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Godzilla: Kaiju Collection Mobile Application

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Top Hat Gyaos

Mothra LarvaeMember9 XPSep-12-2015 6:37 PM

So I have no idea if you guys know, but on Godzilla's 60th anniversary last year, a mobile game was launched bearing the name of Godzilla: Kaiju Collection. This fun app houses almost every single monster in the Godzilla franchise, including obscure ones such as Kamoebas and Meganulon. Even monsters from the Mothra trilogy had found their way into it: Desghidorah, Dagahra, Aqua Mothra, and Primitive Mothra all being in the roster. (But seriously, no Biollante or Dez to be found. WTF?!) The full cast of monsters can be seen here.

As of now there is no way to get the game in the US, although if you connect to the Japanese Play Store/iTunes, you can get it. And yes, it is free.

The game itself sports rather cute incarnations of the different monsters, and you must battle through the weird story mode which is about as drab as Godzilla VS's campaign. The animations are good, and the rarity system works nicely(This is portrayed using a 1-5 star system; the higher the number of stars, the more rare your monster, which equals more power).

In terms of actual fighting, all kaiju are given a random color: Red, Blue, or Green. This works in a rock-paper-scissors mathod of battling. RED>BLUE>GREEN>RED...

You still do damage even if you have a disadvantage. However, there are two more classes: the Noble and Wild castes. They are yellow and purple respectively, and have MUCH higher stats than their normal brethren. The only way to obtain such monsters are via the premium Godzilla "cage" thingamajiggy. I don't know Japanese. Don't judge. It is rather easy but time-consuming to gather the resources to open these, unless you're willing to pay money. I recommend opening the 10-cage one that costs 390 opals as soon as you can. I got a 5-star Godzilla 2000 from it, so hopefully luck is on your side as well.

A 2.0 update is coming soon, so if you get the game and sign up with your e-mail here, you will receive a code where if you put it in once the update is released, rewards you with a "Godzilla Gacha medal." This thing gives a guaranteed Godzilla of 3 stars or higher.

Well, that's about it for the basics of the game. If you do have this game on your device, please add more info in the comments so we can help other beginners to the app kick monster butt. Also, add me; my ID's 673989738, with a red background, 5-star Godzilla 2000 profile picture. Plz, I need friends. ;_;

Be yourself, for everyone else is taken.

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5 Responses to Godzilla: Kaiju Collection Mobile Application

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPSep-13-2015 9:40 AM

Aww... Only available in Japan...


(It still sounds cool!)

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Top Hat Gyaos

Mothra LarvaeMember9 XPSep-13-2015 10:49 AM

Sci-Fi King25- You can use a VPN app to connect to the Japanese app store. Most of them are free, like TunnelBear, which is what I use to get my Japanese games. So you can still get it, you'd just probably need to set up a new email for this purpose. If you want, I can PM you through the steps.

Be yourself, for everyone else is taken.


TitanosaurusMember926 XPSep-13-2015 1:10 PM

^But is the app itself in english, or at least have an english language option?

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla

Top Hat Gyaos

Mothra LarvaeMember9 XPSep-13-2015 1:24 PM

KingKaijuGojira- It's only in Japanese, but the layout of the game is simple enough so that you remember where the different things are.

Be yourself, for everyone else is taken.


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPDec-03-2015 9:19 AM



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