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Godzilla: Domination (Chapters 10-12)

Godzilla: Domination (Chapters 10-12)

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Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPDec-27-2017 2:34 PM


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34°46'15"N 139°25'53"E; Izu Oshima, Japan

                Godzilla let out a deafening roar as Mothra flew towards him. He ducked, causing her to fly into his long, white dorsal spines. The giant moth turned around and flapped her colorful wings, creating gusts of wind powerful enough to knock Godzilla off his feet. As the King of the Monsters fell to the ground, Mothra grabbed the end of his tail and dragged him around. Eventually, Godzilla freed his tail from Mothra’s grip and hit her with it. As he stood up, his dorsal spines began to glow bright blue, illuminating the dark island.

                Godzilla turned around and opened his mouth, unleashing his Atomic Breath. Mothra dodged the beam and charged. She scratched Godzilla’s face with her clawed feet, irritating him. He swatted at her and stepped back. His back began to glow again. As Mothra flew off, Godzilla fired his Atomic Breath. He moved his head in Mothra’s direction, but she was faster. Godzilla roared in frustration as Mothra escaped. He looked around the island, trying to find his opponent in the night sky.

                Mothra scratched the back of Godzilla’s neck. He grunted in surprise as the giant moth attempted to break through his thick skin. He thrashed his neck around, forcing Mothra back. The King of the Monsters turned around and swatted at Mothra, grazing her abdomen with his sharp claws as she backed off. Godzilla growled, waiting for her to attempt another attack. Suddenly, a bright orange light appeared in the night sky. Godzilla grunted and began to walk towards it. Mothra, seeing a chance to attack, grabbed his tail and pulled. However, she was not powerful enough to bring him to the ground. Godzilla growled and turned around. He attempted to slash her, but she evaded the attack.

                Someone aboard one of the two Hayabusha- class patrol boats fired another flare. He watched as Godzilla turned his head, still fending off Mothra’s attack. He stepped towards the boat as someone else shot a flare. The plan was working. The two patrol boats and an Abukuma- class destroyer escort were to lead Godzilla and Mothra to California, where they would hopefully fight Ghidorah. As Godzilla stepped into the water, Mothra flew ahead of him, staring down at the ships.

*     *     *     *     *

                “Are you sure this’ll work?” John Edwards asked, “How do we know the monsters won’t fight each other or destroy the ships?”                 “Mosura is benevolent and Gojira only fights when provoked.” Dr. Honda answered.

                “Was boarding one of the ships a good idea?” Edwards asked.

                “There are plenty of lifeboats.” Dr. Smith answered.

                “Gojira is just curious about the flares.” Dr. Honda added, “If he wanted to destroy us, he would have by now.”

*     *     *     *     *

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Honolulu; Oahu, Hawaii

                It was a calm night in Honolulu, Hawaii. The sky was clear and it wasn’t particularly cold. Suddenly, buildings began to fall apart as a massive pterosaur flew above them. It soon landed, creating a booming explosion. The sound was quickly replaced by an ear-piercing screech. Horrified onlookers watched as Rodan looked around. He flapped his massive wings, producing powerful winds that tore the buildings around him apart. A squadron of five fighter jets shot at him, but did little more than get his attention. He flew towards them, hitting three of them. He turned and landed again in the green mountains above the city, seeing them as a suitable home. Rodan looked around the night sky, scanning the sky for more jets. Seeing none, he rested on the mountain.

                Rodan opened his eyes as he felt something his back. He looked around the slowly lightening sky and noticed a squadron of fighter jets circling him. He slowly rose and took flight. The squadron of four F22-Raptors flew ahead of him. Rodan followed, soon leaving the island. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something below them. It was a gargantuan creature with long, white fins that rose above the ocean’s surface. Above the creature was a giant moth. It turned its head and chirped at the pterosaur. Rodan simply grunted back. Soon, the people on the ships and jets could see the shore. Immediately after, they noticed the clouds of thick smoke rising from the decimated city of San Diego.

