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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 6: Brothers

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RodanMember1630 XPSep-13-2019 11:36 AM

Original Idea By Dantefrancis

Made In Collaboration With: 



Titan Of Water




Chapter 6: Brothers

Titanus Goliath

Location: San Francisco 


Goliath runs on two legs before he leaps onto a building and starts climbing. “Ok, I still got the hang of it.” He senses that there are 3 types of titans. He decides to look there first, before looking for Wraith. She’s smart...so I don’t have to worry...Yet. Goliath leaps from building to building, and after landing on the ground, runs on all fours, rushing to get to the 3 Titans that he senses now. When he gets there, he sees three Titans, but two are inside a big hole. He’s surprised, however, as he sees the same lizard the human showed on the rocks earlier. He looks closer and says,“Are you… Gojira? The creature looks surprised, and Goliath thinks that he can see a smile on his face. “Hey Goliath! Nice to see you man!” Goilath wonders how the hell he knows his name. Hell, the only reason he knows his name is because the human told him. But it looks like this creature knows more than him. He looks at him, then looks at the two Titans and points to Gojira. “Did you do this?” Godzilla looks like he regrets something. ”Yes,because they wouldn’t go to sleep and they fought me, so I had to teach them a lesson… AND ONE OF THEM STABBED ME RIGHT IN THE ****ING MOUTH!!! I MEAN COME ON MAN!!!! Plus, why are you siding with them? If anyone ever agreed with me on this, it’s you!” Goliath just shakes his head and sits down looking at them. He sets most of his weight on one of the buildings, and simply said, ”Let me guess, these two didn’t listen to you, you tried to be reasonable, but it didn’t work, and you three had a fight. And I came to see the aftermath.” Godzilla looks surprised. Because to be honest, he expected another fight… Then again, Goliath is like him. Likes to sleep, fight, or talk. Even without his memories, we still relate on a basic level. Good to know in case I ever have to deal with him waking up after rebirthing again. But why does he remember my name, but not me? Then it hit him, Goliath probably doesn’t remember anything other than the fact that he, Wraith, Behemoth, and Kraken are bonded to him, Rodan, Ghidorah, and Mothra. Something must have made him remember that, at least. But this is a good thing. How? Cause I don’t have to tell him EVERYTHING we did for centuries. It gets tiring, with the introductions and whatnot. His memories should come back when he gets to stage 3 anyways. Goliath then sees something coming down from the sky. Godzilla knew who it was, but he worries that Goliath might think it is a threat.“Goliath, you remember Mothra right?”Goliath tilted his head sideways before saying, “The moth, right?” Godzilla nods his head before seeing Mothra fly down, and land on a building. She sees both Godzilla and Goliath. Goliath’s awake too? Ok, now he wants to get his memories back. The fact that he only remembers glimpses and images is getting him on his nerves. “Yeah, he’s awake. Why?” Mothra shakes her head and says, “Oh I don’t know, maybe Kraken is awake...AND TRIED TO KILL ME.” Both Goliath and Godzilla are shocked. “But Kraken doesn’t attack anyone unless he’s provoked…” Goliath says. “Unless… he’s trying to get somewhere.” Then it hits him. He probably doesn’t even remember… Mothra. And the last place he went to is an old temple. “Wait, couldn’t you handle him? He’s only stage one.” Says Godzilla. “Well… I didn’t want to hurt him and he took advantage of that and beat me.” “Wait… so you lost… to Kraken… when he’s in his first stage…” Godzilla tries to hold it in, but he ends up laughing incredibly hard. Big mistake. “GODZILLA I SWEAR ON MY GRAVE IF YOU DON’T SHUT THE **** UP YA LITTLE BEYOTCH I AM GOING TO-” “FINE FINE!!! JEEZ!!!! Yes, Moth…” “That’s what I thought.” “Wait, I thought your name was Gojira!” “It is!” “But she just called you-” “Goliath, he has multiple names. His species are usually called Godzilla’s, and since he’s usually the only one awake, we call him that too. His actual name is Gojira, that’s the one he was born with. We also call him Goji for short. That’s why I’m usually called Mothra or Moth instead of Mosura.” “YOUR NAME ISN’T MOTHRA?!!!” “Oh for ****’s sake Goliath!” “Don’t blame the guy, he doesn’t have all of his memories. Unless you want to get beaten by-” Mothra flies over to Godzilla and picks him up. Goliath watches in awe as the tiny moth picks up the much larger lizard. “Put me down! Please put me down Mothra!” “SAY IT AGAIN!!!! I ****ING DARE YOU, SAY KRAKEN BEAT ME ONE MORE ****ING TIME!!!!” “Please put me down!!!” “LITTLE BEYOTCH!!!!! That’s what I thought. Don’t ever forget who you’re talking to again!” “Ok ok! Please just let me go!” “Poor choice of words… thought I taught you better than that.” “WAIT WAI-” Mothra drops Godzilla. Goliath barely has enough time to get out of the way before Godzilla lands with a giant thud. Godzilla groans and gets back up. “GODDAMN! I thought you were supposed to be some big, tough Kaiju. Then you just got your ass handed to you by a tiny Moth.” Mothra laughs at him from the air. “You shut up! You lost to Wraith, who got her ass handed to her by Zilla Junior when he was just a kid!” “Who?” “Alright, I’m done with this. You guys go do whatever the **** you wanna do. Goliath, you better go to sleep and evolve or whatever you call it. Mothra, I hope you go to sleep, but there really isn’t much I can do about that.” “Damn right!” “Wait, why do you even make people go to sleep in the first place?” Godzilla stares at him, and tries to find the words to explain, but can’t. “Eh, there’s no point in explaining when you’ll remember in a month or two anyways.” “WAIT A MONTH?!!!! IT’S GOING TO TAKE A MONTH TO GET MY MEMORIES AND STRENGTH BACK?!!!!” “Eh, more like two,” chimes in Mothra. “And that’s why you should sleep for most of it.” “But what about the others? And Behemoth hasn’t woken up ye-” “OH ****!!!” Godzilla looks like he has a **** ton of **** to deal with. “What is it?!!!” “OH GOD DAMN IT!!!!! WHYHYHY?!!!!!!! I just remembered, whenever Behemoth  comes back, so does you know who. Damn! I just want some sleep, but that ****er won’t let me, will he? And then he’s gonna wake everyone else up! GOD ****ING DAMN IT!!!!!” Godzilla looks absolutely done with life, like he just wants to die. “Who are you talking about?” “Listen Goliath, you know about the bond things, right?  And you know all of our names?” asks Mothra. “Yes? Why does that matter?” Goliath asks while Godzilla rants about all the Kaiju he’s going to have to deal with. “Well, think! Who would wake up around the same time Behemoth will?” “The Kaiju that’s bonded to him?” “Exactly. That’s who he’s going to have to deal with… and probably Behemoth and all the other Kaiju too.” “...Wait, what’s his name again?” “OH FOR FU-”

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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RodanMember1789 XPSep-13-2019 11:42 AM

OOG chak

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


AnguirusMember1443 XPSep-16-2019 6:40 AMTeam Mothra


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