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Zilla V.S. Rodan Chapter 4: Zilla

Zilla V.S. Rodan Chapter 4: Zilla

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RodanMember1630 XPOct-02-2019 7:13 PM

Shout out to Gmkgoji for the awesome banner!



Madelyn and Ryan arrive at the headquarters, albeit late. When Madelyn looks around, it’s very somber. The remaining remnants of Allo Squad are hugging each other, trying to console each other through the loss. Almost all of the other soldiers there try to help them, but there’s not much they can do to help them. Madelyn walks up and says, “I’m sorry for your loss, Miavat.” Michael Miavat, the new leader of the Allo Squad, says, “‘I’m sorry for your loss’? What kind of half assed **** is that?!!! Do you have any idea what we’re going through?!!! DO YOU EVEN CARE?!!!” “Hey man! Stop yelling at her, she just lost her son today! We’re all hurting, Michael.” Yells Aaron Sianer, another member of the Allo Squad. ‘Oh my God… I’m so sorry Sargeant… I didn’t know… I’m so sorry I lashed out-” “It’s fine. You’re right, I did kind of half ass it. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sarah, Michelle, Tyler, and Frank were good soldiers and better people… The world will forever miss those men and women…” “...That’s still kind of half-assed.” says Ryan. Everyone there laughs a bit, a little bit of light in the darkness. “Thanks Enden… I’m so sorry for your loss… I’m sure your daughter-” “Son.” The room stops and stares in shock at the two. “Oof.” Says Ryan. The entire room starts chuckling, except for Sargeants Enden and Miavat who look really embarassed and saddened, respectively. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I have no idea where I got daughter from! But I’m sure your son was a good kid… how old was he?” “... 4 years…” “So young… he didn’t even have the chance to grow up… he should have gone on to do great things… the world will miss what he could have become…” The room stays in somber silence, until one voice breaks the silence. “And you called her apology half-assed!” Says Ryan. The rooms chuckles, even Madelyn and Michael. “Come on guys, we should get to the briefing room,” says Madelyn. Everyone slowly and silently begins making their way to the debriefing room, with Madelyn and Vicky stay towards the back. She looks over at Vicky and sees her face in deep contemplation, and then brighten up with a wide grin as if she has some sort of amazing plan. However, Madelyn stays quiet. In the silence she’s trapped with only herself. Only herself, and the memories…

“...Gah… gah… Ma… ma… Mama… Mama!!” Madelyn stares in shock at Max. She was not expecting this today. Slowly, her shocked expression turns to a wide grin and she begins to laugh uncontrollably. “Yeah Max! I’m mama! Say mama again for me!” She quickly pulls out her phone and starts recording. “Mama! Mama! Mama!” “That’s right Max!” She quickly puts the phone away and the two practically chant the word a few more times. Then, Maddie has an idea. “Max? Can you say ‘dada’?” “Mama?” “No, this time say dada!” “Da...Da…Dada?” “Yes Max! Just like that!” “Dada! Dada! Dada!” “Great job Max! Just like that!” The two repeat the two words for a while and Madelyn comes up with a plan to surprise Taylor whenever he gets out of the bath-


The upstairs bathroom door creaks open. “Honey!” “Yes Maddie?” “Come down!” “Ok!” Taylor climbs down the stairs and walks into the living room. Maddie whispers to Max, “Ok sweety, say it now.” Max yells out, with complete confidence, “Mama!!!” Taylor looks in complete shock. “Wow! He said his first word! And his first word was your name… or at least what he thinks your name is…” “Max, say the OTHER word I taught you.” “Mama! Mama! Mama!” “Max…” “Wait, what other word?” “I taught him to say dada too, but for some reason he’s not saying it now.” “Jesus Christ, how long was I in the bathroom for to miss his first two words?!!” Over time, the pair realized what the problem was. Because Madelyn taught him Dada without telling him what it was, Max thought he was correcting him saying Mama and that Maddie’s name was Dada. He put two and two together and assumed that Taylor’s name is Mama, so he now he calls his mother Dada and his father Mama. It took 6 months to fix that problem, but it was a fun 6 months… well, besides work…

