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Godzilla: The Inception - Chapter 15 (Including Chapter 1-14)

Godzilla: The Inception - Chapter 15 (Including Chapter 1-14)

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AnguirusMember1067 XPDec-31-2016 5:32 AM

**Chapter 16 Onwards**


“Godzilla stood in agony, his arm was broken severely, his ribs were shattered, and chunks of flesh were missing from his body. Zilla Jr’s lifeless body lay in one hand of the Beast, the other sticking through Zilla Jr’s stomach.  Godzilla looked on, his energy drained, his soul slipping away. The Beast dropped the body of Zilla Jr, and began to charge up his beam. Godzilla felt it, the failure of being unable to save his Kingdom. He failed his parents, he failed his brother, and he failed himself. He accepted it, as the beams shot through his body, and he finally joined his parents in death”

Chapter 15:

15 years passed by. Ever Gojira became the Alpha Predator, he was surrounded by a mystique, an aura of invincibility. The once unbeatable warrior was now becoming older and weaker and for the first time in his life had looked vulnerable. After ruling the land for nearly 55 years, his time was running out. All the years of fighting had taken such a toll on his body that you could say his life span had been shortened.

While Gojira was still King and larger than him, Godzilla had surpassed him in strength, speed and power. At 27 years of age, Godzilla was now 345 feet tall, and 85 000 tons. Goji’s never stopped growing throughout their lifetime, their growth rate exponentially slowed down after 25. Zilla Jr had reached his full size being 20 years old, now 295 feet tall, and weighing nearly 60 000 tons. He was a striking image of his father, albeit with less scars.

Gigan was still alive, and had orchestrated 2 attacks on Gojira, both of which were thwarted by Godzilla and Zilla Jr. They were both heading on a hunt today. They were sensing a MUTO radiation hotspot, presumably a nest. They were going to destroy the eggs, and hopefully the MUTOs as well. The spot was 12 miles away.

After an hour of walking, they finally reached the spot, an open plain surrounded by dense forest. The plain appeared to have been desolate but Godzilla recognised the smell of Gorosaurus blood. He knew exactly where the corpse was hidden in a nearby forest, and that the MUTO eggs were most probably laid inside of it. He also knew exactly where the MUTOs were stationed for the ambush, and where 3 Titanosaurs would shoot from to assist in the attack.

He roared, challenging them to come out of hiding. Immediately, a Hokmuto burst from the trees flying straight for Godzilla. With his back turned towards it, he spun around and knocked it down with a single, powerful punch. He then looked to his left to confront the first Titanosaur, with the second one charging him from behind. As he collided with the first one, pushing it back using his immense strength, he tossed it aside and swung around to knock the second one down.

Zilla Jr was faced with 2 FeMutos and a Hokmuto all coming for him at the same time. In a single manoeuvre, he swung his tail around, knocking the one FeMuto into another, then knocking the Hokmuto out of the air with swipe. As all the attackers regrouped, Zilla Jr counted their numbers, 3 Titanosaurs and 4 MUTOs. If this was an ambush, it was going to be way too easy of a fight.

Chapter 14:

Zilla Jr sat quietly, thinking about that day 20 odd months ago. He never really returned to that side of the Lake. He was still small despite being nearly 4 years old, he didn’t want to get into any more trouble with Saurodynams. He expected a scolding from Gojira, but there was none. It was late into the night. He was smuggled next to Farren’s body, as her and the Goji family were all sleeping, but he couldn’t. He just didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Deep in thought, gazing at the stars, he was snapped to his senses by grunts and growls. Staring at Godzilla’s body, he watched as his brother twitched and turned while growling and barking. He was having a nightmare. Godzilla looking around, only saw death and destruction. The forest was on fire, Lake Hawera’s pure, blue water was stained red, corrupted by blood. Looking to his right, he saw the corpse of a female Zilla. She was large, probably a Jasiri. He struggled to walk, his body in pain as the product of broken bones and deep cuts. His vision was blurry, but he recognised one thing. A huge entity holding a kaiju in its hands. Focusing, he finally managed to make out the kaiju being held…  Zilla Jr!?!

Effortlessly, he was lifted by one arm that was nearly bigger than Zilla Jr himself. Godzilla knew what was about to happen. He wanted to stop it, he couldn’t let that tremendous beast kill Zilla Jr, but he was too weak to stop it, unable to move. He was supposed to be the King, the Alpha Predator, but for the first ever, he was powerless. He watched the creature pull his arm back, and drive it straight through Zilla Jr’s gut. He roared in anger as it happened, and suddenly awoke from his dream.

The echo in his roar shook the forest. It was heard for miles and miles. He turned around to see a confused Zilla Jr and both his parents behind him, shocked. It was just a dream…

Chapter 13:

Zilla Jr didn’t have a chance of out-swimming the Saurodynam, but if he could make it to the shore, he may be able to outrun it. The Saurodynam was huge, nearly 700 feet long. Zilla Jr felt as if any movement would trigger its predatory senses, but that was his only escape. In an instant, he sprinted for the shore, while the crocodile flung its head in his direction, jaws wide open. He was inches away from its jaw as it snapped shut. He made it to the shore, and was about to break out into full gallop before he tripped over a rock, injuring his right leg badly in the process. It was bleeding and bruised, but not broken. His profound squeal alerted Godzilla, who immediately swam full speed across the Lake. The Saurodynam flung his jaws again in Zilla Jr’s direction, and he narrowly avoided it by leaping forward. He immediately ran as fast as he could, hampered by his injury.

The shore which Zilla Jr ran across was too narrow against the forest for the Saurodynam to pursue, so he continued to chase from the water. Zilla Jr, unable to continue at full speed, was slowing down while the Saurodynam was catching up. The Saurodynam was more than close enough for a lunge now, so close that when he did, Zilla Jr had no chance to avoid it. He readied himself, and his jaws were flung in Zilla Jr’s direction. Inches away from Zilla Jr, he was suddenly grasped by the throat and flung back more than 250 meters across the lake. He turned around, and saw the young adult Goji in front of him. Godzilla got to Zilla Jr in the nick of time, who fell to the ground in exhaustion and pain.

All of the other crocodiles in the Lake frolicked away, none of them were stupid or hungry enough to take on a Goji, albeit an adolescent. However, this Saurodynam was one of the largest in the Lake. He valued his chances against an adolescent Goji, but what he didn’t take into account was that this was the son of the best warrior on the planet. He lunged himself towards Godzilla, but was caught by the throat again. Godzilla lifted him up effortlessly with one arm, and exploited the one weakness every crocodile had, their underbelly. He slashed his underbelly open, causing the crocodile’s organs to immediately come falling out. Soon the water was coloured red, as the other Saurodynam’s watched as one of their toughest warriors was demolished in an instant.

Godzilla roared in victory before turning his attention back to Zilla Jr. He wasn’t injured badly, but he hoped he had learnt his lesson.

