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Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - The Final Chapter (Including 1-14)

Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - The Final Chapter (Including 1-14)

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AnguirusMember1067 XPSep-04-2016 12:59 PM

 Chapter 15:

--- [Thursday, 14 March 2019]

Nearly 3 years have passed since the San Diego Incident. 11 months after the battle, Peter proposed to Thea, and they got married in June 2017. Thea fell pregnant in February 2018 and gave birth to a daughter in November later that year. They still reside in San Diego with Oliver and his wife Gabrielle.

Zilla Jr, is a father too now with his son Zillon, who is growing much faster than even his father expected. Zillon was nearly 120 feet in height and weighed 24 000 tons. His growth would eventually slow down, but would be an adult in a few years, and within the next year, could reach 200 feet in height. He may not become as big as his father, but he was already showing signs of speed and quickness.

Godzilla too retreated into the depths once again, living to fight another day, an Alpha Predator waiting for a call. He had rested well over these past few years, no MUTO’s, no Amblygon. Like a warrior waiting for the call of his next battle, the King awaited a challenge, a chance to restore balance.

Little did he know, in 8 days on the 22nd of March, another monster would arise….

Chapter 14:

(Monday, 4 April, 18:06, San Diego, California)

It was just about 2 hours and 20 minutes since the battle ended. Zilla Jr was still resting on the floor, while Godzilla himself attained a resting position and gave him company. The sun was starting to set, gracefully bowing out as if it was a part of the show.

Humanitarian organisations and Aid Relief arrived an hour ago. They did what they needed to do, helping the wounded, providing medicinal supplies. When the battle was done, Peter carried Thea back to the substation, from where he reunited with Oliver and Jonathan. He took Thea away to get medical attention.

After medics finished tending to Thea’s leg, Peter hugged her and they kissed, happy to be in eachother's arms again.

Zilla Jr opened his eyes and sat up. He turned to see Godzilla sitting beside him. He had come a long way to save his “baby brother”. He helped Zilla Jr to his feet, who was healing quickly from his injuries.

News headlines in the city, and frankly all over the world read “Earth’s Second Defender”, as Zilla Jr walked back into the sea, hailed as a hero by some. Some hoped this alliance between Godzilla and Zilla Jr would in the future be one to protect the Earth from other kaiju, only time would tell, as impending threats were soon on their way in 3 years.

As Zilla Jr swam away with Godzilla, he couldn’t wait to get back to Aurora. Now, he had to get ready to be a father, and meet his son… Zillon!

Chapter 13:

Amblygon decided that this was enough, and lifted his right hand to break Zilla Jr’s jaw with a cataclysmic punch, but before he could do that, a ground-shaking footstep was heard, stopped all in its tracks…

Amblygon staggered back, forgetting about his enemy for a second.


It hit again, with the thundering footstep sending shockwaves throughout the city. Centered right in the middle of the city, it was extremely difficult for Amblygon to locate where it was coming from, it felt and sounded like it was coming every direction.

Amblygon, confused, screeched at Zilla Jr, asking him what it was. Zilla Jr just smiled, he knew what was coming. Amblygon let out a large shrill, challenging the intruder. He waited for a reply, but being impatient, was ready to let out another one. As he was about to bellow once again, it came…


Terrified by the sound of this, tried to back away but instead ran straight into a building, knocking it over. Another thunderous footstep came this time from behind him. He turned around to face his foe, but the smoke from the building collapse shrouded his view.

He bellowed beyond the smoke, and as the silhouette of the Beast approaching thickened and took shape, Amblygon began to feel it for the first time…FEAR!

Godzilla emerged from the smoke. The King of All Kaiju roared ferociously in the direction of Amblygon, who quivered in fright. The Beast was over 100 feet taller than him, and weighed nearly twice as much. Amblygon wasn’t ready to back down.

Amblygon charged at Godzilla with full-force, using all of his strength to inflict damage on the monster. A very dumbfounded tactic, Godzilla swiped him aside a large left hook, which caught Amblygon right on his ribs. While 2 of them shattered on impact, a third one cracked back inwards, puncturing his lung.

Amblygon now struggling to clutch air, swung wildly at Godzilla, trying to connect a punch. It just led to more dismay, as Godzilla grabbed his left arm, and with fair ease, twisted it hard breaking it. The crunch of the bone was heard by the whole city, creating a sickening thud that echoed for miles. Amblygon was hurt tremendously, and had no power to continue.

Just as Godzilla was about to finish him off with a deadly swing of the tail, he felt a hand clutch him and stop him. It was Zilla Jr, he had gotten up. He had to do this, to finish what he started, he wouldn’t back down and let Godzilla finish this for him.

Zilla Jr squared up Amblygon one more time, and fought with new-found tenacity and aggression. Amblygon had to fight in the “Southpaw” stance now, to protect his broken left arm. Zilla Jr wanting to finish him, charged in at Amblygon from an angle, thus making it very hard for Amblygon to defend with his opposite side.

