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Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters Speculations Part 2: Plot Speculations Ver. 1

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Ultra Reviewer Zero

MemberMothra LarvaeMar-21-2017 7:58 PM

The plot for Godzilla 2014 involved two giant insect-like monsters called MUTOs awakening after a disturbance from humanity and causing havoc on the world. Godzilla, a prehistoric reptilian monster rises from the Pacific to tussle with the MUTOs. The subplot included Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Bryan Cranston seeking what the Japanese and American governments are hiding at a quarantine zone with Cranston dying and Johnson going back to save his family.

All-in-all, this plot-line was seemingly okay with the Godzilla community. Some said it was okay, while a few saw the human plot-line boring and wanted more Godzilla screen time. Legendary does promise that the upcoming film will have more Godzilla action along with three more monsters. What will be discussed today is the speculation of what the plot for Godzilla: King of the Monsters will be like. Keep in mind, this is my opinion on how the plot of the movie should be. In order to do this, two types of plot lines will be speculated for the film. We will speculate the plot for the monsters and the humans. Gareth Edwards made the previous Godzilla film based on a human perspective. Hopefully, the next film will have both a human and monster perspective. Unfortunately, we do not have a full cast yet as we only have three confirmed members and a rumored returning actor. Because of this, the speculation for this will have to be updated in many versions whenever we get more cast members for the new Godzilla film. Henceforth, this is version one of the plot speculation. But with that being said, let's get started.

Human Plot Line  

Speculating for a human plot for the Godzilla movie will be difficult as like I said we do not have a full cast yet. The cast members for this film so far are Millie Bobby Brown who is known for her role in Stranger Things, Vera Farmiga who portrayed as Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, Kyle Chandler who was in the 2005 King Kong film, and Ken Watanabe who is rumored to return for the 2019 Godzilla film according to IMDb.

Now, with only a handful of actors and actresses I can only try to speculate as much as I could only with them. With this bunch, I can see Brown, Famiga, and Chandler as a family in the film, similar to the Brody family in 2014. Brown could be the troubled daughter that lost her friends and/or best friend during the kaiju events in 2014. Famiga could be the mother that almost lost her daughter, but luckily has her still and becomes over protective because of that. Chandler can be the military father that witness Godzilla and the MUTOs fighting while in service as either a soldier or commanding officer. Wantanabe will still have his role from before.

For this type of troubled family plot, we could have Brown brooding over the loss of her friends while Famiga tries her best to make sure her daughter (Brown) is safe and does what she tells her to. Chandler could be rarely home due to his involvement with the search for Godzilla. After another unsuccessful search for the king, Chandler returns home to his family who that is in turmoil. He attempts to fix the problems and of course fails. Serizawa (Wantanabe) comes in to interview Chandler if anything happened during the search.

Here we can have subconflicts in the movie that involve lots of human protests about what happened in the previous film. There could be one group supporting Godzilla, another hating him, and another saying all monsters are enemies. This can give rise to the mention of the kaiju myths I discussed in part 1. We could have random people from the Pacific telling takes about Godzilla and the other rising monsters from ancient times. This can introduce the Shojibin of Mothra to further advance this sub-plot line.

Serizawa takes notice of these folks preaching of the monsters, and decides to take them in for interrogation and to learn more possibly because his previous investigations around the Pacific failed him. Serizawa shows them the cave paintings Monarach found in the past from Kong: Skull Island and asks of what do they know. The Shojibin explains to him what they mean. In the final cave depiction of Godzilla and Ghidorah, the Shojibin say that they have fought before and Godzilla was victorious. However, they state a prophecy about the return of Ghidorah. Keep in mind, this my idea of a prophecy.

The God of Destruction will return when nature's power awakens from humanity's curiosity, the monsters of lust and conquest coming out with the God of Power challenging and defeating them, the God of Storms ravaging once again across the ocean, our Goddess of Peace awaking to calm the fight between strength and speed, and when all powers from the Gods are weakened. 

