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Godzilla Extinction Chapter 11: The False King

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RodanMember1630 XPSep-29-2019 11:38 AM

Original Idea By Dantefrancis


Made In Collaboration With:


Titan Of Water





Location: Fuji, Japan


 Ghidorah lands and picks up Rodan by his neck yet again. The hydra slams Rodan into a large, jagged piece of rubble, impaling him. Rodan screeches in pain. Ghidorah pulls him off, and slams him again, and again, and again until Rodan’s chest is just a mess of magma-blood. Rodan coughs up his own blood, and coughs it right onto Liles’ face. Liles roars and grabs him by his wing while Maxsones grabs onto his neck. The two start sucking up the little energy Rodan has left. Rodan kicks and screeches in pain, and luckily his claws find purchase. He ends up cutting straight through Liles’ neck, severing many major blood vessels. Blood spews out of his neck as Liles gurgles and coughs up his own blood. Maxsones doesn’t react and continues to suck the energy out of Rodan. Yellow lightning strikes Rodan as his life is being drained by Ghidorah, sending him into horrific pain, but it doesn’t affect Ghidorah. Finally, Rodan’s body goes limp. He isn’t even breathing. Only now is it that Maxsones lets go of him, and his body falls to the floor a distance away. Rodan, within an inch of his life, can barely hear, feel, or see anything. He can just barely make out Ghidorah’s footsteps as he comes closer. He can’t feel his wings, but he knows that they aren’t producing any heat, let alone fire. Ghidorah reaches him, and snakes his head towards Rodan. “I told you, you should have chosen your words very carefully. Not only did you defy me, but you attacked me, humiliated me, and killed two of my heads. For this you shall pay.” Rodan just barely manages out to make out the words, “Go… ****… your….self…. Ghi...do...rah.. just... kill... me...” Rodan would flip the bird if he could, but he’s not even sure if his wings will ever move again. “Kill you? I’m not going to kill you; to kill you would be a waste, and as you know I’m not one to waste. No, I have something much better in mind than simply killing you.” Ghidorah stands back up and says, “I’m going to teach you a lesson. One you have seem to have forgotten. Never, ever **** with me. But why would you ever do such a thing? Why would you turn on me now? I believe I know why. You’ve become spoiled, you’ve become so proud about your little territory, with the mountain, the beaches, the prey, and the human colony. You’ve become so proud of your small accomplishment that you think you can take on your alpha.” “You… aren’t… alph-“ Ghidorah stomps onto Rodan’s back, nearly breaking it, causing a surprisingly strong help of pain from Rodan. “NO! You do not interrupt your betters when they are speaking! Now, little lava *****, learn your place. We won’t want another tragedy like this to befall the humans.” “Wait, what?” “Such a shame too, a waste of energy for me and waste of life for the humans. Oh well, whatever it’ll take to remind you of your place.” In a surprisingly strong voice, Rodan yells, “No! Leave them alone! They have nothing to do with this!” For a second, Rodan thinks over what he just said. Wait, why the **** do I care what happens to those things? “You’re probably asking yourself why the **** do you care about what happens to those things. I asked myself that same question during our little skirmish. I eventually did figure out why you actually care about them: your ego. Every titan has an enormous ego, even I have one myself.” “Figures…” “But you, Rodan, have the biggest of them all. It’s like all you live for is your ego. Now, in some cases that’s fine, like with Behemoth or… Behemoth. However, there is a critical difference between you and them. They’re strong. They can actually do well in a fight, and have reasons for their hypothetical egos. You, however, have nothing to be proud of. You are just a small, weak little lava bird who thinks he’s king of the world. However, you used to be smart about it. You knew that your ego would be your downfall, so you put it aside when talking to your superiors. However, then you got a reason to have an ego. A territory. That probably made you feel as strong as Mothra, huh?” “Hold on a min-“ Ghidorah stomps on Rodan again, prompting another screech of pain. “As I was saying, you got a territory, and it made you feel proud. However, that still wouldn’t have prompted all this. No, you must have another reason to make you dare challenge a king. Now, what would make someone challenge a king?” After a long pause Rodan finally realized he’s supposed to answer. “A bad king already being there?” “Well, for some like Liles and Dortones, yes. But-“ “Who?” “Don’t make me stomp you again! Where was I? Oh yes, for some such as you and I, the appeal is the power. However, if a king has no subjects, they don't have any power, do they now? And that’s where the humans come in. They were always living right underneath your throne in your mountain, always applauding you when you awoke, or slept. They were your subjects, and they made you feel like a king, allowing you to become so prideful that you would attack your betters. However, the cruel irony is that you were no god or king, or hero to them. No, you were like a big pet to them. They saw you as nothing more than some animal. A big old lava bird. Now, if they’re the reason for your disobedience, then shouldn’t I get rid of them? Yes, but then they’d eventually come back. No, I have to murder every, last one until there are none left for absolute miles. But then what’d stop you from going somewhere else and becoming king of those people? Well, for that comes the true punishment. I’m going to make you watch. I will find the smallest, youngest humans I can, bring them in front of you, and kill them slowly, do you understand, Rodan?” “Don’t… do… it…” “Or else what? Who’s going to stop me? You?” Rodan stays silent, in too much pain to even speak at this point. “Hmph, seems we’re already making progress. Good.” With that, Ghidorah flies off, and charges gravity beams the city as he flies. As he flies, yellow lightning strikes all the humans of the city who haven’t found shelter yet, completely disintegrating them. Although Rodan can’t hear Ghidorah’s roars, wingbeats, beams, or even the rain and thunder of the storm, he can hear the humans with clarity he never could before. He can hear every individual scream, every cry of pain, and although he can’t understand them, he can pick out individual cries for their loved ones as they are all massacred. As all his energy leaves him, and most of his blood has left his body, he can’t generate his fire anymore. He isn’t even generating heat, as if though reality already thinks him a corpse. For the first time in his life, he feels cold. Not just physically, but the first time he’s ever been so chilled to the bone than the destruction he can hear. He’s watched and fought in multiple wars, and seen much more brutal deaths. But this… this is the worst thing he has ever seen. Rodan hopes that someone stronger, Godzilla, Behemoth, Mothra… hell, even Wraith would come and stop him. Because, deep down he knows that there was never any chance of him stopping Ghidorah, even before the fight he knew this. All he can do is sit, and hope that he dies soon so he doesn’t have to listen to this massacre, this hell he created any longer…

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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RodanMember1789 XPSep-29-2019 12:24 PM

Angery Ghidorah

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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