Zilla Jr speared Amblygon into the ground, who screamed in pain as not only his arm, but stomach felt the shockwave pulse through his body. He looked up only for a second before monstrous right hand hit him hard, traumatizing him. He hoped for the end, but only more pain came. Left, right, left, right, left, right, Zilla Jr didn’t hold back and didn’t stop. By the time he was done, Amblygon’s mouth was filled with blood, his entire face was either cut, bruised or broken and could barely see out of his swollen eyes.

He looked up at Zilla Jr, with no emotion visible on his face, except pain. He had one last retaliation in him, to spray his acid breath all over Zilla Jr right in front of him. Just as he was about to let it out, a bright blue flash was seen in Zilla Jr’s eyes, as he let out his own Green Atomic Breath, straight into Amblygon’s face. He let rip for close to 15 seconds before stopping himself. All that was left of Amblygon’s face was a lump of incinerated skin, now turning to ashes.

Zilla Jr finally had done it, he waited long enough, and may have died if it weren’t for Godzilla. Tired from the entire ordeal, he collapsed from exhaustion. His injuries weren’t fatal, but they sure as hell hurt. He needed a rest before he could swim.

Chapter 12:

(Monday, 4 April, 15:23, San Diego, California)

The news had just come little over 40 minutes ago, 2 kaiju were headed for the city, and as much people as possible were being evacuated, women and children first. Peter was anxiously waiting with Thea for an evacuation bus. Finally, one arrived.

- Don’t worry about it, I’ll see you later, nothing is going to happen, I promise – said Peter to Thea

They both kissed before she got on the bus. She waved goodbye from the window.

- Don’t worry Peter, we’re going to see them again. The military will take care of the kaiju – said Jonathan

Oliver was first to disagree - You really think so? I mean really, what are those guys going to do against those 100 meter giants? Godzilla apparently tanked a nuke at point blank range, a tank shell will probably feel like a prick to them –

- We ought to get to the nearest sub-station quic-... - Jonathan was cut off by an uncontainable screech heard in the distance. Everyone had eerily stopped what they were doing, all chatter was stopped. All was silent apart from soldiers firing orders into their comms. In the streets, there is no more sound, hardly any movement. All of a sudden, a giant, green reptilian hand emerges from the water. It clamps onto a fishing boat, crushing with ease. The huge, scaly creature emerged from the water. Amblygon had arrived, and announced his presence with a resonating bellow that churned the stomachs of all those who heard it. Everything in the street turned into chaos immediately, as people bolted as fast as they could to the nearest subway station.

Amblygon immediately scanned the city and tore down the first building in front of him, causing it to collapse and fall over right in front of where Thea's bus had just driven. Peter, fearing the worst, immediately ran to get to her. Oliver tried to bring him back but was carried back by the horde of people rushing to shelter.

Amblygon continued his rampage and knocked down more buildings. He sprayed his green, acidic spray over everything in front of him.The army was helpless. Their tiny bullets could not penetrate the skin of this beast, and all the tank shells and missiles could do was cause minimum pain and irritation. Below him was a contingent of 6 tanks, firing at him, doing all they can to try hurt him. He almost smiled sadistically before raising his right hand to crush them to pieces.

Just as he was about to strike the tanks, another loud screech was heard from the ocean. To the people and military, this was unrecognisable, but to Amblygon, it was the exact opposite. He cherished hearing it again, knowing he will get another chance to end this other beast’s life. He turned around to face his foe. Zilla Jr emerged from the water, with a scowl on his face that could stop lightning in its tracks, out of the sheer fear of the disdain that lies on that face.

Amblygon roared at Zilla Jr, like a False King trying to overthrow his opposition. Zilla Jr wasn’t even the King, he was comparable to a Prince fighting in place of the King. He roared back with unyielding tenacity, ready to abolish his enemy from the face of the Earth. 

They both confronted eachother, and starting sizing eachother up. Zilla Jr was first to land a few punches, showcasing his superior speed and agility, avoiding much of Amblygon’s attempted attacks. Zilla Jr lost concentration for a single second, where Amblygon landed a huge uppercut-like punch, knocking Zilla Jr to the ground, similarly to Rocky Balboa downing Apollo Creed in their first bout within the early seconds of the match, except now, the roles of Hero and Villain were reversed. Amblygon wasn’t exactly stronger than Zilla Jr, but he used his speed with it to good effect, catching Zilla Jr off guard.

He immediately picked Zilla Jr up, and threw him into another building. Zilla Jr’s jaw was still cramping from the massive knock earlier, and tried to recover as quickly as possible. He immediately took the fight back to Amblygon, landing quick punches once again. He grappled with Amblygon and came out on top, whacking him into the ground, and headbutting his chest. Amblygon too for the first time in the bout felt some real pain.

Peter reached the spot of the fallen building, but the dust and smoke still hadn't cleared. He called out for Thea, hoping for a response. He heard some coughs and what sounded like people running away to his left. He pushed through the dust and saw the damaged bus on its side. He then saw a lone body lying next to it. 

- Thea. Thea! - called out Peter, running to her side.

- Peter? - said Thea, confused. She was still alive but in pain. She pointed to her right leg. Peter immediately deduced that it was broken.

