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If you want to read something funny...

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-18-2014 4:06 PM

Okay, so to start out, i wasnt sure which category this belongs too, but i guessed Fan Works could work. Some are probably gonna call this irrelevant and stupid, but it is Fan Work on a very different limit. With that said;

Basically, we have three guys on IMDb(DONT STOP READING, ITS GETTING GOOD), who "pretends" to be The real Godzilla, Gigan and the best part, Zilla. It started out with "Godzilla" telling about his work with TOHO, his life and working with Edwards. The Gigan came around, who came because of the re-release of his film. Then Zilla came along, whinning over not getting a sequel and being, well, Zilla.

But Godzilla said Zilla commited suicide(And the guys pretending to be Godzilla and so take this hillariously serious), and its become quite the drama.

So, im giving you a link to the board. Look for the threads made by "TheReal(Godzilla,Zilla,Gigan)", and have a blast.

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1 Responses to If you want to read something funny...


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-18-2014 4:20 PM

I've been very active on IMDb Godzilla board and I've had so much fun reading people's questions to The Real Godzilla. His answers are hilarious! XD

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