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G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-15-2015 6:32 PMTeam Ghidorah

Just last night I did something I've only practiced once before-- A live tweet during a movie.

Having been a particularly calm night I decided to pop in GMK and tweeted thoughts, reviews, facts...etc... as the movie played. What was interesting about this social experiment is how other fans starting engaging with me about the movie. I don't know if some of them were also watching the movie or not, but I found it to be interesting to gauge how others responded and spoke with each other about the film.

I'm curious if any other members with Twitter would like to engage in something similar for the future with another Godzilla movie. It's always fun to spur conversations and spread information and I felt that was a fun outlet for it. I probably won't be able to do it again until next week, but would others be interested?

The Twitter screen name to follow is: GMANonScified

Movie recommendations? Other outlets? Sound off.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."
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GiganModerator3811 XPJan-15-2015 6:35 PMTeam Godzilla

Seem's fun, what is the next movie you will be watching?

Good grief.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-15-2015 6:38 PM

id love to chat with you about godzilla movies

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-15-2015 7:15 PMTeam Ghidorah

I don't know what movie will be next. I'm certainly open for suggestions.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-15-2015 8:24 PM

return of godzilla?


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-15-2015 9:57 PM

I'm tempted to rejoin twitter again just to join in Godzilla vs Smog monster would be a interesting one

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-15-2015 10:28 PMTeam Ghidorah

Just about any would be interesting from a conversational perspective. There's plenty to talk about with all of these films.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-16-2015 6:44 PM

It would be cool if you did Godzilla vs Biollante!

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-16-2015 10:13 PMTeam Ghidorah

I actually have something special for Godzilla vs. Biollante coming for you guys soon, I'm just waiting to get it approved. Perhaps another time.

Return of Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Hedorah both intrigue me, but someone brought up Terror of MechaGodzilla on Twitter and that's making me the most eager at the moment. Any objections?

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


BaragonMember330 XPJan-17-2015 7:37 AM

Why didn't you PM me about this or contact me on twitter?

I'm all up for this! Excellent idea Gman.

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Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-17-2015 10:51 PM

"getting it approved" for Godzilla vs. Biollante? I bet anything that it is a group livestream.

I've always loved reading live tweets and live blogs about movies and shows. I enjoy it most when it's something I've seen but the other person is watching for the first time, it's all "I remember that part!" and "You're about to get your heart broken, my friends."

I might rewatch GMK now. The first time I saw it I didn't like it much, mainly because of the hunched over look of Godzilla. Seeing your thoughts on it is making me give it a second chance, Gman

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-17-2015 11:40 PMTeam Ghidorah

There's far, far more going on than the aesthetics of the monsters in this movie. I recommend looking at it from a more culturally relevant perspective.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPJan-17-2015 11:52 PM

I'm at the point where Godzilla just poked his head over a mountain, before destroying it. I Never noticed the reference to the original movie there before. Also I love the music as well. I think last time I saw this movie I was really tired and didn't pay much attention, but now I'm getting a much better look at the film, and so far I love it.

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-18-2015 12:07 AMTeam Ghidorah

Happy you see it in a new light. I've thought about doing audio commentaries for movies without commentaries (like GMK). That way people could just download them and play them from their computer while watching the movie.

But I'm not convinced of such a project's usefulness or if I'm the person to do it.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-18-2015 11:10 PMTeam Ghidorah

Who would be down for a Thursday night live tweeting event of Terror of MechaGodzilla? Any takers? Got copies ready?

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


BaragonMember330 XPJan-21-2015 1:55 PM

^Sign me up there buddy.

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BaragonMember425 XPJan-21-2015 4:21 PM

Hmm a live tweet for discussion. Sounds interesting hope things go well for Terror of Mechagodzilla, such a good movie so there should be no shortage of interest.

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-23-2015 1:19 PMTeam Ghidorah

Actually the thing regarding Godzilla vs. Biollante I was talking about is an interview I did with Mr. Ed Godziszewski here. Hope you enjoy it.

As for the live tweet. It went very well. It had a slightly larger turn out than GMK, so I'm happy with that. Chris helped a lot as well, so big thanks to him.

Here's the tweets transcribed from my end:

Alright, the movie of choice today for a live commentary is Classic Media's Terror of MechaGodzilla. Who's ready?

Just to be clear I AM watching the Japanese version of Terror of MechaGodzilla. #TerrorOfMG

Starting the movie now... #TerrorOfMG

When the movie was originally released in America it was titled, Terror of #Godzilla. #TerrorOfMG

It was heavily cut to get a G rating and the title assumes #Godzilla is a great threat. Nice work Bob Conn... #TerrorOfMG

Love the opening to this movie. The recap makes it the tightest direct sequel to a previous film since #Godzilla Raids Again. #TerrorOfMG

Notice how King Caesar is stripped from the recap? It's almost as if they want to retcon his presense. #TerrorOfMG

Which is fine. This movie wants to tell its own story. We already had the King Caesar episode. #TerrorOfMG

This movie is pretty much the Katsura & Titanosaurus show with MechaGodzilla guest starring Godzilla. #TerrorOfMG

Which should be acceptable since a lot fans enjoyed MUTO romance with c**kblock-zilla last year. #TerrorOfMG

Ifukube hadn't scored a #Godzilla film in seven years. But his stock music was featured in Godzilla vs. Gigan. #TerrorOfMG

Instead of using the “Terror” theme he had used for Godzilla since 1962 he brought back the original march from the 1954 film. #TerrorOfMG

"Directed by Ishiro Honda" #TerrorOfMG

#Godzilla vs. Hedorah director Yoshimitsu Banno was considered for this movie, but according to him he never got the call. #TerrorOfMG

Something tells me Tomoyuki Tanaka vetoed all of the Banno talk. #TerrorOfMG

Tomoko Ai plays the tragic Katsura we see in the opening here. She was know for her modeling around the time of the film. #TerrorOfMG

Ai also had a role in Ultraman Leo the year before this film. #TerrorOfMG

I'm actually in the middle of watching the Ultraman Leo series. Loving it so far. #TerrorOfMG

Loved the idea that they would be looking for the wreckage of MechaGodzilla. Though a man-made MechaG wouldn't happen until '93. #TerrorOfMG

Titanosaurus called back to more “realistic” kaiju of the 50s. He's a prehistoric giant. Not a mythical beast or space monster. #TerrorOfMG

He was initially meant to be off beat. The initial script by Yukiko Takayama had two “titan” kaiju that formed Titanosaurus. #TerrorOfMG

For story and budget reasons Titanosaurus was scaled back. Ishiro Honda actually had a major hand in refining the screenplay. #TerrorOfMG

The first shot of Titanosaurus is another one of those rare outdoor shots. I love how it looks. #TerrorOfMG

Can't say I love the underwater shots, but Teruyoshi Nakano did what he could with the budget. #TerrorOfMG

Nakano said #Godzilla '84 was his best work, but I actually like his experimental stuff from the 70s. #TerrorOfMG

Nakano had no choice but to get inventive with special effects in the 70s due to the budget cuts the series faced. #TerrorOfMG

Katsuhiko Sasaki plays the lead character Akira Ichinose. He first appeared in the series as the lead in #Godzilla vs. Megalon. #TerrorOfMG

Sasaki later appeared as Prof. Mazaki in #Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. But his role as Ichinose is often considered his strongest. #TerrorOfMG

Sasaki isn't exactly a top tier actor, especially for an Ishiro Honda #Godzilla film, but this isn't the 60s anymore. #TerrorOfMG

That last comment sounded harsh. Sasaki does a fine job here. Easily his most believable work in the #Godzilla series. #TerrorOfMG

Sasaki is also known for voice acting. He voiced characters from several anime including Big O, Black Lagoon and Yu-Gi-Oh. #TerrorOfMG

He's also dubbed plenty of Hollywood films in Japanese. He has a long resume of dubbing Robert De Niro in many unrelated films. #TerrorOfMG

