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Chris Briano

Jan-03-2017 11:45 PM

Yes, you can post comments in this thread. Tell me what you think. 




Yet another unsuccessful search. Just hours ago, Godzilla had left a small island after looking for Anguirus. He left the whole isle inflames, he blazed it out of pure frustration. A piece of his family is missing. So help anyone if anything has happened to Anguirus. Godzilla would let this tiny world burn til even he is incinerated. He tilted his head up, letting out a hot blue ray into the clouds...

Turning to the next direction... he sees a land covered with black sand. A familiar area to him. Stepping on the soft blanket of minerals, it was starting to come back to him. He fought another giant foe decades ago. A mammal guardian kaiju with glassy eyes and armor of stone.

Yet another earthbound monster who befriended the King after an hour long struggle. Many have: Rodan gave Godzilla the most trouble in the early days. Mothra would still clash with him on and on. It’s the kaiju who lean too far into the light or dark are those that Godzilla can never cooperate with. Those who set their minds to destroy like; Ghidorah or SpaceGodzilla, those are the ones can never become allies.

Benevolent self-righteous good doers like Mothra and Biollante always get in his way. Agents of good tend to see Godzilla as the symbolic dragon that they have to slay. They are destined to clash for the sake of balance.

It is the outsiders like Rodan and Anguirus, the ones mankind pushed aside are those Godzilla can respect...

There is a reason why this is a solo journey. Baragon, Manda, Gorosaurus are not capable of surviving such adventures. They have needy bodies that rely on food, water and rest. They would only waste his time.

Journeying further into the jungle, Godzilla can see a path of bent trees, possibly made by another kaiju. This was clearly caused by a large bipedal beast. Its best to follow the trail. Godzilla can smell a familiar scent as he stomps on the dead plants. It's Anguirus but there is something off. It's odd that the footprints are bipedal but with the scent of Anguirus.

The path is leading to the ruins. The place were many have vowed to defend the planet. There is this strange energy in the air that didn't seem to welcome the nuclear behemoth. He can care less how the spirits feel about him. He is not bothered by the weak disembodied voices echoing from the temples. It was just man of ancient times praying to their dead Gods... useless prayers from the already damned.

It was then Godzilla saw a familiar figure. It was King Caesar. The earthbound warrior is in his stone form, healing his wounds from a previous battle. Judging by the patches of wounds, Caesar had just been recently defeated by something mightier than himself.


Can't be. The spiked kaiju can barely hold his own...

Godzilla is tempted to destroy King Caesar’s statue state... that will have to wait. Another path is in front of him in the dark jungle. It's ashamed the lion kaiju is resting; he would be a good help for the search.

If this was Anguirus's doing... Godzilla doesn’t know if he should feel proud or threatened...

Chapter 1: Mission Briefing

A meeting is taking place in the Godzilla Memorial Lounge. Four Members of the Yamane Project participated this urgent gathering. Miki Saegusa, founder of the project and ESP expert. M11, android of the future who prefers to be in the past and deeply supports the Yamane philosophy. Patrick Wilson an amateur 20 something year old Kaijuologist. His young age and hobby isn't to be underestimated. He's the only one pursuing this hobby as a serious career and not some reddit page.

Lastly, there is Hank. The newest member of the group. Hank is actually an Xilian who wants to humanize himself. He's aware of the terrible reputation his people has and wants to break the awful stereotypes.

Ms. Saegusa turns on the screen of her phone to show the team a video. The video is taken from a security camera. The footage is unforgivably sketchy and the night mode isn't helping. In the video, a large behemoth is thrashing a power plant. It took the others awhile but Patrick can tell this was Anguirus. However, there was something vaguely different about him.

They watched the 20 second footage of Anguirus acting out of character. Eyes twirled at each other, fingers tap on the table, their chairs made awkward squeaks because nobody knew what to say.

"This is clearly some kind of mutation. Pause about five seconds in. See? Look at his arms, much longer and bulky. His nasal horn is longer. And now he is fully bipedal..." Patrick pointed all that out with just one view of the video. "And his skin has a strange purple hue."

"Do we know where he'll be landing next?" Asked Hank with a shy yet interested voice.

"No. But Godzilla seems to be chasing him..." Miki answered. Even that doesn’t help because Miki has idea where Godzilla is. Their mental bond has been weakening recently. Perhaps Godzilla has gained a stubborn resistance to psychic abilities.

"That's strange. The Godzilla species tends to pursue only members of their family. This to me, is like the equivalent to someone searching for a lost puppy." Patrick said.

"Well, Anguirus is like a brother to Godzilla. It would only make sense for him to actually give a shit about Anguirus." Hank suggested.

"Yea, I can see that, now that you mentioned it." Patrick rubbed his chin, wondering if Anguirus has gone rouge.

"The only thing we can do is to track him down. Possibly reverse this mutation" Said M11. "I've made some slightly unreliably calculations...There is a chance of this being a natural stage of evolution for this creature. The Earth is changing, as the Earth changes so will some our wildlife including monsters...."

