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Let's Design a Godzilla Game!

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-21-2014 9:04 PM

So here's a thought!

Since we know as fans that almost no video game companies ever truly can get it right, why not design the premise and basic gameplay concepts for a Godzilla video game ourselves? We've got one or two people on this site who are trying to design Godzilla games as a means of a possible future career path, but I think that being able to just design what we think the ideal game would be can be just as fun and fulfilling.

So let's get started!

And yes, this is designing a game where Godzilla is the main character.

((These are my ideas so far, but feel free to add and suggest other kinds of controls or game mechanics that you think would be good additions!))


Simplistic movement controls featuring omni-capable movement using either a joystick or combinations of the four directional buttons to allow free reign of motion and movement in any and all directions.

Option to crouch and/or stand up straighter and taller than normal (maybe even both)


The reason for no jumping is, can Godzilla jump? Realistically speaking: No.

Health and Energy

Health is what it is, a measure of Godzilla's current health which will slowly deplete if his energy runs out and remains unreplenished.

Energy is a meter which is filled and maintained by attacking nuclear power plants and reactors as well as nuclear submarines in the ocean. When it runs out completely, the atomic ray cannot be used and Godzilla's health slowly evaporates over time. When it is full, if Godzilla has been damaged, his health regenerates slowly over time.


Being able to scratch, punch, tail whip, and even kick (knee level) via either button combination or set button layout

Being able to roar (short or extended) depending on how long the button is pressed

    * The roar can shake the ground and/or shatter nearby glass structures when held down long enough

Lunge forward for a head butt

Side step evasion (as he can move his tail out of the way and just step back and turn sideways to avoid an attack realistically speaking)

Atomic Breath - Chargable attack

    * When held down for more than one full second, the spines begin to slowly spark and glow with an ominous blue aura before fading out when the attack is launched. When held down for less than one second, the stream is brief and less powerful and the spines don't alight. When charged, it uses energy in relative amount to the charge.


Now this is the tricky part, as a story featuring Godzilla as a main character is EXTREMELY difficult.


I refuse to be put off by it so let's DO THIS!!


Godzilla begins the game beneath the ocean, the scene being set as him slumbering beneath the waves. An explosion can be heard and the ground shakes slightly. The camera pans to Godzilla's eye as it slowly slides open, glowing an ominous orange/brown as his mouth opens and he releases a low and guttural growl.

End Cinematic

Godzilla's first "Objective" is to make it to the surface, and as he moves schools of fish, dolphin pods, whale pods, sharks, and everything else will swim away to avoid him as he moves. Halfway to the surface Godzilla encounters the lights of a nuclear submarine approaching (his energy is dangerously low at this stage), and his "Objective" changes to destroy the submarine and absorb its energy to prepare for the next step in the chapter/stage. Engage and destroy the sub before its missiles and torpedoes deplete your health (which is also low). If you succeed, your health and energy increase to half capacity, and the "Objective" returns to 'reach the ocean's surface.'


Godzilla breaks the surface slowly, his spines piercing the water and his body sending waves and wakes of water in all directions as he lets out a roar upon his reveal which shakes the camera. Godzilla looked around and sees not one, but two fleets of ships which are both firing on each other and causing the disturbance which woke him. Godzilla growls and appraoches the fleets.

End Cinematic

Godzilla begins half exposed and treading water before you're given the option to swim either on the surface or below it towards the fleets (below it having a stealth effect to a degree). Your new objective is to 'destroy the human vessels', and as you engage them and deplete their numbers to a certain point there comes an interactive cinematic. Mothra appears on thr horizon, and as Godzilla is tearing a part an aircraft carrier with his hands (button mashing to destroy it as quickly as possible) Mothra arrives and Godzilla has a choice to make (hence the interactiveness of the cinematic). Either agree to accompany Mothra, or attack and drive her away.

If Godzilla agrees to follow her, he dives below the surface and follows Mothra's shadow which is on the surface above him. On the way, he has to avoid underwater mines and human submarines which will attack him once he gets close enough. If you lose Mothra's shadow, you fail the event and restart at the choice cinematic.

If Godzilla attacks Mothra, she flies away and you're free to continue destroying the human ships. If Godzilla is not killed before he defeats the final ship (which it will be possible to be defeated given the lack of health and energy), he enters free roam with several objectives on the 'HUD' to continue the story and the progress of the game.


If Godzilla followed Mothra, she leads him to shore in Japan where Japan's military is engaged with a mysterious enemy force with strange vehicles and aircraft in the skies.