Chapter 12:

In 6 months, Zilla Jr had recovered nearly completely from the attack. He vaguely remembered the Goji family from when he was very young, and felt completely safe around them. It was a miracle how he had survived those 12 months alone in Makubwa Ardhi. During the day, he had scavenged off carcasses from other kaiju, which is how he got into trouble with that Titanosaur. During the night, he resided in small caves that were too narrow for any large and threatening kaiju to enter.

He was now sitting in the shade provided by the forest next to Kanz Al’Ard. Gojira and Farren were sleeping while Godzilla was refreshing himself in the water. The Gojis only swam on this side of the Lake, and Junior being young and curious, decided to explore the rest of Lake Hizbah. He trekked within the camouflage of the forest, with Godzilla oblivious to Junior’s disappearance. In some ways at a young age, he was already a master of stealth.

After walking for about 600 meters, he found a moderate portion of the lake covered by the shade of the large trees of the forest. He figured that with this portion of the lake being covered, the water would be a little cooler than the areas exposed to the sun. He slowly drifted into the water. Looking around him, he noticed an extremely large rock to his right twice as large as his entire body. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but slowly, it looked as if more rocks started appearing next it, with all of these rocks having tiny, sharp bumps on them. Strange, he thought, very strange indeed.

That was before a sudden sharp burst of air whipped out of 2 holes near the end of the rock nearest to him. It only then hit him what he was lying next to. The head of a giant crocodile. A fully grown alpha Saurodynam.

Suddenly its eye whipped open, immediately shifting its focus to Zilla Jr. Studying this young Zilla in his personal space, he realised something. He was very…very…hungry!


Chapter 11:

12 months and 14 days later, Zilla Jr was still lost. He had been sighted a few times by scouts, but he somehow evaded capture. It was miracle how he was surviving out there. Godzilla was slowly growing more and more. Goji’s were like crocodiles, they never stopped growing throughout their lifetimes, their growth just slowed down extremely after the age of 25.

The absence of Zillan was felt in Makubwa Ya Ardhi. He played a big part in exterminating MUTO nests over the years. Gojira focused more on Godzilla now, after all, Godzilla was his heir. Gojira was extremely tired. He hadn’t slept in 3 days due to more attacks on White Naga. Godzilla partook in one of the battles but Gojira handled the other 2. It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and Gojira decided to rest for a few hours.

Godzilla wasn’t tired, he didn’t feel like sleeping at this time, while Farren stayed with Gojira and slept as well. Godzilla entered Lake Hizbah, looking to relax but his tranquillity was cut short as he heard a Titanosaur growl, followed by a bellow. He wasn’t particularly bothered by this, no Titanosaurs would come this close to Kanz Al’Ard if they were aligned with Gigan. However, it was followed by squeals. They were very faint, not loud enough to wake up Gojira and Farren, nor did they didn’t sound like they were from a prey animal.

While Godzilla was still young, he already had a lot of pride. He knew he was strong enough to take on a Titanosaur, unless it was a herculean specimen over 300 feet tall. Smelling the blood in the air, he followed its scent into a forest 800 meters away from Kanz Al’Ard. He moved through the trees towards small patch of grassland in the middle of the forest. When he arrived, he first saw the dead body of a Ulyssiasaurus, a Stegosaurus-like creature. Then the pond to his left was a maroon colour, filled with blood. He turned to his right, where the Titanosaur with a blood-stained face turned his attention to him. He bellowed to Godzilla, a warning roar. He was a big one alright, 285 feet tall, 64 000 tons. Bigger than the one he faced last year. Godzilla wasn’t too startled by this, the Titanosaur was probably just protecting his kill.

A faint movement caught his eye below the Titanosaur. A small body moving ever so slightly with bite marks and scratches all over its body, its blood partially flowing into the river. It was a baby Zilla, but as Godzilla was about to leave, he saw a very distinct birthmark on the baby Zilla’s leg, the very same one that Zilla Jr had. Realising that it was Zilla Jr dying on the floor, he immediately charged at the Titanosaur, who followed suit. They clashed into each other in a typical display of strength.

With the Titanosaur being older and slightly bigger, he initially had the slight advantage in the strength department. However, a Titanosaur’s biggest weakness was their intelligence. They were as thick as rock, and barely had tactics in battle. Godzilla on the other hand, was one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth.

As they clashed, the Titanosaur pushed Godzilla back, but Godzilla had made the vital move. He managed to grab the Titanosaur’s neck, and thrust his claws into its gills. It turned around and squealed in pain. As it came face to face with Godzilla again, his body suddenly felt like it was hit by a freight train, as Godzilla’s tail smashed into his abdomen. Knocked to the ground by the sheer impact, the Titanosaur was too slow to get up. Godzilla quickly stamped his foot on its chest, and decided to make it quick. With no MUTOs around to disrupt him, his spines slowly lit up with blue, as a blast of his near full-power atomic breath destroyed the Titanosaur’s head. With the Titanosaur being dead, Godzilla went to attend to Zilla Jr. He was still alive, but he was losing lots of blood, and much of his bones were broken. The only place to take him would be back to Kanz Al’Ard, where he would be protected until he recovered. When he exited the forest carrying Zilla Jr, he already saw his parents heading towards him, having been woken up by his roars.

He met up with them just in front of Lake Hawera, from where they moved to Kanz Al’Ard. Gojira was happy to have finally found Junior, albeit in a terrible condition. He was going to take care of Zilla Jr like his own son, for the rest of his life.

Chapter 10:

Zillan felt his abdomen burning. The Naga was letting loose all of its fire onto Zillan, then he felt more hits from the Titanosaur, and then Gigan, repeatedly. Before he knew it, he couldn’t stand, his legs were broken and blood was pouring out of metre-deep slashes all over his body. He was nearly drowning in a pool of his own blood. He knew this was the end of his journey. Born a warrior, lived a warrior, and now died a warrior. For the first time in his life, he stopped fighting back. All of a sudden, his perpetrators disappeared. He painfully glanced over his shoulder. Gojira and Farren were heading in his direction.

They looked over his body and immediately knew that he was going to die. With Gojira watching over him, Zillan’s life slowly swept away. Closing his eyes, he accepted his fate, as his soul drifted away. Gojira had lost not just a warrior, but a close ally. He turned around and looked back at Saya’s corpse. Zilla Jr parents died, but he wasn’t going to be an orphan. He would be taken care of by Gojira.

Suddenly, a bellow came from the forest, a yell. It was Godzilla. Gojira and Farren rushed over, worried about what was happening. As soon as they reached the forest, they saw the dead corpse of the Titanosaur, Godzilla standing not too far away from it. Gojira felt momentarily proud, but he realised that there was a bigger situation at hand. There was no sign of Zilla Jr anywhere. That’s who Godzilla was calling to. Zilla Jr, out of fear, may have ran away. He may have been snatched while Godzilla was fighting the Titanosaur, but Gojira doubted it.

