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Mothra likely to return in Godzilla vs. Kong (2020)

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The Queen of Monsters will likely make a comeback in Godzilla vs. Kong to aid the Godzilla once again!

Mothra selflessly sacrificed herself to power up Godzilla in order to defeat Ghidorah at the end of Godzilla: King of the Monsters but if there's one thing we know about Mothra - she's never truly gone. Earlier this Fall, Godzilla KOTM director Mike Dougherty sat down with CBM to discuss Godzilla 2's post credits scene involving King Ghidorah, but during that interview Dougherty also explained how there was initially going to be a second post-credit scene involving Mothra:

Originally, we were going to have two post-credits scenes. There's the one we shot with Charles Dance buying King Ghidorah's head but there's a second one that we had written, boarded, and even had the locations scouted out and costumes ready to go. It basically involed Zhang Ziyi's character and it's set in the aftermath of the film. She's in Tokyo and goes into some sort of restaurant or bar and goes down a set of stairs and ends up in what looks like an ancient temple that is eerily similar to the one we saw at the beginning of the film in China.

Then, she meets up with her identical twin sister and the twin sister is expressing her concerns about whether they should go through with this or not, that these girls are so young, and they're not sure if they're ready. Ziyi says, 'So were we once' and they emerge into this giant chamber where we reveal a second Mothra egg and in front of that are two little girls, maybe three or four years old, also identical twins and they're singing the Mothra song to the egg to get it to hatch. I was heartbroken that we didn't get to shoot that because it would have confirmed that she was playing the Mothra twins which is a deep cut reference from the original films.

Although this second scene was cut from Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it suggests Mothra will likely be brought back for Godzilla vs. Kong. Her screentime was limited in Godzilla 2 but she quickly stole the hearts of those watched the film and fans worldwide voiced their adoration for the Monster - wishing she was given more screentime. Where there's a struggling Godzilla, you can bet to find a Mothra. Not to mention, KOTM set up their symbiotic relationship explanation quite well, insinuating that the bond between Godzilla and Mothra is a crucial one for the balancing of the world's natural order.

Although we await official confirmation of her return from a studio source, we fully expect to see Mothra back on the Hollywood silver screen when Godzilla vs. Kong arrives in theaters next November!

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MemberRodanDec-01-2019 4:52 PM

Well gee, I wonder why shes going to return?


MemberTitanosaurusDec-01-2019 4:53 PM

Hopefully, Rodan isn't a wuss this time and actually fights Kong as well. (Or even has a good fight in general.) #RodanVSKong


MemberRodanDec-01-2019 5:01 PM

I just hope Rodan doesn't die.


MemberAnguirusDec-01-2019 6:50 PM

'Course ya do Goji lol


I can't wait to see what role Mothra plays in GvK


MemberRodanDec-01-2019 7:13 PM

I'm hoping Rodan and Mothra help Godzilla and Kong in the final battle, or at least they have SOME role in the movie (hopefully Rodan on Godzilla's side this time so I don't have to root AGAINST one of my favorite Kaiju again lol).

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusDec-02-2019 6:22 AM

Seems likely.


MemberTitanosaurusDec-02-2019 6:41 AM

YES! I love Mothra. I want to see more of her. Maybe with the planet recovering due to the Titan's presence, Mothra could be larger?

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusDec-02-2019 8:16 AM



MemberTitanosaurusDec-02-2019 8:50 AM

Mothra is nice, but us Rodan and Godzilla Fans really want to know about Rodan as well. As in, what is his role in GvK?

Trash panda

MemberAnguirusDec-02-2019 8:54 AM

Well, he's nesting in Mount. Fiji now, sooo...


MemberBaragonDec-02-2019 6:38 PM

Is this more bull**** from screenrant?


MemberRodanDec-02-2019 6:40 PM

I don't think so, because the article has a link to an interview with Dougherty that isn't by Screenrant. Still, I advise caution, and seeing Mothra in GVK would be pure speculation anyways.


MemberBaragonDec-02-2019 7:02 PM

I know in an interview Dougherty specifically said the the Ghidorah end credit scene directly pays off in GvsK. I know everyone wants MechaKG, But I always found him kind of dull. I'd rather see MechaG or Destroyah or maybe a new titan.


MemberRodanDec-02-2019 7:53 PM

I think using Destoroyah in GVK would be almost as much of a waste as using Burning Godzilla and the Oxygen Destroyer in KOTM, but to each his own. I think MechaG and MechaKG fit much better, as do Biollante, Gigan, Moguera, and Mechanikong, BUT MechaKG and MechaG are the most likely, due to the Monarch file in the de-classified montage in KOTM showing they were building some type of robot and because of the end credits scene of KOTM with Ghidorah's head. Mechagodzilla and Mecha King Ghidorah seem to be most likely if they're reusing old villains, but Gigan and Mechanikong are also possible. Still, I think they're probably going for something new, because it would cost more to use old characters and they had 3 of them (not including Godzilla) in KOTM, so they probably wanted to minimize expenses here and reuse the Kaiju they had the rights to. My money is probably on a Ghidorah hybrid or other creation with his cells, maybe some Godzilla, Kong, Skullcrawler, Rodan, and other Kaiju sprinkled in. If it gets Mothra DNA, it's possible it might get here rebirthing ability... which would mean potential for a recurring villain.


MemberBaragonDec-02-2019 8:13 PM

I too Thought The oxygen destroyer was a waste and kind of shoe-horned in. But now that I have watched KOTM a few more times, Think it was there to set up something else. Just a feeling I have.


MemberRodanDec-02-2019 8:42 PM

I feel the same way, and I also feel like Godzilla will do something "evil" and become the way he's intended to be in the Monsterverse: nuclear-neutral. This due to the fact of what Dr. Chen said at the end of KOTM. I really hope the use of the Oxygen Destroyer comes to bite humanity in the ass, like how using nuclear power in the original Godzilla movie brought about Godzilla or like what happened with Destoroyah in 1995, the Oxygen Destroyer will bring about a new creature (doesn't have to be Destoroyah specifically so long as it brings about some evil Kaiju that is immensely powerful and puts humanity in its place. Hell, maybe we could get one to come in one movie, and at the end of the movie they do what they did at the end of Godzilla V.S. Spacegodzilla and say "this is only a warning of what's to come" and show Destoroyah's figure in the shadows or show his aggregate form, or just hint at him. Or they can use Destoroyah first, and hint towards something bigger and badder than even THAT absolute beast coming in the next movie).


MemberTitanosaurusDec-03-2019 3:42 AM

Mothra could appear in the end if there is going to end up being a bigger enemy which Godzilla and Kong are going to team up against. Maybe the Mothra egg from the End credits of KOTM has washed ashore Skull Island and Godzilla is going after it to protect it before it hatches. Then at the end of the movie the egg hatches and a Mothra Larva (Maybe even twins as a reference to Godzilla VS Mothra) joins in on the fight.


MemberMothra LarvaeDec-04-2019 10:20 AM

Not to be mean but Mothra needs to stay dead. Bringing her back would make her heroic sacrifice in KotM totally meaningless. Please don't go all DBZ/Marvel on us.

We need more Rodan in GvK. More specifically, a Rodan vs. Kong battle where Rodan actually puts up a badass fight, unlike he did against Ghidorah.

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