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Godzilla Extinction:Smokey Pov

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BaragonMember161 XPMay-27-2019 5:08 PM

I woke up, yawning. I haven’t woken up in years, even centuries, it felt. I opened my top eyes, then my bottom eyes. I was used to being in my tank, but ever since I walked in that strange goop, and ate that cricket covered in it. I was then huge, sleeping in the place I found it. I hoped Owner found me sometime. I killed the Baby-Sitter because I hated her! She wasn't Owner. I walked to the city I called home, looking for food. I decided to build a web, since my old one was too small. I found a nice tall thing spinning it. It was much faster building a web this big. A small creature, it looked as it was metal, ran right into the web. I pick it up, crunching on it. I chewed it a bit, it tasted weird. I swallowed it, then a smaller creature-which looked a lot like Owner- screamed, accidentally running into the web. Another one came from the inside of the stick, in black with a brown box and a handle, running into it from the underside. Another one ran into it as well, then one tried to run, but was too slow. I then crawl on my strong web, more Owner-looking things running into it, and then another metal animal. I eat them, coughing as it tasted horrible. But what else could I eat? I had to eat these Owner-creatures, even if they tasted gross. I preferred the metal animals. Then, a flying metal thing flew to me. It started shooting small yellow balls at me, then more came and shot yellow balls at me. I reached my head out, eating them. They tasted just like the little crawling metal animals! They continued to shoot me, and I eat them. Then, even faster bird-shaped metal animals came and shot little white things, fire streaming from the back. They hit me, these ones hurting more. I lifted a claw, swiping at them. Then I send them crashing. I roared, never making that sound before. I then walked to the water, swimming away. I found a nice sandy area, and I looked around. I saw a handsome gold-and-black spider. He turned around, smiling at me as he caught sight of me. He waved an arm. “I’m Kumonga. Who are you?” I blush a bit, saying “I’m Smokey. I’m new here, can you show me around a bit?” He turned around and signaled to follow. I followed him and he showed me his nest, a pit in the sand. I smile, “This is a nice place!” He blushed, swirling his claw around. I sat, lifting my claw. “Well, um..” He seemed as he didn’t know how to respond either, both of us blushing. *fast forward, when they’re mates* We walk around in the nest, Kumonga then went into the nest and started digging. I yawned, dropping large, soft leaves into our nest. I placed the eggs we had in the leaves. Kumonga curled into the hole, and I laid on the leaves, us both falling asleep. *Years later..* I yawned, waking up. I wanted a drink, not drinking in YEARS!! Kumonga curled more into his hole, and I walked to the ocean for a drink. I then felt as something’s not right.. I shrugged it off, as something in my imagination. Suddanly, I hear a thundurus BOOM. Then another, and another. I see a large lizard-ish creature, and he roars at me, “Who are you, and what are you doing awake?” Feeling threatened, I snarl at him. I don’t want this guy to think he can just come in and destroy the nest and crush our eggs! “I’m Smokey, and what do you want with the nest?!” The large, evil-looking threat bellowed again. “I’m Gojira, but you can call me Godzilla. What are you doing awake?” I reared up, showing him I'm the boss here. He sighed, “It’s gonna go THAT way, isn’t it?” He did a fighting stance, and I saw that as a threat. I charged, leaped, and I stabbed him in his fat shoulder and back. He growled, and to my shock, he ripped me off his back with great force. “That STUPID LIZARD’S GONNA GET IT!!” I thought to myself, as he pinned me to the floor, but I was more clever, swiping my claw at his arms, surprising him and giving me a chance to get up. I then pinned HIM to the floor, skewering his belly. He looked a bit surprised, then I did something he deemed uncalled for, my body felt as if it had a jolt of pure energy, my throat burning, something I never felt before..I opened my mouth, unleashing a yellowish-red laser from my mouth. He roared, then did something I deemed uncalled for! He bit my leg with great force, making me jerk it from his belly, and I roared. He then got up, roaring a roar of dominance. I growled, but then he whipped his tail and I fell. When he thought he had the upper hand, I then did my trick. I quickly stabbed his fat tail, then I bit it, my fangs sinking in. “Gottcha now, sucker!” I snickered to myself, him roaring in pain and me expecting him to die. But then, his spike glowed. I didn’t know what that meant, I just thought that what happened when his species die. But then, I was blinded by a blue light, my body feeling as if on fire! I never wanted THAT to happen again. I then screeched, my body feeling as it did earlier, and I returned the favor. He bellowed, then charged at me with his hands out. He pushed me back, and I tried to push him away, but that stupid monster was too strong! He pushed me over, and I struggled to my feet. I saw his spikes glow, and I remembered the pain. I tried to scramble away, but I was too late. He blasted me with his laser, and I was about to do the same, the bolt coming, but then.. “Ooof!” Godzilla pushed me down with his foot, the air being knocked from my chest. He then roared, grabbing my legs, and pulling them! He was JUST about to rip them off, but then..my hero! Kumonga came to my rescue, stabbing him with his sharp claws. Godzilla growled, flicking Kumo off his back! He then grabbed him by the legs, then threw him into the nest. As the dumb lizard was about to roar, Kumo shot thread at the unsespecting Gojira. It muted him, then he did a short blast to rid of the shiny, fine web. He then stepped on him! I was enraged as my beloved mate was being kicked around by this mean threat! I roared and charged, stabbing him in a warm spot. I honestly didn’t know WHERE I hit him, but that should have taught him. His spike glowed, though I didn’t know why. Then, a super PAINFUL jolt came to my arm! I stumbled off him, rubbing my head as a warm liquid dropped on my head. I looked at my arm, then.I.SCREECHED! THAT STUPID SON OF A B* BLASTED MY F*ING ARM OFF!!! I STABBED HIS MOUTH!! You bet I was f*ing MAD AS HELL!! I charged to him, beaming my laser at him. All of a sudden, he grabbed my neck, I was choking and coughing. He then made the generator sound, looking pissed as hell. I saw the blinding light, my vision going dark. I was dropped to the floor, my sense of hearing muffled, and my vision blurry. As all I could see, Kumonga charged to the thing, about to bite him. Godzilla then blasted him, not letting my mate avenge me. He slid to me, struggling to see me, smiling and crying. “At least we tried, right?” He weakly whispered to me, us both going unconscious.