                The vehicles backed off as the monsters began exiting the Pacific Ocean. Rodan flew above the Coronado peninsula, eventually landing. Mothra was next, landing on top of a building. Finally, Godzilla stepped out of the ocean. He looked around the peninsula, quickly noticing Rodan. The giant pterosaur made no effort to attack. Godzilla did the same. They turned towards Mothra, who seemed focused on something they didn’t notice.

                A dragon with two additional heads instead of arms flew towards the monsters. He landed on the peninsula, destroying a few buildings. As the dust and debris settled, a high-pitched cackle that sounded like a bell filled the air. Godzilla let out a powerful roar, challenging the dragon. Rodan and Mothra were quickly readied themselves the battle that would quickly commence.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here:

Coronado Peninsula

                Blasts of yellow lighting shot from Ghidorah’s mouths, each head aiming at a different monster. Godzilla winced as the bolts hit his chest. He stepped back as his dorsal spines began to glow. He fired, hitting Ghidorah in the chest. The dragon growled and stepped towards Godzilla. The King of the Monsters charged, slashing and biting Ghidorah’s chest and necks. From behind, Rodan slashed Ghidorah’s back with his sharp talons. Mothra grabbed the middle neck and scratched it.

                The right and left heads fired their Gravity Beams at Godzilla, forcing him back. Godzilla watched as the dragon flapped his gargantuan wings and took flight, shaking Mothra off. Ghidorah circled the battlefield, blasting the monsters with his Gravity Beams. Rodan quickly flew after him. The giant pterosaur flew over him and quickly dove down, slamming his spiked chest into the dragon. Ghidorah screeched in surprise as the attack forced him down. Rodan slashed and pecked at Ghidorah’s back, soon drawing blood. However, Ghidorah shook him off and turned around. He fired blasts of his Gravity Beams at Rodan as the giant pterosaur flew off.

                Rodan screeched in pain as the Gravity Beams made contact with his skin. As Rodan tried to escape, he saw a bright blue beam out of the corner of his eye. Ghidorah stopped firing. Rodan turned around and saw Godzilla firing his Atomic Breath at the dragon. Ghidorah landed and screeched angrily at the King of the Monsters. Godzilla roared back and stepped towards him. As Godzilla advanced, Ghidorah grabbed his arms with his left and right mouths. Godzilla attempted to free himself as Ghidorah’s middle neck wrapped around his.

                Mothra pulled on the dragon’s right neck, eventually forcing the mouth off of Godzilla’s arm. Godzilla grabbed Ghidorah’s middle neck, attempting to free himself from his grip. However, the dragon wouldn’t move. Godzilla began to slash and rake Ghidorah’s neck, eventually forcing him to let go. As Ghidorah stepped back, Rodan grabbed his middle neck with his talons. As Godzilla slashed and bit Ghidorah, he fired his Gravity Beams. Godzilla winced, but continued his assault.

*     *     *     *     *

                “I didn’t think this would work.” John Edwards said.

                “I have never seen this behavior.” Dr. Honda said, “They recognize Ghidorah as a common enemy.”

                “Ghidorah?” Edwards repeated.

                “Our scientists gave it the name earlier today.” Dr. Smith said.

                “What do we do if Ghidorah wins?”

                “He’s against the strongest monsters on the planet. I doubt he’ll win.”

*     *     *     *     *

                Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams again, forcing Godzilla back. He turned around and fired at Rodan and Mothra. Rodan quickly flew off. Mothra screeched in pain as Gravity Beams from two of Ghidorah’s heads hit her. As Ghidorah continued his assault, Mothra fell to the ground. Suddenly, Rodan slammed into the dragon from behind. He grabbed the middle neck with his talons again and pecked at it with his beak. Godzilla fired his Atomic Breath at Ghidorah’s back and wings. Ghidorah quickly shook Rodan off and hit Godzilla with his clubbed tails. As Ghidorah took flight, Godzilla grabbed his tails. However, Ghidorah quickly broke free.

                The dragon flew in circles, nearly constantly firing his Gravity Beams at the monsters, who were slowly growing tired. Even Ghidorah himself felt a little drained of energy. However, a burning desire for victory outweighed both sides’ exhaustion and injuries.

*     *     *     *     *    

                “Ghidorah’s putting up a good fight.” Edwards said.

