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Godzilla: Generations (Chapters 1-9)

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Northern Okinawa

                The scientists looked around the dark cavern, shining their flashlights in every direction. They watched the smooth walls for any sign of movement, but all was still.

                “What’re we here for?” One of them asked through his hazmat suit.

                “Follow me.” The elderly Japanese man said as he led them deeper into the cavern. The scientists continued to look around, finding nothing notable. After a short walk, the man stopped and pointed his staff at something ahead of them. The scientists pointed their flashlights at something partially sticking out of a section of the cavern that had appeared to have collapsed. They pointed their flashlights at the wall and quickly noticed something odd. There was a massive skeleton in the cavern, partially buried by rocks. At first, they only noticed a ribcage, but more was soon revealed. There was an arm, two legs, a long tail, and a skull with a few sharp teeth in it. It appeared to be lying on its stomach. One of the scientists gasped as he moved his flashlight along the skeleton’s length, starting at the head. What started as simple protrusions in the neck soon progressively grew into three rows of dorsal spines, although much of the right row was buried.

                “Godzilla…” He said. The elderly man nodded.

                “How can he be dead? We just saw him two weeks ago.” Another scientist said.

                “What if when he was mutated some sixty or seventy years ago, there was a second one who didn’t make it?” Another added.

                “Sakaki will like this…” Someone muttered. Suddenly, a deep rumbling sound filled the cavern. The scientists immediately pointed their flashlights in the noise’s direction. Seconds later, a head burst through the ground and let out a roar that echoed throughout the cavern. The scientists stared in awe at the creature. It watched them with large eyes that squinted in the light. As the scientists backed off, they caught glimpses of large ears and a curved horn above its snarling lips filled with large teeth.

                “Run!” Someone shouted as the monster slowly pulled itself out of the ground. By the time the monster began lumbering after them, the group was already at the edge of the cavern and climbing up the ropes. By the time they were halfway up the cavern’s wall, the monster had caught up with them. It simply growled as it watched the group retreat and turned around, heading back into the depths of the dark cavern.

                “What was that?!” Someone shouted.

                “I have never seen anything like that.” The elderly man replied.

                “Call the Monster Island team.” A scientist said.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2BgBU_a-Xc&list=PLsTCJMIf2rMj86_2SWrpfeLkCXjGwDD7w&index=10)

Monster Islands; Pacific Ocean


                The monster, dubbed Baragon, looked around the tropical island that had been his home for the past few years. Not too far from him was the gargantuan dinosaur, Gorosaurus. When scientists had moved Baragon, the site known as Monster Island was small at the time. They had no other option but to move Baragon into Gorosaurus’ habitat, not knowing if they would live peacefully or kill each other. Since then, even as the site grew into the Monster Islands, the staff never bothered moving Baragon, as he and Gorosaurus rarely bothered each other.

                “How has the site been doing?” Kevin Jackson, director of M.A.P.L., asked.

                “It’s been great lately. The barriers between zones are functioning properly, and we were finally able to capture Manda. Only downside is we only have one ship with the technology to deter him.” David Pine, head of the Monster Islands Division, replied. When the site was forming, he had moved to it from the Rodan Team.

                “We’ll be able to put more funding into your division soon. I’ve been told Kiryu is finished.” Kevin replied. Most of the teams were given no information about Kiryu, although many of the members were able to infer what it was. Soon after finding out what it was, David realized the name was Japanese and translated to “machine dragon.” Additionally, it was a joint project between the Godzilla Team and Weapons Division. He assumed it was a mechanical Godzilla, presumably built by Mecha-Ghidorah’s remains and the sophisticated technology of the early 2020’s.

                “How many monsters do you have so far?” Kevin asked.

                “Eight, although one is still in an egg we found.” David answered. He pulled up a picture on a computer in the observation building they were in. The picture showed a yellow egg with green spots on it.

                “Any idea of what’s in it?”

                “No, although we’re assuming it’s some type of reptile.”