*many years later*


I woke up, haven’t waking up in years. At least that f*er pulled us back to the nest. I looked around, feeling like I had more energy..more power..more sleep. I had just remembered what happened before I awoke. I was suddenly enraged. I was mad..mad at Godzilla-AKA: The STUPID, FAT, MEAN LIZARD!!-and I wanted revenge..I didn’t know WHO he thought he was..but I was now stronger than I was last fight, and I was gonna kick his a**! Kumonga slowly opened his eyes, still having a few scars, and so did I. He probably KNEW what I was thinking, and made a determined face as well. He then looked at the eggs, sighing in relief. I did too, as they were safe. I got up, scanning the water for any threats. I hoped that lizard f*ker doesn’t show his stupid s* face here again. I was still thirsty, dipping for a drink. Kumonga sniffed. “I smell a large bug. I’m going hunting.” “Ok, Kumo. I’ll stay with the eggs.” He leaped away, looking for the bug. I walked to the pit, and I lay down near our eggs. I waited, looking at the sparkling ocean. I didn’t remember how long I was looking, as I just kinda went into a daze. Kumo then comes back with a large beetle-looking monster. He laid it down near me, and we both ate. I then yawned, being a soon-to-be mom was tiring! I still had a few scars, and they still hurt, only a little. Kumo then laid next to me, and we fell asleep, again. After what felt like days, I woke up.  I was just waking up, still laying down. I was getting less mad from that fight, though I was still SUPER PISSED at that f*ker Godzilla...I hoped he didn’t just stroll in like last time! Idiot..I hated him, although that was my first time meeting him…great first impression! I had been having visions of me DESTROYING that ba****! One day...I would..I then fell back asleep, still tired, my energy still gaining. One day, I was gonna whip his sorry a**. That would show him to stay in the water where that fish, Mr.-God-of-Naps belongs. I then woke up, lifting my claw and rubbing one of my eyes. I still had a broken leg, so I decided to shed. Kumonga woke up too, and I told him I would be shedding to get my leg back. He nodded, saying he would keep his skin to watch the eggs. So the process began..

I didn’t eat, drink, talk, or move much during my process. I stayed still, then I forgot what happened in between.

I then came back to conscious, and I looked at my new skin. My leg was back, and I had no scars! I looked a Kumo, who smiled at me. “Ya look great!” “Thanks!” I looked back at the eggs, they were safe. I then looked to the ocean. I thought about random things, but something bugged me-what did Godzilla mean by “Why are you awake?”? I was confused about that, but I don’t know... I did feel like sleeping, though. I thought that meant the eggs would hatch soon!

I awoke again (It felt like all I did was sleep!), only slightly. I completely just didn’t care about that ba**** Godzilla, just about anybody destroying the nest. I looked around, just scanning for threats. I looked down at the eggs, which still haven’t hatched yet. I rolled over on my back, still sleeping. Why have I just been sleeping? I didn’t know.