Sasaki's father is Minoru Chiaki from Seven Samurai. #TerrorOfMG

Fans probably remember Chiaki best as the tragic hero & pilot Kobayashi from Godzilla Raids Again. #TerrorOfMG

Enter Goro Mutusmi as the evil Mugal. #TerrorOfMG

Some criticize him as being more stereotypically maniacal in this film than the last, but I find him more enjoyable here. #TerrorOfMG

Granted Toru Ibuki as Mugal's Lt. Tsuda may have more intersting things to do, but Mutusmi just commands the screen. #TerrorOfMG

Mutusmi was all about villain roles. Blows my mind he wasn't bigger outside of toku. #TerrorOfMG

I always found it odd the scientific community ostracized Dr. Mafune for claiming Titanosaurus existed. #TerrorOfMG

MechaGodzilla? King Ghidorah? Rodan? Manda? Godzilla? They believe them, but not an underwater dinosaur? #TerrorOfMG

I'd be more concerned about the said ability to "control" such a creature. #TerrorOfMG

Katsura, cold to Ichinose, claims her father is dead. She gets some pretty solid development as the movie goes on. #TerrorOfMG

And now we have Akihiko Hirata as Dr. Mafune made up to look like a textbook mad scientist. #TerrorOfMG

Despite how ridiculous he looks, I buy it. Hirata has the talent to go beyond his fake mustache. #TerrorOfMG

And I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I don't think the mustache looks all that terrible. #TerrorOfMG

It's not a Christian Bale transformation by any means, but it works better than it's worth. #TerrorOfMG

This is Hirata's last #Godzilla movie. He was suppose to play Prof. Hayashida in Godzilla '84, but died before production start. #TerrorOfMG

MechaGodzilla is revealed with Ifukube's fantastic new theme. Gloomy as it is. #TerrorOfMG

I called this movie “wonderfully drab”. It's a dark, muted and depressing LOOKING movie. And it's suppose to be. #TerrorOfMG

Sokei Tomioka was one of the cinematographers for the film. He mostly had experience with just the effects side. #TerrorOfMG

Tomioka doesn't have a lot of live-action credits, but he added a lot of cohesion between effects and drama scenes here. #TerrorOfMG

The colors aren't deep, the contrast is gray-- It looks as dark as the story is. #TerrorOfMG

It's really one of the most interestingly shot movies of the series and perhaps the last Tomioka worked on. #TerrorOfMG

Even MechaGodzilla looks muted here. More gunmetal and less silver. #TerrorOfMG

I love the “MG2” on MechaGodzilla's arm. The real MechaGodzilla 2. Not Heisei. #TerrorOfMG

I wish they played up Mafune's lost wife angle a little more. Seems like a bigger reason to turn on humanity. #TerrorOfMG

The first look at those funny space helmets in this movie. They remind me of the fishheads on everyone in #Godzilla vs. Hedorah. #TerrorOfMG

Ichinose needs to take a hint. She doesn't want you to go because she knows something... "Foo!" #TerrorOfMG

Flashback to Katsura's dark and rather shocking secret. The revelation she's a cyborg of sorts is really heart dropping. #TerrorOfMG

But it also explains the opening sequence with her on the beach watching Titanosaurus. #TerrorOfMG

Notice the similarities between Titanosaurus's storyline and #Godzilla's from the original 1954 film? #TerrorOfMG

Both aquatic animals attacking subs/boats at first. Their existence is questioned. #TerrorOfMG

Both also have specific scientists rooting for their survival. #TerrorOfMG

Finally they both attack Tokyo. Not sure it was intentional, but an interesting comparison for the final Showa film to have. #TerrorOfMG

Ichinose is now being targeted by the aliens for how close he is to Titanosaurus. Alien vs. Interpol espionage action ensues! #TerrorOfMG

I love stuff like this in #Godzilla movies. It's particularly solid in Godzilla vs. Biollante. #TerrorOfMG

Katsura started playing Ichinose in the scene they have tea. One of my favorite character moments in the film. #TerrorOfMG

I understand why King Ghidorah and #Rodan are in the flashback, but I felt like Manda was a strange inclusion. #TerrorOfMG

Great close up on Titanosaurus's face that reminds me of Godzilla's close up at the beginning of #Godzilla x Megaguirus. #TerrorOfMG

Notice we don't see Titanosaurus and the tanks in the same shot. All the tank footage are from precious Toho effects films. #TerrorOfMG

#Godzilla's big entrance. The lighting makes no sense, but who cares? It works! And it looks great! #TerrorOfMG

This suit has come a long way. It looked like a muppet in 1973, but the adjustments made give it a great dynamic. #TerrorOfMG

This #Godzilla suit is a favorite of mine. The 75 version anyway. He has such a terrific scowl on his face. #TerrorOfMG

Can we get @NECA_TOYS to create a '75 version of #Godzilla? I'm dying to have a high quality of this one. #TerrorOfMG

Katsura gets operated on after her injury during Titanosaurus's attack. Yes the ***** are fake. #TerrorOfMG

Kenji Sahara makes a cameo in this movie as a high ranking military officer. It was nice he could reunite with Honda for this. #TerrorOfMG

Dr. Mafune mentioned earlier that MechaGodzilla could not be perfect without a living brain to control him. #TerrorOfMG

The aliens took advantage of that idea by putting the MechaGodzilla controller inside Katsura. Never a trust a Black Hole Alien. #TerrorOfMG

And so Ichinose's world comes crashing down. He gets captured by aliens, finds Katsura working with them & Mafune is alive. #TerrorOfMG

I bet Ichinose's Tuesdays were less interesting. #TerrorOfMG

Katsura and Ichinose's relationship is actually telescoped appropriately for this kind of story. #TerrorOfMG

Their story's tragedy calls back to Glenn and Namikawa from Monster Zero. Although their tragedy was pulpy. #TerrorOfMG

Katsura and Ichinose's relationship isn't nearly as fun or light, but Honda takes more time with it to build to the climax. #TerrorOfMG

Tragic romance seems to be a reoccurring thing in Honda's films. #TerrorOfMG

With that Terror of MechaGodzilla is another example of Honda's genius with making absurd stories work. #TerrorOfMG

The new MechaGodzilla and Titanosaurus attack Tokyo in some rare city destruction for the 70s. #TerrorOfMG

Nakano often had to resort to stock footage for city destruction. The attack here gave him the chance to really blow s*** up! #TerrorOfMG

It's safe to say Nakano was more of a pyromaniac than Tsuburaya. #TerrorOfMG

The line about MechaGodzilla's new revolving missiles has confused fans throughout the years. #TerrorOfMG

It's not that his hands revolve to shoot missiles, but the missiles can drill into targets before exploding. #TerrorOfMG

For example when MechaGodzilla shoots missiles into #Godzilla's mouth you hear them drilling inside him. #TerrorOfMG

This is followed by smoke coming from #Godzilla's mouth due to the detonation inside him. #TerrorOfMG

Despite the MG2 on MechaGodzilla's arm the suit is a little different from last time. The chest piece is redesigned and slimmer. #TerrorOfMG

#Godzilla is known for taking on multiple monsters with some help in the 70s, a trope that made it into the 2014 film. #TerrorOfMG

#Godzilla '14 unintentionally borrows the idea of making him look mighty by taking on two monsters by himself. #TerrorOfMG

The difference here is that the previous movie already established MechaGodzilla as one of his most deadly foes. #TerrorOfMG

#Godzilla needed help in the last movie, so the idea he's taking on MechaGodzilla with backup feels like a losing battle. #TerrorOfMG

Also like #Godzilla '14 it's human intervention that provides Godzilla with a win. In both movies he may have lost without help. #TerrorOfMG

I touch on the similarities between #Godzilla '14 and the 1970s in my article here: http://tinyurl.com/mkaqqzw  #TerrorOfMG

For those thinking the film is a little too dark for its material, take note of #Godzilla dusting his shoulders. #TerrorOfMG

The campy moments work for this era! And the movie needs some cushion from its edge. Dust dat dirt off yo shoulder #Godzilla. #TerrorOfMG