If Zilla Jr was out there, still alive, he would find him and raise him as if he were his own son.


Chapter 9:

4 Hokmutos burst through the clouds above, a signature trademark move designed to ambush their enemies. Zillan and Saya firmly set their eyes on them, and prepared to attack. Meanwhile, Gojira and Farren observed the threat that lay ahead on the ground. 5 Titanosaurs, 8 FeMutos and 8 Red Naga, but most importantly, Gigan. He had returned to fight Gojira once again, and Gojira promised to himself that Gigan would not leave Kanz Al’Ard alive.

With the 4 Hokmuto in the air, each coming down on them, Zillan had to make a tough choice. Should he focus on the own Hokmuto above him, or tackle the one coming for Gojira? However, Zillan was smart and possessed extreme explosive power. He jumped at a precise angle at which he dodged the Hokmuto above him, and skimmed past Gojira’s head, knocking that Hokmuto out the air. Once Zillan had him on the ground, he wasted no time in killing him. He bit the Hokmutos neck in a move similar to that of big cats today. The Hokmutos windpipe was crushed in an instant, and he slowly lost breath and blood simultaneously. The Hokmuto who Zillan dodged pulled up at the last second, heading now in the direction of Gojira. Gojira always aware, turned his attention quickly to the Hokmuto.

Gojira, watching the Hokmuto come around and head straight for him, turned his back towards it, and perfectly timed the swing of his tail into it. Its body was nearly torn in half by the impact, and it collapsed to the ground lifeless. Godzilla watched and learnt from the shadows, gaining any battle knowledge that would help him in the future. Gojira immediately turned his gaze back to the incoming horde. The army approaching them split. He wanted to break out into a sprint and rip Gigan’s head from his body, but he couldn’t. There was a battalion coming for him and Farren, he had to get through them first.

The second half headed for Zillan and Saya. Saya may not have been large or powerful, but she was nearly fast as Zillan. She immediately set her eyes on the Hokmuto and Naga, Zillan was taking care of the bigger and stronger FeMutos and Titanosaurs.

Zillan surveyed his incoming threats, 3 Titanosaurs and slightly behind them 2 FeMutos. It was a tough task certainly, but he knew he could always use his speed to gain an advantage. It was first the 3 Titanosaurs coming for him. They looked to use their signature attack pattern, 2 will come in from the side, and 1 will attack from the front. Before they could arrange themselves, he immediately shifted towards the closest one. He charged at it, ramming it into the ground. He slid his tail under the next ones legs, tripping it. He now had a one on one chance with the last Titanosaur.

Showing no mercy, he immediately punched it. It turned its head away in pain, and when it looked back, it suddenly felt a sharp pain in its throat, and slumped to the ground, dead. Zillan cut its jugular vein open with his claws, and immediately saw the 2 FeMutos arriving. He had exactly 7 seconds before they would reach him. He darted over to the remaining Titanosaur who just got up. With his back turned towards Zillan, Zillan put all of his power into a solitary punch, right in the middle of the Titanosaur’s back. It was crippled in pain. One of its vertebrae slipped out of its spine, and it was paralyzed. It was dealt with in the meantime, now Zillan turned his attention back to the 2 FeMutos, bolting at him.

Stupid he thought, they never learnt. He took them out with the very same maneuvers he used 8 and a half years ago. He sidestepped the first FeMuto, and thrusted his hand into her jaw. It wasn’t a completely clean strike from Zillan, but she fell to the ground nonetheless still alive. The second FeMuto then met with Zillan’s tail, crashing to the ground as well. Zillan jumped to the first FeMuto, and ripped the upper half of its jaw off, killing it. He leaped into the air and with perfect precision landed on the second FeMutos head, killing it. Meanwhile, Gojira was having trouble. Not that he was struggling to fight, but he couldn’t make it to Gigan.. If Gojira were to get rid of the other kaiju, he would be weakened by the time he got to Gigan. He was being swarmed by 2 Naga, 2 Hokmutos, 3 Titanosaurs and 2 FeMutos. He was holding them off with the help of Farren, but he would never get his chance with Gigan unless he could repel them.

Zillan saw his opportunity. He was done with his adversaries, and so was Saya. He signalled to her to go and help Gojira and Farren. She readily obliged and took off in their direction. Zillan turned his attention to Gigan. If he could kill Gigan, the rest of the MUTOs would surely lose focus, if not retreat due to the death of their leader. He immediately took off on a sprint with his eyes focused on his target. Gigan immediately spotted Zillan’s charge. Zillan didn’t immediately charge into Gigan, it would have been a foolish move. He stopped in front of Gigan. The 2 sized each other up. They have met on quite a few occasions, but they never battled. They both had seen each other fight, they were both skilled warriors. It was Gigan who made the first move, swiping at Zillan with his right arm. Zillan dodged it, and in one action jabbed Gigan’s ribcage and moved away. Gigan felt the sting, but he was still strong. In a classic kaiju test of strength, they both charged at each other, and collided in an immense impact. Gigan backed himself, but when the collision happened, he found himself on the ground seconds later. Zillan was beating down on him.

Gigan was fuming. How could he be losing this battle? Zillan didn’t give up, using every resource he had to keep Gigan on the ground and pummel him. He tried going for the neck bite, but Gigan’s resistance made his attempts futile. Zillan immediately went for his last reserve, his atomic breath. He charged it up in less than 10 seconds but it felt like hours. Gigan was shocked. Was this his end? Killed by a mere second fiddle to Gojira?

Out of nowhere, a Naga pounced on Zillan from the sky, knocking him off Gigan. It was now Zillan who was frustrated, he was so close to killing Gigan, and it was taken away from him. He immediately gathered himself and tried to assess the threats around him. As he turned his head, he suddenly felt a blunt pain in his face as he was knocked to the ground. He peered up to see the Titanosaur who floored him. Before he could react, a Hokmuto bombarded onto him, stabbing him in his legs.

Godzilla and Zilla Jr were bearing witness to all of this in the shadows of the forest. All of a sudden, Godzilla smelt something unusual. He assumed all the kaiju were in the battle, but he was wrong. He turned his head anxiously. Behind them, stood the silhouette of a lone Titanosaur. He was initially supposed to arrive through the forest in a stealth move, but he had spotted something else. Godzilla saw his shadow lurking and estimated his size. Close to 270 feet tall, probably 60 000 tons, a male specimen in his prime. Zilla Jr squealed, he saw the threat, and as a child naturally hid behind Godzilla. Godzilla was smaller than the Titanosaur, but he was strong for an adolescent. He had no choice but to fight. He roared at the Titanosaur and immediately took off in its direction. The Titanosaur replied with his own bellow as he charged into battle.

