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Could We See Biollante And Gigan In The Monsterverse?

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MemberBaragonJan-14-2019 5:54 AM

Mike Dougherty was just recently interviewed for King Of The Monsters, and a very interesting question came up: Would Mike add any other Toho kaiju if he made a sequel? And his answer was very shocking. He said that he would add Biollante, who made her first appearance in '89. She's definitely an interesting kaiju to add, seeing her resemblence to Godzilla. (She's got G-Cells in her genetic makeup, G-Cells are just Godzilla's cells) But the question that I'm asking is that if she is somehow added in a future movie, what will her origins be? Will it be the same as '89, when she was a plant whose cells were mixed with those of Godzilla's and a scientist's dead daughter, or will it be completely new? Gigan is definitely a mystery too. He's had many different origin stories over time, ranging from being a cybernetically-enhanced monster to a ancient god-like deity who battled Mothra in the past and went dormant for 10,000 years. My best bet for Gigan's origins is Final Wars' interperetation on his origins, where he was a god-like monster who had battled Mothra in the past, and then went dormant, only to be awakened 10,000 years later to fight Mothra and Godzilla alongside Keizer Ghidorah. Sure, Keizer Ghidorah may not be in the monsterverse, but Gigan has teamed up with Ghidorah in the past, so it isn't exactly a long shot. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts and interpretations of their origins, so write away!

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MemberMothra LarvaeJan-17-2019 4:25 PM

I would thoroughly enjoy seeing Gigan in another Godzilla movie! I really enjoyed the cybernetically enhanced version of him in the Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters game. 

As far as Biollante, I think we could almost expect them to keep the same profile as the movie from 89. From the way the recent Godzilla movies are, humans play a bigggg role like they always have, and its almost expected for us to try to create something to destroy Godzilla. 

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