Does ripping his head off work twice? Nope! I love how Honda and Nakano trick the audience here for a moment. #TerrorOfMG

And Katsura shows her humanity while watching her father die... followed by the most hilariously awful line in a Honda movie. #TerrorOfMG

"Even if you're a cyborg, I still love you." Waiting for someone to write that into a movie today. #TerrorOfMG

And then depression: Terror of MechaGodzilla features one of the few suicides not resulting from a monster. #TerrorOfMG

The only other I can think of off hand is Serizawa's sacrifice in the '54 film. #TerrorOfMG

Katsura practically rescued #Godzilla by killing herself. The king takes out the garbage from here: MG, Titano AND aliens. #TerrorOfMG

Everyone celebrates except Ichinose who watches #Godzilla swim off for a 10 year hibernation. #TerrorOfMG

It's a sad ending, but it's even worse knowing this is the final film of a great era. Ifukube's music adds to it. #TerrorOfMG

A fine sendoff for both the Showa series and Ishiro Honda though. I love this film. One of my favorites. #TerrorOfMG

Honda continued his career mostly working with his friend Akira Kurosawa. #TerrorOfMG

He was supposedly going to return to the series with #Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 2 in '93. But died beforehand. #TerrorOfMG

He arguably made the best of the 1970s films here. He had a dark, dark movie with all the trimmings of 70s weirdness. #TerrorOfMG

Hope you guys enjoyed the live tweet of the film. Any suggestions for the next film? Let me know. Sound off! #TerrorOfMG


"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-23-2015 1:49 PMTeam Ghidorah

Looks like BigBadBen is doing one for the 1954 film right now! Any takers? Lets join.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


BaragonMember330 XPJan-23-2015 1:57 PM

Come on people, lets get it going! :)

http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-30-2015 11:08 AMTeam Ghidorah

Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster will be tweeted in an hour. Looks to be a good one with more people involved. Hope you guys join.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPJan-30-2015 2:20 PMTeam Ghidorah

Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster ended up being about as big as Terror of MechaGodzilla, which is certainly fine. I was happy more people had questions this time around, some I could answer. Others I wasn't so sure on. Here's the tweet-o-facts-and-fun:

I wanted to do this film since I feel it's been unfairly slammed by some younger fans as a "bad film". I think this is actually a fantastic movie and right at home with the Golden Age. Here's my commentary.----


Today's live tweet commentary is Kraken Releasing's Blu-ray of #Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster!

Director Jun Fukuda's first #Godzilla film. Toho chose him in order to pull teenage audiences who enjoyed his action pictures #GvsSeaMonster

It was originally titled “Operation Robinson Crusoe: King Kong vs. Ebirah” #GvsSeaMonster

It was combined with a script that was a sequel to Fukuda's “100 Shot/100 Killed”. Add #Godzilla & boom we have #GvsSeaMonster

Although the Japanese-English title is #Godzilla, Mothra, Ebirah: Big Duel in the South Seas. I personally like it more than #GvsSeaMonster

Much of the cast are young new comers from Toho's box of talent. Ryoto is played by Toru Watanabe. #GvsSeaMonster

Much of Watanabe's intro here is cut from the original US version. #GvsSeaMonster

#Godzilla vs The Sea Monster wasn't given a US theatrical release. Instead Walter Reade Organization bought the rights for TV #GvsSeaMonster

It was also dubbed by Titra. Older fans prefer the old dub over the international dub Toho forced on Sony & Kraken Releasing. #GvsSeaMonster

Still, if you like to watch these films dubbed its the only way to see these cut scenes. #GvsSeaMonster

Personally I have no attachments to either dub. I almost always watch these movies in their original Japanese language. #GvsSeaMonster

But dubs are important to some fans. Your mileage may vary. #GvsSeaMonster

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks it sounds like the Adam West Batman series theme. #GvsSeaMonster

Akira Takarada appears in his final role of the Showa #Godzilla series. He plays fugitive Yoshimura here. #GvsSeaMonster

I've always found this to be one of Takarada's more interesting roles. He plays a grumpy criminal forced to become a hero. #GvsSeaMonster

I love Takarada as both Ogata (#Godzilla '54) and especially Fuji (Monster Zero), but Yoshimura is a lot more fun. #GvsSeaMonster

The role gives Takarada a lot more to chew on. We see a more versatility out of him in this film. #GvsSeaMonster

I find it funny the characters don't try harder to force Ryoto to turn the boat around. They outnumber him. #GvsSeaMonster

Rarely do you see Takarada being a hardass like he is to these kids. I love it. #GvsSeaMonster

"You have your girlfriends and I have mine," in regards to the skeleton key. Great line from Yoshimura. #GvsSeaMonster

The boat gets attacked by crushing waves and an ominous creature. Great effects here. #GvsSeaMonster

Although Eiji Tsuburaya gets credit for this film, it's actually the work of Sadamasa Arikawa. #GvsSeaMonster

Arikawa was Tsuburaya's director of photography on previous Godzilla films. He has a great eye for framing the effects. #GvsSeaMonster

If I recall this scene was actually used at the beginning in the American edit for Ryoto's brother's ship. #GvsSeaMonster

Arikawa also directed the effects for Son of #Godzilla & Destroy All Monsters. Tsuburaya is given credit out of respect. #GvsSeaMonster

Tsuburaya had final say on the finished product of this film, but he was busy with War of the Gargantuas & TV projects. #GvsSeaMonster

And again we see Akihiko Hirata. Once again he dawns an eye patch for a #Godzilla movie. #GvsSeaMonster

He's no hero though. The eye patch is probably more of a nod to seafaring piracy than a throwback to Serizawa. #GvsSeaMonster

Hirata is the leader of the Red Bamboo's Dragon Squadron. It won't be the last time he plays a villain in the series. #GvsSeaMonster

And the giant claw is revealed to be Ebirah's. Often regarded as a comparably unremarkable foe for #Godzilla. #GvsSeaMonster

I like it though. The idea he has a battle claw and a "stabbing" claw sets him apart from a typical overgrown animal. #GvsSeaMonster

Kumi Mizuno as Daiyo. We don't know she's from Infant Island yet as that inclusion is saved for #Mothra's (sleeping) reveal. #GvsSeaMonster

Daiyo probably isn't nearly as iconic as Mizuno's Ms. Namikawa from Monster Zero, but again she makes an impression. #GvsSeaMonster

She actually might be a stronger female character for her feistiness and independence. #GvsSeaMonster

The idea the safecraker is wearing a light orange jacket w/ a black & white, striped shirt is hilariously on-the-nose. #GvsSeaMonster

Daiyo reveals she is one of #Mothra's people and Ryoto's brother is on Infant Island. #GvsSeaMonster

She reveals the Red Bamboo are shipping Infant Island natives to the island for hard labor. #GvsSeaMonster

The #Godzilla series is nothing if not aware of historical atrocities. #GvsSeaMonster

The relationship between the Red Bamboo and Infant Island natives is a pretty obvious example. #GvsSeaMonster

Such a great reveal of a sleeping #Godzilla. #GvsSeaMonster

During his reveal we hear the first few notes of Sato's new #Godzilla theme. #GvsSeaMonster

Masaru Sato returns from #Godzilla Raids Again with a far more energetic score. #GvsSeaMonster

Although much of the music emphasizes surf-rock dance tunes, #Godzilla's theme is actually very appropriate. #GvsSeaMonster

Unlike Ifukube, Sato would never reuse his #Godzilla themes for other movies. He always wrote a new motif for the monster. #GvsSeaMonster

#GvsSeaMonster is often compared to Bond movies. The sneaking around in a technologically grand base likely promotes this idea.