End Cinematic

Godzilla has the option of assisting either side in this conflict, but if he assist the mysterious force Mothra will engage and attack him in combination with the human forces in Japan. (At this stage, Godzilla's health and energy are too low and it will be an unwinable battle which results in failure)

When Godzilla destroys the unknown forces to a certain extent, we are treated to the arrival of a brand new and original monster which engages Godzilla and defeats him (though only for story purposes). The strange enemy forces retreat along with their new monster as Godzilla rises in an interactive cinematic where he can either chase them down (and be defeated due to further lack of energy and health) or return to free roam as Japans military also retreats. Godzilla must find a nuclear power plant to restore his energy and his health in order to proceed, and so the new 'Objective' is to find a power plant to restore his power.

This is where my creativity temporarily ends and yours is now open to add whatever you wish!


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6 Responses to Let's Design a Godzilla Game!


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-21-2014 10:16 PM

I like everything you said so far and I would to add an attack. Depending on which version of Godzilla you use how about a Nuclear Pulse? This would done when the Energy bar is full

Now for the rest of the story.  After you get your power back, you travel to across Japan, with Mothra, facing various obstacles like army. Once you get to the factory your new objective is to destroy the Nuclear Power source and take it for yourself. And Mothra can't help you because something else is happening and she must live. Once you have done that, the monster you faced before, attacks you and you defeat it. It retreats and isn't seen again until the end of the game. Now you head to Osaka to get your power back. While you are doing that a new classic monster, either Gigan or Megalon attacks you. After you defeat it you continue to destroy Osaka. In a cutscene it is revealed that the mysterious forces are aliens with the ability to create there Kaiju. They send monsters after you, including Destoryah, King Ghidorah, the first monster you fought, and either Gigan or Megalon depending which monster you fought earlier. In between each fight, you are given a small time regain some of the power you lost. Now comes the main boss. It is much more powerful than you other opponents. After you manage to defeat him Godzilla lets out an ear splitting roar and the credits roll. After the credits are finished you unlock bonus levels and are aloud to roam around Japan. Tell me what you think about this storyline and what you change about it. Thanks.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-21-2014 11:56 PM

I like what u two have come up with! especially the free roam part. i didnt like thw way unleashed save the earth etc. were focused on fighting. now dont get me wrong i LOVE a good monster fight. BUT just BUT! add a mode once story is completed with Updated versions of Most Kaiju! ESPECIALLY my personal fave. HEDORAH! wierd i know but still! i can design the characters updated!im terrible with coding tho.... so. lolz. btw what platform will this be for pc or console? and if console wouldnt we be better off submitting our idea to some vidio game company? i knwo we can make one but.. how and where will it be played? who will advertise.........SCRATCH THAT! i hate me. im Sooooooo optimistic. (sarcasim) DONT BE DETERED WE CAN DO THIS! I also came up with a new monster! no name tho.

whelp thats a wrap i think. OH WAIT! maybe during free roam at end of game RANDOM KAIJU /MILITARY ENCOUNTERS! and thats how u unlock them! YES ITLL WORK! must program for no fighting urself aka. Gzilla vs. Gzilla unless Gzilla 2014 vs Gzilla 1954 as special events!


Mothra LarvaeMember16 XPJan-22-2014 2:16 AM

It be cool if you can design your own city.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-23-2014 8:25 PM

Fight scenes should be like godzilla unleashed but at a slower pace if you know what I mean and it should have a larger variety of moves. And you can out specialties on your monstee such as: more damage when using fire breath, laser vision or whatever is associated with each monster,  faster movement, Etc.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-24-2014 12:04 AM

Hey, has anyone here played War of the Monsters? Its an old PS2 kaiju battle game. The way it had the battling was awesome. The ciys were 100% DESTRUCTABLE..... a skyscraper collapsing on someonewas an insant death And you could even use rubble asa wepon to through at your opponent. I would love to see stuff like that in this game.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-27-2014 7:51 AM

Now for the most part I agree with the general concept of the game.  I do think that as opposed to a plot driven game, it should play like a giant version of the game infamous or grand theft auto.  What I mean is there should be goals but nothing necessary or super pressing like health drop throughout without power replenishment, but a more gradual drop would be fine so long as the player is willing to player at say 80% power capacity.  The war of the monsters idea is great for the fighting portion!  theres no reason it has to go into hyper lumbering realism with no jumping or the 70s godzilla mobility.  Perhaps you could even had DLC of some sort with alternate playable characters like anguiras, baragon, or even jet jaguar/ultraman.  I love the underwater idea, maybe even have the whales and sharks as edible items if they're big enough?  and HOLY CRAP please after so many years of monster games lets add a character creation mode or something!.. along with an alternate arcade style fighting mode along the lines of destroy all monsters melee just for the folks not satisfied with a monster fight in a fully built up city...

sorry that was longer than i expected lol

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