct-27-2016 4:26 AM12 replies
Oct-14-2016 8:30 PM115 replies
Is Godzilla battling The THING?!
Sep-22-2016 7:13 AM11 replies
I need help!! *First SH Figure :D*
Aug-03-2016 4:10 PM10 replies
What do you think?
Jan-24-2016 6:44 PM12 replies
Talkback #2: Godzilla Raids Again
Sep-29-2015 12:13 AM3 replies
New Gamera trailer
Oct-08-2015 11:34 AM33 replies
Talkback #12: Godzilla vs. Gigan
Sep-29-2015 12:18 AM3 replies
Talkback #7: Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster
Sep-14-2015 7:31 PM10 replies
Talkback #23: Godzilla 2000
Sep-07-2015 11:24 AM3 replies
Talkback #16: The Return of Godzilla
Aug-23-2015 10:29 PM8 replies
Movie Tournament Rounds 13-16 Archive
Jul-13-2015 4:22 PM60 replies
Talkback #3: King Kong vs. Godzilla
Aug-09-2015 7:15 PM18 replies
Talkback #9: Destroy All Monsters
Aug-04-2015 6:02 PM4 replies
Talkback #17: Godzilla vs. Biollante
Jul-28-2015 3:44 PM29 replies
Movie Tournament Rounds 9-12 Archive
Jun-28-2015 11:36 AM56 replies
What defines a Godzilla movie?
Jul-04-2015 6:18 PM32 replies
Movie Tournament Rounds 6-8 Archive
Jun-19-2015 3:40 PM68 replies
Movie Tournament Rounds 1-5 Archive
Jun-04-2015 11:37 PM90 replies
Hiroshi Koizumi Dies at 88
Jun-01-2015 11:05 AM15 replies
Godzilla Countdown
May-08-2015 6:04 AM10 replies
your top 10 favorite godzilla designs?
Sep-03-2013 4:16 PM14 replies
MY FIRST DEBATE M.U.T.O VS showa gigan
May-04-2015 7:50 AM17 replies
Two Heisei Series Inconsistencies
May-03-2015 5:56 PM11 replies
Godzilla Forum Avatars
Jan-29-2013 6:52 PM16 replies
Godzilla Vs Gamera
Feb-02-2013 9:51 PM15 replies
Has Godzilla ever scared you?
Apr-25-2015 4:08 PM16 replies
i hate this part of final wars;(
Apr-12-2015 3:46 PM40 replies
The Superior Godzilla
May-30-2014 3:05 AM27 replies
What defines a Kaiju?
Apr-12-2015 5:40 PM14 replies
did anyone like/love godzilla 1998?
Apr-09-2015 12:36 PM19 replies
what is your favorite godzilla suit?
Apr-08-2015 10:14 AM15 replies
Talkback #24: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
Mar-30-2015 7:50 PM8 replies
Talkback #27: Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.
Mar-16-2015 9:45 AM10 replies
Talkback #19: Godzilla vs. Mothra
Mar-07-2015 8:44 PM16 replies
What will Godzilla 2016's roar sound like?
Mar-09-2015 6:57 AM15 replies
Who is the best kaiju in your eyes?
Mar-07-2015 6:53 PM18 replies
If you where a kaiju which one would you be?
Mar-02-2015 11:46 AM15 replies
Your Godzilla Dreams
Jul-03-2014 11:48 AM18 replies
any thing new on gamera 2015
Feb-20-2015 2:01 PM12 replies
Celebrating Director Jun Fukuda's 92 Years
Feb-17-2015 4:20 PM10 replies
Which kaiju characterizes you the best?
Jan-16-2015 7:31 PM17 replies
Some Random Godzilla Facts
Jan-29-2015 2:20 PM21 replies
Koichi Kawakita Passes Away
Dec-10-2014 5:39 PM16 replies
Your favorite Godzilla soundtrack
Apr-25-2014 10:35 AM33 replies
Godzilla vs Slattern
Jan-07-2014 9:01 AM18 replies
Most meaningful godzilla movie
Aug-17-2013 4:34 PM15 replies
favorite robots from godzilla movies
Jun-03-2013 12:19 PM10 replies
favorite godzilla moments
May-28-2013 12:50 PM13 replies
Godzilla Vs Thor and Loki
Nov-11-2014 1:07 PM10 replies
How do you like the monster Megalon?
Nov-11-2014 5:41 PM11 replies
Godzilla's best battle?
Nov-19-2014 8:49 AM17 replies
Do you like anything about Gabara??
Nov-18-2014 11:47 AM23 replies
Godzilla vs Bagan?
