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A simple monster

MemberBaragonOct-01-2019 7:58 AM

This is a battle between Kotm ghidorah and the og ghidorah

Who do you think will win?






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MemberBaragonOct-01-2019 6:59 PM

Monsterverse Ghidorah because he has better reflexes he appears to be more intelligent and is faster at least on land compared to the lumbering showa Ghidorah on land and has better durability considering showa Ghidorah had blood drawn just from one bite from anguirus and has shared abilities from different Ghidorahs and was strong enough to lift roughly the heaviest version of Godzilla effortlessly.


MemberGiganOct-01-2019 7:21 PM

Not to mention KOTM Ghidorah is essentially all of the various incarnations of Ghidorah combined. Base: King Ghidorah (Showa & Heisei), Regenerates: Grand King Ghidorah (Rebirth of Mothra), feeds on Godzilla's radioactive energy: Kaiser Ghidorah (Final Wars)



MemberRodanOct-01-2019 7:58 PM

Hmm... Monsterverse Ghidorah is a lot bigger, but is absolutely stupid. OG Ghidorah would use his flying abilities to his advantage against Godzilla, so he couldn't hit him. Like a spammer spamming and OP move in a video game. Monsteverse Ghidorah... he just bit at and gravity beamed Godzilla. Also, Ghidorah was definitely not as strong as Monsterverse Godzilla, because he only was able to pick him up after sucking up a massive amount of electricity. Also, Monsterverse Godzilla has among the weakest atomic breaths of them all and isn't extremely durable, at least compared to Heisei and Millenium. In a 1v1 battle, Monsterverse Ghidorah was about on par with Godzilla, as stated before having a fairly weak atomic breath, relative to most other series. With Mothra and Godzilla together, with Godzilla mainly using his atomic breath instead of melee attacks, Ghidorah was starting to lose. Ghidorah needed a power boost to take care of them both. Showa, on the other hand, in his first movie, was only brought down by the combination of 3 different Kaiju, Mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla. In Destroy All Monsters, he held his own against a much more impressive number until he was knocked to the ground by Gorosaurus, a whopping 7 different Kaiju! It took Godzilla, Gorosaurus (especially him), Mothra, Kumonga, Rodan, Anguirus, and Minilla (yeah, kinda cheap to consider that shmuck as helpful, but he did technically end up being the one to finish him off). Now, say Monsterverse Ghidorah, who doesn't even employ tactics like Showa era does, were to go up against the same ones, but monsterverse-ified. He'd be destroyed immediately, because he was already being beaten by just Mothra and Godzilla pretty badly. Godzilla by himself, to my knowledge, has never beaten Showa era Ghidorah. Not only that, but Showa era Ghidorah is surprisingly durable, rarely ever has he actually died, only dying to suffocation once to my knowledge, and every other time simply retreating. What about Monsterverse Ghidorah? Dead. Yes, it took Fire Godzilla, but here's the thing- Ghidorah had an extreme energy boost, probably much greater compared to Godzilla's nuke. Think about it, he could lift up a creature nearly his size, not just from on the ground, but high into the air after that boost. He spout out electricty from every spike along his wing, each beam going out almost as far as Shin Godzilla's and destroying everything around. Earlier in the film, he was never even close to achieving such power. And yes, Godzilla would've gone thermonuclear, but that's more like how Burning Godzilla was going to meltdown- it isn't exactly power, but more of too much energy that was going to be discharged all at once. Right before the oxygen destroyer was used, Godzilla was easily destroying Ghidorah in the water. In the Heisei and Showa eras, Ghidorah didn't seem to have much problem in water. However, Monsterverse Ghidorah is absolutely useless in water, and Godzilla ripped off one of his heads with relative ease. One might say "Oh, but Ghidorah could just regenerate himself because Showa can't completely destroy him!" Well, he doesn't need to. Seeing as how the middle head was still alive after Godzilla's thermonuclear head, but the head Godzilla ripped off was dead, I believe that the middle head is the main threat. If Showa were to cut off or impale through all of Monsterverse Ghidorah's heads, I think it'd die. I mean, this might not be true, but I think that this would be the case. If this is true, Showa Ghidorah, a known strategist, would just need to fly above Monsterverse Ghidorah, a creature known for not really strategizing, and use his gravity beams to cut through all of its heads at once. But would his gravity beams be strong enough to do it? They can't even kill Showa Godzilla, what about Monsterverse Ghidorah? Well, I think it's possible. I mean, he was the cause of the destruction of an entire advanced civilization on Venus and responsible for how it looks now. That means his power out put would be at least comparable to Monsterverse Ghidorah, who could probably do the same thing. However, I don't think Monsterverse Ghidorah could make a planet look like Venus, maybe with his storm he could kinda change what Earth looks like, but probably nothing like Venus. So with tactics, and maybe a surprise attack, Showa Ghidorah could impale every one of Ghidorah's heads so that he can't regenerate and effectively dies. Not saying that this means OG Ghidorah will win every time or even most of the time... and I could very easily be wrong... but I think Showa could win.