- I thought I lost you. I'm getting you out of here - said Peter. Thea screamed in pain as Peter picked her up and immediately took her to nearest building for shelter. He laid her down on a table and told her they'd be safe here, as Amblygon and Zilla Jr were now on the other side of the city.

After some more tussling and fighting, Zilla Jr decided to use his atomic breath, but before he could charge it up, Amblygon sprayed his acid over Zilla Jr’s stomach. Zilla Jr was stunned by this, and the pain of the acid cutting into his skin temporarily blinded his senses. Amblygon took the opportunity that lie in front of him, and picked up Zilla Jr, before tossing him into a nearby buildings.

Zilla Jr didn’t know what do make of this, clearly Amblygon had gotten stronger since their last encounter. Amblygon prepared for another attack, but Zilla Jr was quick back on his feet, and charged towards Amblygon. The two kaiju locked up in a grapple that was a true test of strength. It was evident that they were evenly matched, and it was simply about the angles and pressure points of which to use. Zilla Jr swiftly used his right hand and jabbed Amblygon in the leg.

After that, he swung his left arm into a spine-shattering punch at Amblygon’s jaw. Amblygon stunned by this punch, forgot his sense of direction, only to find it again when he is smacked in his stomach with Zilla Jr’s tail. Zilla Jr charged up his atomic breath once again and aimed for Amblygon’s head. Fortunately for Amblygon, he rolled of the way at the very last second. However, his left arm was heavily damaged in the attack. Amblygon acted smart and drew a dummy punch with his left hand. This caused a millisecond of hesitation in Zilla Jr, which was enough for Amblygon to cripple him. He swung his right arm at Zilla Jr’s leg, knocking him to the ground.

He then stood on the leg, applying way more pressure and breaking it. Just to make sure, he even sprayed acidic breath over it. Zilla Jr was in unimaginable pain at this stage. He could barely stand up and fight. He limped towards Amblygon, using a different stance to protect his weak leg, He aimed for Amblygon’s throat, but due to his decreased speed, he failed to hit the target and Amblygon dodged it. He then threw a devastation body punch, which with anymore force would have made a hole in his stomach, he should be considered lucky to have escaped with just 3 smashed ribs.

With 3 broken ribs and a shattered leg, Zilla Jr couldn’t stand up and fight anymore now. He had lost all strength. Amblygon readies himself to kill Zilla Jr. One any other given day, Zilla Jr would have probably won, but today Amblygon fought smarter. Zilla Jr’s last retaliation was intending to trip Amblygon over with his tail. The audacity from Zilla Jr shocked Amblygon, it was like he was being invited to kill him.

Amblygon decides this is enough, and lifts his right hand to break Zilla Jr’s jaw with a cataclysmic punch, but before he could do that, a ground-shaking footstep stopped all in its tracks....

Chapter 11:

(Monday, 4 April, 14:35, San Diego, California) 

Over the past 11 days, Peter and Thea did more things together and bonded with eachother, strengthening their relationship. Everything seemed normal, nothing was supposedly out of place....until the next morning!

(Meanwhile at Monarch HQ)

- Thank you for replying to my urgent calls - said Dr. Serizawa to Admiral Stenz and a few of his other high-ranking officials, talking to them through video transmission - For the past 1 and a half years, we have been most probably living amongst kaiju that have ever surfaced yet. We have obviously been on high-alert ever since San Francisco but sir, we appear to have had 2 kaiju who slipped under our radar -

- How is that possible Doctor? - asked Stenz sternly

- When Gojira and the MUTOs first appeared in Hawaii, we at least knew where they were going and why so they were there, we could track their movements and somewhat were able to limit the death toll, but this time, there was no 'first meeting', we had not spotted them until just under 3 hours ago. There were only 2 reports of sightings of 2 giant kaiju travelling fast. We had only then been able with at least a clue of their locations where they were headed and who they were. We have positively identified one of them. His name is Zilla Junior, and he is supposedly allies with Gojira. He is not the first of his kind to appear. Another one of his species, smaller than him, surfaced in 1998 and wreaked havoc for no more than 11 hours in the Australian Outback. It was a fairly small period of time, not too much damage, not too much witnesses, thus it was easy to keep a secret. It was killed when it was shot by 6 F-18 Razor missiles. Any people who witnessed the creature were never taken seriously, but they know fully what they saw. But that's not what we are here discuss. Zilla Junior has been following another kaiju, codename: Amblygon. He is responsible for the destruction of many missing boats over the past few weeks - explains Dr. Serizawa

- Where are these kaiju headed? - asked Stenz

- We do not know the exact location sir, but they may hit either San Diego or Los Angeles - replies Dr. Graham

- I fear we do not have time to evacuate 2 cities, they will reach in less than an hour, plus neither are attracted to radiation particularly like Gojira and the Mutos, luring them away with a nuclear warhead is not an option - says Serizawa

- We will send as much artillery we can Doctor, and will try to evacuate as much people as we can, we cannot afford a repeat of what happened 2 years ago- says Stenz 

- Thank you Admiral, please my request Admiral, try not to hurt Zilla Jr, he is as much on our side as anyone else. He is trying to kill Amblygon - says Serizawa

- I'll try my best Doctor, but both these beasts are a danger to national security, should we feel the need to take them both down, I won't have any hesitation to press the button - says Stenz

- I understand - replies Serizawa


Chapter 10:

(Thursday, 24 March, 09:43, San Diego, California)

Peter and Thea both agreed to go to for breakfast. Peter drove to Thea's place, and she was already waiting for him outside her apartment building. He got off the car and they greeted eachother before sharing another kiss.