Dec-07-2014 9:33 PM16 replies
what is the most violent godzilla scene ?
Dec-13-2014 10:55 AM18 replies
What Will The New Toho Series Be Called??
Dec-15-2014 6:41 AM34 replies
Worst/Most Stupid Godzilla opponent?
Dec-29-2014 6:37 PM25 replies
Rhodes Reason Passes Away at Age 84
Dec-31-2014 11:33 PM11 replies
Today is my B-day!
Dec-22-2014 10:23 PM14 replies
Question for you fellow G-fans
Dec-23-2014 1:43 PM18 replies
Godzilla rulers of earth zilla
Dec-09-2014 3:29 PM11 replies
The Godzilla Soundtrack Challenge 2
Dec-01-2014 11:58 PM12 replies
Does anyone else dislike Final Wars?
Nov-24-2014 12:22 PM19 replies
Zilla: Let's Stop the Hate
Nov-15-2014 4:52 PM40 replies
Zilla movie reboot
Nov-16-2014 3:22 AM12 replies
What did you do for Godzilla's 60th?
Nov-03-2014 8:38 PM17 replies
Godzilla and children
Nov-10-2014 10:13 PM10 replies
Nov-01-2014 7:52 PM13 replies
ZILLA: Respect or Tolerance?
Mar-29-2014 5:47 PM67 replies
GMK, What it Could Have Been
Oct-27-2014 6:34 AM18 replies
What do you do??
Oct-24-2014 3:20 PM13 replies
The Oxygen Destroyer
Oct-14-2014 8:42 AM48 replies
What did you think of Godzilla 2000?
Apr-21-2013 7:40 PM27 replies
Worst Godzilla movies ever!
Oct-10-2013 6:55 PM15 replies
Help Build a Godzilla FAQ.
Oct-06-2014 3:32 PM41 replies
why does everyone like jet jaguar ?
Oct-04-2014 11:44 AM23 replies
Tribute to Anguirus
Oct-03-2014 4:44 PM12 replies
what was the first Godzilla monster you saw
Jun-14-2014 5:45 AM15 replies
Why are you a Godzilla fan?
Jul-20-2014 2:44 PM11 replies
Godzilla vs A titan
Apr-23-2014 11:22 PM25 replies
Should we count the 1998 Godzilla movie
Feb-27-2014 8:33 AM32 replies
Who is Godzillas Ultimate enemy???
Jul-20-2014 1:15 PM16 replies
Top 10 Godzilla movies
Sep-28-2014 9:05 AM19 replies
Most Emotional Godzilla Scene
Sep-23-2014 10:42 PM16 replies
What about Godzilla do you love the most?
Sep-08-2014 4:56 PM18 replies
most underrated kaiju
Sep-05-2014 10:40 AM20 replies
favorite version of godzilla
Sep-03-2014 8:00 PM18 replies
It's my birthday!
Aug-31-2014 9:09 PM14 replies
Destoryah is Overrated
Jan-22-2014 10:13 AM52 replies
Official godzilla knowledge thread part 1
Aug-19-2014 1:26 PM11 replies
Which is the baddest?
Aug-14-2014 1:07 PM18 replies
Close topic (No use)
Aug-12-2014 11:28 PM21 replies
Gappa the triphibian monster
Aug-11-2014 1:49 PM10 replies
Godzilla becoming a hero again
Aug-08-2014 1:50 PM10 replies
Happy birthday to member godzilla316
Aug-02-2014 8:22 AM14 replies
Ugliest Monster in your opinion
Aug-06-2013 9:52 AM21 replies
How good is the GMK Godzilla movie?
Jul-15-2014 6:32 AM15 replies
Why Zilla should be ( a little) respected???
Jul-16-2014 10:50 AM21 replies
Godzilla vs Zilla
Jan-02-2014 7:30 PM14 replies
Top 15 Godzilla Monsters
Apr-12-2013 3:55 AM16 replies
May-01-2014 6:34 AM13 replies
Your favorite Kaiju roar?
Jul-24-2013 10:40 AM12 replies
Is "Godzilla, King of the Monsters" Art?
Jul-25-2014 5:41 PM10 replies
Godzilla 1998 vs Godzilla 2014
Jul-19-2014 8:30 PM21 replies
Please close this thread
Jul-19-2014 1:59 PM14 replies
What is the Gamera Franchise about?
Jul-17-2014 7:09 AM12 replies
Which monsters deserve more respect
Jul-16-2014 7:48 AM11 replies
Godzilla's future at TOHO?
Oct-20-2013 2:25 PM16 replies
Godzilla will beat Gamera??? .. spoilers!
