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King Kong Vs Giant Snakes

King Kong Vs Giant Snakes

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BaragonMember295 XPJul-23-2019 1:52 PM

I love to watch King Kong fight against Snakes/cobras and other reptiles, like, for instance, big lizards. King Kong fighting a T-rex or any other dinosaur, it's always very entertaining.

I would pay to watch a battle with an  armored King Kong.

Here's some good pictures of Kong, the King of Kaijus:

Here's an amazing fight scene with King Kong...


'King Kong 2005' amazing soundtrack


-What's your favorite King Kong fight scene watched on film?

- Do you need to Watch a fight scene with King Kong, where he has to save humans?

-Do you want another Giant snake in the Next King Kong movie, more similar to an anaconda?

- Does King Kong need Kaijus allies? Who?

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12 Responses to King Kong Vs Giant Snakes

Kamoebas V.6

TitanosaurusMember765 XPJul-24-2019 11:47 AM

I wouldn't call him the king of kaijus,also,what is this topic for?Like just showing some images,well i did a useless topic and i regret it,but really?Is this a topic,i would put it in the image gallery.


BaragonMember295 XPJul-24-2019 2:59 PM

The topic is in the works.

Improvements are being made.


BaragonMember295 XPJul-24-2019 3:21 PM

Imagine king Kong forging a sword with lava from a volcano...

Ok, he uses rocks and logs. Maybe he makes a spear. But, with a sword and a shield, king Kong would be invincible. With human's Help, that's possible. He is the Kaiju with best fight skills. Imagine him with real weapons..



BaragonMember295 XPJul-24-2019 3:34 PM

An interesting crossover...



BaragonMember295 XPJul-24-2019 8:25 PM

 An interesting read/watch/enjoy book...


RodanMember1789 XPJul-25-2019 8:24 PM

Unpopular opinion:

After some careful reconsideration, I want Kong to win in 2020

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Kamoebas V.6

TitanosaurusMember765 XPJul-26-2019 7:01 AM

Basically,i just want to know,what is this topic for?If you want to show images,just put it in the image gallery,and also,even if Kong has a sword and shield,he wouldn't be invincible,but its your opinion.


BaragonMember295 XPJul-26-2019 5:18 PM

The giant boa Python (King Kong 1976 movie; the snake from the banner) is the third snake kaiju to battle King Kong, the second 'cobra' is the Giant Sea Serpent from King Kong Escapes 1967 movie. The giant boa may also be inspired by the cave serpent, the first snake kaiju that battled Kong in the original 1933 film.

1st fight

2nd fight (ONLY the trailer)

3rd fight



Kamoebas V.6

TitanosaurusMember765 XPJul-27-2019 7:01 AM

This is needs to be an Article,not a topic!


BaragonMember295 XPApr-02-2021 1:41 PM

Who has the bigger heart, wins.

G theorist

BaragonMember195 XPApr-02-2021 9:17 PMTeam Godzilla

Looks like you got your wish :)

"Well of course gay men dress well, we don't spend all that time in the closet for nothing"


Mothra LarvaeMember36 XPApr-02-2021 9:41 PM

when you comment on a topic thats last comment was two years ago

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