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UPDATE: New World Cinemas Trying to Get Godzilla Resurgence to Every State

Scified2016-05-08 10:39:10https://www.scified.com/articles/clarification-on-godzilla-resurgence--north-american-release-18.jpg
Written by G. H. (Gman)7,637 Reads17 Comments2016-05-08 10:39:10

UPDATE: Ironically, hours after this article was posted, New World Cinemas' Facebook updated with this message to Godzilla fans:

"To all GODZILLA FANS! We are working hard to bring GODZILLA to every State! Patience my Friends... she is coming soon!"

Another member on their facebook page asked when we'll know more information. New World Cinemas replied,

"Soon we are doing all the strategy works right now"

So is it confirmed that Godzilla Resurgence is getting a theatrical release in some capacity? Well, no. The message is a little vague, so lets not allow that to spiral out of control either. But it's good to know New World Cinemas is implying a strategy for what appears to be a limited theatrical engagement in, "every state." More as it comes.

Original article:

Since we reported on Godzilla Resurgence's American release (or lack thereof) the news has been passed around with both depression and derision. Some are let down by the idea they won't see it theatrically. Others deride our report for insufficient sources. This article is for all parties. The fact is, at the time of this writing, no one really knows if Godzilla Resurgence will be released theatrically or not. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is iron clad.

But how did we reach the assumption that Godzilla Resurgence might not get a theatrical release in the first place? Lets explain: Our original article cites Gormaru Island who based their findings off of the distributor listing on IMDB.com. (You can read Gormaru Island's original post, now corrected, here.)

The American home video distributor for Godzilla Resurgence, New World Cinemas (no relation to the distributor of Godzilla 1985), is currently listing the movie for release on DVD. You can see the listing here.

There's obviously a few issues with this. One is the questionable sourcing from IMDB due to how accessible the site is to updates. However, even if the information was updated by the distributor and is true, there is nothing to suggest other forms of release won't be added at a later date. (Such as theatrical or Blu-ray.)

Meanwhile, on New World Cinemas Facebook Page (currently flaunting a picture with the caption, "GODZILLA coming Soon..."), the company seems to indicate interest in booking theatrical screenings as observed in the comments section. Take a look below:

So no, it's not “confirmed” that the movie will not be released theatrically, merely that there will be a home video release some time in the future by New World Cinemas. Things may change as time goes by. After all, the movie has yet to be released in Japanese theaters. It's unlikely North America would have all the details ironed out just yet.

Additionally, New World Cinemas has made no official announcement about the film outside of the fact that they have the distribution rights to it. It might be best for all of us to wait for a word from the horse's mouth instead of trying to piece together what crumbs of information could mean.

Ultimately, if fans want Godzilla Resurgence in theaters, even in a limited capacity, (which is most likely) they need to politely start emailing and contacting New World Cinemas. Let them know your desire to see this movie in a theatrical setting and make sure we're all civil about it.

As for our previous report inciting confusion and contempt, we certainly do not blame our friends at Gormaru Island as they continue to be a first rate source for Godzilla related news. We don't even blame IMDB, despite some historically questionable information. It was our article that spiraled out of control—Apologies. We hope the correct information will be spread much further.

In the meantime, contact New World Cinemas and lets make sure Godzilla Resurgence gets a deserving release. You can contact them through the following outlets:

New World Cinema Facebook

New World Cinema Email & Website Contact Info

Stay tuned for more on Godzilla Resurgence.

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AdminSpaceGodzillaMay-08-2016 12:02 PM

Thanks for the clarification GMan!


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-08-2016 2:18 PM

I've posted comments on their Facebook page requesting a theatrical release. I've also thanked them for distributing Godzilla Resurgence. I hope they know that we appreciate their efforts to bring this most significant Godzilla film to North America. 


AdminSpaceGodzillaMay-08-2016 2:48 PM

Seeing GMan's update, it would certainly seem like they've heard the fans and are trying their best to get the green light to distribute across the States. Hoping Canada gets a piece of the Resurgence pie as well though...


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-08-2016 5:31 PM

Why Toho hasn't said anything about an official North American release is beyond me. They're missing out on an opportunity for a huge pile of cash for some unexplained reason.


MemberTitanosaurusMay-08-2016 7:12 PM

Don't they mean He is coming soon? Not she? Because they said she. Is no one going to address the fact someone called the King a she? Even if this was an accident, I still demand some kind of outburst. Other than that, I hope we see a theatrical release in America, but I'll settle for a DVD release only if that is what is possible. As long as I see the movie, I'm happy.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-08-2016 7:41 PM

Unfortunately far too many on social media and facebook have been crying about that and missing the real news. They're not referring to Godzilla, they're referring to the movie.

It's just a way of phrasing something or affectionately referring to something. Most cars, vehicles, ships, etc are often called "she". And in other cases we use phrases like, "there she blows!"