Chapter 8:

Something unusual had happened in Makubwa Ya Ardhi over the next 6 months. What happened, was that nothing happened. It was as simple as that. There hadn’t been one MUTO attack, or one Red Naga incident in 6 months. It was extremely strange, and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. Gojira and Zillan had gotten worried. They were either doing something right, or something terribly wrong. Gojira was used to having to protect a family now, but Zillan wasn’t. Whenever Zillan fought before, he never had anything to lose. Now, he had a mate and son.

It was just after 7 o’ clock in the morning when Zillan had returned with the news. He usually stayed with Saya and Zilla Jr on the opposite side of Lake Hizbah, but due to Zillan being on a night patrol, they slept under the protection of Gojira.

Zillan roared from afar to wake all of them up. When he arrived, they were all awake, but heavily confused. Zillan immediately sprinted to Gojira and informed him about the incoming threat. After scouting the border, and returning to Kanz Al’Ard, a wounded Rodan approached him.

There has been no activity for 6 months, because an assault was being planned on Kanz Al’Ard. An extremely large horde of MUTOs with Titanosaurs and Red Naga amongst them were found, and a group of Rodan tried to contain them. Unfortunately, they had all been killed except for the one who escaped. They were definitely travelling south, towards Kanz Al’Ard. MUTOs aren’t smart, they can’t plan, with the exception of one of course… Gigan!

They were going to be here at any moment, and they needed to get Godzilla and Zilla Jr to safety. Godzilla was fairly big no doubt about it, he was close to 190 feet tall, and nearly 45 000 tons, but wasn’t battle ready. He could probably hold his own against another kaiju, but he had no experience battling 2, 3 or even 4 kaiju at one time. Kanz Al’Ard had a forest to its left, the trees and bushes looking different to anything seen today, but still beautiful in its own right. The trees were just about as tall as Gojira, big enough to hide Godzilla and Zilla Jr. It was extremely dense, blocking a lot of sunlight out. They would be camouflaged in its dark.

They were quickly hurried into its inconspicuous cover, as Gojira, Zillan, Farren and Saya awaited the arrival of the MUTOs. It didn’t take long for them to arrive. Gojira sensed the first EMPs, and immediately growled in the direction of it. All of a sudden, Zillan looked up as several Hokmutos came flying in from above.

Outnumbered and outwitted, the defenders of Makubwa Ya Ardhi had to rally once again, to save their home, and abolish Gigan, forever…..

Chapter 7:

It had been 6 and a half years since Thunder was banished. Since then, he had never been seen anywhere near Makubwa Ardhi. Did he actually accept defeat and move on? While Gojira doubted it, all evidence pointed in that direction. He had been spotted once or twice by scouts, but that was over 100 kilometres east of Makubwa Ardhi, too far away to even think of a retaliation. Gojira has never looked back on that day, he did not possess a single ounce of remorse for his brother anymore. He didn’t care if he were to die out there now. He had other things to focus on.

Godzilla was increasing in size rapidly by the day according to Goji standards. He was already showing immense strength despite his young age, and Gojira knew this was an extremely good sign for the future.

Zillan surprisingly had found a mate, a Zilla named Saya. 3 years ago, he had saved her from an attack from a swarm of giant crocodiles. As a result, she stuck around with him. Although he was initially cold and unaffectionate towards her, he eventually became her mate, and today, just like Gojira did 8 years ago, Zillan would witness the birth of his son.

He had just finished another one of his border scouts, and was returning to Kanz Al’Ard, where Saya was with the egg, accompanied by Gojira, Farren and Godzilla. He arrived in the nick of time as the egg started to hatch. He briefly greeted Saya before turning his full attention to the egg. He looked on, as the egg slowly, steadily began to crack open.

For his whole life, the prospect of having a son was never a notion in his mind. Not once had he ever thought of it, and the feeling that came with it was something he had never experienced before. It was completely unexplainable, as he slowly watched the shell break off slowly, showing more and more of his son.

Suddenly, a golden eye popped out of the darkness from within the egg. The tiny figure slowly stepped out the shell, and laid eyes on his parents for the very first time. He quickly demanded their affection, stumbling towards them and cuddling by their feet.

Another young kaiju for which the lives of every living organism on Earth would depend on him in just under 20 years from now. The beginning of another amazing journey that would impact the Earth for millions of years to come.


Zilla Junior…

Chapter 6:

2 years have passed since the battle at Lake Tengya. Not much has changed since that battle, the Red Naga are still aligned with the MUTOs, Hareem is still the Alpha of the White Naga, and Adhaba still resides on the outskirts of Makubwa Ardhi. Godzilla was already notably bigger. He was close to 80 feet tall now, and was starting to venture a little further beyond Kanz Al’Ard, under the supervision of his parents of course.

Something that kept occurring was the unexplained absences of Thunder. He would often disappear for hours, and when he returned he would never explain himself. This didn’t really bother Gojira, he had other things to worry about. Zillan hadn’t changed at all. There had been hardly any trouble over the past 2 years in Makubwa Ardhi, but today, Gojira had a bad feeling. There was loud thunder above in the cloudy skies, and rain was beginning to pour down.

He felt as if something bad was coming his way. He sensed a large source of radiation coming his way. The scent of it caught his nose, it was Thunder’s, but something seemed off. Another scent had caught him, and he didn’t like it. He let out a huge bellow that was heard for miles and miles. He was calling out to Zillan, asking him to immediately come to Kanz Al’Ard. In a couple of minutes, he was there. He knew about Thunder’s absence, but now he knew Gojira was agitated. He was moving slowly to Gojira, but he abruptly stopped dead in his tracks. He sensed something. He knew Thunder was near but something was above them. Gojira sensed it too.

Suddenly, a huge Red Naga above them burst through the clouds, looking to bomb himself straight into Gojira at full speed. Gojira had this under control, but Zillan reacted first. He was 100 meters away from Gojira but he used his massive legs to propel himself into the air, catching the Naga above Gojira and wrestled him to the ground. In a tussle of power, the Naga tried to struggle free from Zillan’s grip, but he got whacked with a right hand. Stunned, his neck was ripped off in a crushing bite from Zillan.

Immediately, Thunder burst through the trees next to Kanz Al’Ard, with 2 more Red Naga descending from the skies, settling to Thunder’s sides. Thunder then let out a sickening roar, one that was only used when calling for a fight. He was challenging Gojira to a duel for Kanz Al’Ard.

Gojira was stunned by this. He had never expected something like this from Thunder. He knew his brother wanted to be King, but he thought he never had the guts to stand up and try take it from him, but he wasn’t going to back down just because it was his brother, he replied with another deafening roar, accepting the challenge. With the help of the Red Naga, Thunder was trying to gain an unfair advantage over his brother. However, Zillan had already taken down 1 Red Naga, and all he had to do was take care of the other 2. They much huge compared to normal Naga. The larger one was nearly 290 feet tall, and he looked as if he weighed nearly 55 000 tons. The smaller one was 270 feet tall, and about 45 000 tons. Zillan knew their attack strategy. A red glow was slowly appearing beneath the scales on their belly as they were slowly charging up their fire.