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MemberGiganOct-01-2019 8:05 PM

You really need to start spacing out your paragraphs, its kind of hard to read your posts.

I don't think monsterverse Ghidorah was stupid, he actually got his commanded other kaiju something Showa Ghidorah could not.

Also Showa Godzilla and friends are smaller and weaker than their monsterverse counterparts 



MemberRodanOct-01-2019 8:27 PM

Firstly, sorry for the spacing of my paragraphs. I'll try to do better, but was kind of in a rush.


Second of all, him controlling the other titans says less about him and more about the other Kaiju as a whole. In the Monsterverse, they follow a single alpha, and if Ghidorah is alpha, they follow him. That's not really manipulation, that's more of just other Kaiju following a leader. The reason Showa Ghidorah never did that is because the Kaiju of the Showa era didn't respond to an alpha, they all just did their own thing.


And finally, smaller doesn't mean weaker. Like Shin Godzilla to Burning Godzilla to Millenium Godzilla, of course Burning Godzilla is stronger. Or Shin Godzilla to Monsterverse Godzilla. Shin Godzilla's atomic breath has much greater range and cuts through concrete with precision and ease, he also has more places to beam Monsterverse Godzilla from than Monsterverse Godzilla does against Shin. Yes, it's not as good at melee combat as far as anyone knows, and is much slower, but his atomic breath is MUCH stronger. It's a common misconception that just because they're earlier counterparts are smaller, they're weaker. For example, Heisei Godzilla got hit with a city destroying nuke point blank and didn't even flinch. Millenium survived two different black holes. Legendary, though, was almost killed by a nuke after he fought the Mutos. Even if that was true, it took 7 of them at a certain point to have to take on Showa Ghidorah, while Ghidorah was at on par with Godzilla in the Monsterverse. Also, as mentioned before, Showa Ghidorah decimated an entire planet to the point it became... well, Venus. I don't think even Monsterverse Ghidorah has that kind of power.

Edit: Speaking of the Mutos, if Godzilla 2014 was losing to just two Mutos, and assuming he couldn't have become TOO much stronger between movies, Ghidorah could have theoretically lost to two or three Mutos. Showa, once again, fought seven different Kaiju and held his own for awhile until he got knocked from the sky. 


Edit Edit: Also, the male Muto seems to be a better fighter than Ghidorah, because he used his flying ability to be an actually worthy opponent against Legendary Godzilla, despite his small size and lack of ranged attacks. If Ghidorah is equal to Legendary Godzilla in strength, yet supposed to be much stronger than a Muto, how could a male Muto be such a problem for Godzilla? I mean, if the Muto was given Ghidorah's powers and size (and three heads), theoretically he would have kicked the crap out of Godzilla. So what exactly happened here? I mean, Showa Ghidorah could do it with no problem, but Monsterverse Ghidorah didn't even ATTEMPT this. How It Should Have Ended actually pointed that out in their how KOTM should have ended video. By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, you should. It's hilarious.

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MemberBaragonOct-01-2019 8:41 PM

And he has a new ability to create a tropical storm larger faster and stronger than any other and his gravity beams are much more devastating able to just instantly burn through level and blow up buildings and push around again arguably the heaviest version of Godzilla like a rag doll.