They decided not to go Ramsey's, but to walk to a closer coffee shop. 

- That’s why I stopped – explained Peter – When Kate died, all the fight was sucked out of me, literally and figuratively. I just couldn’t find a way back into it –

Thea decided that it was her turn to share her past with Peter.
- Peter, I told you it was a long story as to why I didn't have a boyfriend - said Thea

- We have time - said Peter, with a warm smile on his face.

- We first met 3 years ago, he was really nice at first. We starting going out. It felt like a great relationship. Then... I don't know what happened. He suddenly became more aggressive, angry, he didn't care about me. One day, I questioned his loyalty, and he lashed out. He hit me 3 times. Before he could go any further, my brother in-law came in and stopped him. My cheekbone was broken, my face was bruised. I felt ashamed to go out in public. Thankfully, he's in jail now - said Thea - If it wasn't for my sister's husband, I'd probably be dead -

Peter was completely overwhelmed by this. She seemed so positive when he first met her, and would have never expected that to have happened to her. She was only 24, but she had already been through so much. He could only admire her, and love her.

- That's all in the past now. I wouldn't let that happen to you - said Peter as he held her hand - You are an amazing person - 

- So are you - said Thea. After breakfast, Peter walked Thea back to her place, where they said their goodbyes, shared another passionate kiss and parted their ways.

It was clear that they both meant alot to eachother. While Peter drove home, he thought things were only going to get better from here on, but he was oblivious to the danger that was about to verge on San Diego.

Chapter 9:

(Wednesday, 23 March, 18:43, San Diego, California)

Jonathan and Jessica had already reached Oliver's place. Peter was on his way to fetch Thea. He wore a plain grey long-sleeve t-shirt, with a tight-fitting black leather jacket and blue denim jeans. He had just reached Thea's apartment. It wasn't too far from his own place, it didn't take him more than 15 minutes to arrive. He waited for no more than a couple of minutes leaning against the car, when she stepped outside.

She was wearing a long-sleeve, short black dress with black boots. Her entire outfit matched with her black painted fingernails. Her hair was let loose, with sporadic highlights of blonde glowing.

- You look beautiful - That's the only thing Peter could think to say.

- Thanks - said Thea, she hugged him, and they both got in the car.

After another 15 minutes, they had reached Oliver's place. When they got there, it was Oliver who opened the door. 

- Hey! - said Oliver, as Peter walked in and embraced his brother.

- Oliver, this is Thea. Thea, my older brother Oliver - said Peter 

- Nice to meet you - said Thea

- Thanks for coming along - said Oliver.

Peter and Thea both went to the living where everybody was seated. Peter greeted Jonathan, Jessica, Gabrielle [Oliver's wife] and introduced Thea to all of them. After a few minutes of chatter, they all went to the dining table, and proceeded to have supper. They had spent just over 2 and a half hours there, and the time was 21:28. There wasn't much more to do or to talk about. It was nothing more than a casual dinner. Peter and Thea greeted everyone before they left. They arrived at Thea's place. They both got out the car.

- Thanks for coming - said Peter

- Thanks for inviting me as well - said Thea

- I’ll see you around, I guess – replied Peter

- Yeah – replied Thea. 

They both hugged, as they said goodnight to eachother. Thea walked into the building and Peter walked back to his car. He sat inside, contemplating the evening that he had for a couple of seconds. Just before he was about to start the car and leave, he noticed something on the passenger seat.

He realised it was Thea’s pair of keys to her apartment. He picked them up and headed inside to look for her. He found her outside her apartment door, searching her bag, looking for her keys.

- Looking for these? – asked Peter as he walked up to her.

- Thanks Peter. Sorry about that – replied Thea

- Don’t worry about it – replied Peter 

-  Peter! I forgot to ask you something earlier – said Thea

- Yeah, go ahead – replied Peter

- Back at the house, I saw some pictures there with you and another girl. Who is she? - asked Thea

The delight on Peter's face slowly turned into one of sadness, as he said - That was my girlfriend Kate. She died 2 years during the San Francisco incident -

- Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... - She was cut off by Peter immediately telling her it ok.

They studied each other’s eyes for a few seconds. They edged closer before kissing for what felt like an eternity.

They finally separated from each other, lost for words. Peter eventually managed to been the silence.

- I'll see you tomorrow -

- Yeah, sure - said Thea, before she entered her apartment and Peter went back to his car to drive home. Both of them didn't expect this intimate moment to happen, but they both cherished it, knowing that it meant the beginning of something special.

Chapter 8:

(Tuesday, 22 March, 13:24, San Diego, California)

It had been just over 3 weeks since their first date. They had gone out numerous times since they met as friends, but were slowly become closer. They were both walking together now along the San Diego Bay, talking and learning more about eachother. 