“The mission was a failure… there was no way to outrun that creature-” “ZILLA!!!!!!!!!” The room just stares in silence at Vicky, who looks like she just made the breakthrough of the decade. “... what-” “Zilla! We should call it Zilla! Because it looks kinda like Godzilla, but lighter and smaller, and kinda different.” “... That’s not the worst idea you’ve ever had.” The commander ponders it for a moment. “Fine, the creature will be designated as ‘Zilla’.” “Ok, but what about its species name?” Says Ryan. “Hmm… we could just call it Titanus Zilla, like with Titanus Rodan and Titanus Behemoth.” Says Rick Xeran, another one of the Blackbirds. “No, there’s no fun in that, mate!” Replies Erin Harrah, one of the Greenbacks. “How about Titanus falsodeus, or Titanus falsogojia?” says Ryan. “No, no…” says Vicky, “Something original… GOT IT!!! Titanus libertatum libertatum!!!!” “.... Seriously?” says Rick. Sarah Arlian, another Greenback, says,“Well… it makes sense, it was discovered by Liberty-” “SHUSH” Yells out Vicky. “Jesus Christ, what’s so wrong with saying Liber-” “SHUSH!!!! You’re right, that’s what I had in mind, but I just realized we shouldn’t do it.” “... but that was the closest thing to a good name we’ve come up with so far…” says Erin. “Guys… um… we can’t say the name of that place… because… um…” Vicky tries to explain without being too obvious, but it’s so obvious that only a moron wouldn’t understand. “It’s fine Vicky. I don’t need to be babied.” Says Madelyn. “Oh… ok then, Titanus libertatum libertatum it is!” “... Do we need to name it twice though?” “Yeah, because New York City, the city so nice they-” “Alright, that’s enough! When refering to it, we’ll call it either Zilla or Titanus libertatum or T. libertatum, or something shorter than that god damned mess because that name’s too ****ing long. I’ll see what I can do about making that name official, though.” says Commander Olsen. “Yes!” says a good portion of the soldiers. “NOW IF WE CAN CONTINUE!!!” Everyone shuts their mouths and stays quiet. “Good. At least we haven’t lost all order here. Now… as I said before, the mission was a failure. There was no way to know it could run or swim that fast, or that it could leap out of the water like-” “Wait, you didn’t know it could leap out of the water? Did you guys research this at all?” Says Madelyn. “Wait, you’re saying you knew it could leap out of the water?” “Yeah, I saw it do it earlier when… when… That’s not important, I just saw it leap out of the water earlier. But what’s more important, how did you not know? I mean, there’s almost definitely some kind of news outlet that captured that footage.” “... Well, we were rushing to respond to the creature and didn’t think it would have unveiled any abilities yet. I’m sorry, that was an extremely poor decision on my part and it cost us the lives of many good men and women… for that I’m deeply, truly sorry.” Everyone stays silent for a moment, reflecting on all that happened over the course of the day. It feels like it was a lifetime ago when the creature first emerged for Madelyn. “Everyone, go get some shut eye. Tomorrow we’ll begin observing the abilities of the creature. Then we’ll try and formulate a plan to combat the creature. Dismissed.” “Yes, sir!” says the entire room. Everyone splits up and starts to head for their “rooms”. Of course they all have actual houses, but in times of emergencies like this they are required to sleep on site in case of emergency. Most soldiers have to share rooms and bunk beds, but sargeants and the commander get their own rooms. Madelyn heads out to smoke a cigarrette, but stops when her exhaustion finally sets in. Ok, there’s no way I’m going to make it back to my bed if I smoke out here. She heads to the 7th floor beneath ground level, The Barracks, as everyone calls them. She heads down the hall and reaches a three-pronged fork in the road. She heads straight down the middle and stops until she reaches a door with a sign that reads “Delta Squad Sargeant (Blackbirds).” She enters and sees what one would expect, a bed a foot off the ground in the corner of a small, dimly lit room with no furniture besides a small dresser for clothing and a stand for armor. There’s no outlet, but she can just charge her phone in the Nerd Room later- wait, does she even have her phone anymore? Did she not lose it in boatride earlier? Would it even work if she had it? She’s too tired to check, though, and just sleeps in the clothes she has now. However, what should have been a deep sleep was very light. Very light sleep, but very vivid dreams. Very vivid dreams, but very hellish nightmars. Very hellish nightmares, but nothing but memories…

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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4 Responses to Zilla V.S. Rodan Chapter 4: Zilla


RodanMember1789 XPOct-02-2019 7:45 PM

This was a very VERY V E R Y weird chapter.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


RodanMember1630 XPOct-02-2019 7:49 PM

Oh you haven't seen how weird these chapters can get. The next few chapters are more light hearted... then hopefully it won't be so weird afterwards.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


AnguirusMember1443 XPOct-03-2019 2:02 PMTeam Mothra

I didn't really see anything weird



RodanMember1630 XPOct-03-2019 2:11 PM

Well, you will next week.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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