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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 5: Damn Spiders!

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RodanMember1630 XPSep-11-2019 12:10 PM


Original Idea From Dantefrancis

Made In Collaboration With:



Titan Of Water




Chapter 5: Damn Spiders!

Location: San Francisco, USA

Godzilla finally arrives in the city. He expected to find pandemonium, with tons of humans running around with a Kaiju destroying the city. But it’s completely and utterly empty. There’s nothing except for a bunch of vegetation growing over the concrete structures. Now curious at this empty human colony, he treks through it, looking for any signs of life. He looks down and sees something. Blood. It looks very old, as if it has been here for years. Whatever this blood came from is either gone or dead. He keeps looking and finds more blood, and more, and more, and tons more. He searches and finds something that makes him dread his upcoming fight. Webbing. Oh for fu- why did it have to be the one with the venom that can kill me?!!! But… Kumonga must have had a feast here. Must have been years ago too. How did I not know about this? Wait, what if there are other titan’s awake that I don’t know about! Godzilla realizes with dread that in the time it took to get here, many more creatures could have woken up. He tries to sense if any others have woken up. HOLY ****!!!! WHY THE **** ARE SO MANY AWAKE?!!! He sense AT LEAST SIX more Kaiju awake. From what he can tell, the titans that woke up are Rodan, Mothra, Wraith, Kraken, Goliath, and… Kumonga? Kumonga feels like he’s near whatever is creating the weird energy signal he felt earlier. Wait, if there’s two signals… that means I have to fight 2 Kaiju, at least one of which can envenomate me. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKING ****!!!!! JUST MY ****ING LUCK!!!!!!!! Godzilla almost roars out in anger, but realizes he shouldn’t or else he’ll give away his position. He calms and reassesses the situation. Wait, why do I feel Goliath, Wraith, and Kraken? Yes! Goliath’s back! Man, can’t wait to see him. They must have finally hatched. Good thing Behemoth hasn’t woken up yet… Godzilla snaps back to focus. He has to deal with these two first, then he can deal with everything else… According to the signals, they’re a little further along the bay, he just has to swim a few more miles. And thus, Gojira begins the final stretch of his trek…