                “Well, let me know when it hatches.” Kevin said as he stared out the window. David noticed that Kevin seemed to like Gorosaurus and Baragon the most, as he spent most of his visits to the site near their zone. David wondered what his division would do with the funding they’d been getting before Kiryu’s conception.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELHlQf6e-j8&index=20&list=PLnwzb7HUQqFKJxQ__aob2DRitfs0ttdEm)

M.A.P.L. Weapons Hangar; Tokyo, Japan

                Two silver elevator doors opened, revealing a massive underground hangar. Akira Sakaki, one of the heads of M.A.P.L.’s Weapons Division, smiled as he looked around and glanced at some of their upgraded arsenal, from the Super-X2 to a wave of MBAW-93 maser tanks. He watched sparks fly from vehicles under construction and workers applying paint to finished ones. However, none of them were nearly as powerful as the weapon they were there to see.

                “Welcome to the G-Force Base, home of the most powerful and advanced anti-kaiju weaponry in the world.” Akira announced to the group of four with them.

                “We have all sorts of vehicles and machines here ready to subdue anything that makes landfall in a populated area.” John Edwards, co-leader of the Weapons Division, added, “Multiple nations already equipped with our advanced tanks and jets upgraded with maser weapons.”

                “Is Kiryu finished?” Dr. Victoria Smith, leader of the Godzilla Team, asked.

                “Yes he is.” John answered. He and Sakaki led the three others through the hangar, occasionally stopping to show or explain something, such as how powerful the dull, gray walls were or how many vehicles were in the facility. Finally, he led them to a pair of large doors.

                “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the pride and joy of our Weapons Division: Mekagojira.” Akira said as the doors opened. He listened to the group gasp as they stared at the 344 and a half foot tall mechanical monster standing before them.

                “We built Mechagodzilla around a skeleton with Mecha-Ghidorah’s remains and equipped it with the most advanced technology we have. He has missiles, beams, and can even fly.” John said.

                “Have you tested it at all? We need to be sure it can win against monsters of at least Class II size. That’s something the size of Baragon or larger.” Dr. Smith asked.

                “We’ve done a bit of testing but nothing in combat. All weapons and flight systems are operational. The AI system works perfectly and there’s even a manual override.” John answered. Suddenly, the facility’s lights began to flash red as an alarm blared. John and Akira looked to each other and nodded. They knew what the signal meant.

                “Godzilla’s been sighted approaching Tokyo Bay! This is not a drill!” A deep voice shouted.

                “It’s time.” Akira said as he watched Godzilla's advance on one of the screens.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nHudA9-_4w)

                Godzilla swam through the deep blue waters of Tokyo Bay, his three rows of dorsal spines cutting the surface like a shark. In the water and land around him, thousands of people immediately ran for shelter as the sirens blared through the city for the first time in three and a half years. Godzilla quickly recognized the sirens, but didn’t feel the constant bombardment he was used to. He stuck his head above the water and looked around.

*     *     *     *     *

                The staff at M.A.P.L.’s weapons hangar immediately prepared to launch whatever weapon was deemed necessary.

                “We’re obviously using Mechagodzilla.” John said.

                “I don’t think the Super-X2 is necessary.” Akira replied.

                “Right; how about a squadron of Maser Jets for support?” John proposed.

                “That sounds good.” Akira answered. He walked over to announce what would be sent out.

                “Is Junior with him? The tracker’s been down for months now.” Dr. Smith asked.

                “Not seeing him.” John answered as he watched the screens. Suddenly, the doors to Mechagodzilla’s hangar began to close. The sound of jets taking off filled the room as Mechagodzilla was lifted by a pair of AC-3 White Herons.

                “It has a limited battery life, so we have to airlift it into battle. The White Herons are pretty fast though.” John explained.

*     *     *     *     *

                Godzilla stepped onto a shipping yard in the Naka Ward of Yokohama and slowly pulled himself onto dry land. He lumbered forward, demolishing the smaller buildings in his path. Occasionally, he looked around and changed his course. Before he got very far, he saw something massive in the sky. It lowered about two hundred feet away from him. Godzilla growled at the metal object, noticing it looked like him.