- So you stopped fighting 3 years ago? - asked Thea

- Yeah - said Peter

- Why? - inquired Thea

- Something personal happened at the time, and I just… I just didn’t have it in me anymore. I got injured as well, so I retired. After a while, I started putting it to a different use -

- Training others - replied Thea

- Yeah - said Peter 

They then walked back to Peter's car, and he drove back to her place. Peter stopped the car in front of her apartment building and got off the car to greet her.

- What are you doing tomorrow night? - asked Peter, just before she left

- Nothing yet - said Thea

- My brother is having a dinner at his place. Just a family dinner. Them, their wives and me. I was wondering if you would like to come along, just to meet them and to spend the night with us - said Peter

- What time? - said Thea

- I can pick you up around 18:30 - said Peter

- No problem! See you tomorrow! - said Thea, hugging him and kissing him on the cheek before going back up to her apartment. Peter was fairly excited about it. A chance for her to meet his family was great, and a tiny little feeling he hadn't felt in a long time was returning . He was starting to fall in love again.


Chapter 7:

(29 February, 12:13, San Diego, California)

Peter wore a plain black t-shirt, with denim jeans, nothing out of the ordinary,  very casual dress code. He arrived at Ramsay's, and looked around to find where Thea was sitting. He saw her sitting in the corner, sipping on a glass of water. She spotted him and waved to him. He smiled and walked over. She looked beautiful, wearing a thin white top with short white jeans.

- Hey - said Peter as he sat down

- Hey how are you? - replied Thea

- I'm good, how are you? - replied Peter

- Great - replied Thea

They both placed their orders and spoke while they waited for their food.

- Is the cut feeling any better? - asked Thea

- Uhh, yeah, alot better - said Peter 

- So what do you do everyday? You work? - asked Thea

- I usually train at my brother's MMA gym - said Peter - I also help Jason at his carpentry shop whenever I can -

- So you're a mixed martial artist and you're a carpenter? - asked Thea, intrigued.

 - Multitalented I guess - replied Peter with a smile - What do you do? -

- I'm studying Nuclear Physics at the moment, I want to specialise in that field - said Thea

- That's phenomenal, what year? - inquired Peter

- I'm in the first year of my Master's degree - said Thea. The food came, both had eaten. While they were eating, they had more conversations, told more stories, laughed and bonded. 

- Thank you really for coming along, you made my day - said Thea with a huge smile on her face.

- Actually you invited me, so I should be thanking you - said Peter - Listen, this was great. You want to do this again sometime? -

- Yeah, totally - said Thea delightfully - Is Wednesday good? -

- Yeah, perfect! - replied Peter

They hugged and said goodbye, going their separate ways. They were building a relationship, and they both liked the prospect  of it. 


Chapter 6:

Zilla Jr knew he would heal from his wounds on the way, but it wasn't exactly the best of logic. Yet he still didn't want to let Amblygon get too far ahead of him.Godzilla knew what he had to do, he had to start following Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr is a strong kaiju who is more than capable of handling himself. Godzilla knows this, having seen it himself when he had taken on 2 large Zillas by himself many millions of years ag, but Zilla Jr isn't as experienced as Godzilla in combat situations, and his current anger and rage will cloud his better judgement. 

Godzilla had to start following Zilla Jr. Aurora was still badly hurt, and Godzilla thought he should stay with her for a little longer before following Zilla Jr. Amblygon himself had also fought Zilla Jr too arrogantly. He knew he couldn't afford to underestimate him again. Atleast he knew what he up against now, and needed to continue moving away from Zilla Jr as fast as possible. He knew he would be caught up to anyway, but he would prefer it atleast after he make landfall and his wounds to be healed properly. 


Chapter 5:

(29 February, 12:09 AM, San Diego, California)

Peter had just finished getting ready for lunch with Thea. He heard someone knocking on the door. He opened it to see Oliver standing there.

- Hey - said Oliver - I'm sorry about last night, I overreacted - said Oliver apologetically

- It's OK, don't worry about it - said Peter

- Can I come in? - asked Oliver

- You're still my brother, you don't need to ask that - said Peter

- What are you doing today? - asked Oliver

- I'm actually on my way to get lunch, with the girl, Thea - said Peter 

- Oh OK, that's great, that's wonderful - said Oliver. Peter could tell Oliver was feeling quite bad with the way he acted last night. He knew he overreacted and wanted to apologise. 3 years ago, he got shot trying to stop a robbery. His vital organs were missed by centimeters and he wouldn't the same thing to happen to Peter.

Oliver and Peter then both left the apartment, and went on their way.

(Meanwhile, under the Pacific Ocean) 

Amblygon starts moving towards the direction of another being with him, one that is slightly larger. Zilla Jr realises that he too is closing in on the beast. They both see eachother from afar as they are swim in eachother's direction. They both surface above the water. They both speed up.

When they collide, they are almost at a stalemate. It felt like the impact of the collision was felt for miles.