Thunder was at an instant disadvantage against Gojira. He was 35 feet shorter, and about 17 000 tons lighter. Gojira had been fighting and defending for many years, while Thunder had little to no experience in battles. They circled each other, Gojira was smarter tactically and he knew how to outsmart other kaiju in battle. While he knew Thunder had fought very few times, he would try use every tactic he could to exploit his weaknesses.

The Naga immediately let out their fire beam onto Zillan. His skin was instantly scorched by it, he roared in pain. Despite his pain, he kept an eye on the larger one, and plotted his flight path. The smaller one didn’t let up on the beam, while the larger one was hoping to tackle Zillan while he was distracted. He immediately turned around, and was flying straight towards Zillan. Just before the larger Naga was about fly into him, Zillan swung his entire bodily force into a left hand punch. With superb precision, it struck the Red Naga right on its jaw. It immediately fell limp in the air and crashed to the ground, dead.

Gojira and Thunder were charging towards each other. The first one to get the bigger hit would have the immediate advantage. One would think that it would be Gojira with the advantage, but it wasn’t. Just before they were about to collide, Thunder stretched out his arm and raked the area just below Gojira’s right armpit. Gojira immediately shrieked in pain, while Farren and Godzilla watched anxiously from the side in the Lake. Gojira had previously been stabbed there in past battles, and while it healed, it still remained a weak spot. When he turned back to face Thunder, he felt a sharp pain through the entire left side of his face. Thunder had scratched him, the cuts being several feet deep. Gojira’s eye had been missed narrowly, and while he was in immense pain, he wasn’t going to back down. The other Red Naga’s nuclear reserves were running out, and he was beginning to tire. He let up his fire beam and gently descended to the ground. Zillan roared and charged straight at him. The Naga immediately followed, as they both collided mid-air. The Naga was easily tossed to the ground, and it landed straight on its head. He was unable to even gather his thoughts before he felt his head burning, his skin melting. With no MUTOs around, Zillan could use his atomic breath with little to no pain, and instantly sprayed the Naga’s face with it. The seafoam-coloured beam destroyed the Naga in less than 10 seconds. While Zillan won the battle nearly effortlessly, he didn’t escape without wounds. His skin was covered with 2nd degree burns. It wasn’t extremely severe but it definitely hurt.

Thunder looked to swipe at Gojira’s left leg. To him it seemed like a good choice, it was a terrible mistake. As he lowered his head, Gojira took his opportunity and grabbed Thunder right by the neck with his left hand, pushing him back effortlessly. He bit Thunder’s neck, and threw him to the ground. Before Thunder could even get back to his feet, he was struck in the face. Out of desperation, he swung his tail in an attempt to trip Gojira, but Gojira stepped on it, making sure he couldn’t move. Gojira then continuously pummelled Thunder, hitting his head multiple times. Before he knew it, the battle was over.

Thunder was helpless on the floor, barely making any movements or sounds. It was an incredibly short battle, and despite his best efforts, Thunder almost had no chance since the beginning. Gojira walked away from Thunder’s lifeless body. Thunder was still alive, but he was struggling to get up. All of his muscles were aching, and his leg was burning from a massive gash. Thunder just had enough energy to get on all fours, almost as if he was bowing down to Gojira. He let out a soft shrill as if to ask for mercy from Gojira. Gojira angrily spun around and let out an ear-drum shattering roar, so ferocious that it even shocked Zillan. Every creature in the land within 6 miles of Kanz Al’Ard heard it. They were stunned having never heard something like that from their King before.

In a last ditch effort to kill Gojira, Thunder tried to use his atomic breath. Gojira immediately sensing this, swung his tail straight into Thunder’s face. Gojira immediately walked over to Thunder’s body. He looked in his brother’s eyes one last time, before melting his head with his atomic breath. The Alpha Predator had little room for sentiment. Thunder was no longer his brother, he was just another challenger who failed to dethrone him. Zillan immediately disposed of Thunder’s body by taking it behind Kanz Al’Ard. Any creatures passing by would see the dead body of another failed challenger, a warning signal. Zillan then moved back to Lake Hizbah. He entered the water to soothe his burns, as he lived to fight another day…


Chapter 5:

Adhaba, the leader of the Rodan (Pteranodon Rodannus). The ancestors of the famous ‘Pterodactyl’, Rodan were extremely agile in the air, having an even larger wingspan than Naga. Although they were not enemies of Goji’s, they were definitely not allies.

Adhaba was accompanied by 5 other Rodan. They flew over Gojira and into the clouds to assist with the aerial battle.
After a few minutes, the battle was done, with the ground being littered with the dead bodies of Red Naga and MUTOs. It was evident how much the Rodan had done in such a short space of time. Rodan were warriors in battle, and their fighting abilities were only second to Goji’s.

They knew how to take out almost every threat they were faced with. Every dead Red Naga and Hokmuto body had the same wound, a puncture in either their necks or stomachs. Rodan were known for using their enormous beaks to stab their enemies, leaving a huge hole in their body.

After they had all descended from the air, Hareem had personally thanked Adhaba and Gojira. He bid his farewell as he returned to the Tengya Mountains next to Lake Tengya. For a minute, it was just Gojira, Zillan and the remaining Rodan.

Gojira and Adhaba locked eyes, scanning each other. Zillan kept an eye on his 3 companions. It was almost as if a second battle was going to break out. Gojira and Adhaba weren’t necessarily enemies, but they were far from allies. They had a disdain for each other for decades now due to past battles between their ancestors. Zillan was never one to back down from a battle, he growled at the other 3 Rodan.

Adhaba and his companions slowly backed off. They turned around and set flight back to their territory. Gojira and Zillan kept their eyes on them until they were out of sight, and they too began their trek back to Kanz Al’Ard.

Chapter 4:

All other White Naga immediately increased their altitude, soaring into the clouds above them. Several Red Naga and Hokmuto began appearing in the sky as well. On the ground, bellows of several FeMuto charging in were heard as well. Most Naga were subjected to the sky, but the bigger, more powerful ones remained on the ground. Where the White Naga lacked in strength to the Reds, they more than easily made up for it in speed and manoeuvrability. Hareem stayed on the ground, with 5 other White Naga. 8 of them to take on 10 FeMutos.

While FeMutos were usually around 270 feet tall and weighed 63 000 tons, some exceptional specimens could reach nearly 310 feet tall, and could exceed 70 000 tons. As Gojira led the charge, the White Naga initially lifted themselves into the air, flying in at an angle from above, bombarding onto the FeMutos. Now Gojira and Zillan were left to take on 4 FeMuto. While this does sound like a daunting task, they were more than capable of handling this threat.

