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Just because, does anyone else think it is possible for Behemoth and Kong to mate and produce offspring?

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BaragonMember155 XPJun-06-2019 8:04 AM

In the novel, Behemoth is considered more a sloth than gorilla. It is never mentioned the sex of the Titan but it is referred to as a god so it just might be a male. What I want your opinions on is if behemoth happens to be female, do you guys think Kong could mate with it and produce healthy offspring continuing their species? Titans are a unique life form so maybe normal biological limitations to what can mate and have kids are different.

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5 Responses to Just because, does anyone else think it is possible for Behemoth and Kong to mate and produce offspring?


BaragonMember199 XPJun-06-2019 2:18 PMTeam Godzilla

No sloths and primates can't reproduce their genes are too incompatible.


BaragonMember125 XPJun-06-2019 5:05 PM

Are you kidding me with this!?


BaragonMember155 XPJun-06-2019 5:14 PM

It’s just a thought I had, nothing to get serious about. Can’t a guy have a little imagination? Not to mention I think the cross would look pretty epic.


BaragonMember124 XPJun-06-2019 5:27 PM

Ehh.. Maybe, the cross could be cool. They are pretty different though, idk if it would work.

Also, ma***balove. I have not seen you say anything good or contribute to the forum since i joined. You are always so negative. Why did you join?


Gomi: Ninja Monster

BaragonMember251 XPJun-06-2019 8:40 PM

*One unexpected mental image later*

I'd still lean towards no. Titan biology is different absolutely, but if they're from an older world where thy once had many members of their species it wouldn't make much biological sense to be able to crossbreed. In this case you'd either get hybrids or completely separate baby kongs and behemoths, neither of which feels like a satisfying result. Plus, if it could be the case for these two Titans, why not the rest? That opens up a whole can of inter-species worms I don't want to think about. Makes you rethink all those jokes they made about that exact idea in the movie, doesn't it?

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