Both of them start wrestling trying to get the upper hand in the tussle for strength. Zilla Jr bites Amblygon's arm. Amblygon bellows out in pain. He manages to jam his elbow into Zilla Jr's ribcage, who releases his grip, but before Amblygon could give himself some space and move away, he is immediately hit by a tail whip to his stomach. He kneels down in tremendous pain, and Zilla Jr clubs him with both of his hands on the back. 

Amblygon gets up and sprays his acidic breath at Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr moved out of the way but it was just a ploy, to get Zilla Jr to look away. As Zilla Jr turns around, he is whacked straight in the face. It stunned him, for the first time he actually felt the power of Amblygon, he still manages to shake it off. He knew what he had to do next. Amblygon noticed Zilla Jr's spines were starting to glow, and tried to move out of the way. Zilla Jr never fired his beam, and instead used a very similar tactic to the one Amblygon used earlier. Zilla Jr darted forward and punched Amblygon directly in the face. Zilla Jr decided to fire his breath now, while Amblygon was dazed. It hit Amblygon on his right arm and burnt a portion of his torso.

As Zilla Jr tries to go in for the kill, Amblygon turned around, and landed a quick punch to Zilla Jr's face, sending him back. Amblygon then wildly sprayed as much of his acidic breath in Zilla Jr's direction, before swimming away as fast as he could in retreat. Zilla Jr couldn't pursue, with that last acidic breath burning nearly his entire left ribcage area, and half of his left leg. He had to wait for a little longer before he could pursue with full pace. Amblygon was burnt too, and those wounds would slow him down as well. Instead of 2 weeks, it could take slightly longer for both of them to make landfall in San Diego. Zilla Jr decided to rest shortly, and then immediately chase after Amblygon in pursuit. He knew the next time he came across Amblygon, he wouldn't make any mistakes in finishing him off, or so he thought.


Chapter 4:

Amblygon wondered what that purple glow coming from Aurora's scutes were. Her eyes eventually flashed with purple light, then she fired a violet ray at Amblygon. It hits Amblygon on his left arm and a half of his chest. He immediately screeches out in pain, the skin where the ray hit is burnt and shredded, nearly unrecognisable. He had moved at the last minute, it just skimmed him, because if it hit him directly in the stomach, it would've done alot more damage. He screeches at her. Zilla Jr's have the ability to focus their normal fiery breath into a more concentrated beam which works underwater, but in doing so, they put more strain on their body. Aurora put nearly everything she had in that blast, using it again could cause her to pass out, she couldn't afford that. She bellows out to Zilla Jr calling him for help, as she has no other option because she is outmatched by Amblygon in strength and size. Amblygon recognises her bellow as a distress call and realises he has to take her out quickly. He quickly swims over, Aurora, using her superior speed and agility, manages to dodge a few of Amblygon's punches.

He manages grabs a hold of her leg, and hits it hard, breaking it. As she roars out In pain, he hit her several times in the abdomen, and face, leaving several deep cuts and lacerations, not to mention 3 broken ribs and a broken leg. Before he can land the final blow, he senses a large presence coming towards them, and swims away as fast as he can. Zilla Jr arrives at the scene just under a minute after Amblygon fleed. He sees Aurora lying almost lifeless on the floor, but he is relieved to see that she is still alive. He heads over to the nest. He sees only 1 egg had survived the ordeal, but then he sees another kaiju coming towards them. It's large, very large, but it's not the beast that did this. He realises that it's Godzilla approaching. Godzilla too heard the distress signal of Aurora. Godzilla tries to reason with Zilla Jr, he told him that chasing the beast isn't the way to go about things, if the attack on Aurora is anything to go by, the beast is more than capable of not just competing with but actually beating Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr refuses to listen to anything Godzilla is telling him, and starts heading out for Amblygon. Godzilla decide its fairly hopeless to pursue. Zilla Jr is faster in water, and has superior stamina and endurance. Zilla Jr roars out as loud as he can to Amblygon, calling him out, challenging him. Amblygon hears this bellow, and accepts the challenge. By the time the monster reaches him, he would be rested and ready.......


Chapter 3:

*As they were driving back to where Peter's apartment, they decided to ask eachother more questions.

- So, why did you really offer to take me home? I'm not sure your boyfriend would be too pleased about that - said Peter

- I don't have a boyfriend - replied Thea

- Why not? - inquired Peter

- Its a long story - replied Thea - And like I said before, it was the least I could do. Who were the 2 other guys with you and your brother? - she asked

- One is my cousin, and the other is just one of my friends - replied Peter

- Do you have any pets? - asked Thea

- My brother actually has a cat, an Orange Tabby, his name is Mickey - said Peter

- I love cats as well...why don't you have one? - asked Thea

- Living in an apartment, it's a bit of a problem - said Peter

- I see... is this the place? - asked Thea as she pulled up on the side of the road

- Yeah - said Peter

- Thank you Peter, for what you did back there - said Thea. 

- Thank you too, for the ride - said Peter as he got out the car. He smiled and waved back at her, as started walking to the building, but he heard her call out from behind him.

