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What's Going to Happen At The End? (Spoilers!)

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Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPApr-11-2014 12:18 PM

This one contains spoilers as well, so I urge you not to read any further if you haven't read the soundtrack list already!!!

But anyway, to address something, there was a topic with the link on which this article is based on awhile back from Dragonlord Tevin, but I posted this one because the point of it is different, as I'm sure you'll see. The link to his is right here:


Now to get on to the point.

Since we now know Godzilla is going to live (unless I was somehow right in my last topic), I wonder, what will actually happen at the ending that'll be sad if the King of the Monsters is going to survive? Could this be another hint at Joe Brody's or any of the other human character's death?

The reason I posted this is because the point of it is that we now know Godzilla won't be the cause of the sad ending if that's how it turns out, so I want everyone's opinions as to what it could be. Sort of like a revisit with new facts. If it's not good enough to be it's own topic, then close it. I hope that isn't the case, though. I hate posting repeats.

Thanks to everyone for reading and/or any comments!

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5 Responses to What's Going to Happen At The End? (Spoilers!)

Something Real

GodzillaMember5639 XPApr-11-2014 12:48 PMDINOZILLA0439 - Oh, I've a feeling you might be spot-on with regards to the death of a human character near the end of the film. That's why this girl's taking a whol box of Charmin Ultrasoft Tissues in her purse when she goes to see this movie! I just bloody well know I'm going to end up crying like a whimp! I just know it! :)


BaragonMember330 XPApr-11-2014 1:30 PM

yeah man i also have suggested that maybe bryan cranston will be the one to die, the only reason why i say this is because this is what some one told me, now i really dont know if it is true or not but some one told me that this is the only godzilla film that bryan cranston will play it. :(

http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on Twitter@thebigbadben90.


BaragonMember330 XPApr-11-2014 1:40 PM


hey man computer is messed up with the bluetoothing on my end i will have to recheck everything and see what is going on with it.

It looks like it wont be until later when i post up my drawings again :(

So hang in there my friend. :)

http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on Twitter@thebigbadben90.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-11-2014 1:55 PM

I'm agreeing with the speculation that a human character is going to die, possibly Joe Brody.

It only seems appropriate.

Also, I hate happy endings. Blame Disney and Hollywood in general.

Deviation is not shameful. Conforming is.

Dragonlord Tevin

Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-12-2014 7:26 PM

Heres my guess of who might die:

We see him suddenly just fall in the international trailer, I wonder by what or who tho, but hmm Ford might die im guessing

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