"Even so, Anguirus is clearly a threat." Hank said while zooming in on the paused footage.

"Is it just going to be the four of us?" Asked Patrick.

"Afraid so. Not many other members of the team could do this. " Miki clutched her palms. Many had given up hope on this team, some have quit or went against her....

"What about Belvera? " Hank said, slightly excited but is expecting disappointment.

Miki shakes her head. "Sad to say that she is taking the death of her sisters very hard."

"...Oh" Hank said under his breath.

"The four of us will need transportation. Unfortunately, I am in the works of remodeling some vehicles. Hank, do you think you can use your Xilian ship?" M11 asked discreetly.

"Thought you'd never ask, Mr. Robot. Yes, we can use it. It's fast but without any idea were both monsters are, we'll be travelling blind..."

Tomorrow morning. The team will head out to investigate and possibly prevent any further causalities.


Chris Briano

Jan-06-2017 4:41 AM

CHAPTER 2: A Fleeting Hope

Meanwhile... In Monster Island

Belvera has been waiting for years for the egg to hatch. Ever since the death of her sisters, the Mothra legacy has been slipping away. The prayers and songs will soon be forgotten. Belvera doesn't know the hymns nor can she conduct the same holy essence as her sisters. Even after digging up old stone tablets of ancient prayers, it still wasn't enough. Belvera's gifts are not mean't for Mothra. They were meant for malevolent dragons and titans of old, most of which had been perished by Mothra....

"The last being who can bring balance can't wake up. I've done everything I could. That doesn't mean I won't guard you for the rest of my existence..." Despite not being able to wake the guardian up: She's willing to stay and stand guard. Not many monsters have the diligence to protect Earth. Yes, there's others like Anguirus and Rodan but they are just as stubborn as Godzilla. Even the likes Kong are hesitant to have anything to do with saving the world.

In ancient times, there had been many supernatural women and men who were annotated by Mothra. Sadly, after the bombings and wars from the 20th century caused a mass extinction to all of the warriors of Infant Island. Leaving only three left.

Unlike Godzilla, Mothra can actually forgive man's sins. That's what makes the two beast have a relationship that is so mythic. They both have tremendous respect for each other despite their differences. Godzilla punishes while Mothra heals and is the glimmer of hope. They both have a job to do. Without each other, the Earth will be extremely one sided. Even if Godzilla was destroyed, Mothra can not defend the Earth without him...

It's rare when they team up. When they do, that balance is molded into one to tarnish any threatening foe.

Belvera felt a strong breeze being blown into the temple. A loud echoing chirp is heard above Belvera. It was Rodan staring down at the unhatched egg. The dark sister took out her small sword, defending the egg.

" You have no business here!" Belvera shouted defensively


She swings the magical wand. The light projectiles only tickle Rodan's beck. The giant buzzard folds his wings and bows his head while roaring a baritone groan. Belvera can understand the dinosaurian, she dropped her weapon. His roar indicates that he has no interest in feasting on the egg. But instead, protect it...

"Forgive me. I know she meant a lot to you and to this island. But she meant a lot to me the most. I recognize your caring gesture...."

"You remind me of him..." She thought to herself. Rodan's roar reminds Belvera of her old pet, Battra. The dark moth hasn't been awakened in decades. He has no reason to wake up to the modern world anytime soon. Even if Belvera calls to him, he won't wake up. Perhaps Belvera has lost her touch. The once evil triplet is swaying to the light causing her powers to change. Belvera clutched her fist, wishing her sisters had taught her how to use these new found powers of good. That was when rain started to pour very harshly. As if the weather read her emotions of regret. Rodan slid his wing on top of the temple, shielding Belvera from the freezing cold.The once fallen angel of terrors has changed his stripes for the sack of the Earth... something Belvera can relate to. Seeing Rodan's willingness to stay and guard the egg has restored Belvera's faith.

Her sisters maybe gone but that shouldn't end the Mothra legacy...

Chris Briano

Jan-07-2017 8:01 AM

Chapter 3: Doomed From The Start...


The morning sun peaked out of the hills. Godzilla traveled all night. The night was uneventful, he soon lost track of Anguirus’s scent, his footprints disappeared due to the blistering winds. Once again, Godzilla had to rely on natural yet blind instinct. He stumbled upon a crater the size of a football field. A familiar sight.


This was where Godzilla dealt with Biollante: Sister of the King. This land is filled with historical battles. It may be about a few decades ago but Godzilla can remember the stringing pain from Biollante’s acid. True, Mothra is the thorn of Godzilla’s side yet at least they saw eye to eye. Biollante was a hybrid cursed with the soul of woman and the mindset of Godzilla.


Godzilla passed the crater and ceased his reminiscing just when he stepped out. Perhaps the universe is preparing him with these memories of previous conflicts. There is going to be a battle that will put Godzilla to the test.


It was then Godzilla’s ears picked up a booming sound in the air. Godzilla hunched upward roaring at the upcoming poteinal threat. It was Hank’s Xilian ship, boarding his team inside. It’s been awhile since Godzilla seen a Xilian ship.