- Wait! - Thea called out. She got off the car and started to almost run over to him - Tomorrow afternoon, I will be back at Ramsey's for lunch, 12:30, you can come by if you want - Thea said to Peter

- Yes, I would love to - said Peter

- Great! - said Thea happily, she then hugged Peter, and gave him a kiss on his good cheek - See you tomorrow! - she yelled out as she was walking back to the car. Peter didn't know how to respond to this, it's been a long time since he was kissed, even if it was on the cheek. He walked back into apartment, cleaned himself up and went to sleep.


(Meanwhile, under the Pacific Ocean)

Amblygon is simply wondering around at the bottom of the ocean. He isn't necessarily hungry, but he sees a school of fish, and decides to have them as a snack. After he is done with them, he lies down just to rest for a little while. There is a large ship directly above him, doesn't notice it at first. It's slightly towards the right of him, and he struggled to see through that eye due to the harpoon that was fired into it. It for some reason, starts to drop the anchor. Unfortunately, Amblygon doesnt see it coming, and it lands on his eye, piercing it and damaging it so badly that he is now completely blind in his right eye. He screeches out in pain and rips the anchor out of his eye. He looks up to the source of it and heads to the ship. He swims straight up into the boat, ploughing it and breaking it in half. Amblygon then sprays his acidic breath on one half of the ship, melting it in seconds. He batters the other half of the ship until it is literally in pieces. He had grown tired of humanity, having persevered with them for over 60 years, and now they have made him really, really angry. The nearest place to make landfall is San Diego, California, but it is still going to take him 2 weeks to reach there. As he is travelling underwater, he sees another figure, similar to his size, but very different in looks. Its Zilla Jr's mate, Aurora, she was taking care of her eggs, but now covers them up as she sees him starting to approach her. Amblygon roars out to her, telling her to get out of his way. She refuses, simply requesting him to swim around her. She didn't want to expose her eggs to this monster she had never seen before. As she turns her back to him, he swims into her full force, breaking one of her scutes, and crushing all but one of her eggs. She pushes him away, and she roars at him. Amblygon roars back at her, but then notices, her scutes are beginning to emit a violet glow....


Chapter 2:

Peter walked for barely 30 meters, coming to a small park area. He stood there just to be a little away from the traffic to clear his mind.

- Hey! - he heard a woman shout from behind him. He turned around to see the lady who was confronted by the man.

- Are you okay??? You have a cu...- she was interrupted by Peter

- Don't worry about it, it's nothing -

- Listen, you really didn't have to do that back there, do you need anything? - said the girl - Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, Thea -

- Peter - he replied

- Do you need anything right now? - asked Thea -

- Nothing, thanks - replied Peter

- Not even a little company, standing here by yourself is quite lonely...come on - she said, as she pointed to a bench, to which she proceeded to sit down on. Peter decided there wasn't any harm in it, and sat down as well.

- Thank you so much for what you did back there! You really don't understand how much it means to me! - said Thea, as she made eye contact.

- What did he ask you? - inquired Peter

- He wanted to take me back to his place, and... I think you know the rest - said Thea. She looked at Peter, took out a hankerchief and wiping off the blood on his left cheek, that had been rolling down from his cut. Peter didn't know how to respond to this random act of kindness. He noticed that she was perhaps a bit chilly, and took off his jacket and gave it to her. 

- No, no, I'm fine - she said she was fine, but Peter insisted, and she obliged. 

- Who was the other lady with you? - Peter asked

- That's my sister, Sarah - Thea replied

- Why did she leave you alone? - asked Peter

- She had to catch a flight and her cab arrived - replied Thea


- Can I give you a ride home? - inquired Thea - I heard your brother yelling at you to find your own way home -

- How did you know he is my brother? - said Peter surprised

- Well, you two do look alike - she replied - Not many people would have done what you did back there, the least I could do is give you a ride back home - Peter decided he should go with her. She was simply trying to be polite, and she didn't mind him all. They both started walking back to her car, which was parked nearby. 


Chapter 1:

(28 February 2016, San Diego, California)

- Ehey! Peter! Oliver! - screams Jonathan from afar - God, it's been 9 months but it always feels like years -

- Always a pleasure seeing you man! - says Ollie

- Hey Jess' - says Pete to John's wife, Jessica, hugging her

- Hi Peter - replies Jessica

Peter then greets and hugs John. All four of them have their own little conversations until they get to the car. Jessica is now 4 months pregnant with her and John's first child. Peter and Oliver drive them to Peter's apartment where they will be staying. Jessica stays behind to rest, but John, seemingly unaffected by the jetlag, is ever eager to spend time with his cousins. On the way back, they phone Jason to see if he is ready to be picked up for dinner.

- Hello - answers Jason

- Hey you ready? - says Oliver

- Yeah, come around - replies Jason

*Jason gets in car*

- Oh damn Mr England is here! - screams Jason

- Good to see you again Jason - says Jonathan

*at the restaurant some time later*

After some storytelling and catching up done, everyone was eating, except for Peter, who wasn't very hungry.

- If you don't mind, can we leave in a little bit, can't leave the Mrs alone for too long- says Jonathan. Everyone nods in agreement.