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                Mechagodzilla’s eyes lit up with a bright yellow glow. Its head lifted up and it let out a metallic screech. Godzilla roared back and stepped towards the mechanical monster. Before Godzilla could reach Mechagodzilla, it let out a series of missiles and bullets, all making contact with Godzilla. The King of the Monsters stepped back and charged his Atomic Breath. He fired, hitting Mechagodzilla’s chest. The robot fired back, shooting Godzilla in the face with a Type-99 Double Maser Cannon. Godzilla roared in pain and charged forward. Mechagodzilla did the same. As Godzilla slashed at Mechagodzilla, it did the same. However, Godzilla’s attacks were much quicker. After nearly a minute, Godzilla was able to kick Mechagodzilla back and charge his Atomic Breath.

                “The AI isn’t quick enough!” Akira said, “Put it on manual control!”

                “It’s still learning from Godzilla. Give it a minute.” John replied.

                “In a minute, Kiryu could be destroyed.” Akira said as he watched a screen displaying Mechagodzilla’s perspective from a camera installed in its head. He winced as a bright blue beam hit the robot’s neck. Mechagodzilla quickly fired its Double Maser Cannon again, along with missiles and bullets, causing Godzilla to step back. Mechagodzilla charged towards Godzilla as it formed its right hand into a drill. Before Godzilla could dodge the attack, the robot stabbed the drill into Godzilla’s chest and rotated it. Godzilla shrieked in pain and slashed at Mechagodzilla’s neck with his sharp claws. He tore at some wires and metal plating, forcing Mechagodzilla to stop the attack and back away. Godzilla turned, hitting Mechagodzilla with his long tail. As Mechagodzilla stumbled, Godzilla shoved it to the ground. Mechagodzilla immediately attempted to stand itself up, but Godzilla kicked it down.

                Godzilla placed a foot on the robot’s side, preventing it from flying. Mechagodzilla still attempted to move, but quickly stopped. Godzilla fired his Atomic Breath at it and soon noticed its lack of movement. He let out a victorious roar and began walking into the city.

                “Why isn’t he moving?” John asked.

                “It’s playing dead.” Akira answered. Suddenly, Mechagodzilla stood back up and roared at Godzilla. The King of the Monsters turned around and watched as three plates lifted from Mechagodzilla’s chest. As Godzilla stepped forward, Mechagodzilla fired its Type-4 Triple Hyper Maser Cannon at him. Godzilla growled and charged forward, ignoring the bombardment of projectiles shot at him. As he reached Mechagodzilla, it stabbed his chest with the blades on its wrist gauntlets. Godzilla kicked Mechagodzilla away from him and pushed it into a few buildings. As Mechagodzilla nearly fell over, Godzilla hit it with his tail. As Mechagodzilla fell to the ground, it fired its Type-99 Double Maser Cannon at Godzilla. However, the attack did little. Godzilla stepped towards his mechanical double and charged his Atomic Breath. Before he could fire, Mechagodzilla fired its Type-4 Triple Hyper Maser Cannon again.

                Godzilla winced as the blast hit him. He fired a short blast from his Atomic Breath at Mechagodzilla’s closing chest and watched as sparks flew from it. As Mechagodzilla attempted to stand up again, it fired every projectile it had at Godzilla, doing little damage. As he stepped forward, Mechagodzilla flew off the ground. Once it was nearly two hundred feet above the ground, it flew towards Godzilla and kicked him in the face. As he attempted to grab it, Mechagodzilla landed next to his tail. Mechagodzilla grabbed it and pulled, forcing Godzilla to the ground. Mechagodzilla lifted the tail and swung, tossing Godzilla into Tokyo Bay.

                Godzilla stood up and stepped towards the shipping yard again. Mechagodzilla immediately fired its Type-99 Double Maser Cannon at him, along with numerous missiles. Godzilla continued his advance, ignoring the attacks. As he reached Mechagodzilla, he saw it had stopped moving. Its eyes were no longer glowing. Godzilla swept at it, but Mechagodzilla didn’t react. Godzilla grunted and walked back to Tokyo Bay. Although he had won, he was in no mood to assail Yokohama.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyKckH99cD0&index=17&list=PLnwzb7HUQqFK17OOvBeKOtiZX6tBlzJzO)

                David Pine ran into a large facility on the larger of the Monster Islands. He was notified that the giant egg they had found months prior was hatching. He gasped as he watched another crack form on the yellow and green egg. Seconds later, a yellow horn broke through one of the egg’s green spots.