"Safe cracking must be an easy job." "It only seems that way to amateurs." Love that exchange. #GvsSeaMonster

The plot thickens. Jun Tazaki's Red Bamboo commander wants production sped up. Production of what we wonder? #GvsSeaMonster

And now it's revealed the island is a heavy-water facility to build atomic weaponry. #GvsSeaMonster

This takes #Godzilla's anti-nuclear theme in a whole new direction: What if rogue organizations could build atomic bombs? #GvsSeaMonster

#Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster seems ahead of its time with that fear and is certainly less outdated. #GvsSeaMonster

It's interesting that the Red Bamboo is a Japanese organization making nuclear arms. #GvsSeaMonster

They've turned against the fears and policies of their own country. And for what? It's never clear. #GvsSeaMonster

I doubt anything good, considering how they treat the main characters. #GvsSeaMonster

Apparently the Red Bamboo was a jab at People's Republic of China. #GvsSeaMonster

#Godzilla's heartbeat is heard. Seems to be Kong's schtick. Could be a left over element from the original script. #GvsSeaMonster

So it's revealed natives are used to create liquid so Red Bamboo ships can safely bypass Ebirah. #GvsSeaMonster

And no one is watching them to make sure it's the right liquid? #GvsSeaMonster

This is the first film that the Shobijin were not portrayed by The Peanuts who were unavailable for this film. #GvsSeaMonster

The Peanuts were also quite expensive. They were very big at the time. The Shobijin here are played by Pair Bambi. #GvsDeaMonster

So Ryoto makes it to Infant Island where his brother was marooned-- Info he acquired from Daiyo. #GvsSeaMonster

Pretty convenient, but if we can buy Joe & Ford Brody being taken by Monarch at the same time the MUTO wakes... #GvsSeaMonster

Or the fact that #Godzilla and the MUTO land right where Ford's destination/family is... I can buy this. #GvsSeaMonster

Due to Arikawa not being Tsuburaya, it was easier for Toho to have a little more control over the effects budget. #GvsSeaMonster

Toho told Arikawa to stay away from complex composite shots, but I think he did very well for being hamstrung. #GvsSeaMonster

Like I mentioned, King Kong was originally suppose to star in this film. #GvsSeaMonster

Fans point at #Godzilla being awakened by lightning as an example of King Kong's lingering abilities. #GvsSeaMonster

Although that may or may not have been in the original story with King Kong, waking #Godzilla with lightning is not a stretch #GvsSeaMonster

Of course lightning is going to jolt #Godzilla awake. It doesn't necessarily mean he's borrowing Kong's abilities. #GvsSeaMonster

Lightning woke him in #Godzilla 1984 as well. #GvsSeaMonster

Kong didn't have his lightning powers in King Kong Escapes. Perhaps they weren't in this film's original script? I wonder... #GvsSeaMonster

The #Godzilla suit used here is often called the Daisenso-Goji. It was used in the previous film, 1965's Monster Zero. #GvsSeaMonster

The Daisenso-Goji was used as a water-only stunt double for ocean scenes in Destroy All Monsters and #Godzilla vs. Hedorah. #GvsSeaMonster

Unfortunately there was no water-double in #Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster. So it pretty much falls apart throughout the film. #GvsSeaMonster

Water is death to these suits. #GvsSeaMonster

#Godzilla inadvertently rescues Daiyo from the Red Bamboo. #GvsSeaMonster

Although #Godzilla was on his way to being a hero of Earth, he's still regarded as a threat to everyone here. #GvsSeaMonster

#Godzilla's actions work in the characters favor though. This could be regarded as his first, true anti-hero role. #GvsSeaMonster

A better example of Kong's lingering character in the story is #Godzilla's sudden interest in human women. #GvsSeaMonster

The Giant Condor is a re-purposed #Rodan prop. #GvsSeaMonster

I think the assertion made with the Giant Condor is that radiation from the Red Bamboo's facility is affecting the island. #GvsSeaMonster

Like the Giant Condor, Ebirah was also likely to have been mutated by the facility's radiation. #GvsSeaMonster

#Godzilla scratching his nose is apparently a nod to actor Yuza Kayama of Toho's "Young Guy" movies. #GvsSeaMonster

Fukuda had directed entries in the Young Guy series. The connection isn't a big leap. #GvsSeaMonster

It's suggested the embarrassing music during the aerial attack was not scored by Sato. #GvsSeaMonster

This track does not appear on the original Japanese soundtrack of the film. #GvsSeaMonster

One of the best edits from the American version was removing the music from this scene.

The scene itself is quite good though, with Arikawa using animation for the jets flying by. #GvsSeaMonster

I always hope @RagoneAugust might write a sequel to Master of Monsters covering men like Arikawa & Nakano. No subtle hint. ;) #GvsSeaMonster

I think Steve Ryfle suggested #Godzilla's base attack is one of the last effects filmed due to the suits poor condition. #GvsSeaMonster

This is the first movie since 1954 where #Godzilla is shown underwater. #GvsSeaMonster

Most of the shots were done on a sound stage through the glass of an aquarium. #GvsSeaMonster

But there are some brief, riskier shots that were done underwater, such as #Godzilla being tugged under. #GvsSeaMonster

To my recollection neither the Heisei or Millennium movies attempted anything like that. #GvsSeaMonster

I love the that Infant Island natives & #Mothra are used here. The fact this movie uses the series' larger mythology is great #GvsSeaMonster

Cutting from the natives, to the battle, to the nuclear detonator to build suspense is great. Wonderful directing and editing #GvsSeaMonster

#Mothra, a Judeo-Christian allegory, frees slaves from the Red Bamboo, a Republic of China stand-in. Letting it sink in. #GvsSeaMonster

The Blu-ray reveals a shocking detail about #Mothra during her fight with #Godzilla. A cigarette butt stuck in her head. #GvsSeaMonster

I can't believe the #Mothra puppet was treated so poorly... #GvsSeaMonster

This is the same #Mothra prop used in Mothra vs #Godzilla. Other than the smoking problem I think it looks great. #GvsSeaMonster

This is the first instance in a #Godzilla film where characters are racing against the clock of a nuclear explosion. #GvsSeaMonster

This is repeated in #Godzilla '84 and #Godzilla '14. #GvsSeaMonster

And so the island sinks. #Godzilla gets away. #Mothra saves our heroes. But what about the Red Bamboo? #GvsSeaMonster

I always wanted to know more about them, but I guess I'll just have to accept their operation was put to rest. #GvsSeaMonster

This film continued to pile on some interesting plot points one after another. #GvsSeaMonster

At first it's a story about a kid trying to find transportation to search for his lost brother. #GvsSeaMonster

Then this character steals a boat that a known fugitive is hiding out on. #GvsSeaMonster

Next the characters hit a bad storm, aka, Ebirah, and are marooned on an island. #GvsSeaMonster

As if things weren't bad enough for them, it turns out this island is the heavy-water location of a terrorist organization. #GvsSeaMonster

That's interesting enough of a storyline on its own, but things STILL get worse. #Godzilla is on this island. #GvsSeaMonster

How some fans rank this movie as one of the series' worst with great story elements like that is beyond me. #GvsSeaMonster

Granted it's not as epic as the last couple of #Godzilla flicks: No invasion. No worldwide threat. No mass panic. #GvsSeaMonster

But scaling back #Godzilla's adventures works. It's a smaller scale movie with high stakes and it works beautifully. #GvsSeaMonster

Extremely fun movie and a great adventure tale. Underrated by a vocal minority I fear. #GvsSeaMonster

Hope you guys enjoyed the live tweet. Hope we can do it again. Always looking for suggestions on the next film! #GvsSeaMonster

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPApr-26-2015 11:47 PMTeam Ghidorah

I did a twitter commentary for Godzilla: Final Wars tonight. Copied and pasted it just now for any interested in reading:



#Godzilla #FinalWars Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. Live commentary tweet about to commence!

Kiramura is actually a favorite of mine. I love Versus and Alive is an underrated sci-fi gem-- My favorite film of his. #Godzilla #FinalWars

He was pretty popular at the time so Toho recruited him for #Godzilla's 50th. Lets review how that went... Movie in 5, 4, 3, 2... #FinalWars

The opening image is of #Godzilla '54, the music, however, is Ifukube's Godzilla theme from King Kong vs. Godzilla. #FinalWars

#Godzilla's main theme in #FinalWars, heard right after Ifukube's, was composed by Daisuke Yano, one of the three composers of the film.