I then get back up, and yawned. I look at the eggs. I pushed them into Kumo’s hole he made. I go to the water and take a drink. I wondered about Godzilla, then I had a happy thought: Maybe, we did enough damage..to keep him AWAY from the nest..FOREVER??!! I smiled. “B* doesn’t wanna come back.” I said in my head. I walked into the water, spotting Godzilla and some others, but I didn’t feel like wrecking his little a** right then. I took another drink, then I walked to the nest. I yawned, looking over my shoulder, and I saw just random chaos I couldn’t make out. I went to the pit, sitting down. I scoot the eggs to myself, watching them. I scanned for threats. I was also hungry, so I asked for Kumonga to either get something, or he stay to watch the eggs. He agreed to stay awake and watch the baby eggs while I hunted. I walked to the forest near the sand area, sniffing and scanning. I then spotted something strange. I saw a bundle of leaves and vines and stuff..moving? I make a grunt sound, it all being silent for a moment. Then, suddenly, the “bundle of leaves” zooms RIGHT at my face! I tumble over, the thing landing behind me. It raised its front arms threateningly. I thought for a quick moment. It was a Kamacuras! Kumo told me of these before. He screeched, flapping his wings and buzzing around me. Then, he suddenly flew right at me at lighting speed, stabbing me in the face. I roared, lifting my first two legs, crashing them down on him before he could get a second chance on me. I snarl at his face, him screeching while I had my legs stabbed through his abdomen and prothorax. He was slightly on his side, thrashing around his claws and shaking his head “No” quickly over and over. As l learned in the fight with Godzilla, apparently my venom isn’t as strong as Kumo’s. I still bit him, him screaming even louder. I bit him again, then once more. He screeched and cried and screeched and cried until he finally just stopped. He fell limp, and I called it a successful hunt. I picked up his numb, dead body to the nest with my first two claws. I bring him to Kumo and the eggs, and I set him down. We sat and ate his lifeless body. I yawned, happy that there was no conflicts directed us right now. I saw flashing colors in the distance, only hoping they wouldn’t make their way to us. I then saw lots of monsters, and a huge shadow, shooting beams. Kumonga also saw what was happening, and I quickly roll the eggs into the hole he dug and cover it with leaves. We quickly make our way there, seeing it was a huge battle, everybody fighting a huge metal Godzilla. I had an urge to help kill it, and Kumo practically read my mind, as we both charged at it and start climbing it, using our claws to stab it. It then threw a lizard monster off of it, then suddenly threw me and Kumo off it. We fell into the water, I surface and then Kumo does as well. I cough and sputter. It picks up a strange turtle-looking monster, opening his mouth, then RIPPING OFF AND BREAKING HIS JAWS! It then beamed him right in the belly. Godzilla looked pissed, ramming it and knocking it to the ground. It looked..shiny. It then beamed him, sending him flying. As much as I hated Godzilla right then, I knew this was a bigger threat. A female Godzilla beams it, but it grabbed her and threw her. Some strange-looking monsters charge at him, one teleporting and making explosions, one throwing boulders and another shooting lighting. One shoots lava. I was a bit dazed, so was Kumo, and we swam closest to shore we could, and we pass out. At least, I did.



Suddanly, I..woke up. I felt..stronger than I did before. The dragon was back, the turtle was back..everyone was back. I looked around me, and everybody roared. I joined in, ready to take down this thing. A few monsters shot it with beams, and so did I. Kumo shot his webs, them turning to fire when combined with everybody’s lasers. We were about to kill it! Then..a metal bird animal flew over and attached to its back. It got stronger as our attacks did NOTHING. It hit the dragon with its tail, sending him flying. It knocked out anybody trying to one-hand attack it. Suddanly, it beamed, scanning its face everywhere, and it came to me and Kumo. I saw only black.



I woke up again, the large Godzilla gone. I saw Godzilla talking with a flying thing, I was still hazy so I couldn’t make out who it was. It flew away, and Godzilla lied down in the ocean. I saw Kumo was also awake, and we both got on our feet and walked back to the nest. I was tired and out of energy, so I collapsed as soon as we reached it. Boy, was that a fight to remember. I scoot a bit more into the pit, lying on my side and falling asleep.


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4 Responses to Godzilla Extinction:Smokey Pov


BaragonMember161 XPMay-27-2019 5:09 PM

This was Done by MothraZillaKaiju7


RodanMember1789 XPMay-27-2019 5:18 PM

For those who have no idea who Smokey is, ask Mothrazillakaiju7

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


RodanMember1630 XPMay-27-2019 5:49 PM

Yeah, let's break up the rest of our POVs into chapters XD

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


SpaceGodzillaAdmin21919 XPMay-27-2019 8:05 PMTeam Ghidorah

Role playing is not what these forums are used for. Also, creating new topics for fictional characters and random role playing detracts from other topics about the upcoming Godzilla films. Please refrain from posting topics of this nature, if we open an RPG forum, feel free. But until then, no more topics of this nature will be permitted.

Thank you.

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