                “What’s in there?” David asked.

                “Maybe it’s some kind of reptile?” Someone answered. The rest of the head quickly appeared. It was black, with numerous yellow spikes and glowing, red eyes. The creature opened its mouth and let out a low screech as it broke through its egg.

                “Is that some kind of caterpillar?” Someone else said.

                “What if it’s related to Mothra?” David proposed.

                “What should we call it?” A worker asked.

                “How about Gigamoth?” Someone suggested. Before the conversation could progress any farther, the staff ran for cover as the larva charged towards a wall on its multiple legs and rammed its head into it. It rammed into it again, but the wall didn’t break. The staff stared to watch as the creature backed away. Suddenly, it blasted a hole in the wall with a bright orange blast of energy with his horn. It crawled out of the facility.

                “Why aren’t the barriers working?!” Someone shouted.

                “They only work on monsters inside the facility.” David replied. Suddenly, the ground shook. David looked to one of the screens and noticed that a large, crystalline mass had landed on the island. Baragon and Gorosaurus were already approaching it. David noticed the mass was larger than them. Baragon touched it with a hand, but nothing happened. As Gorosaurus leaned forward and sniffed it, the mass began to rise. Glancing back at the other screens, David noticed that Battra was already in the ocean.

*     *     *     *     *

(Want something more fitting for the next part? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SablNkX4zK8)

                A squadron of five ASTOL-MB93 Type-93 Maser Attack Aircrafts flew into the night sky, scanning the ocean for their target, dubbed Battra. Before long, they found him just a few miles away from the Monster Islands. They instantly fired maser beams at him. Battra quickly retaliated with a blast of energy from his horn, destroying one of the jets. The remaining four flew in a wide arc and fired from behind. Battra dove underwater.

                Underwater, the Super-X2 fired torpedoes at Battra. He charged, ramming his horn into the vehicle. The Super-X2 backed away and fired again. Battra fired blasts of energy from his eyes, but the Super-X2 deflected them. Before either could attack again, something slashed at the Super-X2’s underside.

*     *     *     *     *

                “What’s going on down there?” Dr. Smith asked.

                “Looks like the fight attracted something else.” John replied as he watched the screens showing the videos provided by the cameras attached to the remote-controlled vehicle, “It looks like a smaller Godzilla. Definitely not Junior though.” He watched as a creature with a square head and long, muscular arms bit and slashed at the Super-X. The vehicle turned and fired at it, scaring it off.

                As Battra returned to the surface, he saw the moon light blocked by a moth-shaped silhouette. It was Mothra. He shrieked and fired a blast of energy from his horn. Mothra dodged the attack and swooped down. She grabbed Battra’s horn and pulled him out of the water. She flew a couple hundred feet into the air before Battra squirmed free of her grip. He dropped back into the ocean and didn’t come back up.

                “What was that all about?” Dr. Smith asked.

                “The egg hatched at the Monster Islands. Before they could deal with the larva, something else landed there and Battra escaped.” Akira replied as he stepped away from the Super-X2’s controls.

                “How many other monsters are out there?” John said.

                “Too many.” Akira replied.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGsfvgk94Eo&index=28&list=PLohYzz4btpaRuUeCnveTZShbmgh2ERghc)

                Dr. Smith stared at the map of the western Pacific Ocean, hoping for a sign. It had thirteen days since Godzilla Junior’s tracker had gone offline and nobody knew what had happened. The most common theories were that the creature’s radioactivity had shut it off or that he had been killed by a larger monster.

                “You’re still looking for him? And what time is it anyway?” John asked.

                “It’s only 11:30.” Dr. Smith answered. John began to say something else, but was cut off as a small dot appeared on the map.

                “Where is he?” John asked.

