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Can anyone help with list?

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Mothra LarvaeMember15 XPJul-29-2018 4:10 AM

i'm after a list of the classified sites on the monarch sciences website, my geography isn't so good so if you know where they are, please let me know. also any theories about what titan is at what site would be interesting too.

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4 Responses to Can anyone help with list?

Tony SAV17

Mothra LarvaeMember15 XPJul-29-2018 11:31 PM

Wish I knew myself, even if my geography is great.  


Mothra LarvaeMember15 XPJul-30-2018 3:32 AM

what iv'e got so far is 20 sites in total. although some sites might be empty or abandoned and may not have any titans present, i'm guessing the one in pacific is skull island, the one in japan is the muto site, the one in the Atlantic ocean is a sea based titan maybe ebirah, manda or megalon. one that is either in thailand or cambodia could be kumonga or kamacuras and one that is usa is probably anguirus. would love to see gorosaurus, battra, baragon, varan and hedora make an appearance though, with some redesigns. got to imagine there might be a couple of new monsters too.

also got a feeling some other non-godzilla monsters might appear such as gaira and sanda etc,  


Mothra LarvaeMember24 XPJul-30-2018 2:45 PM

Yeah, many are still being kept under wraps, but I'm expecting the same. Kong and the MUTO will both be represented on this map, and I think a few sites could end up just being "outposts" and nothing more.

I'm hoping for Hedorah, and Baragon, mostly. Battra would be cool, as well. I expect Destoroyah to play a part in the future, as well as space-based characters like Gigan.

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Sci-Fi King25

GiganMember4297 XPAug-06-2018 6:46 PM

Pretty sure the ones in Japan and the American Southwest are the MUTOs from 2014. I like to think the one in Scotland is Nessie. The one in the South Pacific is most likely Skull Island. The one in the Atlantic looks like it's somewhere near Bermuda (possible reference to the Bermuda Triangle?), but I'm not sure what could be there. 

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