Jul-12-2014 10:32 AM14 replies
Destoroyah has no gender.
Jul-06-2014 7:00 PM12 replies
1954 Gojira vs Kiryu
Jul-08-2014 12:41 PM17 replies
Your Top 5 Favorite G Suits/Designs
Jul-05-2014 8:20 AM18 replies
My GMK Review
Jul-02-2014 9:08 PM12 replies
I just had the weirdest dreams
Jul-03-2014 2:39 AM15 replies
tomorrow is my birhday :)
Jul-01-2014 2:24 PM17 replies
Updated Godzilla movie rankings?
May-20-2014 12:24 PM22 replies
Dorsal spines
Jun-19-2014 10:58 AM10 replies
First time you saw Mechagodzilla
May-23-2014 4:55 AM12 replies
Favorite Scene
Jun-21-2014 12:29 AM10 replies
Jun-20-2014 2:29 AM13 replies
What's Your favorite atomic breath?
Jun-12-2014 12:15 PM10 replies
Skip to the Fight
Jun-12-2014 3:19 PM12 replies
How do you like the design of ZILLA?
Jun-09-2014 6:59 PM13 replies
Coolest Godzilla Monster Besides Godzilla
May-16-2013 10:54 PM32 replies
Why King Ghidorah doesn't need arms.
Jun-02-2014 10:42 AM11 replies
Was 1998 really that bad?
Mar-16-2014 6:35 PM52 replies
Best Godzilla series
Jun-23-2013 6:55 PM10 replies
Kiryu Versus Gigan (2004)
Feb-08-2014 5:32 PM11 replies
Godzilla or King Kong: who is more
Feb-09-2014 6:10 PM11 replies
How can anyone like the Millennium Series?
Feb-17-2014 7:26 PM24 replies
What is your favorite godzilla movie
Mar-28-2014 4:42 PM10 replies
Godzilla fan quiz
Apr-27-2014 1:15 PM10 replies
Godzilla from GMK vs. Monster X
May-12-2014 3:57 AM22 replies
Rebirth of Mothra trilogy opinions
Mar-13-2014 4:52 PM13 replies
King Kong vs. Godzilla
Feb-20-2014 9:27 PM19 replies
Titanosaurus vs. Rodan - Who Would Win?
Jan-31-2013 7:34 PM20 replies
Whose more fat?
May-12-2014 5:32 AM17 replies
Favorite Godzilla movie by decade
May-06-2014 10:05 PM14 replies
Godzilla 1956, a re-examination.
Apr-30-2014 7:45 AM11 replies
Return of Godzilla vs. Godzilla 1985
May-01-2014 9:57 AM12 replies
Favorite Kaiju besides Godzilla
Apr-23-2014 11:51 PM18 replies
superman vs Godzilla
Apr-27-2014 12:37 PM10 replies
Any other Female Gfans out there?
Apr-27-2014 8:10 AM15 replies
GODZILLA: Which King is really King?
Apr-25-2014 6:35 AM49 replies
Worst Godzilla Movies Ever
Apr-21-2014 3:22 PM18 replies
Godzillas lifespan
Apr-22-2014 9:43 AM13 replies
Top Favorite Monsters
Apr-22-2014 9:07 AM10 replies
Naming Our Fandom
Apr-12-2014 7:40 AM26 replies
Godzilla Movies Online
Mar-09-2014 5:51 PM11 replies
Alternate Godzilla film history
Apr-12-2014 2:14 PM18 replies
Godzilla Novels
Apr-07-2014 7:04 PM20 replies
G-FEST XXI Info and Updates Thread
Apr-06-2014 11:10 AM8 replies
Mar-30-2014 9:06 AM31 replies
are we nerds for being Godzilla fans
Mar-24-2014 8:43 PM27 replies
Why Godzilla is so heavy?
Mar-28-2014 6:17 AM12 replies
Mar-28-2014 4:51 PM13 replies
The last word on the '98 movie
Apr-03-2014 3:55 AM13 replies
First Godzilla movie you ever saw?
Mar-03-2014 9:57 AM19 replies
Godzilla vs. ...
Mar-30-2014 12:24 AM10 replies
which is your favorite godzilla design?
Mar-24-2014 11:57 AM14 replies
Mar-28-2014 7:17 PM3 replies
60 Years of Godzilla Themes
Feb-18-2014 6:24 PM10 replies
how many godzilla movies do you own?
Mar-26-2014 1:28 PM21 replies
Daikaiju are real
Mar-18-2014 7:40 PM13 replies
Which Godzilla has the best roar sound?