                “I’m not sure yet.” Dr. Smith replied as she opened the camera feed and switched it to night vision. The two watched as a large, reptilian monster snarled at the camera.

                “That’s the thing that attacked the Super-X2 a couple days ago. It’s like Godzilla, but weaker. We just call him Zilla.”

                “How big is it?”

                “Not sure. I’d say maybe two hundred feet tall.”  John said as the creature snapped at Godzilla Junior, who swept his claws at its chest.

                “He looks bigger than the last time we saw him.” Dr. Smith said. Zilla stepped back a few paces before spring forward. Godzilla Junior quickly turned around and hit the monster with his tail. As Zilla crashed into the shallow water, Godzilla Junior shot his Atomic Breath at him.

                “Since when could he do that?” John said. As the two watched the battle, someone burst into the room.

                “The tracker’s back online!” He said.

                “We know. We’re watching it right now.” John replied without looking away from the screen. Zilla was slowly getting up as Godzilla Junior approached him. Before he could attack again, his opponent began to burrow underground. Godzilla Junior looked in every direction, searching for Zilla. After about fifteen seconds, he looked towards the ground.

                “Can he sense the radiation?” Dr. Smith proposed. As Godzilla Junior looked to the right, Zilla sprung out of the ground and grabbed him. As Godzilla Junior attempted to free himself, Zilla bit down on his neck and began to thrash. After a short struggle, Zilla let go and kicked Godzilla Junior back. As he charged his Atomic Breath again, the camera feed showed a powerful blast fired from above at Zilla. After the flash of light, Zilla’s right arm was gone. As the monster retreated into the ocean, Godzilla Junior turned around and saw his adoptive father, Godzilla. However, he looked different. When the camera’s night vision was turned off, a small patch on the center of Godzilla’s chest and the edges of his dorsal spines were glowing a bright orange.

                “Is he on fire?” John asked.

                “It doesn’t look like it, but it isn’t normal. We should look into it.” Dr. Smith replied.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv0yGnI5hyI&index=12&t=0s&list=PLWyzvhN8cnjQ0Zw4tFmyRpo_ZlOVU8z-X)

                “So we’ve got a problem on our hands?” Kevin Jackson said as he watched the footage from the camera attached to Godzilla Junior. The night vision mode had been turned off, as the bright orange glows from Godzilla’s chest and dorsal spines illuminated the ocean around the two. Whatever was on Godzilla had already began to spread to most of his dorsal spines and new specks were forming on his arms since its discovery.

                “We’re not sure what it is. It looks like he’s literally burning up. It’s already spreading to other parts of his body.” Dr. Smith replied.

                “Any idea what caused it?” Kevin asked.

                “No. It could be a lot of things, like a natural infection.” Dr. Smith answered.

                “What if he absorbed too much energy at once?” John added, “But what’s more important is stopping it before it spreads throughout his entire body.”

                “Agreed. What if he explodes? Or becomes too powerful to stop?” Kevin replied.

                “I already have an idea, but it would take some time and money. Mechagodzilla has the maser cannon in his chest already, so it would be just taking it out and putting some freezing weapons in. Sounds simple, but I think it’s easier said than done.” John said.

                “What if Godzilla’s heat melts through whatever you freeze him with?” Dr. Smith asked.

                “It’d still get us some more time to think of a more permanent solution.” John replied.

                “And what’ll happen if nothing works? What if a potential meltdown can cause the end of the world? Think about all the radiation that would release.” Kevin added.

                “What if we lure him to the Arctic Circle? Maybe the natural cooler temperatures would help him.” Dr. Smith suggested. Kevin glanced around his brightly lit office as he thought about the suggestions.

                “It’s quite a conundrum, isn’t it?” He said as he turned his chair to face the window behind him, “We think we’ve mastered how to live with these things. Mechagodzilla, a new Super-X… and then stuff like a burning Godzilla, an evil Mothra, and that crystalline mass on the Monster Islands show up.”

                “What crystalline mass?” John asked.

                “You didn’t hear? Something crashed into one of the zones. It’s starting to grow, but nobody knows what it is. Scans we’ve done show there’s definitely an animal inside of it.” Kevin answered.