- I'm just gonna head over to the counter, get something to drink - says Peter

Peter requests for another bottle of water. He doesn't like to drink alot of beer. Ramsey's is one of his favourite places to come. It's like a mixture of a pub and a restaurant. Some days he comes here for breakfast, but more than often might come here for some lunch or dinner. He has known the owner since childhood, she used to live in the same neighbourhood. As he sits by the counter, seemingly thoughtless and empty, he notices 3 or 4 seats away from him is a beautiful girl. She had pale skin, fairly short black hair that stopped just above her shoulders, with a single strip of blonde. She is sitting with someone who does look a bit older than her, perhaps her friend or sister. They lock eyes with eachother for a couple of seconds, nothing more than a glance, but she cracks a smile. 

It's not that busy tonight, only the girls and another guy sitting at the other side of the place. The girl's sister/friend gets up, gives her a hug and then leaves, however she doesn't. He doesn't make too much of this, however just as he gets up and is just about to start walking back to his table, he notices the other man, who was sitting somewhere else, get up and walk over to her. Peter notices that he tries talking her up to something. She kindly declines but he keeps persisting. He simply doesn't want to stop. Peter decides whether or not to go over, but his instinct simply makes him do it immediately. 

- Hey - Peter screams out

- You got a problem? - says the man as he is turning around.

- Yeah, why don't you leave her alone? - 

- Listen bud, this has got nothing to do with you -

- If she says no, she means no, deal with it! - says Peter sternly

- How about you just move on before something happens that you really don't want to happen? - says the man, as he stares at Peter. Peter notices this guy is extremely ****y, and arrogant. He looks and acts like he owns the place. 

- Not until you leave her alone - says Peter

The man looked like he was about to turn around with a smirk on his face but then immediately turns around to try and punch Peter in the face. Peter was expected that and managed to duck and punch the man in the gut. The two starting brawling in the place, both landing some hits on eachother. Oliver and the others run over as soon as possible to try and stop the fight. Oliver pulled the man away from Peter, held him up, looked at him dead in the eye and said 

- You better get out of here before I make you, you understand! -

The man was off for worse. His left eye was heavily bruised, had several cuts on his face and he was limping away, holding his right hand. Peter had come away with the upper hand but not unscathed, he had a fair-sized cut just under his right eye. 

- Dammit, are you alright? What the hell was that all about? Are you trying to get yourself killed?  - said Oliver to Peter

Peter wasn't in the mood for any conversation, and walked out of the restaurant. 

- You better find your own way home! - screamed Oliver as Peter walked out of Ramsey's

- Leave him, we can sort him out later - said Jonathan, as Oliver went to go pay the bill and then leave

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said "Why did you go up there to die?" He said I didn't, "I went up there to live".
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17 Responses to Zilla Jr. Earth's Second Defender (Re-Written) - The Final Chapter (Including 1-14)


GiganStaff3811 XPSep-04-2016 3:14 PMTeam Godzilla

This will be savage, and I don't even like Zilla.

Good grief.

Darth Shiro

TitanosaurusMember883 XPOct-26-2016 1:24 PM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...


GiganStaff3811 XPOct-26-2016 1:39 PMTeam Godzilla

Savage chapter.

Good grief.

Something Real

GodzillaMember5639 XPOct-26-2016 3:33 PM

GODZILLA316 - This was a very engaging and interesting chapter! I very much enjoy how you have chosen to present your dialogues and character interactions! Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

Something Real

GodzillaMember5639 XPNov-03-2016 8:08 PM

GODZILLA316 -  How fantastic! Chapter 12 was extremely fun to read! I am very pleased with the narration you impart within your work! Thank you so very much for continuing to share this wonderful adventure with us! :)

Darth Shiro

TitanosaurusMember883 XPNov-04-2016 12:03 AM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...


GiganStaff3811 XPNov-04-2016 7:15 AMTeam Godzilla

Really brilliant chapter, took me some time to read it. The writing is good, story is good--you're doing a great job!

Good grief.


GiganStaff3811 XPNov-10-2016 9:03 AMTeam Godzilla

Love the introduction of Godzilla, great fight.

Good grief.

Darth Shiro

TitanosaurusMember883 XPNov-10-2016 10:42 AM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPNov-10-2016 11:03 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."


GiganStaff3811 XPNov-14-2016 12:52 PMTeam Godzilla

Really good job!

Good grief.

Darth Shiro

TitanosaurusMember883 XPNov-14-2016 9:43 PM

Awesome chapter!

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

Something Real

GodzillaMember5639 XPNov-15-2016 7:24 AM

GODZILLA316 - This was an extremely fun and compelling chapter! I greatly enjoyed the dialogue you have crafted! Fantastic work! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! :)

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPNov-16-2016 1:21 PM

Little did he know, in 8 days on the 22nd of March, another monster would arise….




Btw great chapter

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Darth Shiro

TitanosaurusMember883 XPNov-16-2016 9:22 PM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...


AnguirusMember1067 XPNov-17-2016 12:29 AM

@Lord Tyrant

@Lord Shiro

Did you guys get that reference?

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said "Why did you go up there to die?" He said I didn't, "I went up there to live".


GiganStaff3811 XPNov-19-2016 2:04 PMTeam Godzilla

Great story. Much better than the original (although that was great as-well). Writing, and description were all great. Phenomenal job!

Good grief.

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