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Rodan (Legendary) vs Mothra (Heisei)

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MemberRodanSep-16-2019 1:49 PM

I didn't try very hard on this one, just a fun brawl between two aerial monsters.

With a screeching roar, Rodan the fire demon crawled out of his volcano in Isla de Mara. Terrorists had set the monstrous beast free to combat the goddess of infant island, Mothra!


Backed by the ARGO jet and a squadron of fighter jets, Mothra soared through the sky towards the smoke and ash billowing into the sky. The ARGO and the fighter jets sped ahead to try and stop or weaken Rodan, but it was all but naught. When Rodan saw the military's weapons, he attacked with a vengeance, not skipping a beat until everything but the ARGO was destroyed. The ARGO sped back towards where Mothra was flying and lured Rodan to her location.


Rodan flew through the clouds speeding towards the ARGO, but just as he was about to clamp his talons around it, another creature caught his attention. Ignoring the ARGO, Rodan flew towards the other creature, and saw a Moth-like creature hovering in the air. Mothra screeched at Rodan, who bellowed back. Rodan, despite being smaller in size to the Moth, had a much larger wingspan. Despite the size comparison, Rodan flew straight towards the Moth Goddess, and the two collided mid-air. Rodan’s heat burned Mothra’s fluffy exterior, but she kept on fighting the demonic Pterosaur. Rodan pecked at Mothra’s head, drawing pained screams from Mothra. 


Backing up, Mothra’s antenna light up, and shoot multi-colored beams of energy, striking Rodan in many places. Rodan screeched in pain, then dived towards Mothra, using his wings to smack Mothra. The blazing heat emanating from his wings scorched Mothra’s fur, but Mothra conducted energy through her claws, electrocuting Rodan. Roaring in pain, Rodan veered right, scraping his wing across Mothra’s face. Backing away from Mothra, Rodan prepared to dive-bomb Mothra, but the Goddess of infant island released her wing lighting, the electricity arcing into Rodan. The Pterosaur screeched in pain, the bolts of lightning sizzling on his rocky skin. Rodan dived to avoid the lightning, but was met by the beams of Mothra’s antenna. Rodan fell from the sky, howling in pain, before crashing into the ocean with an enormous splash. Mothra hovered above the water, waiting to see if Rodan would resurface. Satisfied, Mothra turned around, about to fly back to Isla de Mara. 


Suddenly, Rodan burst from the water roaring furiously, his bloodshot eyes filled with rage. Mothra promptly turned around to see Rodan slam into her, creating a shockwave. Rodan jabbed his beak into Mothra’s Thorax, hooked his talons onto Mothra’s abdomen, and forced the Moth down. Rodan’s weight and strength forced Mothra down until both titans hit the water. After a few seconds, both flew out of the water, grappling furiously. Rodan slammed his horns on Mothra’s underside, then proceeded to do a barrel roll, slamming Mothra with his fiery wings. Mothra shrieked in pain, then used her wing lightning to shock Rodan. Screeching in pain, Rodan then used his talons to slam into Mothra so hard, a shockwave emanated from the impact point. At this point, the two monsters had neared a small island. Rodan’s fire burned holes in Mothra’s wings, damaging them to the point Mothra almost couldn’t fly. Mothra screamed in agony as Rodan’s talons tore into her wings, ripping them apart. Mothra’s fur was burnt and charred, her wings in shreds, and her body racked with pain. But she kept on fighting. 


Mothra’s antenna lit up again, blasting Rodan in the chest once more. Rodan winced from the pain, but kept his hold on the severely weakened Moth. Rodan then gripped Mothra’s neck with one of his sharp talons, his other talon gripping part of Mothra’s mid-section. Mothra desperately tried to free herself from Rodan’s unrelinquishing grip, but it was in vain.




Rodan snapped Mothra’s neck, killing her. Mothra’s once beautiful, blue eyes darkend as her body went limp. Rodan cackled maniacally, enjoying his victory over Mothra. Rodan let go of Mothra’s body, letting her corpse crash onto the small island. The once powerful Mothra, goddess of infant island, guardian of the cosmos, was now nothing more than a lifeless corpse. Rodan roared victoriously, letting the world know that he, Rodan, had triumphed!





Rodan is the winner, mostly because of his fire attributes, and this Mothra did not have a stinger (Ass knife?). Mothra may have been bigger, but Rodan is an absolute demon. Thats why Rodan won this battle.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

4 Replies


MemberRodanSep-16-2019 2:16 PM

If only Mothra had an ass knife...

Nice job on the fight! Was really fun to read!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberRodanSep-16-2019 2:23 PM


Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


MemberBaragonSep-17-2019 4:39 AM

I knew Rodan would win from the start, since Mothra doesn't do well with fire.


MemberAnguirusSep-17-2019 11:31 AM

*shrugs basically*

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!
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