                “We can lead Godzilla to fight whatever’s inside it if it breaks out.” Dr. Smith said.

                “Sorry to interrupt, but it looks like Battra’s been spotted again. He’s grown up already.” John said, looking at his phone.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYoyHMCLVKY)

                Battra flew towards Tokyo, his glowing yellow horns illuminating the night sky.  He quickly reached the mainland, just east of Tokyo Bay. He unleashed bright purple beams from his eyes on the buildings below him, instantly destroying some and setting many more ablaze. He flew over Tokyo Bay, entering the city of Tokyo.

                “What’s he doing here?” Kevin asked, watching the approaching creature from a window.

                “Not sure, but I doubt he’ll be here long. We already sent out a Maser Jet squadron, along with the Super-X2.” John replied.

                “Maybe Mothra will fight him like last time.” Kevin said.

                “The Maser squadron will at least distract him long enough for an evacuation.” John said. The three left the room and ran to an elevator. As the main headquarters of the Monster Attack Prevention League, the building was equipped with an underground shelter in the event of a monster attack.

                “How long until they reach him?” Kevin asked.

                “I’d say about two minutes.” John replied. As soon as they stepped into the underground bunker, they could see live footage of the Maser Jets speeding towards Battra on the wall of screens. Battra fired his Prism Beams at them, but the small, agile vehicles quickly dodged the attack. Battra quickly spotted the Super-X2 approaching him. It was the same machine that had attacked him days prior. He flew towards it, enduring all the missiles fired at his head. He fired his Prism Beams again, which the Super-X2 absorbed. He fired again. The Super-X2’s front end opened up, shooting a powerful blast back at his head. Battra roared in pain and rammed his horns into the closing end of the ship. He turned, slamming the Super-X2 into a building. Before he could continue his attack, he noticed something coming down from above. It was Mothra.

                Mothra screeched at Battra as she descended towards him. She landed on top of a skyscraper and let out a series of soft chirps. Battra growled and fired his Prism Beams at her. Mothra leapt off of the building and lunged towards Battra, grabbing his horns with her feet. He thrashed around, attempting to shake her off. As she began to lose her grip, Mothra slashed at Battra’s eyes with the last two of her many legs. Battra shrieked and fired his Prism Beams, scorching Mothra’s legs and abdomen. She let go and turned in a wide arc, gaining speed as she flew towards Battra, quickly forcing him against a building. As she attempted to tear at Battra’s wings, he darted forward, away from her attack.

                Mothra pursued her adversary deeper into Tokyo, soon losing him in the night sky. She landed on a tall skyscraper and looked around. Suddenly, she was forced down through the roof by an unseen force and felt an electric shock throughout her body. She looked up, seeing Battra’s glowing horns just as he forced her down again. As Mothra tried to break free, Battra lifted her up, sent another electric shock, and dropped his stunned opponent hundreds of feet to the ground.

                “Well that’s unfortunate.” Kevin said, brushing back his gray hair, “How’re we going to stop him? Mothra’s going to die and the Super-X2 is buried in a building.” Suddenly, a loud screech echoed throughout the city as a massive, glowing orange figure darted across the sky, tearing the tops off of the taller buildings with the wind generated from its speed.

(Want to listen to something more fitting for the next part? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET-lPL3TNpc)

                “That sounds like Rodan.” Dr. Smith said. Rodan extended his wings and stuck his legs forward, gripping Battra’s left side with his long, sharp talons. The giant moth roared in frustration as he struggled to free himself from Rodan’s grip. As Battra snapped his jaws and attempted to slash Rodan, the giant pterosaur slammed his beak into Battra’s back. Battra soon freed himself and immediately fired his Prism Beams at Rodan’s wing, slightly tearing it. Rodan growled and slashed Battra’s wing with his talons. As he began to retreat, Mothra rose up and grabbed his abdomen. Rodan kicked Battra’s face and attempted to slash at him as Battra escaped Mothra and rammed into him. As Mothra and Rodan tried to attack again, Battra flew away into the darkness.

                “Where’s he going?” Kevin asked.