MemberGiganOct-01-2019 8:44 PM

I hate the HISHE series but more to the point Showa Ghidorah's causing planets to become like venus is implied and never seen on screen while Monsterverse Ghidorah's xenoforming the planet got on screen attention



MemberRodanOct-01-2019 8:52 PM

The tropical storm hasn't really helped him in any fights. If anything, it's to Showa Ghidorah's advantage, providing him with decent cover to use to outmaneuver and outsmart Monsterverse Ghidorah. It's also more of a passive ability, it really just follows him around, like a stick insect's camouflage. 


Well, he didn't push him around like a rag doll, because Godzilla also pushed Ghidorah around too, but I see your point. However, that requires a fight on solid ground, where Showa Ghidorah obviously wouldn't go. Because he isn't stupid. He would know that Monsterverse Ghidorah could absolutely destroy him in melee combat, or even with Gravity Beams possibly, so he'd be smart, use the tropical storm to his advantage, and skewer Ghidorah's heads with his gravity beams, killing him.


Also, his gravity beams never technically leveled buildings until he got the power boost. As you can see from when he's trying to gravity beam Madelyn before the boost, the segment of the building that just faced three gravity beams point blank is still standing, while Showa Ghidorah's gravity beams, without any kind of boost, have changed Venus into what it is now and destroyed every remnant of an incredibly advanced civilization. 


Monsterverse Ghidorah's only real advantages are his size, melee strength, and regeneration. However, if he were to call on other Titans, this would be a VERY different story... Though, this requires very specific circumstances where he beat Godzilla, so saying that should always be taken into account is like saying Fire Godzilla should always be taken into account even though it can only be achieved with Mothra dying and absorbing her radiation.

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MemberBaragonOct-01-2019 8:54 PM

Monsterverse Godzilla wasn't almost killed by a nuke he would have survived plus atomic breath to another Godzilla is just more energy to absorb and monsterverse Ghidorah was smarter than showa Ghidorah when monsterverse Ghidorah saw Godzillas atomic breath coming he dodged when showa Ghidorah saw Godzillas atomic breath coming he just got hit and monsterverse Ghidorah was smart enough to carry Godzilla up into the sky then drop him and when he saw Godzilla going thermonuclear he tried to drain his energy so he wouldn't become stronger.


MemberRodanOct-01-2019 9:02 PM



He didn't terraform the planet as a whole, but really just had a large tropical storm follow him around, and whatever terraforming we do see is VERY outclassed by the Venus feat. 

That implying thing is something I didn't really know was a thing, so sorry about that one. But if it wasn't supposed to have actually happened, why even put it in there? It's like how Ghidorah is implied to be an alien when technically there is no direct evidence. Sure his storm seems otherwordly, but it isn't extremely far fetched from what we've seen from other titans. As for the regeneration, once again, extremely weird, but we're talking about creatures we really don't know anything about. The main reason they think it's Ghidorah is because he's said to have fell from the stars, but that could mean a lot of different things. 


It would be like implying that there was something wrong going on with there being a Spinosaurus in JP3 because it wasn't on INGEN's list, as well as Corythosaurus and Ceratosaurus. It's implied that they shouldn't even exist, unless someone did something wrong or secretly. Of course, on the DPG website a few months before Fallen Kingdom came out, it was confirmed.


If they didn't mean what they implied, and didn't come out with some sort of twist going back on the implications or retcon it, then there would have been literally no point to the implication besides to troll viewers. 

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MemberRodanOct-01-2019 9:11 PM

Monsterverse Ghiddy takes this.

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MemberRodanOct-01-2019 9:12 PM


No, atomic breath to another Godzilla isn't energy to absorb. That's like saying if Ghidorah can absorb Godzilla's radiation, which he does, then he should be able to absorb his atomic breath, which he can't. 


Being unable to dodge an attack doesn't mean stupidity. Fighting on terrain you know is a bad place to fight in for you, but gives an advantage to your opponent is stupid. Besides that, in the Showa series when we see Ghidorah and Godzilla fight for the first time, Ghidorah probably wouldn't have known what that would do due to not ever have fought Godzilla before, and as far as we know any other Kaiju. And yet he showed remarkable skill in his fight. Monsterverse Ghidorah is known to have fought Godzilla at least once before, as shown by ancient paintings of the two in combat. That's why he dodged, he already knew what it does. Also, there's much more time to dodge Monsterverse Godzilla's atomic breath, as well as there being much more time needed to charge it, than Showa Godzilla, who can use it almost as soon as he begins charging it.