Kieth Emerson, from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, gets top billing, but he actually didn't score the bulk of the movie. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Much of Emerson's score was replaced by Yano & Nobuhiko Morino's music. Both composed music for previous Kitamura films.#Godzilla #FinalWars

Some of Emerson's cut pieces can be heard on the original release of the #Godzilla #FinalWars soundtrack.

Emerson's #Godzilla theme was an electronic rendition of Ifukube's march. It was awful. He did the Monster Zero march as well. #FinalWars

It's really no wonder much of Emerson's score was replaced late in the game. Apart from being poor it really didn't fit the movie. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Daisuke Yano & Nobuhiko Morino aren't exactly the series' finest, but they knew what was appropriate for the most part. #Godzilla #FinalWars

For the effort and names attached to the score, it's not really anything to write home about. One of the more inconsistent and boring #Godzilla scores really. #FinalWars

For all the names attached to the score it's really nothing to write home about. It's inconsistent & mostly tacky. #Godzilla #FinalWars 

Leading up to the release there was a massive fan rumor that #FinalWars was a sequel to #Godzilla Raids Again, knowing he was frozen.

That rumor was shot down by suit maker Shinichi Wakasa shortly before the world premiere in Hollywood. #Godzilla #FinalWars

How did they get heavy arsenal and maser tanks to Antartica? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Series vet Akira Nakao is the Gotengo Capt. He was Prime Minister Igarashi in Tokyo SOS/Cmdr. Aso in the Heisei series. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Nakao's 2nd in command (it seems) is played by another vet, Koichi Ueda. He was Gen. Hyodo in the Heisei films. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Ueda also played the aquarium watchman in Destoroyah & village headman at the beginning of GMK, amongst other #Godzilla roles. #FinalWars

Nakao & Ueda's bit here is nothing more than a cameo, but it's fitting that they appear in the 50th anniversary. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I totally paused the movie to get all of that out. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I always loved it when Nakao showed up in these movies. What a presence. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Random and convenient moment when an earthquake stops #Godzilla. Gotengo locks him up and we're #Godzilla-less for an hour. #FinalWars

Enter the first bit of Emerson's score: That goofy victory tune heard while the narrator explains the EDF & M-Force. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I wonder if director Kitamura watched Equilibrium. That one M-Force soldier is totally gun kata-ing it. #Godzilla #FinalWars

"His name is..." roar? Enter Kyle Cooper's opening credits Toho talked up leading up to the film's release. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kyle Cooper did the opening credits graphics for Spider-Man, Metal Gear Solid 2, Hellboy & other high profile films. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Cooper's work on #FinalWars is less than stellar... I've seen fan made tribute videos that are more satisfying compilations. #Godzilla

Keith Emerson gets top composer billing. At this point it's mostly for marquee value. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The opening credits music is the first piece heard by Nobuhiko Morino. He mixes Ifukube's #Godzilla march well into it. #FinalWars

The shots of adult #Godzilla Jr. (from Destoroyah) with Godzilla frozen has incorrectly made fans believe this is Heisei's Junior #FinalWars

Wataru Mimura's first draft of the script had #Godzilla Jr. imprisoned in the ice. #FinalWars

When Kitamura and Isao Kiriyama re-wrote the script the #Godzilla Jr. details were removed. #FinalWars

The re-writes made the timeline for #FinalWars confusing. The first draft opened in late-90s Antarctica and jumped to 2032 after. #Godzilla

Obviously the first draft opened in the late 90s so #Godzilla Jr. could be a part of the film. #FinalWars

When #Godzilla Jr.  script details were removed it was hinted that the opening takes place in the 60s & jumps to 2004/5/6ish. #FinalWars

When #Godzilla Jr.  script details were removed it was hinted that the opening takes place in the 1960s. #FinalWars

#Godzilla suit maker Shinichi Wakasa said that post-opening final version of the film takes place around 2004/2005/2006. #FinalWars

A wild rumor is #Godzilla Jr. was originally supposed to fight Destoroyah at the end of #FinalWars. I wouldn't put much stock that one...

We could say Destoroyah was considered for #FinalWars since "every" monster was considered, but not all were serious contenders. #Godzilla

Director Kitamura's original #FinalWars idea: Convicts on an airplane, i.e. Con Air, crash land & take on #Godzilla.

Kitamura said his Con Air meets #Godzilla idea didn't get very far. I wonder why. #FinalWars

Don Frye's unintentionally hilarious Capt. Gordon commands the new Gotengo against Manda. Solid CG until golden Manda. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kitamura was a fan of Don Frye from professional fighting. He wrote the part of Douglas Gordon specifically for Frye. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Apparently Kitamura knew Frye was a great actor by reading the intensity in his eyes. What a read... #Godzilla #FinalWars

To be fair Frye believes he was the weak link to #FinalWars. Disagree! He's acting isn't great, but I love watching him. He's fun. #Godzilla

And I'm totally pausing as I'm writing some of this stuff, so for those following along... you're ahead. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Luckily my typing speed is far ahead of George R.R. Martin's. #Godzilla #FinalWars

For someone with no experience and carries himself awkwardly, he has some great presence. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I was floored when Frye appeared in the Johnny Depp film Public Enemies. One of my favs from 09. He certainly improved. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Frye back talks to EDF Cmdr. Namikawa played by the wonderful Kumi Mizuno from Monster Zero & #Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster. #FinalWars

The name Namikawa is a far from subtle callback to the beloved character Mizuno played in Monster Zero. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Alright, alright, next scene... I'll pause far less. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Masahiro Matsuoka plays Ozaki fighting Kane Kosugi as Kazama. Is the training cage used for raves on Saturday nights? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Matsuoka was mostly scene on television for various roles before #FinalWars. I don't think he's been in a theatrical film since #Godzilla.

Could the Sony Bluray look any worse? Please? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Matsuoka is also the drummer for J-Pop band Tokio, dancer for Japanese idols & model. Tokio's 12th album was in 2012. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kosugi's no stranger to toku. He was Ultraman's alter ego in the US/Japanese produced #Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kosugi also played the Black "Ranger" in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. (Adapted as Alien Rangers for #PowerRangers.) #Godzilla #FinalWars

Post-#FinalWars, Kosugi had roles in the Jet Li/Jason Statham vehicle War & Dimension's DOA: Dead or Alive. #Godzilla

Kosugi's Kazama is an interesting character and one of the more enjoyable to watch in #Godzilla #FinalWars.

Ozaki & Kazama's Cmdr. Kumasaka is played by Masakatsu Funaki. A stellar martial artist whose talents are wasted here. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Uh-oh. Does Ozaki think of more than killing? A mutant with a heart. Say it ain't so! Thinks Kazama. #Godzilla #FinalWars

If Kitamura thought he was breaking molds by casting the gorgeous Rei Kikukawa as a scientist he's never seen 007 films #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kikukawa is a television host with a hefty resume of TV & film under her belt. Oh. And a model. Shocking right? #Godzilla #FinalWars

"Are you really a biologist? Look like a model to me." Say what? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Although there's some obvious Nazi Germany influences to the EDF uniforms is it insensitive to say I dig'em? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Considering the history b/t Imperial Japan & Nazi Germany the uniforms might be a lapse of judgment on Toho's part. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The EDF uniforms, M-Force battle suits & upgraded Gotengo were designed by Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Shinkawa also designed Cpt. Gordon's uniform. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Years later Shinkawa would design the Japanese poster for #PacificRim. Nice to see him still dabble in the genre. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Gigan/Mothra relationship is very similar to Mothra's rivalry with Battra in 1992. Gigan's meaner though. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Yasushi Nirasawa re-designed Gigan. In the concept art he labels Gigan's projectile hooks the "f***ing anchors". #Godzilla #FinalWars

Actress Maki Mizuno plays TV reporter Anna Otonashi. Here she interviews Prime Minister Daigo played by Akira Takarada. #Godzilla #FinalWars

This is Takarada's first #Godzilla film since 92's Godzilla vs #Mothra. Star of Godzilla '54, he rightfully has a major role in #FinalWars.

