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My ideas for origins

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Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPSep-09-2015 6:01 PM


After the K-P extinction, one small species of Azhdarchid pterosaur had barley survived by scavenging and catching whatever they could. The saving grace for the species was then the surviving population had started toi feed off of the high levels of volcanic radiation present after the K-P. Over time, the species evolved into a kaiju, growing to emense size and sporting teeth within their beaks. However, when Earth went into the Quaternary Glaciation, the amount of volcanic radiation plummeted, taking the population with it. The surviving individuals sought refuge in dormant volcanoes, where they stayed in suspended animation for milenia. In 2018, Mt. Ontake in Japan erupted, awakening one individual from hibernation.



Durring the Late Jurassic, a species of lepidopteran insect evolved into an island-hopping kaiju. Millions of years later, they had become restricted to small islands in the Sea of Japan, where the Feudal Japanese mistook them for a diety.


King Ghidorah:

This one's so hard, that i'm gonna wait and see what Gareth Edwards comes up with.


So tell me what you guys think of the other two.

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3 Responses to My ideas for origins

Something Real

GodzillaMember5639 XPSep-10-2015 9:13 AM

NEKO - First of all, I would like to welcome you to SCIFIED! It is always exceptionally neat to see new faces! As for your origin theories: I greatly enjoyed your ideas! Rodan's background premise was quite interesting - especially the information concerning the Azhdarchid pterosaurs and the Quaternary Glaciation! Are you a geologist, by chance? I only ask due to your obvious understanding of geological periods (most individuals do not throw around "Quaternary Glaciation" with the ease you evidence). Once again, welcome to SCIFIED! :)


Mothra LarvaeMember2 XPSep-11-2015 9:42 AM

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the feedback. I also have some ideas for kaiju that haven't been confirmed yet but i'd like to see.


Durring the Cretaceous, small ancient crocodylomorphs evolved into a species of island-hoping kaiju. Unlike most crocodilians that ate meat, they imstea buried themselves into the groun and absorbed nutriants through their skin. Cut to the 1500s when explorers first came across the Bonin islands. They noticed massive spiked rock formations protruding from the ground. However it would one day be discovered, these were no rock formations.


In the Early Cretaceous, a species of multituberculate started to feed off of underground radiation. By the time of the Late Cretaceous, they were burrowing giants. Thanks to this ability, they we're able to survive the K-P extinction.

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPSep-11-2015 2:48 PM

Ooh. Sounds interesting. However, I'd like it if more species came from the Permian era like Godzilla.

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