Showa Ghidorah probably couldn't carry Godzilla, and Monsterverse Ghidorah only tried when he got a boost in power. Also, he wasn't trying to absorb the energy to stop Godzilla from going nuclear. He probably never would have seen Fire Godzilla before, because if he did... he wouldn't have made it to this movie, in all honesty. Also, he looked incredibly confused when he saw him turn into Fire Godzilla, and didn't even try to fly away when he could. He was absorbing energy for either to use it for himself, make Godzilla so weak he'll accept Ghidorah as alpha and stop fighting, or to kill him. If he was actually smart, he would have flown up higher with Godzilla so that the fall would kill him, or when he was on the ground, suffocate him with his neck, stomp on his head, gravity beam down his throat, snap his neck, etc, instead of risking him getting up again. That kind of hubris is something we never see in Showa Ghidorah, he always fights to win, he doesn't waste time trying to steal a little bit of extra energy. 

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MemberGiganOct-01-2019 9:20 PM

I never said Showa Ghidorah never xenoformed Venus I'm just saying you can't really use that against monsterverse King Ghidorah.

It probably took Showa Ghidorah the same amount of time to render Venus dead as Monsterverse King Ghidorah attempted to do so on earth, we will never know because they never showed this in the Showa movie. 

Edit: Monsterverse Godzilla never almost died from a nuclear bomb, his injuries where from the MUTOs



MemberRodanOct-01-2019 9:26 PM


Fair point, but the thing is that I don't believe that Monsterverse Ghidorah could ever be capable of that kind of destruction. Sure he could definitely scorch everything to the point where few things could survive, but I really doubt he could make Earth into a lava filled landscape with no remains of anything, not even a hint of our buildings or fossils or anything. That's the power of Showa Ghidorah, even if it took time. I just don't think Monsterverse Ghidorah can turn what was essentially Earth into a barren, lava filled landscape with no signs of life ever having existed. And no trace of water, even! 


Sorry if that was a little repetitive. Going to sleep for now, respond to anything else tomorrow. 

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MemberRodanOct-01-2019 9:27 PM

Oh, also, yeah I guess my memory fudged up or something on that bomb thing, sorry about that.

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G. H. (Gman)

AdminGodzillaOct-01-2019 10:09 PM

Reading some of these replies makes me realize, we never actually see the Monsterverse Ghidorah actively destroy a city. Was the destruction of DC him? Was it the storm he flapped up? Was it actually Rodan? (Who we actually witness cause the most damage on screen.)

Sort of interesting.

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MemberGiganOct-02-2019 4:34 AM

Yeah I think Monsterverse Ghidorah was too busy xenoforming the planet


A simple monster

MemberBaragonOct-02-2019 5:06 AM

*gasp* I actually started a good constructive discussion?


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MemberTitanosaurusOct-02-2019 7:47 AM

Yeah, as much as it pains me, Showa King Ghidorah might win against Monsterverse Ghidorah. Such a shame that despite being called and labeled as the "buffed" version of the classic Ghidorahs, the truth is that Monsterverse Ghidorah was actually what happens when you nerf the classic Ghidorahs.

So much wasted potential, and it is so disappointing. :(


MemberRodanOct-02-2019 7:48 AM


Hmm.... never thought about it like that...

A Simple Monster

Yup :)

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MemberRodanOct-02-2019 7:50 AM

Minecraft Dino Kaiju

I partially agree, but I also think that it's a good thing. It's going more of a realistic route than the other series, more like how the Showa era was at first.

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MemberTitanosaurusOct-02-2019 11:57 AM

Monsterverse Ghidorah wins by a LARGE margin. He has size, strength, speed, regeneration, and extremely powerful Gravity Beam lightning.

He has a decent grasp on fighting technique, even if he isn't quite as skilled at brute-force melee combat as Godzilla. He knows how to coil, can absorb electrical energy mid-combat, and can take an extended Atomic Breath attack that only falls behind Final Wars Godzilla in sheer kinetic force without any damage whatsoever.