Gojira easily manhandled the first FeMuto that ran into him, swatting her aside with his huge forearms. The next one tried stabbing him, but he caught her arm, and broke it off using his immense strength. With blood pouring out of her shoulder, she had no time to recover and was whacked in the face. She fell to her side, and was left at the mercy of Gojira. None could really fathom the power of Gojira until they had felt the full force of it. Gojira sent his foot crashing into her head, crushing it with ease. MUTOs rarely fought Gojis one on one, even the bigger females were substantially weaker than most Gojis, and with Gojira being nearly twice as strong as an average Goji, any MUTO was slaughtered in front of him.

Zillan in the meanwhile, squared up the 2 FeMutos in front of him. Gojira used his unfathomable strength to down his opponents, but what really made Zillan deadly was his cryptic speed. The FeMutos could barely touch him, he dodged every one of their attempted attacks. One of them foolishly decided to charge straight at him in frustration. In a simple yet deadly manoeuvre, Zillan sidestepped her and swung his right hand full-force into her jaw, shattering it. Her dead body slumped to the ground. The other FeMuto took her opportunity to attack Zillan, but he was quick to turn his attention to her. Knowing his back was turned to her, he timed his swing perfectly, as his tail crashed into her shoulder, knocking her off-balance.He was the one who charged this time, and rammed her into the ground. He pinned her down with his foot on her chest. Helpless, and unable to grab him, all her attempts to escape were futile. She noticed how each one of Zillan’s scutes began to flash light green for a split second, all up to and including his eyes.

He let out a seafoam-green atomic breath all over her head. Compared to Gojira’s atomic breath, Zillan’s was much hotter. He could turn sand into glass in a few seconds, the temperature made up for the lack in power compared to Gojira’s. After 5 seconds, her head had completely melted. He quickly stopped, the use of it around MUTOs was painful to say the least. The EMPs they emitted disrupted their electrical sacks contained in their stomachs, from where the power of their beams was generated, a disadvantage both he and any other Goji had to live with. Both he and Gojira both hastily turned to the other battles going on. The air battle looked to be even so far, with the bodies of dead Red Naga and White Naga equal by the looks of it. On the ground, 3 FeMutos and White Naga alike were dead. However, their injuries were more severe than the FeMuto, and they were struggling to defeat their adversaries. They were more used to air combat, fighting on the ground was something they were definitely not used to. Gojira both hurried to help their allies.

Zillan bombarded a FeMuto from behind, jumping onto her back. Due to him being slightly bigger and heavier, she collapsed under him. He savagely bit her head from behind, crushing her skull in his jaws, then ripping it from her body. He spat her head out and looked at the second FeMuto. MUTOs rarely get scared, or show any sign of fear, but with the sight of the other FeMuto’s body twitching, her head missing and blood pouring out of her body, the other FeMuto momentarily lost her focus. She heard a sound behind her, the unmistakable sound of a Goji growling. She turned around, and the last thing she saw was Gojira’s huge right hand coming down on her face. The impact was so powerful her entire skull not only cracked, but shattered completely on impact.

She died in an instant, as the remaining FeMuto was left at the mercy of Gojira, Zillan, Hareem and the other 2 White Naga. She had no escape, Zillan charged at her. He rammed her straight in the direction of Gojira, who in an instant swung around, propelling his tail at supersonic speeds into her body, breaking all of her ribs, some cracking inwards on impact, puncturing her lungs. She slumped to the ground as Hareem spurted his dragon fire-breath all over her face. With all the FeMutos dead, and the ground battle finished, there wasn’t much for Gojira and Zillan to do now. Hareem and the other 2 White Naga immediately took to the sky to join the aerial battle, while Gojira and Zillan would have to wait for any opportunity to help. The White Naga were suddenly struggling to compete in the air, due to their lack of numbers.

But then, Gojira heard an undeniable screech behind him, and it came from none other than...

Chapter 3:

Another day passed in Makubwa Ya Ardhi. Godzilla was never allowed out of the sight of his parents, as he frolicked around in Lake Hizbah and was fascinated by several flying Varan above him. A young innocent child who had no idea of the frenzied future that lay ahead of him.

Everything was relatively calm, but then a thunderous footstep shook the ground. He turned around in fear, and naturally ran behind his mother for protection. Gojira turned to face his brother, Thunder. Gojira wasn’t ecstatic about his brother’s return, it wasn’t much to celebrate.

He unenthusiastically welcomed Thunder back. Not too happy either, Thunder gave him a bleak response. He scanned the area, and spotted Godzilla hiding behind his mother. Godzilla having never seen Thunder before, was still scared and suspicious of him. Eventually realising he isn’t a threat, he eagerly ran up to him, hoping to receive some form of affection. He was simply brushed aside by Thunder, less than interested in his nephew, and moved into Lake Hizbah. Godzilla confused by this, just ran back to his mother.Gojira walked up to the shore of the Lake, and briefed Thunder about the situation with the Naga’s. Thunder never liked Gojira. He constantly lived in the shadow of his big brother, he was smaller, weaker and not as smart. He could never be King, and now Godzilla was destined to take the throne. He didn’t want anything to do with the situation, and ignored Gojira.

However, this sparked Gojira’s rage, as he roared in anger at Thunder. Gojira called him a coward for never wanting to face any of his problems, always backing down from a fight.Thunder not taking any nonsense from Gojira, got out the water to confront him. He walked up to Gojira and threatened to attack. Thunder however, was 35 feet shorter and about 17 000 tons lighter. He thought about retaliating, but backed off at the last second. Gojira knew Thunder would never attack him, he may have always wanted to, but he could never bring himself to it. Thunder turned around and with his head being held low, retreated to Lake Hizbah.

Gojira for a split second thought that maybe what he said was a little harsh. He knew Thunder was desolate when Tana was killed by Gigan. He knew Thunder held her in higher regard than him, because while he was going away and learning to become a King, she took care of him. He was visibly scarred and distraught after her death. He thought perhaps Thunder has still not recovered from the ordeal, despite it being 3 years ago. Even Gojira himself was hit-hard by her death. He had never had anything personal against Gigan. He simply viewed him as another MUTO who wanted to challenge him for his Throne, but the day she died at his hands, he felt like destroying Gigan, ripping his limbs apart one by one, killing him slowly. He still hasn’t found him, but when the day comes, he will take his revenge.

The day passed had quickly again, and soon it was night. Thunder slept a fair distance from Gojira, but was still visible. Godzilla smuggled closely next to Farren’s body, while she held him close. Gojira was lying down in a resting position, but he wasn’t asleep. He stayed awake, thinking of many events that had unfolded in his 57-year life. Goji’s usually lived till about 80 years old, and reach their adult size around the age of 25. Something that also bothered Thunder was that he had never found a mate, and never had children. He is and has always been a loner. That wasn’t the only reason he was awake.

