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King of Mean

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Titan of Water

BaragonMember458 XPAug-18-2019 6:41 PM

I’m pretty sure Godzilla will not be a villain in Godzilla vs Kong, but for some reason thought it would be cool to make a song about it if he did and I decided to remake the Descendant’s 3 song “Queen of Mean”. Don’t picture Godzilla singing, but rather maybe some rock singer in the background like Breaking Benjamin or something. Anyway I thought of the Titans switching to Kong as their alpha and the military trying to kill Godzilla again. This sends him over the edge and now he is going to Battra for a power boost, feeling him call to him. Well, here it goes:

Im so tired of pretending, where’s my happy ending. I protected all their cities, I treated my subjects well. I stopped Ghidorah from making Planet Earth a living hell. It was finally my time, but after it came, they called on his name. And these humans have been nothing but a living pain. Rage is in my veins, hate’s on my brain. I’m gonna cover all their precious cities in blood stains. How dare they defy me despite my fame? I know exactly who to blame.

I thought I was rough but never mean. I thought I would always be the King. And their’s no in between. Cause if I can’t have that, then I will be the leader of the dark and the bad. Cause their’s a devil on my shoulder where an angel use to be. And he’s calling me the King...

A defender was my past time, but i’ve been cheated for the last time. And I’ll never let another human take advantage of me. The anger burns my skin, third degree. Now my blood’s boiling hotter than a fiery sea. There’s nobody getting close to me, their gonna bow down to the evil king. Your nightmare’s my dream. Just wait until your rivers are scarlet streams.

I thought I was rough but never mean. I thought I would always be the king. And their’s no in between. Cause if I can’t have that, than I will be the ruler of the dark and the bad. Now their’s a devil on my shoulder where an angel used to be. And he’s calling me the King of Mean.

Battra is calling me, his power magnetic. My body is pulling me, unsure where it’s headed. All of my senses have left me defenseless, this darkness around me is promising vengeance. The price I’m willing to pay is expensive. There’s nothing to loose when your lonely and friendless. So my only interest, is showing this princess, is that I am the King and my reign will be Endless!!!

I want what I deserve!!! I want to rule the World!!! Sit back and watch them learn, it’s finally my turn. If they want a villain for a King, I’m gonna be one they’ve never seen! I’ll show them what I mean!! Now that I’m that, I will be the ruler of the dark and the bad. Cause there’s a devil on my shoulder where an angel used to be, and he’s calling me the King of Mean!


Angering the Godzilla fan base one take at a time


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5 Responses to King of Mean


AnguirusMember1446 XPAug-19-2019 11:04 AMTeam Mothra

Yay Breaking Benjamin, one of my favorite bands!


Michael Monachino

Mothra LarvaeMember81 XPAug-19-2019 11:10 AMTeam Godzilla



RodanMember1789 XPAug-19-2019 11:33 AM


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


RodanMember1630 XPAug-19-2019 12:08 PM


If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Titan of Water

BaragonMember458 XPAug-19-2019 1:29 PM

If you want to see the song I based it on, here’s the link.


Angering the Godzilla fan base one take at a time


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