Without proper mass and power output, Showa Ghidorah would just fall behind. Whether it be getting blasted, drained, coiled, or slammed, he WILL lose. He simply has no way to counter the stronger Monsterverse Ghidorah, the only Titan able to go blow for blow with one of the most powerful live-action Godzillas ever seen.


MemberRodanOct-02-2019 12:12 PM


Well, I definitely wouldn't say that he's one of the most powerful Godzillas ever. Shin Godzilla has much stronger atomic breath while Monsterverse Godzilla is a better melee fighter, as far as anyone knows. No one's actually seen Shin Godzilla fight hand to hand with anything else, so who really knows about that? I think Heisei's atomic breath, at least when he gets spiral or becomes Burning is stronger than Monsterverse Godzilla's atomic breath, at least from a range standpoint. Especially in GMK, Gmk's atomic breath easily beat Ghidorah and Mothra. 


If Ghidorah was such a good fighter, he would have used his flying capabilities to his advantage. He's a good melee fighter, but not so great at ranged, or else he really would have at least tried to fly and attack Godzilla. Or he's stupid. Either way, that gives Show a significant advantage when it comes to aerial combat, which is where they'll be fighting. So yes, Showa would lose in a melee battle, but Showa would win in a ranged battle and he seems to be more intelligent than Monsterverse Ghidorah. Also, he destroyed all remains of an advanced civilization and made Venus into a desolate, lava filled wasteland. I don't think Monsterverse Ghidorah's gravity beams could ever do that, no matter how long he tries. Showa, with tactics, would probably win, in my opinion. 

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MemberTitanosaurusOct-02-2019 12:51 PM

Monsterverse Godzilla has the second strongest standard Atomic Breath in the franchise. It can put out over 10 kilotons of force per second in that small contact zone, as outlined in his super-species profile. The kind of force needed to lift Ghidorah (who weights over 140,000 tons) off his feet and keep pushing him back despite his active resistance is absolutely insane. The physics of it all makes this clear.

That rules out range, since Monsterverse Ghidorah can simply take all that damage no problem, and that's assuming he doesn't eat it up since he can absorb energy through his bites.

In terms of flight, Monsterverse Ghidorah is no stranger to that. He easily immobilized and took down Rodan in the air, pulling apart his wings to ensure he couldn't move. Monsterverse Ghidorah was both smart enough to perform this tactic AND strong enough; the strength needed to overpower the wing beating power that can keep the 39,000 tons Rodan aloft is INSANE, which shows when he can go blow for blow with Godzilla with his neck strikes.

Meanwhile, Showa Ghidorah only has feats against smaller and weaker kaiju, and no onscreen feats of him razing planets. Based on his verifiable feats, he simply lacks the power to do anything to Monsterverse Ghidorah beyond prolong the fight. He can't inflict enough damage to get past the durability or regeneration, nor can he truly outsmart his Legendary counterpart.

Monsterverse Ghidorah is a prideful and stubborn creature, but he's not stupid. He uses great tactics, such as the aforementioned immobilization of Rodan, and has gotten the upperhand on Godzilla multiple times, such as by aiming for his neck and going for an aerial slam to get past his reach.


MemberRodanOct-02-2019 1:09 PM

First of all, the Rodan move is impressive, yes, but that's still melee combat and not all that smart. Pinning isn't something that's unique to smart creatures. Why I believe Ghidorah isn't all that intelligent is that he had multiple chances to kill Godzilla, such as when he lifted him up and dropped him, but didn't take them. He also didn't use anything close to the impressive tactics Showa Ghidorah used, such as using his flight to his advantage in his fights against terrestrial creatures. So if they fight, Showa wouldn't let it be a melee fight, it would be an aerial, ranged fight. Not only this, but in All Out Attack it took a whole SEVEN Kaiju to beat him. He only got beat when he was knocked to the ground by Gorosaurus and ganged up on. He pummeled some of the Kaiju pretty well, such as Anguirus, in that fight. Monsterverse Ghidorah, on the other hand, would have been almost easily defeated if Rodan hadn't interfered when Mothra came in. He was losing fairly badly at that point. 