Kumonga… Goji can already see the 8 legged figure of Kumonga in the distance. I should deal with him as fast as possible, and then try and get the jump on the other one. However, as he gets closer, he checks the energy signals again and realizes that Kumonga is actually a little farther off. Whatever he’s seeing isn’t Kumonga… When he gets close enough that he thinks it can see him, he dives, but keeps only his eyes above the water, like a crocodile. Now he can get a good look at the creature. It’s a bit smaller than Kumonga, but quite a bit bulkier, hairier, more red and brown instead of Kumonga’s yellow and black patterning, and female. It looks more like a tarantula than a normal spider. Well, here’s to hoping that I don’t have to fight her. Godzilla emerges from the water, and the Tarantula-thing gets into a defensive posture. Not a good sign. Godzilla still tries to be diplomatic and says, “Who are you, and why are you awake?” The Kaiju pauses, unsure of whether Godzilla is still a threat or not. It then says in a threatening tone, “I’m Smolacia… who are you and what are you doing here?” Gojira internally knows that this is going to end in a fight. However, for some reason even beyond him, he tries the diplomatic route one last time. “My name’s Gojira… or Godzilla, if you prefer. I don’t want to fight you, but you need to go back to sleep.” Smolacia just stares at him, as if analyzing him. Then, she rears up her front legs and hisses at Godzilla. Godzilla, knowing exactly where this is going, sighs and says, “It’s gonna go that way, isn’t it?” But  before Godzilla can even plan his attack, Smolacia is gone. Where did the b*tch go?! Godzilla can still sense and smell her, but exactly where she is he can’t say. The only thing he could do now is look. Godzilla begins to slowly walk through the ruined city. He can hear the hissing of bugs and the chirps of birds. It really was a jungle now, besides the buildings. Suddenly he can hear the sound of multiple legs crawling at once. I’m close… Godzilla takes very slow steps, sniffing and keeping his eyes peeled. He’s too distracted to notice the thread of web just inches from his feet. As his foot barely touches the thread, Smolacia quickly crawls on the ground and wraps the thread around Godzilla’s leg. What the fu- Godzilla is yanked to the ground, and then dragged around like Hector on Achilles chariot. His body smashes through buildings, his scales are covered in road burn, and he is severely disoriented. Suddenly he is upside down. His body has been hanged by his feet to a large building. Then he is hit again and again by pellets of webbing until his whole body except his face is covered in the stuff. Smolacia comes out of the shadows and climbs up the building till they are face to face. “My, my, what is this? The King of the Monsters, defeated by a weak, fragile spider as myself?” “You wh*re, when I get out of here I’m gonna f*ck you up so badly you’ll…” “Husssssssh...easy now little supper...don’t feel too bad. At least you’ll make a fine meal for me and my babies.” Godzilla begins to charge his atomic breath, but the heat from the glow of his spines and tail melts the web and he falls face first on the concrete. Smolacia lets out a laugh comparable to one a British noblewoman would give on Downtown Abby. She crawls down and, mocking him, gives Godzilla a tiny bop on the nose. Godzilla bites the leg mid-bop and she lets out a shriek of pain. She runs off. Why won’t that b*tch fight me?! Godzilla stands up, absolutely livid with rage. I’ll find her...I’ll find her, and when I do I’ll show her that she’s not dealing with a “little supper”! Godzilla again walks slowly through the streets, waiting for his opponent to pounce. I can’t take this much longer. All this hide and seek is Mothra’s style, not mine! It’s really pissing me off!  Suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his shoulder. He looks up, and for just a microsecond Smolacia is there, but then disappears like a blur. Godzilla hears a hissing sound, but it’s not his combatant. He looks at his shoulder. Acid. Well this is f*cking perfect…” Already he’s feeling woozy. Then another sharp pain is in his foot. Godzilla lets out a roar of rage and pain. This goes on for some time. Godzilla would be bitten or stabbed by one of her legs, he’d turn to look, and there would be nothing. Godzilla finally has had enough, and after giving a massive roar of frustration destroys an entire block of buildings with his atomic breath. Nothing. Godzilla lets out another exasperated roar. He’s sick from the venom, he’s paranoid, and he can’t kill this pest. I have to focus. I have deflect the attack as soon as she goes for me.  Godzilla closes his eyes. He keeps his smell sharp. He listens as best he can. Yes, Yes, that’s it, come to papa… He can hear her, smell her. He has a picture in his brain of exactly where she is heading. She’s gonna.. Godzilla turns and bites the arm about to stab him. A look of utter shock comes on Smolacia’s face. Godzilla twists it, slowly, making it as slow and painful as possible. Then he rips it off her body. She lets out a shriek of pain so terrible that it hurts Godzilla’s ears. But there would be no pity. He slashes her face and green slime oozes out of a couple of her hundred eyes. She recoils. Both stare at each other for a while, each anticipating the other’s move. Sweat beats down Godzilla’s face, his eyes begin to dry from not blinking. Then Smolacia lunges. He dodges and twists one of her many arms. *Crack. He then bites into her thorax and webbing shoots out everywhere. Godzilla gags as he tries to get it out of his mouth. Smolacia is enraged now. She lunges at Godzilla and bites him right in the stomach. Godzilla grabs her fangs and rips them off. He gives her face a good shot of atomic breath that blinds her. But with the amount of eyes she has, she can still see. Godzilla charges and tries to bite her face, but she dodges, stabs him right in the gills, and pins him down. Before she can stab him in the chest, Godzilla gives her another blast to the face with his atomic breath. She decides its time to run, but Godzilla won’t let her get away this time. He chases her as fast as he can go, shooting his atomic breath as he does. Smolacia jumps and crawls from building to building, dodging and jumping out of the way before Godzilla can hit her. Suddenly Godzilla feels something tight around his neck. I can’t breathe, I’m choking dammit!  He then hears a familiar voice. “You thought you could hurt her and get past me b*tch?” “Kumonga...you b*stard! In response, Smolacia stabs Godzilla in the stomach where he was bitten. Godzilla pukes out green venom and lets out an awful roar. The venom is already in his brain, his vision is getting blurry. “No.. this can’t be how I f*cking die.. if I’m gonna die, it’s not gonna be from getting high on f*cking spider acid!” Godzilla charges his atomic breath and shoots it at the web around his neck. A massive burn marks his neck all the way to his stomach. He staggers back in pain, and Kumonga stabs through the dorsal plates in his back and through his chest. Godzilla pukes out more venom, but he’s more awake now. He pulls the leg out of his chest and slams his tail into Smolacia, and at the same time as he turns bites Kumonga in the face and throws him across the city, eventually hitting into a tall building. Godzilla then proceeds to smash Smolacia into the pavement until she looks like she was hit with a giant fly swatter. Yet, she was just barely alive, her still functioning eyes blinking. Godzilla decides to switch to his foot when another shooting pain is in his neck “No! I won’t let you kill her...” Godzilla reaches behind his neck, finds  Kumonga, and with both hands smashes him into the ground. He rips off all his legs until he resembles a giant black and yellow football. Then bites his fangs, ripping out the bottom of his upper jaw in the process. Godzilla proceeds to kick Kumonga around like a soccer player while dragging Smolacia’s smashed body, until he finds their den. He throws them in and they lets out a mighty roar. Godzilla became so angry during the fight that you could see a little crazy in his eyes, and covered in green slime and roaring the way he did you might of thought of a tribesman from cannibal holocaust. Kumonga turns his head to a barely conscious Smolacia with tears in his eyes and says, “At least we tried…” before they both fall unconscious. However, Godzilla says “But why did you though?” However, they already fell unconscious. ****. He stares at the two for a moment before deciding to try and reason out why they’re even up right now. Godzilla walks over to the pit and stares at what’s inside, in shock. Eggs. Tons and tons of Spider… Tarantula? Eggs, basically Kumonga and Smolacia’s eggs. Well that explains a lot… Coulda just told me, the horny bastards… Feeling bad, he decides to try and put them with their eggs and lays them in as comfortable position he can think of (they’re spiders; how the hell is he supposed to know how they like to sleep?). After that, he realizes with dread he has to deal with the Kaiju who are still awake, and it’s afternoon. He has to send them to sleep before nightfall. When he checks their energy signatures, he’s shocked to find that A. Mothra’s injured, but asleep. B. Wraith is barely alive, but unconscious, at least for now. C. Kraken is beginning to take a nap, and D. RODAN is actually going to sleep; he never does that! Well, now he just has to find Goliath and talk him to sleep, and try to get him to remember something. The rebirthers never remember anything until they grow or get reminded of them enough. Still shouldn’t change that he likes to sleep. Wait, according to the signals… he’s right- “Are you… Gojira?” Godzilla turns around to see Goliath, in all his first stage glory. Godzilla smiles, or at least does the closest thing he can to it. Well ****, he’s already here. But how does he already know my name? “Hey Goliath! Nice to see you man!”

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2 Responses to Godzilla Extinction Chapter 5: Damn Spiders!


RodanMember1789 XPSep-11-2019 12:32 PM

I mean, those Damn spiders you know?

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


AnguirusMember1447 XPSep-11-2019 2:15 PMTeam Mothra

Yeah, who likes them spiders?


actually ;-; 

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