                “Looks like back out to sea.” John replied as he watched the cameras. Suddenly, Mothra and Rodan began flying towards the ocean as well.

                “Looks like they’re pursuing Battra.” Dr. Smith said as Kevin’s phone rang. His face paled as he listened to the other end.

                “What is it?” John asked.

                “It’s… It’s the Monster Islands… All I heard was ‘The mass. It’s grown.’ Before there was this deafening screech and the call cut off…” Kevin answered.



(Want to listen to something while you read? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkfrQ-cdm90)

                SpaceGodzilla looked around as his screech echoed throughout the Monster Islands. He glanced to his left as a massive crystalline spike rose from the ground. Another, slightly smaller one rose next to it. He turned his head to the right and noticed a small, brown head with large ears and a curved horn above its snout poking out of the tree canopy. The rest of the creature quickly came up. At nearly four hundred feet tall, SpaceGodzilla dwarfed it. As he stepped towards it, he heard a roar to his left.  He turned to face it, glaring at the large dinosaur that was looking up at him. It was significantly larger than the other creature, but still smaller than SpaceGodzilla

*     *     *     *     *

                “What’s going on?” David Pine asked as he stared at the crystal that had rose from the observation post’s concrete floor.

                “Look out the window.” A scientist said as she pointed to something in the distance. David walked to the window and squinted, trying to see the creature through darkness.

                “Turn off the lights.” He said. As the room darkened, he saw something in the distance and gasped. The crystalline mass had broken apart. A gargantuan monster was in its place, staring down Baragon and Gorosaurus.

*     *     *     *     *

                Gorosaurus charged. He moved towards SpaceGodzilla as fast as he could and leaned back on his tail. As he kicked and slashed at the monster with his toe claws, Baragon lunged at SpaceGodzilla’s thigh. SpaceGodzilla growled in frustration and kicked Gorosaurus back. As the dinosaur fell to the ground, SpaceGodzilla fired a blast of crimson, lightning-like energy from his mouth at him. Turning to Baragon, SpaceGodzilla grabbed Baragon’s horn with his hand and lifted the smaller monster up. He fired another blast of energy at Baragon’s underside and tossed him on top of Gorosaurus. Watching the two monsters escape, SpaceGodzilla fired more blasts of energy from the massive crystals on his shoulders at them.

                Alone, SpaceGodzilla looked around the island as red lights illuminated the darkness and the faint sound of alarms blared. The island already appeared to be settled and was too small for a suitable territory. He grunted and blasted the structures near him apart with various energy beams from his mouth and shoulder crystals, setting the surrounding forests ablaze. Walking to the island’s shore, he hunched over as massive crystals began to grow on and around him. With his entire back covered in crystalline growths, he slowly began to lift himself off the ground. As he continued his ascent, he began to move forward.  Beams shot out of the growths, destroying the various defense systems shooting at him.

                As the crack of dawn began to illuminate the Pacific Ocean in yellow light, he spotted something in the distance. It was an island covered in buildings and lights. He had reached the island of Okinawa. He glanced around at it. The island was the perfect place for a territory. He closed his eyes and quickly descended, landing into the middle of the island’s southern end, near the town of Haebaru. Opening his eyes, he saw a large area surrounding him had been decimated by a shockwave formed by his landing. Looking around as the crystalline growths fell off of his back, SpaceGodzilla saw much of the area around him was already settled. He raised his head and let out a deafening screech, the sound audible miles away. It was just what he needed.

                A couple minutes later, he heard something approaching behind him. He turned his head, staring at the large, reptilian creature. It was a member of Zilla’s species. He snarled, and it snarled back. SpaceGodzilla watched as it began to walk towards the more intact buildings and swipe at them with its arms and tail. Behind it was a giant lobster, a new Ebirah. It tore its way towards SpaceGodzilla, slamming its massive claws into the buildings around it. As the two monsters destroyed everything around them, SpaceGodzilla began lumbering towards even larger buildings in the distance, occasionally firing his Corona Beams to cause additional destruction.