Also, he doesn't need to do TOO much damage, he just needs to do enough damage to kill each head, which could mean just hitting them in the face at full strength from above. Monsterverse Ghidorah has never regenerated mid-fight, so saying that would help isn't really good. Showa Ghidorah just needs to surprise attack Monsterverse Ghidorah using the cover of Ghidorah's storm from above a few times. Then he just needs to focus his gravity beams on one head and destroy it, or spread them all out at once and impale each head, killing him. 


Also, saying Monsterverse Ghidorah can just absorb Showa Ghidorah's attacks is like saying he can absorb Godzilla's atomic breath, since he also absorbed his radiation. But he can't absorb his atomic breath. 


Also, strength of an atomic breath is not equal to range, it can be shorter and stronger, or longer and weaker like Showa Godzilla. 

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MemberTitanosaurusOct-02-2019 2:11 PM

And you say all that ignoring that Monsterverse Ghidorah was FLYING while fighting Rodan. He prefers to fight in melee because he's immensely strong and aggressive. He certainly has the onscreen speed to catch up to Showa Ghidorah, and he can use his Gravity Beams if need be, as shown when he was chasing down Emma Russel.

His beams are MUCH stronger than Showa Ghidorah's, being able to visibly push around the massive Monsterverse Godzilla.

As for his "stupidity", there's a difference. I highlighted his pride. He's Godzilla's rival, and he also enjoys inflicting pain. Not like Showa Ghidorah is some master of combat. He's had his faults, like standing there while Rodan flies Godzilla in for a kick and whatnot.

The difference in intelligence really can't make up for the raw power difference. As seen with his wings, Monsterverse Ghidorah also has combat-effective regeneration. If Showa Ghidorah can't even damage the skin of Showa Godzilla, he isn't gonna be able to do ANYTHING to Monsterverse Ghidorah.


MemberRodanOct-02-2019 3:08 PM

Firstly, I'm not ignoring that he was flying with Rodan, and I do acknowledge that takes incredible power, but I still don't think that shows intelligence. 


Second of all... those are all really good points... besides the pride one. There isn't really evidence in the Monsterverse movie that Ghidorah is "prideful" and not just stupid, like constantly fighting with it's own heads. 


As for the standing while getting kicked, yeah. I have to admit, that was kind of stupid. But here's the thing: Showa Ghidorah has at least ACTUALLY shown intelligence when fighting, or at least shown an effective tactic with range. 


As for the skin thing... you never see in any of the Showa or Heisei series movies bleeding caused by a beam attack... not even from Godzilla himself! Heck, even in the Monsterverse Ghidorah's gravity beams haven't been shown to pierce Godzilla's skin, rather than push him back. Also, Ghidorah's heads are most likely a weak point, seeing as how Godzilla ripped one of within about twenty seconds in the water scene, so Ghidorah's gravity beams just have to be as strong as Godzilla's neck muscles... or even weaker, since they just need to cut through instead of rip off. 


Due to Ghidorah's storm, he'd be practically aiming in the dark if Showa Ghidorah uses his usual hit and run tactics. It's hard to catch up to a creature that hits from above and is in the dark.


Also, that's assuming that Showa Ghidorah isn't as fast as a car... which I'm almost entirely sure he is when he's flying. So that speed thing is kinda iffy.


And lastly, the wing regeneration. I don't exactly remember him regenerating his wings mid fight, as far as I can remember. Can you tell me when please? Because when it happens is really important.

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MemberTitanosaurusOct-02-2019 3:31 PM

After Monsterverse Ghidorah absorbs Boston's power grid and unleashes lightning from his wings, we see that there are large scorch lines from where he released the electrical energy. These heal up pretty quickly. Look up the scene in question; you'll see that the scorch marks heal up.

As for pride, do recall that Ghidorah only called on Rodan when Mothra entered the fray. He was perfectly content to continue taking on Godzilla on his own and likely would've continued to do so if she didn't intervene.

Anyways, you seem to be conflating "stupidity" with simple animalistic intent. Ghidorah isn't stupid. His tactics against Rodan and Godzilla prove as much. He doesn't capitalize on opportunities to finish off opponents because he revels in the moment and is more of a predator that goes in close for the kill. Against different styles of opponents, he employs different tactics and has acute battlefield awareness, specifically due to the pragmatic right head.

