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What is So Special about the Godzilla Comics?

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Have you ever found yourself wondering why Godzilla is so special?

Godzilla's presence in the entertainment industry is as large as the monster portrayed in the comics, TV shows, video games, and movies. The reptilian monster with a foreboding presence has been known to cause terror among the audience when it first appeared in films produced by Toho Company in 1954. Ever since it was first introduced as a villainous, aggressive monster, Godzilla has evolved into a major character and can be labeled as a full-fledged genre as well. 

This monster first emerged as a major side-effect of the nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Apart from Godzilla’s monstrous nature, everything about him has evolved over the years, even the cinematic style and storylines that portrayed it. 

There is a multitude of Godzilla franchises, in both films and graphic novels, and it can get pretty overwhelming on where to start. This can be the main reason why you might not have familiarized yourself with this literary trope yet. But you know what they say, it is never too late. 

In this blog post I will focus on the hype around Godzilla and why should you read the US comics featuring Godzilla.

  1. It Actually Fights Alongside Humans

Contrary to the popular perception, Godzilla is actually not a human-eating monster. The gigantic atomic lizard actually fights to keep order and balance on Earth. It is often seen as a physical manifestation of the planet itself. 

I perceive it to be a comic version of the Andean Goddess Pachamama, Mother Earth from the Inca mythology. Despite having motherly characteristics, every goddess will fight to keep the Earth safe from potential harm just like Godzilla does in its recent depictions. 

I understand this comparison is very candid, but Godzilla’s ultimate aim is to maintain the balance on Earth. He will fight anyone, a monster from outer space or an evil human organization planning to cause harm to the planet for their selfish benefit.

  1. Most of the Comics are Available Online

Accessibility is a major concern for me personally but not in this case. The majority of the Godzilla comics by IDW are publicly available. 

To read comics online, all you need is a good and reliable internet connection. I have been using Xfinity and my experience has been pretty smooth so far. I do not have to worry about the comics taking too long to load as I would experience with my previous internet connection. Another notable feature is that their customer service is available in both available in English and Spanish as well. A few weeks ago, I faced a lag in their speed and I was able to resolve it right away by contacting the Xfinity servicio al cliente español.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to providing all publicly available comics in a single place. Most of these websites like Read All Comics are free as well. One disclaimer though, just be mindful you are not consuming pirated comics as they’re a violation of copyrights of the original publishers and creators. 

  1. Godzilla Has Literary Significance

Godzilla’s Japanese origins and its formation as a side effect of nuclear war are representative of the fear of atomic bombings and their long-term impact. But as the years progressed, Godzilla evolved into a transformative power, which the Earth needed, just like the Japanese fear evolved to become a driving force. 

Similarly, the US version of Godzilla comics often depicts Godzilla as a fighting force towards outsiders. Like how it destroys the Spanish Armada in Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons. This is representative of the Latin American locals fighting off the colonial invaders planning to take over their land. 

  1. It Has Been a Part of the Marvel Universe

Marvel got the rights to the fire-breathing nuclear lizard in 1977. It featured the gigantic lizard as a villain that forced the Marvel superheroes to fight it to save their precious earth. This series has 24 issues and was titled as Godzilla: King of Monsters.

The aggressive monster is featured attacking US cities like New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and more. The comics even feature time travel and put Godzilla against legendary superheroes like Fantastic Four and Avengers. His presence in the comics also evolved like it did in the movies, into a possibly heroic figure, as he picked up Dum Dum Dugan but didn’t hurt him.

Wrapping Up

Godzilla is a popular character in fictional movies and comics and over time it has evolved into a protector of Earth. As a legend, its presence in the world of entertainment is as huge as its size. I associate it as an inherent part of the modern culture, which everyone should familiarize themselves with. 

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