                SpaceGodzilla’s advance was soon halted by something firing at him from the ground. He grunted and stared at his attackers, a squadron of tanks and two Maser Cannons. The weaponry doing little but annoying him, SpaceGodzilla raised his foot and brought it down on them. As he continued forward, he felt more artillery being launched at his feet and tails. He simply swept his tail around, destroying the remaining vehicles and the buildings around them.

                As SpaceGodzilla nearly reached his destination, he heard a chirp above him. He looked up, seeing a giant moth fly down towards him. As it tried to grab his neck, SpaceGodzilla shot a Corona Beam from his right shoulder crystal, forcing it back. Before he could strike again, he felt something strike his back. Turning around, he saw another, darker moth dart towards him. As it aimed the three gold horns on its head to his chest, SpaceGodzilla swiped his hand at it.

                Watching Battra crash into a building, Mothra flew down to SpaceGodzilla’s tail. She grabbed it and pulled, hoping to drag him to the ground. Although he stumbled back, he didn’t fall. Mothra flew off as she heard SpaceGodzilla let out an angered growl. As he turned around, Battra shot his Prism Beams at his head. Glancing at the two giant moths, SpaceGodzilla shot multiple, knife-like crystals at them from his shoulders, hitting them. SpaceGodzilla continued his assault, firing his Corona Beams.

                Before Mothra could react, Battra charged towards SpaceGodzilla, ramming his horns into the side of SpaceGodzilla’s neck. SpaceGodzilla screeched and attempted to grab Battra, who began to bite and slash at him. As Mothra flew in to join the assault, SpaceGodzilla grabbed a crystalline projection from the ground and stabbed it into Battra’s side. Battra let out a deep cry of pain as SpaceGodzilla shook him off. Landing on his back, Battra knew he had lost. Firing one last blast of his Prism Beams, he growled as his field of vision was blocked by SpaceGodzilla’s foot.  

*     *     *     *     *

M.A.P.L. Headquarters; Tokyo, Japan

                “It’s even worse than Ghidorah…” Dr. Smith said as she watched the camera feed of SpaceGodzilla’s attack.

                “How did you stop Ghidorah?” Kevin asked.

                “We lured Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan to stop him.” She replied.

                “Why can’t we do it again?” Kevin asked.

                “By the time we would do that, SpaceGodzilla will have probably turned the entire island into the Fortress of Solitude.” John said, “But, if you think it’ll work, we can have Mechagodzilla deployed.”

                “You sure they’ll be enough? They barely beat Ghidorah.” Dr. Smith asked.

                “Godzilla’s certainly stronger now, and we have Mechagodzilla. Oh, and then there’s… the spikey one.” John said.

                “Very well, then. Have everyone ready. This is the beginning of… Operation Final War.” Kevin said.






“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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13 Responses to Godzilla: Generations (Chapters 1-9)

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPJun-03-2018 5:01 PM

New chapter. Sets up some important monsters and locations.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


TitanosaurusMember934 XPJun-03-2018 5:08 PM

I'm liking your story, keep up the good work.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPJun-14-2018 6:40 PM

New chapter. Sets up some cool mechs and vehicles.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPJun-29-2018 6:50 PM

New chapter. Godzilla fights Mechagodzilla.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


TitanosaurusMember934 XPJun-29-2018 8:02 PM

Liked the latest chapter. I really liked the fight between Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPJul-03-2018 6:33 PM

New chapter. Lots of new monsters.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPJul-26-2018 7:34 PM

New chapter. Zilla vs. Godzilla Jr.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Mothra LarvaeMember24 XPJul-30-2018 2:29 PM

These are great reads! Keep it up. :)

Check out my Godzilla Fan-Forum - Monarch Sciences!


Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPAug-06-2018 6:53 PM

New chapter. Sets up an important part of the story.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPAug-19-2018 8:07 PM

New chapter. Giant moth battle and an introduction to the final act.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPSep-09-2018 5:30 PM

New chapter. SpaceGodzilla does some stuff.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


GiganMember4252 XPSep-10-2018 2:23 PMTeam Mothra

Have you checked out my Gojiverse?



GiganMember4252 XPSep-10-2018 2:23 PMTeam Mothra

Have you checked out my Gojiverse?

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