Mar-18-2014 11:11 PM11 replies
New Gamera movie!!
Mar-19-2014 12:17 AM28 replies
Godzilla 1984 petition
Mar-16-2014 12:06 PM22 replies
Godzilla vs. Queen B****
Mar-16-2014 11:55 AM10 replies
Countdown celebration
Mar-09-2014 9:17 AM15 replies
Possible Muto monster head/face
Feb-28-2014 10:03 PM12 replies
What's your favorite godzilla suit?
Feb-18-2014 9:22 AM14 replies
Heisei series . . . kinda sucked
Feb-04-2014 8:15 PM41 replies
Should i keep posting the Godzilla memes
Feb-13-2014 7:20 PM10 replies
Why did Godzilla's roar change after 1991?
Jan-27-2014 6:41 PM10 replies
the most terrible godzilla films
Feb-10-2014 4:26 PM15 replies
is Godzilla Jr Godzilla 2000
Feb-07-2014 5:54 PM20 replies
Godzilla and Shindo face to face scene
Feb-05-2014 2:03 PM18 replies
Godzilla vs 2.0
Feb-08-2014 8:07 PM14 replies
A Godzilla Toy
Feb-08-2014 8:26 PM16 replies
Godzilla vs 1.0
Feb-08-2014 7:00 PM11 replies
Ugliest Godzilla?
Feb-04-2014 6:59 PM17 replies
Godzilla can withstad a nuke
Jan-26-2014 2:03 AM22 replies
Feb-03-2014 8:42 PM12 replies
Worst Kaiju?
Feb-04-2014 9:53 AM11 replies
Top 5 Favorite Godzilla
Feb-03-2014 7:18 PM14 replies
What Kaiju Are You?
Dec-25-2013 3:03 PM17 replies
Most Underrated Godzilla Film?
Jan-14-2014 9:43 AM11 replies
What would've made G vs SpaceG better
Jan-26-2014 3:44 PM16 replies
Jan-26-2014 1:37 PM11 replies
About Godzilla 1998
Jan-20-2014 1:23 AM18 replies
Worst Godzilla Concept?
Jan-16-2014 1:56 PM21 replies
Godzilla's single most powerful foe
Jan-22-2014 12:17 PM10 replies
King Ghidorah's reputation
Jan-17-2014 5:44 AM37 replies
Godzilla-Movies Twitter
Jan-22-2014 6:34 PM14 replies
Awesome Practical Effects in Godzilla 1998
Jan-21-2014 7:30 PM10 replies
is the final wars godzilla godzilla jr.?
Dec-22-2013 1:25 PM19 replies
Discuss all the Godzilla Movies!
Jan-07-2014 10:40 PM12 replies
Top 10 Kaiju movies
Dec-26-2013 8:07 PM10 replies
Favorite Millenium Godzilla?
Jan-04-2014 4:14 AM11 replies
godzilla vs zilla
Jan-03-2014 8:14 PM10 replies
Godzilla Final Wars
Feb-04-2013 10:42 PM14 replies
worst godzilla monster
May-16-2013 1:18 PM52 replies
Discussing Kiju powers and/or abilities
Dec-28-2013 7:17 AM4 replies
two Godzillas
Dec-29-2013 7:17 PM15 replies
70s gigan vs 2004 gigan
Dec-29-2013 5:54 PM12 replies
Which Godzilla is the most deadly
Dec-26-2013 1:29 PM18 replies
new vs old
Dec-26-2013 9:18 PM17 replies
Dec-26-2013 10:09 PM14 replies
the toughest godzilla
Dec-21-2013 2:20 AM13 replies
Which is the Best Mechgodzilla?
Nov-14-2013 4:06 PM13 replies
What will you do before the new movie?
May-12-2013 3:16 PM17 replies
which Godzilla design you like?
Dec-21-2013 4:57 PM16 replies
Kaiju VS The Universe
Nov-10-2013 6:02 PM10 replies
Number 1 worst godzilla movie
Nov-26-2013 9:27 PM18 replies
Godzilla Movies - Ranked from Best to Worst
May-13-2013 2:39 PM17 replies
Which Gigan Monster Design Is Best?
Jan-30-2013 9:57 PM29 replies
Top 10 Toughest Enemies Godzilla faced
Nov-27-2013 10:29 PM11 replies
Most misunderstood Godzilla movie??
Aug-15-2013 11:02 PM28 replies
Godzilla's Lost Battles?
Aug-22-2013 1:55 AM11 replies
Did anyone not mind my film from 1998?
Jul-27-2013 8:54 PM12 replies
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