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New Godzilla Anime Sequel Image, Release Date & Synopsis

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The Official Godzilla Anime website has updated with a new image related to next anime film, (currently translated as) Godzilla: Decisive Battle, Mobile Breeder City. The image features Godzilla powering up his atomic ray--In the distance are three, bright objects. See the full image below:

Crunchyroll also delivered an English translated synopsis from the Godzilla anime website:

After suffering a crushing defeat at the claws of Godzilla Earth - the seemingly immortal, 300 meter tall, 100,000 ton incarnation of Godzilla who now rules the planet - Haruo Sakaki is rescued by Miana, a native girl who belongs to the "Futua" tribe, the descendants of humanity that were left behind on Earth during the initial evacuation. Meanwhile, Galu Gu, the leader of the Bilusaludo forces, realizes that the arrowheads of the Futua are made of "nanometal", the same material that was used to build MechaGodzilla, a super weapon that failed to curb Godzilla's rampage and that was presumed destroyed in a battle at the foot of Mt. Fuji in the 21st Century. 

Gormaru Island also reports that the Futua worship an undisclosed "god" which is hinted to be MechaGodzilla--Given their connection to nanometal. The nanometal may be a plot device that enhances MechaGodzilla's size so it can go toe-to-toe with Godzilla Earth.

However, another article seems to hint that the Futua may have a connection with Mothra.

Godzilla: Decisive Battle, Mobile Breeder City will be released in Japanese theaters May 18th, 2018. The film is directed by Kobun Shizuno (Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare) & Hiroyuki Seshita (Knights of Sidonia) from a screenplay by Gen Urobuchi (Kamen Rider Gaim).

The first film in the Godzilla anime trilogy, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is currently streaming on Netflix.
Official Godzilla Anime Website
Gormaru Island
Animate Times

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Written by G. H. (Gman)Published on 2018-03-05 21:48:01

The Legend of Brian

MemberBaragonMar-05-2018 11:59 PM

Nice, I was wondering when we'd get some news on the film.


MemberTitanosaurusMar-06-2018 4:44 AM

Awesome! I gotta share this elsewhere to make sure folks know!


MemberTitanosaurusMar-06-2018 6:13 AM

I can't wait. How will they combat Godzilla Earth? Even if they get MechaGodzilla working, it'll only be around 50 meters high (estimating based of the fact that originally Godzilla Earth was 50 meters during the initial rampages that resulted in humanity abandoning Earth in the first place). Godzilla Earth is 6 times larger than it originally was. It will not be an easy fight and they had trouble beating Godzilla Filius without a mecha unit. I really can't wait to see how this plays out.


MemberTitanosaurusMar-06-2018 6:43 AM

Im wondering if they find a way to make a couple of Mechagodzilla's? That would be cool to see. If the Futua are related to Mothra, maybe the 2 monsters combined would be enough to combat Godzilla Earth.

I would love to see a bunch of Mothra's and Mechagodzilla's armies take on Godzilla Earth. That would make sense to me. This is very exciting! Maybe by July we will have it on Netflix?

Cant wait!


MemberTitanosaurusMar-06-2018 8:00 AM

You know, something I realized after seeing this concept image.

Godzilla Earth is standing up through the clouds. Unless I somehow missed a super massive growth spurt somewhere, he should still be 318 meters tall.

Which means that the Clover monster seen at the end of The Cloverfield Paradox could potentially not even be as massive as we thought.


MemberTitanosaurusMar-06-2018 8:53 AM

I really like this Godzilla's end of the world feeling. He's just this insanely huge super-creature that's OP as ****. 


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-06-2018 1:28 PM

Epic news. I feel like Godzilla has find something unique, new and exciting on this franchise. Really expanding Godzilla legacy to awesome new level. Blown away and really happy that Godzilla has find new angles in latest incarnations.


MemberTitanosaurusMar-08-2018 1:47 PM

I wonder what the lights in the image could be.

Ships? Maybe some kind of missiles? Either way, it looks like Godzilla is rearing to shoot them down.


MemberTitanosaurusMar-08-2018 2:21 PM

whatever they are they look like they are shooting up towards the sky. Like spaceships or something.


MemberTitanosaurusMar-12-2018 10:12 AM

Godzilla 2: Godzilla in Space


MemberTitanosaurusMar-12-2018 10:17 AM

At the rate that Godzilla Earth is growing, it'll only be a few million years before he becomes large enough to leave Earth's gravitational pull and become a "space" Godzilla :P

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