Do note that Showa Godzilla was bleeding and left damaged by Mechagodzilla's attacks, whereas Showa Ghidorah was only just managing to hurt Showa Godzilla. The tensile strength of Monsterverse Ghidorah's necks are immense, as seen when he lifts Monsterverse Godzilla up by the neck and shoulder and still retains a relatively upright posture and only a slight drag on his necks.

They also have the same super strong golden scales of the rest of his body, which was shown to resist the Atomic Breath with ease. Monsterverse Godzilla himself is also extremely strong, shown to be capable of throwing Monsterverse Ghidorah away and push him around with ease; combined with his biting and the living storm's general panic in the water, it's NOT a feat against him to have had one of his heads ripped off. So, even focused Gravity Beams (which they likely won't be given the Showa Ghidorah's puppeteering throwing them around in all directions) likely wouldn't take off a head with any kind of ease. In an aerial dogfight, there's just no way Showa Ghidorah can avoid knife-fight range with his larger counterpart.

As for your proposition of Showa Ghidorah using the storm for cover, do remember that it's not his natural element. He's not used to flying in a hurricane, whereas Monsterverse Ghidorah is. His smaller size and unfamiliarity are a DISADVANTAGE, not to mention he simply doesn't have the raw wing power of Monsterverse Ghidorah. He's more likely to get lost in the hurricane and jumped by his Legendary counterpart than to be able to get the jump on the larger 3-headed dragon.

Again, the intelligence difference is honestly not that large to begin with, with some scenarios favouring Legendary's take in that department, but the POWER difference is simply too much. The amount of effort Showa Ghidorah would need to expend is simply not enough to make a meaningful difference.


MemberRodanOct-02-2019 3:44 PM

Legendary Ghidorah outclasses Showa is almost all aspects.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


MemberRodanOct-02-2019 4:32 PM

Ok, we can't use anything after he absorbs energy from the Boston power grid, because that give a significant boost in power. Also, even if we were to use that, he was given a short break by Godzilla starting to feel like there was too much power from the nuke, so it doesn't count as mid combat. 


Also, we never see Ghidorah CALL Rodan to fight Mothra. He just pops in, and seeing how they were in D.C. earlier, I think Ghidorah called for him before the battle, and Rodan just got there a little after Mothra showed up. 


Also "animalistic intent" is not to make something suffer, animalistic intent is to kill something efficiently, if you make them suffer they could get away or fight back. That's why Ghidorah was being stupid, if it's a creature that can kill you, then there's a good chance it will wake up and try to fight you again. It's like a bear attacking a sleeping black mamba, it would be absolute stupidity. Also, even if that isn't stupid, his pride could very easily work against him, especially against what doesn't seem like a threat. 


Ghidorah's beams don't have to cut the heads off, they just need to impale the brains, which if they're focused on one spot, they could probably do. 


As for the Mechagodzilla one, that's more of a man made missile attack, and has different properties to a Kaiju attack, so I'm betting the bleeding was because of the different kind of attacks.


As far as the hurricane goes, he can fight on different planets and can somehow fly in space, I think being on planet earth would be a disadvantage for either of them, especially since Monsterverse Ghidorah really shouldn't be used to the storm either, but they both somehow still manage. The point is, they adapt easily and quickly due to their experience in so many environments. Except water. Monsterverse Ghidorah can't really do anything in water, which is a place where Showa Ghidorah can work effectively in... somehow. I think it's because he's so adaptable to new environments, but Monsterverse Ghidorah clearly doesn't have the ability to that extent.


As for the way his neck moves, the puppeteering is irrelevant. There's no mention of Ghidorah ever being unable to keep his necks STILL, so I think he can. 


As far as the atomc breath, it's not really a cutting attack like Ghidorah's gravity beams, it's more of a burning attack. If it were like Shin Godzilla's atomic breath, which cuts through everything it touches instantly, this would be a different story. It seems to really just burn and push stuff back, and not really cutting through anything. Heck, it couldn't actually pierce the Mutos' hides either. It only cut the neck off after all the internal muscles were burnt to a crisp when he fired inside the female Mutos' mouth. So that isn't exactly a great tester of his scales' strength. Also, as you mentioned before, his own electricity caused scorch marks along his wings, so he seems to be vulnerable to attacks similar to his own, oddly enough. 

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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