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Godzilla Endgame Story By Me So Far

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The One And Only Godzilla

Mothra LarvaeMember12 XPNov-26-2018 6:54 PM



Men were in a navy submarine in the Pacific Ocean. The men heard about the fierce battle between Godzilla and Kong and got news that the monsters went their separate ways after the battle. The men were looking around the area as one man got up out of his seat.


“Commander Lane, I’ve picked up a signal headed towards our way” said the man as he sat back down.


“Goodness Gracious, look at the size of that thing” said the Commander as Godzilla swam past the submarine. Godzilla roared in the ocean as his light blue dorsal fins shined brightly in the men’s eyes.


Present Day, Boston Massachusetts (5 Years Later)


Emma Russell was walking home as she walked up to her front door step. Emma opened the door with her key as she walked into the house. Emma threw her booksack on the couch as she called her dad.


“Hey Dad, I am so excited!” said Madison with a look of excitement.


“Your senior year is almost over darling, and I am most likely getting promoted soon so yeah” said Mark.


“Glad you called I left you a burger and fries in the stove I will be over shortly to pick you up, I’m taking you to my job” .


“I hate going there, what a way to ruin my mood”


“Yeah yeah, you’ll be alright you’ve learned alot from here already, you have plenty of space in that big head of yours” said Mark as he continued.

“I got to go darling, Serizawa got me in some heavy work and I need to have it completed in about two hours so when I get off be ready so we can go sleep on the base” said Mark.

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