Let it go. Focus on the real news.


MemberBaragonMay-08-2016 8:12 PM


What ^ said. 

Glad to see my tweet on Twitter has had 47 re-tweets now. Hopefully more will come as the weeks progress. Fingers crossed that this becomes a reality.

Something Real

MemberGodzillaMay-09-2016 1:56 AM

GMAN2887 - This is phenomenal news! Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)


MemberTitanosaurusMay-09-2016 4:54 AM


I understand that people call things like cars and boats she, but it did not sound like they were addressing the movie. If they had worded it differently so id sounded like they called the movie a she and not the King of the Monsters, then I wouldn't have been upset. And I did focus on the real news. Nothing is confirmed, they are just trying really hard to get the movie a theatrical release in the U.S.

G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-09-2016 9:36 AM

There's nothing to be upset or outraged about. Let it go.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-09-2016 2:41 PM

Am I the only one who thinks that releasing this film theatrically in the U.S. is a bad idea?

Think about it. While Godzilla does have its proud U.S. fans(me being one of them ;) ), it's still a relatively small following compared to the big American masses, who don't know much about Godzilla other than: "He's a monster."

Releasing this movie in the U.S. would cause tons of confusion, with people thinking that this movie is a sequel to Legendary's Godzilla.

The same thing happened with Godzilla 2000.


MemberBaragonMay-09-2016 2:48 PM


No. I don't think people are going to mistaken this as a sequel to legendary. Especially when there's a huge difference in special effects and monster designs.

"The same thing happened with 2000." not really. One had atomic breath while the other did not and one died by military attack when the other wasn't hurt by it.


MemberMothra LarvaeMay-09-2016 6:58 PM

On another note, here's a video on YouTube featuring a lot of the cast:



G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-09-2016 8:42 PM

I don't think it's a bad idea at all if it's as a limited release, which is no doubt the only thing NWC will be able to do given the wording, "trying to get it to all 50 states." If it were a wide release, there would be no question of it being in all 50 states.

A limited release is perfect. That way they can just market the movie to fans, have it in select theaters and make bank on all of us through specialty showings. They've done it with Railto's release of Godzilla '54 twice in 10 years and last year with Attack on Titan.

This is absolutely havingour cake and eating it too.


MemberBaragonMay-10-2016 1:42 AM

Glad to see at least an attempt is being made. Hopefully we get some theatrical releases stateside, fingers crossed

Oily Maniac

MemberMothra LarvaeMay-11-2016 4:33 AM

Is anyone familiar with the consumer end of New World Cinema? As in actual dvd/blu-rays commercially released? I've got a decent knowledge of dvd releasing companies and I've never heard of them. From their website it seems they are along the lines of distribution that consumers don't see. As in facilitating a seller with a buyer. Then that buyer will release the film to US consumers.

My SPECULATION is that New World Cinema is looking for a buyer or someone to partner with for a Godzilla:Resurgence release. When they say "Dvd release", it's just shorthand for a disc release. When NWC says we are working on a release in every state MY INTERPRETATION is : we are working to secure the biggest deal possible in order to get this in as many theaters as possible. They are salesmen, trying to put on positive spin and sound good for potential buyers. Take a look at NWC's catalog, do you recognize any of the titles? As in wide, released in every state theatrically, titles. 

If you check out New World Cinema's Twitter the last tweet was something like "Please stop sending me messages". Besides that there are a bunch of political tweets. Can't say this gives me a lot of faith in the company, as discussing politics will always alienate some people and you just want the largest amount of eyes on your movies/product. 

Usually you hear something like X company bought the rights to Y movie. The advertising and schedules are set and the official campaign starts with a press release.

I'm not trying to be a bummer, just realistic. Once Godzilla:Resurgence has a distribution deal and campaign, we'll get an official press release with details.

Would love to hear from people who have some solid info on New World Cinema's. Don't have the time to research as much as I'd like to. 

I'm also very curious how the Legendary Godzilla series comes into play when trying to sell and distribute Godzilla:Resurgence. We all know the difference, but average folks, the ones responsible for Godzilla(2014)'s box office, are generally clueless about Japanese G movies. 

Hope this post presents some decent food for thought. 







G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaMay-11-2016 7:48 PM

This has been a concern among many fans. It's hardly lost on anyone. While NWC is certainly not an immediate template of professionalism, they do seem to get a lot of public thanks--Particularly from filmmakers needing their movies in festivals.

I agree they seem to be a conduit at best, looking for another party to strike a deal with. At the moment, however, all anyone has to go on is their word. It's fishy, and it has been from the beginning, but until we know their plan it's the best we have.

(Similar to Toho's statement that Godzilla is all CG in Resurgence. Hard to buy, but at present it doesn't get much more clear than that.)

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