The ship has a waspy texture. Black streaks with honey orange plates.


“Look there it’s Godzilla” Hank turned on the screen for the others to see. “Miki, can you connect with him…” Said Patrick. “I’m trying but the walls of his mind have gotten stronger… he’s immune…” She realized. “I don’t like that face he’s making… it’s best to get out of his way.” Patrick said with a hint of fear.


“Right.” M11 replied, copiloting with Hank. They flew pass Godzilla just when he was about ready to fire. Patrick noticed Miki pinching her forehead with her thumb and index finger. She looked very disappointed that her mental bond with Godzilla is over. The very heart of the Yamane Project had stopped beating.


“I can levitate objects, read the minds from miles away… but now I’m useless for the project.” Miki said while being aware of Patrick’s concern. “Maybe he’s blocking you for a reason. I mean, I know nothing ESP. To be honest, I always thought it was bull.” Patrick attempted to pep talk her. Miki put her head back up. “I suppose it’s possible. Sorry for being so melancholy.” Miki foolish apologized. “No, don’t. I get it, You’re the only human to connect with him.”


“Except for that one guy from New York who thought he was bonding with a Godzilla.” Miki joked, shifting her emotions to a positive level. “Don’t get me started. I had to make three visits to tell him that it wasn’t a part of the Godzilla species” Patrick laughed wistfully.


“Anguirus has been spotted!” Hank uttered, zooming in on the image of Anguirus swimming. Patrick walked closer to take a closer look. Patrick found himself putting his hand on his mouth. “He’s even more unrecognizable than in the video…”  Patrick said upmost with astonishment. M11 quickly set up the scanner. This is to figure out what is wrong with Anguirus’s DNA.  A dim multicolor stream began to scan Anguirus’s body. The spiked beast can feel the rays scanning him.


Hank is ready to harpoon a tracking device. Miki is trying to connect her mind to this brand new form of Anguirus. Hank finally got a clear shot just when Anguirus was just about to submerge. “Got him!” Anguirus’s whole body disappeared into the depths. M11’s scanner is loading with results.


Thanks to the tracking device, Anguirus’s whereabouts is in the form of a pink blimp on the screen. The Yamane Team cheered and congratulated each other. Mission almost accomplished. Everything is well…




Hank squinted his eyes at the screen. Anguirus ceased his swimming and is now beneath the ship. Hank is aware that Anguirus doesn’t possess long range attacks. “M11, set up the barrier. Now…” He alerted him. “What for? It’s Anguirus were talking about?” Patrick said putting on his “Kaiju-know it all” tone of voice. “Patrick shut up…” Hank uttered.


The water began to turn and boil. Miki can feel it. M11 turned on a forcefield. Just in time for a beam to hit the shields. The whole ship began to shake. Patrick’s widen, he didn’t think this mutation would grant Anguirus projectile abilities. The ray is coming from Angurius’s spikes. It is neon green with black bolts streaking uncontrollably out of the concentrated light. “Barrier is losing power. 80%....60%... 30%...” M11 alerted the others. 


The ship is a lot slower when the shields are up. Hank tried to go as fast as he can. “10%!” M11 yelled. If this were a movie, something unexpected will save the team. Anguirus is swimming underneath, blasting them endlessly. The whole shield powered down, the ship is hit by the chaotic beam. The whole cockpit shook, fire and smoke escaped out of the ship’s armor. With the shields down, Hank can speed up the ship….


A few miles away… Godzilla can see the large beam passing through the clouds above and into the blue sky. He greeted his teeth. He’s unaware of what caused this but senses it being a huge threat.


The blast was so immense that Belvera felt her team members in peril. She can see them all struggling to stay afloat. Miki attempted to try to steady the ship but it’s far too massive to use telekinesis. The ship began to tilt and nose dive down. Belvera can feel the acceleration and anticipated crash. This wasn’t some preminision, this is actually happening. The last image she saw was the ship crashing into the mercy waters…


“No…” Belvera whispered.


The ship is sinking into the sea. Anguirus swam passed the UFO, he ceased using his beam. This new Anguirus is clearly unfriendly. Now it was time to move onward to this destructive path.


Anguirus bobbed his head down, submerged himself for faster swimming. Godzilla just got into the beach, scanning his eyes side to side. Fog covered the whole area, covering Anguirus who is miles away. Godzilla is unaware of Anguirus’s presence once again. Anguirus had just reached the other side of this lake.


Smoke came out of the burning pieces of the ship. A few explosions flew out of the remains before being completely submerged. Godzilla heard the loud booming noises from a great distance. With the large amount of smoke, there was no way Godzilla could pick up Anguirus’s scent.


The journey is shortening; Godzilla is anticipating for a great battle ahead of him.  Godzilla ignored the sinking the ship, as the smoke cleared, he senses Anguirus once more. Now it is apparent to Godzilla that his new adversary just maybe his once closet ally…



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