He was restless, and was sensing a large concentration of radiation moving in Makubwa Ardhi. Another extraordinary ability of Goji’s was their ability to detect radiation, like a sixth sense. All other creatures could do this as well, but Goji’s were far more potent. That’s how they tracked prey. MUTOs gave off a scent that was different to other kaiju, which is how Goji’s would track them. Gojira now, was sensing a very high concentration of them. He was debating whether or not to go hunt them. Should he ask Zillan to take care of them? He was in 2 minds over this.

While many creatures in the world at the time weren’t that intelligent, Goji’s were arguably the most intelligent in the world. Some, like Zillan possessed a level of understanding no other Zilla possessed, but many others like MUTOs, relied on nothing but their instincts. With the exception of Gigan of course, his superior size, strength, and intelligence being the reason for him becoming the King of the MUTOs.

Goji’s have only one mate throughout their entire lifetime. While they reproduce only 1 or 2 eggs at a time, they reproduce pretty much through their whole lifetime. The reason Godzilla is so special to Gojira and Farren is because they have failed many times before. There are many predators who wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some food, and took risks to steal Goji eggs. Several creatures as well like MUTOs destroyed Goji eggs whenever they could. The less of your enemy there is, the better. Gojira and Farren have had 4 eggs destroyed/taken away, and thus are naturally overprotective of Godzilla.

Gojira suddenly heard movement coming around the corner of the mountain, and aggressively turned to face whatever was there, baring his teeth and letting out a spine-chilling growl. This awakened Farren and Godzilla, as they too turned to see what was there. His silhouette was vaguely lit in the moonlight, but Gojira saw him due to his night vision, Zillan. He immediately calmed down, and warmly greeted him. Zillan noticed one glowing eye behind Farren’s body, peaking at him. Realising this is Godzilla, Zillan walked over to him, and rather uncharacteristically, showed some warm sentiment towards him. He rarely showed some positive emotions, he was almost always a cold figure. Though he was still very young, Zillan could sense this young Goji was destined for greatness.

Gojira knew why he had come. Zillan abruptly returned to his usual cold figure, and walked over to Gojira. He noticed Thunder was back. Thunder wasn’t pleased to see Zillan, the feeling was mutual. Zillan too had sensed the MUTOs, but he also knew where they were going.The Red Naga battalion he had seen were spotted again, with many MUTO working with them. If they wanted to stop them and kill them, they would have to leave now. Thunder was there with Farren, so there wouldn’t have been any problem with Gojira leaving. They would trek to Lake Tengya. That’s where the biggest concentration of White Naga were in Makubwa Ardhi, and if the Red Naga were to be going anywhere, it would undoubtedly be there. The trek wasn’t very long, about an hour from Kanz Al’Ard, but they would have to move swiftly if they were to get there in time to help.

It took them no more than 40 minutes to reach there, quicker than expected. Several of the White Naga were high in the sky, scanning the perimeter. They noticed Gojira and Zillan from afar, and immediately their Leader, Hareem greeted them and displayed his gratitude for their help, but did it hastily, the battle would begin at any moment, and he lifted himself into the sky using his gigantic wings. He was one of the largest White Naga Gojira had seen, at 265 feet tall and with a wingspan of 300 feet. However, he was still small in comparison to some of the Red Naga he saw.

Suddenly in the high clouds above them, a shriek was heard, as one of the White Naga came tumbling down with a large portion of his neck missing, blood in large quantities escaping from the gaping wound.

The Battle had begun.....

Chapter 2:

(Kanz Al'Ard)

Godzilla was just born, and Gojira knew he had limited time with his son, so he made the most of it. He played with him and supervised him, although he was still way too young to do a lot of things. After being with his son for no more than 3 hours, he left for the West.

The meeting place wasn’t too far from Kanz Al’Ard. Makubwa Ardhi was a fairly huge territory, a couple hundred miles long. As a result, Gojira couldn’t possibly cover all of this territory by himself, he had several allies who could act as scouts, and help alert and deal with threats. The kaiju he was meeting now was probably his most trusted and strongest ally. While his power still does not match that of Gojira’s, his speed on land was second to none.

The meeting spot was near Lake Hawera, which was 3 miles away from Kanz Al’Ard. Lake Hawera was just about half the size as Lake Hizbah, but was just as beautiful, filled with dark blue water. As Gojira arrived at Lake Hawera, he payed attention to several young Zilla’s jumping around, playing in the water, while their parents watched him anxiously. Being piscivores, they usually dwelled in the water, the females often being larger than the males.

He scanned crucially for the one he was looking for, but he couldn’t find him. Suddenly, movement in the dark corner of the lake caught his eye. A massive being arose from the water, towering over every other Zilla in the lake. He was doubled the height of some of them, and weighed nearly 3 times as much as most of them. Just the one Gojira was looking for... Zillan...

Zillan (Zillus Jasiri) was no ordinary Zilla. He was one of a rare subspecies, who were known as Jasiri’s, Swahili for bravery. Jasiri’s were extremely different in many aspects to normal Zilla’s. They rarely fed on fish, had atomic breath, and were much, much larger. Their skin is bluer and their scutes have a white tint to them. Their genetic code in fact had distinct similarities to those of Goji’s. The birth of a Jasiri is extremely rare. It’s nearly a ‘one in a million’ chance, as few Zilla’s possess the necessary gene for a Jasiri, and even if they do, it’s highly recessive.

Standing at 320 feet tall, and weighing 66 500 tons, he was actually larger than some Goji’s. He was an absolute freak of nature, and being unusually bulky, even for a Jasiri. He had tons of muscle all over him, yet his most deadly feature was his lightning speed. His blend of speed and power made him one of the deadliest kaiju to battle. He was the closest to a kaiju representation of Muhammad Ali, with a perfect blend of speed and power. He had several battle scars all over his body, but he had 2 which he held in the highest regard. The first was a deep slash on the right side of his jaw, and the second one was the slash covering his entire left eye.

Both of them came from battles with Goji’s. The first one on his jaw came from a battle 12 years prior. A Goji named Dagyn had entered Zillan’s territory, scavenging for food. He had come across a dead carcass from which Zillan was eating. He just arrogantly walked up to the kill and dragged it away from Zillan. Zillan obviously retaliated, and got a strike from Dagyn, resulting in the deep gash on the right side of his jaw. A battle ensued, from which Zillan ultimately triumphed, killing Dagyn with a bite to his neck. The news of this battle quickly spread, and the Legend of the Jasiri who slayed a Goji reached every kaiju in Makubwa Ardhi.

Zillan at the time as well, was on his way to challenge Gojira for the throne, believe it or not. He had to wait to recover from his first battle, and when he eventually reached Makubwa Ardhi, he challenged Gojira to a duel for the Throne, for Kanz Al’Ard. Gojira, who heard of Zillan’s battle with Dagyn, still was in awe of the power and speed of the beast he faced. He was pushed to the limit in his battle with Zillan. During the fight, Gojira had managed to finally land a hard slap on Zillan’s face, one of his claws raking through Zillan’s entire left eye, resulting in his current scar being formed. This blow helped him gain the advantage, and win the battle against Zillan. Normally, the loser in this situation would be killed, but Gojira, having gained huge respect for the tenacity of this creature, let Zillan live in an honourable gesture.