As most know, Takarada also had a cameo in #Godzilla '14, that was cut and has yet to have been released for fans. #FinalWars

The music during this scene... "Space the final frontier..." #Godzilla #FinalWars

Masami Nagasawa & Chihiro Otsuka reprise their parts as Mothra's Shobijin from Tokyo SOS. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Sporting the same skimpy outfits from #Godzilla Tokyo SOS, their short hair is the only thing distancing the last film from #FinalWars.

The Shobijin outfits are ever so slightly modified from Tokyo SOS, but they're on screen so little here, who could tell?#Godzilla #FinalWars

This is the only film where Mothra's twins appear, but don't sing. (Unless you count the parodying in GMK.) #Godzilla #FinalWars

Shobijin were likely talking to Ozaki & co. through telepathy. It's never explained & only hardcore fans can infer that #Godzilla #FinalWars

Ah New York, New York. Here we have stereotyping & cultural generalization at its finest w/ a pimp & a cop. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The cop is played by Mick Preston-- Mostly in short films before #Godzilla #FinalWars but has since had guest roles on various TV shows.

Darren Dupree Washington, credited as Darren Schnase in #Godzilla #FinalWars plays the pimp opposite of Preston.

Washington also started out in short film prior to #Godzilla #FinalWars-- later had small parts in Grey's Anatomy, Castle & Agents of Shield

Notice Preston & Washington's lines are badly looped to cover the F-bombs. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Preston & Washington's felt the script's dialogue wasn't real enough & improvised dialogue/cursing to spruce it up. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Director Kitamura was all for it, but didn't shoot a "clean" version of the scene in case Toho didn't like it. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Preston & Washington spent a lot of time looping the scene, but it doesn't look right. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Parts of the cop/pimp scene were cut due to some really poor looping. Best get to Rodan as fast as possible, right? #Godzilla #FinalWars

On the other hand there's some strange justice in having English speaking actors poorly dubbed in their own language. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Skipping right over the whistle noise when their hats get blown off. I have no explanation... #Godzilla #FinalWars

I gotta rewind the Rodan attack. It's one of my favorites in the movie. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Rodan is brought to life with a combo of CGI, props and a suit. It's the best he's looked since 1956. Great moon shot. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Fans suggest Rodan's legs were based off Cretaceous Ghidorah's in #Mothra 3. Looks pretty close. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Anguirus strikes me as the most "plagiarized" design. I think it's pretty obvious it's Dagarah's head from #Mothra 2. #Godzilla #FinalWars

But suitmaker Shinichi Wakasa swears Dagarah wasn't used for Anguirus. I've also seen pictures that support his claim #Godzilla #FinalWars

Still I have to wonder if the Dagarah head mold wasn't at least modified to create a new Anguirus mold. It's too close. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Shinichi Wakasa's company (Monsters Inc.) made the suits for #Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, Minya & Monster X. #FinalWars

Cinq Art created Ebirah, Kumunga & Kamakiras. Star Train did Gigan & Hedorah. Wakasa supervised all suits though. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Due to budget constraints the animatronics in each suit were extremely limited. Only Minya could do more than open its jaw. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The monster costumes were made with a lighter material this time around for more kinetic monster action. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Some fans complain the light, form fitting suits make the monsters look too anthropomorphic. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Anguirus's attack on Shanghai is one of my favorite sequences. The miniature work takes a step up here. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Much of #FinalWars's budget was spent on location shooting in New York, Sidney, Paris and Shanghai. #Godzilla

You wouldn't know it from watching it though... #Godzilla #FinalWars

While Japan has the Gotengo, #FinalWars introduces super-ships for other countries. France's Eclair fires heat seeking torpedoes. #Godzilla

China's Karyu had a special electric beam weapon and U.S.'s Rumbling had a similar weapon, albeit, smaller. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Eclair's captain is played by Shelley Sweeney who was a MechaGodzilla crew member in #Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II. #FinalWars

The Eclair's first officer is played by Hideo Sakaki, a regular in Kitamura's movies. He played the villain in Versus. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Karyu's captain is played by Ko Takasugi who was Lt. Togashi in the Kiryu films. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I love the idea that different countries have their own ships, but wasn't too keen about the designs. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Outside Gotengo, all the ships are identical barring the front weapon. Oh well. Japan's movie. They get the fun toys. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Ebirah fight scene is so wacky. Why is everything exploding around them? #Godzilla #FinalWars

"Sorry, but I'm a vegetarian." But he's seafo-- Nevermind... #Godzilla #FinalWars

Tire screeches when Anguirus comes to a stop. Well why not? #Godzilla #FinalWars

I'm not saying aliens saved us, but... aliens. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Where are you Bill Pullman? #Godzilla #FinalWars

I love most of the costumes in this movie, but Takarada's suit isn't something I want to throw on... #Godzilla #FinalWars

The visors the lead Xillians are wearing are of course a throwback to the original designs for the "People of Planet X" #Godzilla #FinalWars

Gorath makes its debut in a #Godzilla film. #FinalWars

I actually like the transition from the Gorath hitting Earth warning to everything else. It's appropriate enough. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Granted the time from when they meet the Xillians to accepting them world wide is small, but this is #Godzilla #FinalWars

The DJ talking to the pop star is no other than director Ryuhei Kitamura himself. #Godzilla #FinalWars

#WeLoveX #Godzilla #FinalWars

I'm surprised a scene as tame as people talking about the ramifications of Xillians on Earth is in Kitamura's film. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kitamura seems to be directly against round table scenes like this. It is short though... #Godzilla #FinalWars

The prime minister not blinking is proof the Xillians are related to Gigan? How left field of you. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Shiro Sano, Prof. Miyasaka from #Godzilla 2000, cameos as an assassin trying to kill the fake Daigo. #FinalWars

Sano was also Yuri's boss at Digital BS in GMK. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Ozaki notices Ms. Namikawa is not blinking. More brain than grunt I guess. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Forgot the first Xillian general wanted to conquer Earth peacefully. Interesting motivation I would've liked explored. #Godzilla #FinalWars

As an obvious nod to Don Frye's fighting career our heroes find him in his cell trouncing a punching bag. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I did like how Kitamura was so aware of other countries in this movie. The shots of people watching PM Daigo work well. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Grocery pause. One moment. #Godzilla #FinalWars

To clarify I didn't go to the grocery, they came to me via the miss. Anywho. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Looks like Miyuki has gone too far. Luckily the X-Men and Magnum P.I. are here. #Godzilla #FinalWars

"You have no way of knowing her name because she's my dog." I mean, the crowd should've erupted right there. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Xillian prop was also built by Cinq Art. A curiously hollow looking prop. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Takarada's head splitting open is surprisingly convincing. Solid effect. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kazuki Kitamura (no relation to the director) kills his general & takes over the operation in a thirst for destruction. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kazuki Kitamura was previously one of the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill. He's had a very impressive acting career in Japan.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPApr-26-2015 11:52 PMTeam Ghidorah

(Final Wars commentary continued...)

Kazuki Kitamura won some sort of Yahoo Award for his performance in #FinalWars. The specifics seem to be lost though. #Godzilla

Kazuki goes really over-the-top for #FinalWars. Next to Frye's presence he's the most entertaining actor here. A show stealer. #Godzilla

Kazuki Kitamura's Controller character is a little confused why he can't control Ozaki. We are too. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Don Frye & Ken Watanabe have something in common besides #Godzilla. They keep the same expressions for their respective G movies. #FinalWars

Exit Masakatsu Funaki's Cmdr. Kumasaka who should've been given a longer fight over the next scene... #Godzilla #FinalWars

I mentioned much of #FinalWars went to location shooting. It also went to the non-miniature sets, costumes and...motorcycle chases #Godzilla

Director Kitamura originally wanted a car chase in his film Versus. Seems he used #Godzilla to fulfill that wish in #FinalWars.