                “Look closely. He’s bleeding.” Dr. Smith replied, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

                “Is Mothra even alive?” Edwards asked.

                “I believe she is.” Dr. Honda answered, “Although, I fear she may not last much longer.”

                “Can Godzilla and Rodan finish it without her?” Edwards asked.

                “Probably.” Dr. Smith answered.

*     *     *     *     *

                Rodan flew after Ghidorah. He slashed the dragon’s wings with his talons, forming small tears. Ghidorah screeched angrily and fired his Gravity Beams. However, Rodan dodged the attack. Ghidorah chased the giant pterosaur, eventually catching up to him. He grabbed Rodan with his mouths and thrashed his necks around, tearing Rodan’s skin. As he tossed the mutilated pterosaur to the ground, he felt a weight pulling him down. The wind from flying had widened the tears in his wings. Ghidorah realized his flight time was limited.

                As Ghidorah landed, Godzilla charged. Before he could attack again, Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams at him. Godzilla stepped back and turned around. He began to whip Ghidorah’s legs with his long tail, hoping to force him to the ground. After a couple attempts, Ghidorah stomped on Godzilla’s tail. The King of the Monsters grunted in pain as he attempted to free himself.

                A familiar chirp filled the air. Godzilla turned his head and saw Mothra standing in between him and Ghidorah. The dragon snarled at the giant moth and reared his heads back. Scales fell from her flapping wings and blew at Ghidorah. The dragon fired a powerful blast from his Gravity Beams. Suddenly, a large explosion erupted. The disorientated Ghidorah stumbled, but stayed standing. Even through his blurred, spinning vision, he saw a burning object flying towards him.

*     *     *     *     *

                “Did Mothra just sacrifice herself?” Edwards asked.

                “Yes.” Dr. Honda answered, “But look at what it accomplished. Ghidorah looks close to defeat and we still have Gojira and Radon.”

                “Are you sure they can pull it off? I’m pretty sure they’re close to defeat as well.” Edwards replied.

                “But it’s still two against one.” Dr. Smith added.

*     *     *     *     *

                Godzilla stepped towards the bleeding Ghidorah. The burning Mothra flying into him seemed to do a lot of damage. As Godzilla’s back began to glow blue, Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams. Godzilla quickly fired back. The two beams clashed, forming a small explosion in the process. Each monster put more energy into his beam, but they were still equally matched. Slowly, Ghidorah began to overpower Godzilla. Once Godzilla could no longer keep firing, Ghidorah stopped as well. Seconds later, the dragon fired a blast of extremely powerful Gravity Beams at Godzilla’s head and chest.

                Suddenly, something slammed into Ghidorah’s back. The being grabbed Ghidorah’s middle neck and attempted to strangle him. Ghidorah quickly recognized the monster as Rodan. He shook the giant pterosaur off and turned around. He snapped at Rodan, but he dodged the attacks. Ghidorah fired a blast of his Gravity Beams, causing the weakened pterosaur to fall to the ground.

*     *     *     *     *


                The three M.A.P.L. members in the boat watched with dread as Ghidorah turned around. Somehow, the dragon had managed to defeat Mothra and Rodan. Even Godzilla was hurt. Despite Ghidorah’s visible injuries, he kept fighting.

                “What do we do now?” Edwards asked.

                “I don’t know…” Dr. Smith answered, “I think we lost.”




                Godzilla cried out in pain as Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams again. He fell to the ground, wincing as he endured the King of Terror’s constant attacks. His winced as he felt a stinging feeling around his wounds. Godzilla hadn’t experienced such levels of pain since the day the bomb was dropped, mutating him into something the Earth had never seen. He knew he would soon pass out. He finally met a monster stronger than him and would now endure the consequences.

                Something inside him didn’t want to give up. Even though the chance of winning was slim to none, he wouldn’t let the space monster win. Earth was Godzilla’s home, not Ghidorah’s. He slowly attempted to stand up, but quickly fell down again.

*     *     *     *     *    

                “Looks like Godzilla won’t give up.” John Edwards said.

                “I don’t know how he’s taking this much damage. Half that amount was enough to take out Mothra and Rodan.” Dr. Smith said.

