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Thoughts on IF there will be a new Godzilla Era

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MemberMothra LarvaeSep-25-2013 9:46 AM
Will the new Godzilla Era involve a story, or be like the millennium season? As in where Godzilla battled almost random monsters. Expect Mech-Godzilla, which involved the bones of the first Godzilla that was killed by the Oxygen-Destroyer. Would the story involve monsters that once ruled the earth before the dinosaurs? Will there even be a new Godzilla Era? Once again, if there is. Would they end the season with Godzilla fighting a monster which kills Godzilla but Godzilla manages too kill the monster as well? Write down your thoughts, and see where this goes.
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MemberBaragonSep-25-2013 3:38 PM
well if i recall at the end of final wars one of the main characters said QUOTE: NO ITS NOT OVER ITS A NEW BEGINNING. UNQUOTE so yes this will be the new era of godzilla movies that is to come we have TOHO, LEGENDARY, AND WARNER BROS. to thank on making a godzilla film plus i have my faith in gareth edwards i know he will not let us die hard fans down he didnt with the dark knight and pacific rim was extremely badass so i have really high expectations for this film and the ones that follow if any

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MemberBaragonSep-26-2013 11:18 AM
I could see possibly a trilogy at most being spawned from this, but it's been said if it does well they definitely have a sequel in mind to say the least.
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