It's a fun scene, but irrelevant in the grand scheme of the film. Infuriating it lasts longer than the kaiju brawls. #Godzilla #FinalWars.

The gravity defying end is as goofy as it is pleasant. Knocking someone out with the tail of your bike? Sure. Why not?  #Godzilla #FinalWars

After the back story, you'd think Mothra would have come to fight Gigan immediately upon his resurrection.  #Godzilla #FinalWars

For the first time on film we finally see Gigan's head ray, though changed to fire from his visor. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Some fans miss that Gigan actually destroys the EDF headquarters. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Always felt the destruction of the Karyu was the most gut wrenching. Anguirus just flattened them. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Statue of Liberty's head lying in a barren New York. Would've been nice to actually “see” its destruction. Budgets... #Godzilla #FinalWars

Cpt. Gordon's plan is written like a parody of the "plan of attack" scenes from previous #Godzilla films. #FinalWars

How do they know #Godzilla has no M-Base, why do the other monsters have it & why does Godzilla not have it? #NeverAnswered #FinalWars

Kitamura hated scenes like these in older #Godzilla films-- It shows. Intentional parodying or not. #FinalWars

Frye turning back and forth in his seat, like a kid playing on his dad's office chair, really kills his mean look. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Apparently there's a thing going on between Gordon and Anna. Why? Because he's a big guy with a sword I guess. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Take that last tweet however you want. #Godzilla #FinalWars

"This is operation final war." Que crazy video game music by Keith Emerson.  #Godzilla #FinalWars

Nobuhiko Morino did the appropriately moody piece leading up to it though.  #Godzilla #FinalWars

The song on the radio at the South Pole is MechaGodzilla's theme from the original 1974 film. Kitamura's favorite #Godzilla movie #FinalWars

An overly stiff Gigan prop was used for the monster's flying scenes. Like 1972, not terribly convincing. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Note after Gotengo unleashes #Godzilla, the base is destroyed, we see Godzilla roar and then... he's standing ON the hole? #FinalWars

The editing in this film is all over the place, but seeing #Godzilla climb out would've been really something. #FinalWars

Wakasa designed the #Godzilla suit himself even though he originally had no plans to make any suit himself for #FinalWars 

His son convinced him he should build #Godzilla due to it being the 50th anniversary. #FinalWars 

For #Godzilla's design there was no previous concept art. So he based the design on the 1954, 1962 & Heisei designs. #FinalWars 

Most seem to like the basic look for #Godzilla, but are split on the execution. Not a fan of the paper thin lower jaw, myself. #FinalWars 

I also don't like how #Godzilla's neck has a clear budge for actor Tsutomu Kitigawa's head. #FinalWars 

Tsutomu Kitigawa played #Godzilla in all of the Millennium movies except GMK. He retired after #FinalWars 

I think Kitigawa's relationship with Toho began when Wakasa suggested him for the role as King Ghidorah in #Mothra 3. #Godzilla #FinalWars 

Both Kitigawa and Wakasa were promoted to creating/acting as #Godzilla following the Heisei series. #FinalWars 

Kitigawa also recieved a new credit on #FinalWars as Suit Action Coordinator. He choreographed all the monster fights. #Godzilla

As kinetic as they are the battles are short. As #Godzilla blows off Gigan's head I recall disappointment in the fight's length #FinalWars

"...one of them is me. The other is #Godzilla." Insert hilarious, over-the-top lighting effects and quick editing. #FinalWars

"...and #Godzilla's enemy... is this!" It was unclear whether this was Gorath or an asteroid. But Gorath was discredited earlier. #FinalWars

Still with so many things supposedly hurling at Earth it's easy to get confused... We later realize it's an asteroid. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Despite the Gotengo looking almost entirely different #Godzilla recognizes it and chases it to Australia. Enter SUM 41. #FinalWars

The short #Godzilla vs. Zilla fight was highly anticipated by fans and garnered much applause during its release. #FinalWars

Being a fan of Toho's #Godzilla Patrick Tatopoulus, who designed the 98 Godzilla, was thrilled his monster was part of Toho canon #FinalWars

Trendmasters' "Ultimate #Godzilla" toy from 98 was the basis for the CG Zilla model. Toho had no access to the original #Godzilla #FinalWars

Although the CG for Zilla is clearly inferior, I sort of like the idea of #Godzilla beating down "fake" CGI in #FinalWars.

Kitamura claimed SUM 41 "completed" #FinalWars, but there's nothing about it that has a lot to do with the scene... or movie. #Godzilla

I think it's clear SUM 41's short tenure in the film was for marquee value. I remember buying the CD based on the #Godzilla hype. #FinalWars

That's right kiddos, CDs were a thing when #Godzilla #FinalWars came out.

The one hit KOs work for the "bug" monsters, but feel insulting for the others. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Yano's #Godzilla theme reprises for the first time since the opening. This variation was not available on the original OST. #FinalWars

Luckily the #Godzilla Perfect Soundtrack includes the entire score, but omits Emerson's cut material. #FinalWars

Kamakiras looked better as CG in this film. Kumonga's puppetry is inferior to Son of #Godzilla's work. Just shows #FinalWars was overstuffed

Many fans cringed at Kumonga's magical web nets in this movie when it started spilling online. Me among them. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kazuki Kitamura's reaction to #Godzilla beating monsters is in line with Super Sentai villains throwing a fit at an episode's end #FinalWars

#Godzilla vs. Anguirus, King Caesar & Rodan. This should've been longer...  #FinalWars

Putting trees in the foreground to make the monsters look bigger makes for nice shots, but doesn't really add weight. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Especially in this fight, it's clear the monsters are emulating Super Sentai/Ultraman visuals than, say, #Gamera 3. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The best example is when King Ceasar runs up the mountain. The shots don't quite capture how far the genre has gone. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Still the fight is pretty fun and I like the "Gooooal!" moment for #Godzilla. No doubting the fights are highly kinetic. #FinalWars

In toku performance is often emphasized to bring monsters to life over effects/animatronics. #Godzilla #FinalWars is a great example of this

Although I prefer a mixture of performance & animatronics for today's toku, I respect the suit actors' hard work in #Godzilla #FinalWars

In 2005 I showed my friend this movie. He got excited at the prospect of Minya growing. He would later be let down... #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Gotengo makes its suicide run at the Xillian Mothership in one of the more fantastic effects moments. #Godzilla #FinalWars

But the movie isn't complete until Kazama flies an X-Wing down the Death Star's throat-- err... I mean, uh... #Godzilla #FinalWars

In 2004 the Star Wars comparisons to this scene would not go away. 11 years later I feel I've beat a decomposing horse #Godzilla #FinalWars

Sacrifice is a large part of the #Godzilla series. As contrived as it is I suppose Kazama's was an inevitability in #FinalWars.

"Ozaki! ... Get a grip! ... We're going in!" Who else has a side stitch? #Godzilla #FinalWars.

I love how Xillians teleport on the Gotengo bridge and kill all lower crew. Red shirts got more respect on Star Trek. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Hey Mothra. Where have you been while the Earth is in peril? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kazuki Kitamura has to finish rooting for Hedorah & Ebirah as his captors walk in. "Just a moment." Hilarious. #Godzilla #FinalWars

One of the Xillian soldiers on the Mothership bridge is Tak Sakaguchi. Main character in Kitamura's Versus. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Any one expecting the Xillians to pull out a cook book. "How to serve humans." #Godzilla #FinalWars

Tak is a martial artist first & actor second. Watching him fight Frye later is sort of nice, if a bit disappointing. #Godzilla #FinalWars

#Godzilla tramples an already unrecognizable Tokyo. The decimated Tokyo was a cost cutting measure. #FinalWars

I recall effects director Eiichi Asada saying he more or less had the same effects budget for #Godzilla #FinalWars as he did for Tokyo SOS.

15 monsters, various miniature locations & vehicles had to be stuffed under a similar budget to Tokyo SOS. Really Toho? #Godzilla #FinalWars

If true it's a miscalculation (or mistake) that Toho didn't use more of #Godzilla #FinalWars' massive budget on the real stars.

