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Debate week season 2 release date!

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ModeratorGiganJul-06-2014 12:31 PM

Due to me getting 10 pms about it, I have decided to announce whats next for Debate week! Before i go onto the release date, Let me explain what you will see in season 2. Debate week season 2 will be more elaborate than season 1, I am planning to due mini stopmotion battles for who got the most votes. The last debate of season 2 will be Godzilla 2014 vs ????????????? Decipher the name. Debate week season 1 got an overall rating of 30 views per episode and 3 to 5 replies, That is great for the first season of a show, In order for this series to continue happily, I would like to get a average of 50 views, 10 to 15 replies. I started the series on my disney world vacation which just ended yesterday. Im planning on doing a ultra season when im on vacation, And ultra season will be where i would have interviews with people on who they thinks gonna win, And i would have 2 debate weeks per day. I have a afilliation and partnership with the Fantasy tournament, Watch that mini series because it gives special insight on what will happen next episode. Now onto what you have been patiently reading this for, Debate week season 2 fires its atomic breath on July 15th.

Good grief.

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Sci-Fi King25

MemberGiganJul-06-2014 12:57 PM

July 15. Hm. Not too long. (My guesses on the questioned name are Spacegodzilla and Mechagodzilla.)

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

High FLYERS Tag Team

MemberMothra LarvaeJul-06-2014 1:02 PM

How is the stop motion gonna work

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