Since then, they have become strong allies, meeting on multiple occasions and working together a couple of times. Zillan often prowls on the outskirts of Makubwa Ardhi, but sometimes would travel inland to relax near the big lakes. Besides the fact that Gojira was King, many actually feared the possibility of running into Zillan before Gojira. He had gained such a ferocious reputation since his killing of Dagyn.

Zillan gazed upon Kanz Al’Ard from afar, the clouds covering it at the top, always in awe of its beauty. Zillan had received some vital information regarding the Red Naga.

Naga: Height: 175-285 feet [When upright] (53-86 meters) Weight: 20 000-50 000 tons, Wingspan: 210-330 feet (63-100 meters)

Naga are dragon-like creatures who fly, and have 2 different classifications, the Red Naga (Dragonus Naga Rubeus), and the White Naga (Dragonus Naga Albineus). Their obvious difference is their colour, but the Red Naga are usually bigger. Overall, their differences could be comparable to that of dogs and wolves. They have had an extremely bad blood feud between each other for years. This had never been the business of Gojira, Zillan or anyone else in Makubwa Ardhi, but it was now.

Days beforehand, Gojira had requested Zillan to patrol the borders of Makubwa Ya Ardhi. He would have done it himself, but didn’t want to risk leaving Farren alone with their egg. Plus, Zillan was way faster than Gojira. Gojira would have taken atleast a couple of weeks to scout the entire border, but Zillan did it in just about half the time.

Zillan had seen something disturbing regarding the Red Naga. While scouting the Western side of the border, he had unfortunately run into some Red Naga. While they would not dare attack Zillan, it was clear that they had someone else to help them. Several MUTOs were present with the Red Naga, having seemingly forged an alliance.

Zillan was attacked by them, but he had managed to escape relatively unscathed from the attack. Both he and Gojira knew why they had forged an alliance. These days, the MUTO numbers had drastically dropped. With more Goji’s around, more of them have been killed than have been replaced in the past 9 months. If they offered to help the Red Naga kill the White Naga, then they could lay their eggs in the dead bodies of those White Naga.
This wasn’t the plan of any ordinary MUTO, they were too stupid and instinctual to think of such. Gojira knew the kaiju behind this tactic, Gigan...

(Height: 335 feet [101 meters] Weight: 65 500 tons)

Gigan…. The Alpha MUTO. Despite him being a male, he was somehow born without wings and inherited an upright stance. It is unknown what caused this look, but genetic faults or a failed cross-breed could be valid explanations. He always wanted to be King, and was responsible for the death of Gojira’s sister, Tana. The 2 have an extreme hatred for each other, and both would not hesitate at the first opportunity to kill each other. As said before, Gojira didn’t bother with Naga, but now that the Reds are aligned with MUTOs, they were to be given the same treatment as MUTOs… Death!

This was all Zillan had to tell Gojira, and he retreated back to his corner of Lake Hawera. Gojira, in a friendly gesture, invited Zillan to come and see his newly-hatched son. Zillan refused, today was not the day, he would come another time. They parted their ways, as Gojira moved back to Kanz Al’Ard and Zillan entered Lake Hawera once again.

Chapter 1:

From the darkness, came light. The first rays of sunlight penetrated the blackness of the land, as the Flat Mountain once again gracefully presented its beauty to all who viewed it. Millions of years from now, a man would reach its summit for the first time, and would call it “Table Mountain”, but to the world 250 million years ago, it was known Kanz Al’Ard, Arabic for Treasure of the Land. Kanz Al’Ard was situated at the tip of Southern Africa, in what today is called Cape Town.
Not known as Cape Town to the creatures, but as Makubwa Ya Ardhi, Swahili for Land of the Giants. There wasn’t a single kaiju who didn’t know about Kanz Al’Ard, and where it was situated. Whoever held control of it, was the undisputed King of the World. However, the world was large, and one kaiju holding the fort of Kanz Al’Ard surely couldn’t protect every inch of the Earth. Other kaiju were in charge of small territories beyond Makubwa Ardhi, but they all answered to whoever held the Flat Mountain.
The King of the Land opened his eyes, and for the first time in an eternity, joy was seen in them, for today he was going to witness the birth of his son. Gojira stood up, and stretched his neck following the end of his slumber. He towered over every other creature in the world, with a massive height of 380 feet tall. He moved over and entered the water rather majestically for a 100 000 ton beast, as he cooled off for no more than a couple of minutes in Lake Hizbah.
Resting in a position very similar to crocodiles, his eyes and nostrils visible, and the scutes running from his neck to his tail above the water, he gazed upon his mate, Farren. She slept right next to her lone egg. She woke up, but didn’t budge, keeping her eye on the egg. Gojira left the water and sat next to the egg. Farren got up, and entered the lake as well. Goji’s were highly adaptable animals, living an amphibious lifestyle. It was entirely up to them whether to spend the majority of their life on land or in water, but during times where temperatures were extremely hot, it was extremely appeasing to cool off in a lake.
Gojira eagerly awaited for the egg to hatch, he knew today was the day. An hour went past, then another, and another until he finally heard something. He turned all of his attention to the egg, as it began slowly, almost deceitfully cracking. Farren rushed over too, as they observed the birth of their son. A set of 2 tiny eyes popped out, as the young Goji broke out of his shell. This miniscule, innocent-looking creature would one day become one of the most powerful animals to have ever walked the Earth, but now was timid and afraid of the outside world.
He gazed upon 2 massive creatures in front of him, and upon realises they were his parents, his guardians, he immediately felt a whole lot safer. He stepped out of the egg slowly. As he tried to walk to them, he stumbled on the very same ground that in 25 years from now, he would be near dead. Oblivious to that now, he cooed to his parents, as they let out a soft chirp, assuring him of his safety. This was the beginning of an incredible journey, a creature that would become a legend, this beast was...


Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said "Why did you go up there to die?" He said I didn't, "I went up there to live".
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BaragonMember115 XPJan-13-2017 1:23 PM

This was awesome! Keep the story goin!


GiganStaff3811 XPJan-24-2017 10:47 AMTeam Godzilla

This is getting intense!

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPJan-25-2017 12:04 PM

Excited for next chapter

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPFeb-15-2017 12:05 PM

Lit story

"Part of the journey is the end..."

The Hooded Figure

TitanosaurusMember854 XPApr-25-2017 5:12 PM


The Hooded Figure

TitanosaurusMember854 XPMay-17-2017 2:44 PM



GiganStaff3811 XPMay-18-2017 12:28 PMTeam Godzilla

Fantastic job so far!

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

GiganMember4115 XPMay-18-2017 1:47 PM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

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