#Godzilla's ray was considered the most powerful by many crew members since it could exit the atmosphere. #FinalWars

The shot of #Godzilla's ray hitting the asteroid seems to be shortened from the initial trailer shot which showed more of Earth.  #FinalWars

I love how #Godzilla stands in the middle of the crater like nothing happened. Beautiful shot, really. #FinalWars

#Godzilla clenching his fists is beautifully anthropomorphic. The whole battle is really, but that's #FinalWars' schtick.

Jumping in the air with outstretched claws seems to be an anime/samurai move. Kitamura's a fan of the sword so why not? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Not a fan of the flickering orange light against the damaged buildings. Too Disney World attraction for my taste. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Gigan returns with a neck brace, new horn/mandibles and chainsaws. I think the saws are overkill... #Godzilla #FinalWars

The prospect of #Godzilla fighting X and a Gigan upgrade was fun, but ultimately too short. #FinalWars

Mothra enters battle to take on Gigan. This is some of the fastest we've seen her in action. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Mothra prop from Tokyo SOS was reused for #Godzilla #FinalWars, there were some minor changes made to the hair & wing color.

Initially Wakasa was going to reuse the Mothra Leo prop from #Mothra 3 for Tokyo SOS. Glad he didn't. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Tokyo SOS Mothra is one of the series' best versions, bringing it back was not only cost effective, but welcoming. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Mothra and Gigan do their best DBZ impression above the decimated Tokyo Tower. Fun shot though. #Godzilla #FinalWars

When Mothra seems destroyed Gigan poses as if he's a Super Sentai mecha/Megazord... then his head gets sliced AGAIN! #Godzilla #FinalWars

Few seem to notice that Mothra's scale attack seemed to have forced the saws to malfunction. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Mothra in flames takes out Gigan's body in an explosion. Some fans needing to title everything call it Burning Mothra. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The shots of Gigan's saws hitting the ground are identical to the shots of Kiryu's wrist cannons falling in Tokyo SOS. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Ozaki, The One from The Matrix? Or Super Saiyan? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Prime Minister Daigo & Cmdr. Namikawa are revealed to be alive! How? "We escaped somehow." Oh... Wait. What? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Daigo claims he used to be known as "One Shot" a nod to Takarada's character in Ironfinger (1965).  #Godzilla #FinalWars

Frye finally uses that massive sword of his, but not to much effect. It's mostly for character aesthetic.  #Godzilla #FinalWars

Frye vs. Sakaguchi. The funny thing here is that Frye's boxing-esque style really doesn't match Sak's martial arts. #Godzilla #FinalWars

As a result the two are hard to choreograph. #SAKvsFRYE #Godzilla #FinalWars

The Keizer storyline is really strange. Little foreshadowing. Not much background. Came out of nowhere. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Love the shot where Ozaki and Godzilla are mirroring each other while beating down their opponents. #Godzilla #FinalWars

A lot of fans theorized there was some psychic link between the two at the time. It was odd... #Godzilla #FinalWars

When it comes to the physical human fighting, I think #Godzilla #FinalWars nails it on the ground, but fails with the wire-fu.

The final hit to the Xillian Controller defies gravity a little too long. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kazuki Kitamura's explosive death is very appropriate. Over dramatic and in line w/ how he's played the character. #Godzilla #FinalWars

#Godzilla and X do a traditional beam lock. Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II wishes its beam lock was this Earth shattering. #FinalWars

And the big reveal: Monster X is really "Keizer" Ghidorah. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I managed to avoid this spoiler when the movie was released so it came as a surprise, but I hated the design. Still do. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Keizer Ghidorah looks like mashed aluminum foil painted gold. And how pointless are this tiny wings? #Godzilla #FinalWars

There are ideas about the design I like, such as each head looking different, but the execution is some of Toho's worst #Godzilla #FinalWars

I think Death Ghidorah was a better realized four legged Ghidorah from Rebirth of #Mothra. #Godzilla #FinalWars

At least his gravity beams finally do something pertaining to gravity for a change. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Ozaki, straining for a good poo, channels his Kaizer energy through Gotengo and fires it into #Godzilla's spines. Here we go. #FinalWars

Something hilarious about #Godzilla smacking around a foe so oversized. Loved he took out Ghidorah's head with his own blast. #FinalWars

An ode to the Heisei series: #Godzilla launches the video game-like finisher, "spiral ray" into Kaizer Ghidorah. #FinalWars

"Son of b!$^#! He just won't quit!" has to be my favorite line. What a funny reaction to #Godzilla shooting down Gotengo. #FinalWars

I'm not sure what Cpt. Gordon thought he was going to do when he raised his sword at #Godzilla. But I laugh every time. #FinalWars

In hops Minya. My friend was disappointed he didn't mutate into something like #Godzilla Jr. Missed opportunity I think. #FinalWars

Minya and the kid stop the fighting in a really awkward composite shot. Ambitious though. Like much of the movie. #Godzilla #FinalWars

So another #Godzilla ends with characters watching him go back to sea. This time with an insane color filter. #FinalWars

Unfortunately #FinalWars flopped pretty hard at the box office and initial fan reaction was quite violent. #Godzilla

I notice younger fans these days tend to rank it high, but critics and the fandom were not kind to it in 2004. #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kitamura went on to direct Midnight Meat Train, but even today he thinks he knocked it out of the park with #Godzilla #FinalWars

Kitamura largely blames its failure on Toho's advertising or lack thereof. Personally I don't think that's what buried #Godzilla #FinalWars

Today it seems like most fans accept #Godzilla #FinalWars for a flawed, but trashy fun sort of movie. It's not hated quite as violently.

I don't think there's a lot to admire about it, myself. But I can sit down and have fun with it. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The end credits feature some deleted scenes including Mothra returning to Infant Island. She's still alive? #Godzilla #FinalWars

Shots of Hedorah attacking were also removed. Hedorah was considered the least important kaiju in the film by Wakasa. #Godzilla #FinalWars

The end credits might've benefited from SUM 41's song. It's an action film after all. Emerson's jovial theme is painful #Godzilla #FinalWars

Overall enjoyable movie, but a complete mess based on too much ambition with too few resources or focus. #Godzilla #FinalWars

But the fact this movie is still enjoyable while being a bottom feeder shows even a weak #Godzilla movie is watchable. #FinalWars

Welp that wraps it up. Thanks for tuning in. What do you guys think of #Godzilla #FinalWars?

Really wish I could stick to a specific spelling with these characters. Xillian? Xillien? Xilian? I should know this. #Godzilla #FinalWars

I hilariously botched Ghidorah's name... #Godzilla #FinalWars

It's "Keizer", based on the German word "kaiser" meaning "emperor". So naturally I spelled it "Kaizer". #Godzilla #FinalWars

Should've gone the full monty: "Kaizer Soze Ghidorah" Who can shop me a three headed Kevin Spacey? #Godzilla #FinalWars #TheUsualGhidorahs


"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPApr-27-2015 12:23 AM

I have to admit. I like the music in Final Wars. I think Final Wars was the first Godzilla movie I got on DVD.


BaragonMember330 XPApr-27-2015 1:09 PM


I'll have to admit that last night was fun in doing the live commentarty on final wars. Next we should target Gamera: The guardian of the universe! How does that sound?

http://hugeben.deviantart.com/  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPApr-27-2015 5:55 PMTeam Ghidorah

I more or less can enjoy the music in Final Wars, but recognize that, like the movie, it's really all over the place. Varying styles that don't match, few re-occuring themes, pieces that don't match the action...etc.

B cubed,
might be a good one to do. Someone also mentioned Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."

G. H. (Gman)

GiganAdmin4830 XPSep-06-2019 11:20 AMTeam Ghidorah

Bumping this so I can find it later--And for prosperity.

"'Nostalgic' does not equal 'good,' and 'standards' does not equal 'elitism.'" "Being offended is inevitable. Living offended is your choice."
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