                “Gojira is more powerful than them.” Dr. Honda added, “If any monster can defeat Ghidorah, it is him.”

                “Do either of you see something in the water?” Edwards asked as he stared at the ocean from one of the ship's windows.

*     *     *     *     *

(Want to listen to something more fitting? Click here:

                Godzilla eventually gathered enough energy to stand up. As he stood, Ghidorah ceased his fire. He looked up and noticed Ghidorah had his back turned to Godzilla. Near the dragon were two larvae- Mothra’s offspring. They sprayed silk from their mouths at Ghidorah’s necks and legs. However, the attack accomplished nothing. Godzilla watched as Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams at the larvae. Fueled by rage, he stepped towards the space monster.

                Godzilla grabbed Ghidorah’s tails and pulled. He winced as he lifted the dragon, an object significantly heavier than him. He lifted Ghidorah off his feet and watched as it fell to the ground. He slowly lifted him by the tails and let go, tossing the space monster behind him. The King of the Monsters turned around and, using every ounce of his remaining energy, charged his Atomic Breath. Once his dorsal spines obtained a nearly blinding neon blue hue, he fired. The sheer power immediately separated the dragon’s middle head from its body.

                Godzilla continued his assault. His blast tore open Ghidorah’s abdomen and shredded what remained of his wings. As the Mothra larvae showered the body in silk, Godzilla realized Ghidorah was finally dead. He had defeated the King of Terror. Godzilla placed a foot on the deceased dragon’s body and let out a deafening roar of victory.

                Out of the corner of his eye, Godzilla noticed something flying above him. It was Rodan. Somehow he had survived the battle. The King of the Monsters looked around once more before returning to the waters of the Pacific Ocean, followed by the Mothra larvae. The battle was over.

*     *     *     *     *

(Want to listen to something more fitting? Click here:

                John Edwards, Dr. Victoria Smith, and Dr. Haruo Honda sat in the conference room. After the Battle of Coronado, as the event had come to be known as, they returned to the M.A.P.L. Headquarters in Tokyo.

                “What’s going to Ghidorah’s body?” Edwards asked.

                “We’re working with numerous other scientists and politicians to answer that question.” Dr. Smith answered.

                “All I know is that I will not be a part of it.” Dr. Honda said.

                “What do you mean?” Dr. Smith asked.

                “After Gojira’s landing, Radon’s attacks Ghidorah’s emergence, and the Battle of Coronado, I have decided to retire at the age of fifty-eight.” Dr. Honda answered.

                “But you’re the head of the Godzilla Team.” Dr. Smith answered.

                “After three years as my protégé, I know you will be a fine leader.” Dr. Honda said as a smile formed on his lips, “If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.” He stood up and walked over to a long piece of paper on a table. It was a timeline of summer 2017, containing notable events in the world of giant monsters. July 28 marked the discovery of Kamoebas. July 29 marked Godzilla’s landing, July 30 marked Rodan’s escape. August 2 marked Ghidorah’s emergence. Finally, August 3 marked the Battle of Coronado. Dr. Honda added a note to August 4- “Dr. Haruo Honda retires.”

                John Edwards and Dr. Victoria Smith watched him leave the room. After about a minute of silence, Edwards finally spoke.

                “Now what?” He asked.

                “I don’t know…” Dr. Smith answered, “Except that we should stay prepared. We live in a world of monsters. Who knows what else is out there?"




“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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7 Responses to Godzilla: Domination (Chapters 10-12)

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPDec-27-2017 2:36 PM

New topic for the last three chapters. 

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

The Hooded Figure

TitanosaurusMember854 XPDec-27-2017 2:42 PM



TitanosaurusMember934 XPDec-27-2017 10:35 PM

Good job, SFK.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPDec-29-2017 2:21 PM

New chapter. One more to go.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


TitanosaurusMember934 XPDec-30-2017 9:34 AM

I look forward for the final chapter.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPDec-30-2017 4:27 PM

Final chapter is up.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


TitanosaurusMember934 XPDec-30-2017 4:37 PM

Liked the final chapter, SFK.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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