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Call of Duty enters the Monsterverse and awakens Godzilla with new Vanguard / Warzone update!

Scified2022-04-13 14:34:23https://www.scified.com/articles/call-duty-enters-monsterverse-awakens-godzilla-with-new-vanguard--warzone-update-58.jpg
Written by Chris22,705 Reads3 Comments2022-04-13 14:34:23

Call of Duty have announced and launched a gameplay trailer for their latest season of Classified Arms Cinematic for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone!

Call of Duty Warzone (Vanguard/Caldera Story) takes place in 1944 during events of World War II. The conflict centers on Caldera Island, following the December events of "Operation Vulcan", a task force launched to hunt down Axis soldiers & powers whom fled to the South Pacific.

The Task Force assigned this mission are shot down by anti-air weaponry, crashing on the island, as well as both separated and stranded. Ultimately through progressing events, it's discovered that the Nazis had secretly developed a powerful chemical bomb dubbed "Nebula-V".

Storming a Nebula-V housing Nazi stronghold within the higher mountain regions, the task force, unfortunately, fails in stopping the widespread launch of the Nebula-V bombs in time. Resulting in events of the Nazis awakening GODZILLA and unleashing a Titan disaster!

Check out the trailer below:

Big thanks to Gormaru Island for the news!

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MemberBaragonApr-13-2022 7:35 PM

ok cool


MemberGiganApr-13-2022 7:46 PM

I dont play COD, so......


Time to waste my money on a gane that i will only play for a month for this event


MemberGiganApr-14-2022 5:38 AM

I hope its like the Predator event for Battlefield, worthwhile

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