After that, Godzilla and the monsters start showing up. Chandler is called to stop them, leaving his wife and daughter alone but not before they try to get to safety. The military tries to intervene, but as usual, fails. Ghidorah comes in and starts wreaking havoc that causes tensions bewtween Brown and Famiga to grow. Chandler comes back to save his family while trying to fight off the kaiju. Eventually, mother and daughter bond, the father saves them, and the day is saved by Godzilla who is now respected and admired by humans.

Monster Plot Line

Finally, we speculate the plot in the eyes of the monsters. First and foremost, we can observe Godzilla resting and sleeping in his habitat: the bottom of the ocean, maybe in the Mariana trench. A submarine or an unmanned submersible goes down to check on him for activity. 

All of a sudden, another male MUTO comes out of nowhere and causes havoc, giving the military and government lots of stress, anxiety, and fear for another attack. In the midst of this, an island is shown where a bunch of birds fly off in fear. We then take a glimpse of the giant pterosaur, Rodan, emerging and flying off fast towards the MUTO. 

Godzilla takes notice of the male MUTO and swims off to catch him. Rodan engages the MUTO out-speeding and out-maneuvering the buggy kaiju. After several hits, Rodan grabs hold of the MUTO via talons and drops him hard to the ground, severely injuring the kaiju. Godzilla arrives to where the MUTO is, and gets surprised to see it recently attacked. He then hears the call of Rodan, and the two rivals duke it out. 

Mothra emerges from the island the Shoibin were originally from. She flies off sensing that Godzilla and Rodan are fighting again. Godzilla seems to be having trouble taking on Rodan as his speed is no match for the giant pterosaur. He then whacks Rodan with his tail like he did before in 2014 against the male MUTO. The fight is now in his favor as Rodan is grounded. Soon enough, Mothra comes in and takes them both down to get their attention. Angered, the reptilian gods take it on Mothra. 

Meanwhile, the male MUTO flies off in the distance away from the flight. He gets very far away as possible, but due to his injuries he has trouble staying airborne and falls to his demise. He can fall onto where Ghidorah was defeated and sealed away. either it be the blue hole in the Caribbeans or some unknown Pacific island that looks shady and sketchy.

After the MUTO crashes down, Ghidorah awakens from his deep slumber. The MUTO cowards down upon the sight of the golden dragon, resulting in his death. Ghidorah senses the presence of Godzilla and heads toward the Alpha Predator. Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra become tired and decide to call off the fight for another time. Suddenly, Ghidorah shows up wrecks the trio up. Godzilla retreats to the sea while injured, Rodan flies off, and Mothra getting near to death. Ghidorah flies off somewhere in victory.

Rodan goes back to his island to roost and heal as much as he can. Mothra slowly flies off to her island and tends to her eggs that hatch into two larvae. Godzilla begins to feed on natural radiation in the sea, powering up and healing for the next fight.

Later on, Ghidorah arrives to destroy a city he landed in (Not too sure where though). The military attempts to stop him, but fails as he is too powerful. Ghidorah rampages with his might and deadly Gravity Bolts. Godzilla shows up to defeat his adversary once and for all. Both godly kings duke it out, but eventually Ghidorah gains the upper hand again.

Next, Rodan shows up and helps Godzilla with Ghidorah. Mothra comes in as well, with her offspring ready to battle. Rodan uses his speed to confuse and distract Ghidorah. Mothra does the same, but gets shot down and gets incinerated by Ghidorah's Gravity Bolts. Angered and saddened, the Mothra larvae retaliate by stringing up Ghidorah, slowing him down. Godzilla beats up Ghidorah and finishes him via Atomic Breath at FULL POWER. All monsters roar in victory and go back to whence they came from.  

This is just speculation on how the plot should be in my perspective, but I hope something similar will come out from Legendary. Thanks for reading this speculation about the new Godzilla film and comment your opinions and ideas about how the plot should be like.

There's no stopping my Big Bang now!

- Ultraman Zero

2 Replies


MemberMothra LarvaeMar-22-2017 11:12 PM

I REALLY like this!


MemberTitanosaurusMar-23-2017 12:27 PM

I'd actually prefer that King Ghidorah come from the moon.

This may be my bias after having written in that he came from the moon in my own stories, but I feel that retreating to space after fighting Godzilla in the past to Earth's lunar body would be an interesting take on "alien invasion".

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