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A God among Men, A King among Gods: Introducing Team KONG!

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Written by Chris11,763 Reads13 Comments2019-06-02 14:19:26

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is officially in theaters right now and nearly 1,000 fans have aligned themselves with either Team Godzilla, Team Mothra, Team Rodan or Team Ghidorah. Joining teams allows members to show off their favorite Monster / Titan and make themselves eligible for special giveaways, unique to the teams they choose. For the majority of Godzilla 2's lead up, Godzilla reigned supreme with over 50% of members choosing the King of Monsters. These numbers might be changing... now that Kong has entered the ring.

The Team pages here on Godzilla-Movies have been updated with new graphics, additional information and new giveaways! Team Kong has been added as a joinable Titan as we await the inevitable clash between both he and Godzilla in next year's Godzilla vs. Kong (2020) movie.

When you JOIN TEAM KONG, a #TeamKong badge will be added to your profile and will display on every post you make here on the Godzilla-Movies website. You will also contribute points from posting and gaining rep points from other members, for your team, which will come in handy for when we announce new giveaways! For more information on selecting Teams and what they're used for, check out this post.

Will you join #TeamKong?

Discuss this news and other Godzilla & Monsterverse topics in our Godzilla Forums- a dedicated community of Godzilla fans built by fans for fans!

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MemberRodanJun-02-2019 2:21 PM


But I will stay with the kaiju constantly overshadowed, passed by, beaten, and overall people generally don't care about, I serve team R O D A N !


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-02-2019 2:59 PM

Fat chance that I would ever join the Team of ANOTHER False King.


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-02-2019 3:03 PM


Precisely. #Team Rodan to the very end!


MemberBaragonJun-02-2019 3:56 PM

I love King Ghidorah but Godzilla needs the Dragon Force now! I gave King Ghidorah my vote to save him and we lost that war. I join Godzilla now in blessings for revenge on every T-Rex Kong killed. For all the kids who made my life a living he'll over the call in 1962. Please Lord Godzilla all Dragons are King but you are the alpha ultimate God. All hail and praise to you holy Dragon. Please Lord King Godzilla kick Kongs ass!!!!

King Kong ain't got **** on Godzilla! Hail King Ghidorah and Rodan!


MemberTitanosaurusJun-02-2019 4:36 PM

Tough call but I think I will stay on team Godzilla, the true King of the Monsters


MemberBaragonJun-02-2019 4:52 PM

I am going to stay with team Godzilla, to me, Kong is another false king.


MemberBaragonJun-02-2019 7:27 PM

Doesn't matter, This one will flop harder than kotm.


MemberRodanJun-02-2019 7:59 PM

I'm staying with the God Of Zillas, The King Of The Monsters, The Killer Of False Kings, GODZILLA!!!!!!


MemberBaragonJun-04-2019 6:16 PM

Don’t worry Kong, I got you. King Kong is not to be underestimated folks.


MemberBaragonJun-05-2019 6:33 AM

Kong May have the brains and agility, but Godzilla is a WALKING TANK. #TeamGodzilla


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-05-2019 10:26 PM

As a Kong fan since 2005, I'd really like to join #TeamKong but since KotM didn't do justice to Rodan's character in my opinion, I'll keep standing for the Fire Demon. I hope he returns in Godzilla vs. Kong to kick some major Mecha-Ghidorah ass! :)

Also, I think I found our team's official theme song:


MemberMothra LarvaeJun-29-2019 1:10 AM

I'm staying along with team Godzilla. To me, kong is just maybe another false king. But Godzilla is the true king of the monsters.#TeamGodzilla


MemberGiganJun-29-2019 4:00 AM

I'm staying with my goddess Mothra

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