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The Original Godzilla Suit Reborn for 2018 Festival!

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In honor of Japan's Godzilla Fes (Festival) 2018, a reproduction of the original ShodaiGoji has been created! Based off the suit from the original Godzilla (1954), Yuji Sakai (concept artist for Godzilla 2000 & sculpting artist for many S.H. Monsterarts kaiju) created the replica. The original 1954 costume was crafted by Teizo Toshimitsu and his staff.

The suit will be showcased at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya on November 3rd, Godzilla's 64th anniversary. It will also be seen at an Eiji Tsuburaya museum January 2019.

What do you think of the reproduction? Does Sakai's interpretation live up to Toshimitsu's original? Sound off in the comments below.

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Written by G. H. (Gman)Published on 2018-10-11 23:13:39

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MemberBaragonOct-12-2018 2:39 AM

I hope we get to see it in action. Looks Awesome! Just do a promo video and have him trash Tokyo and survive the oxygen destroyer without a scratch like in Megaguirus. I volunteer to wear that beautiful suit and trash the town. Just let's have a actual miniature city to stomp instead of a empty sound stage with a city around it. I wanna see Godzilla break some ****!


MemberTitanosaurusOct-12-2018 4:47 AM



MemberBaragonOct-12-2018 7:14 AM

The first and best, IMHO. Sakai is an excellent sculptor. He's done fantastic work, and this is no different. I loved his concept maquette for G 2000. It was much better than the finished suit design they ended up going with.


MemberTitanosaurusOct-12-2018 7:11 PM

I really hope that it gets painted its original colors (the colors it was when it was in color and not onscreen or in photos) and that someone wears and uses it like that other person that wears the Miregoji suit and does activities with it (the most recent being playing soccer). Now that would be cool.


MemberGodzillaOct-12-2018 9:53 PM

This would make a neat Easter Egg in a movie somehow.


MemberMothra LarvaeOct-20-2018 4:55 AM

The Original

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