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Godzilla King of the monsters toys review 2.0

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MemberRodanApr-20-2019 12:48 PM

Alright here we go again

Lets start with the bandai figures first, because, uh... they aren't very good.


Mothra: The texture on her wings is nice, and the colrs really pop out, but thats as far a the good things go. She's a statue and has ZERO articulation. and her body mostly looks lke a blob of sculpted poop. She runs for around $10.

Rodan: Ohhhhhhh boy, what happened to him? The detail on his wings looks really nice, and he has an appropriately sinister look on his face, but thats all the good parts for him. His legs are attached to his body and tail, which I do NOT like at all, and his head is pointing down in a sort of derpy fashion. And he's a statue as well. This atrocity of a Rodan figure is around 10-12 dollars I think.

Ghidorah: This guy is really nicely detailed, and I can find no complaint about this guy other than he's a statue. Again. He costs $19 dollars.

Godzilla:Really nice figure, I LOVE the metallic blue on the dorsal plates and his eyes. The only real complaints about this guy is that his head doesn't  turn, his tail doesn't move, and the teeth are kinda sloppy. But he is a real nice figure. He runs for $15 dollars. Worth it in my opinion.


Battle packs: Surprisingly nice for being so small (3 inches) Have excellent, EXCELLENT price ($10), have a much better worth than the Bandai Rodan and Mothra.

6-inch Rodan: Really nice detail on the wings, absolutely love the texture on the wings. Very nice figure, and a reasonable price for him, a destructible building, and a Osprey helicopter ($15).

6-inch Ghidorah: Very nice figure, incredible detail on the wings and on the back. His wings are made of a rather heavy-duty plastic, which is a double-edged sword in my opinion. Why? Because his wings droop sometimes when posing him, but if the wings were made of a more lightweight plastic, they would break more easily. Overall a nice figure though. He costs $15.

12-inch Godzilla: A very big, solid figure. Nice detail, and the tail moves, which is really nice, but the problem with him is that he has screw-holes on his right side. they don't kill the figure, but it is a major downside. He runs for $20.


Mothra: TINY little body, but the detail on it is outstanding. The wings are translucent with paint applied over them, but it works extremely well. The flight stand with the Cocoon and containment facility looks real nice as well. The only down side is that she is TINY. The wings are literally only 1 inch taller than the NECA Godzilla. She costs $25.

Rodan: Amazing figure, I love the detail and sculpt. He looks absolutely OUTSTANDING. The flight stand also looks awesome. This Rodan is miles higher in quality than the Bandai Rodan. Sadly, like Mothra, His wings are only 1 inch larger than Godzilla's height. He costs $25.

Godzilla: Very nice looking figure. Incredible detail, and the two paints on him blend very well. Really no complaints here. He costs $25.

S.H. monsterarts

Mothra: Nice figure, but has some downsides, which include strange coloring, articulation problems, and overall, she just doesn't look like Mothra. My guess is that she will cost between $40-60.

Rodan: Man, S.H. monsterarts hit it out of the park with this guy. The resemblance to the actual film version is stunning. In short, if you want size and film accuracy, go from this guy. If you want detail and a sick flight stand, go for Neca. I think this guy will cost $45-70.

Godzilla: Man, the detail on this guy! He looks amazing. Plus, the articulation feature that allows him to move his head to face the sky is just amazing. He costs $70.

Ghidorah: The King of the Godzilla figures! This guy is hands-down the best Godzilla king of the monsters figure period. He is sooooo detailed and has an insane amount of articulation. He also costs the most, at a grand total of $180.

There you have it, my thoughts on the Godzilla king of the monsters toys/figures!

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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MemberBaragonApr-29-2019 9:49 AM

Honestly, Ghidorah should come with his gravity beams.

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